Jon Gruden on Tim Tebow: Hard-nosed, clutch, premier competitor


Former NFL coach and current Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden is a believer in Tim Tebow, and he uses every cliche in the book to explain why.

“Tebow has proved to a lot of people that he’s a premier competitor, he’s a great game day clutch, hard-nosed football player,” Gruden said Wednesday morning on ESPN Radio.

It’s not exactly breaking news that Gruden heaps praise on NFL quarterbacks, but it’s worth examining that line of thinking from Gruden — and from a lot of Tebow fans.

I’m not saying Tebow isn’t a hard-nosed competitor, but is there really any reason to believe Tebow is more of a competitor than the rest of the quarterbacks in the NFL? How many people get to be NFL quarterbacks without being competitors? Every once in a while there might be a player like JaMarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf who gets to the NFL based purely on raw talent and turns out to lack all the intangibles necessary to play the position professionally. But the vast majority of players who make it to the NFL are competitors just as much as Tebow is.

The other issue is, if Tebow doesn’t have an NFL arm, it doesn’t matter if he’s a clutch, hard-nosed football player. If he can’t make the throws, he can’t make the throws. And no matter what ESPN’s Total Quarterback Rating says, Tebow didn’t make many throws on Sunday.

Gruden, who was an excellent offensive coach, knows that. And Gruden says that because Tebow isn’t the prototypical NFL pocket passer, the Broncos’ offense needs to transform into something closer to what Tebow ran at Florida to accentuate Tebow’s strengths.

“You accommodate your quarterback,” Gruden said. “If you’re going to take a guy in the first round you accommodate him based on what he does. And Tim Tebow is a spread quarterback.”

But the issue is, John Elway and John Fox didn’t take Tebow in the first round. Josh McDaniels did. And so asking Elway and Fox to change their approach to rebuilding the team they inherited from McDaniels, just to accommodate the first-round quarterback they inherited from McDaniels, doesn’t make a lot of sense. No matter how hard-nosed a competitor that first-round quarterback is.

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  1. Just trade him to a team that will use him for what he can bring to their team, whether a spread QB, TE, FB whatever….. He’s a great player wherever he is going to be used.

  2. Gruden thought Warren Sapp”s cheapshot on Chad Clifton was a “Hard-nosed, clutch, competitive” play. Chuckie is an ass.

  3. Have Gruden describe Aaron Rodgers and Terrelle Pryor and you probably couldn’t tell them apart. His opinions are worthless.

  4. The same Jon Gruden that earlier in the game was drooling over Kyle Ortons play???? I mean come on dude, who are you going to boast about next? Painter? Rosenfels? T-Jack?

  5. You have a number one QB drafted by a gone coach, a new GM, a new Head Coach making a decesion by fans……they better hope it works out.

  6. As a Raiders fan, I’ m obviously really biased here, but I will say I’m getting rather weary of people heaping all these superlatives on Tebow, NONE OF WHICH HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIS ABILITY TO PLAY QUARTERBACK.

    As you say MDS, lazy worthless d-bags like JaDrank aside, every NFL player is a competitor and most of them are very hard nosed.

    I actually think Tebow may experience some initial success until defenses compile enough film on him to spot weaknesses and gameplan to stop him.

    That QB draw up the middle, exciting as it is (and with which he did score on Oakland last year), is not going to last long once defenses see it coming.

    Take my Raiders for instance: the defensive line was living in the backfield in Week 1. Does Tebow have the kind of quick release to counteract those pass rushers in his face all the time? No. Does he have a Roethlisberger like ability to improvise when everything goes to hell? Not that I’ve seen. Can he diagnose complex blitzes that guys like Dom Capers and DickLeBeau will throw at him and audible to the right play? Not confident there either; he’s only ever run a spread-option or a dumbed down verison of an NFL offense.

    Hard nosed, leader, competitor, clutch, blah blah blah…can he throw the damn ball?

    Lest you think I’m all doom and gloom, Broncos fans, I will say if anyone has the drive and work ethic to overcome his flaws, it’s Tebow. But he’s starting from a long way back and the early returns have been uneven at best.

    Finally, it should be telling that Fox and Elway, two career football men, have been *very* lukewarm on Tebow. That goes beyond them having not drafted him. If he was really all that and a bag of chips, he would’ve showed it and they would’ve played him. Do you think otherwise?

    I do hope he gets you guys a few wins though…it’ll keep you out of the sweepstakes for a real QB next draft.

  7. Is EVERY article you guys post now a shameless pandering for comments and pageviews? If it ain’t Hank WIlliams Jr, it’s Obama or Tim Tebow.

    I thought this was a site dedicated to football, I guess I was wrong

  8. At this point, what do they have to lose (other than a good shot at Andrew Luck)?

  9. I agree…….Tebow mite accomplish some personal goals/stats but when would you want to put an individual player above the needs of the team. Adjusting to fit Tebow’s ability to run only delays the development of the rest of the team. I can’t believe the Bronco’s are giving into the fans pressure (so much more Bronco fan’s football IQ) as this move will set the franchise back bigtime!

  10. I would say as a running QB Tebow is willing to take more hits to win.
    Again we’re talking about a 2nd year player who has had his mechanic messed with before the first year and who was not taking the majority of the reps in practice this year.

  11. look enough of all the talk of what he can’t do. all he and the fans that want him to suceed want is a chance. the same people who are tripping over themselves singing the praises of cam newton also had questions whether he could be a nfl qb since he ran a spread in college. now after 5 games he is the greatest qb ever. 1 half does not mean tebow can do it but it shows he will do whatever it takes to. and for those saying the chargers weren’t prepared for him and had no film etc. it is tebow and everybody knows what he brings to the table so if they listened to the experts, how hard is it to prepare for a guy who can’t throw or do anything a nfl qb is suppose to do?

  12. I have to laugh for a coach that didn’t adapt his offense with 3 teams to his players. He just required them to adapt to his offense. He didn’t include rookies till he was forced too.

    He didn’t even change the verbiage so that it was easier to call the plays.

    Yet he says that you need to change to Tebow. LOL

  13. Tebow = a rich man’s Drew Stanton, only Stanton has a better compl percentage, a higher rushing avg and won half of the games he started last year as opposed to a third…as a #3 QB.

    Hey, wait a minute!!!

  14. Gruden will not say anything negative about anyone in the NFL at this point. He’s obviously going to coach again and doesn’t want to burn any bridges.

    As a result, every player is god’s gift to that position.

  15. Based on the thickness of that play book wrist band pictured, he didn’t commit anything to memory in 2 training camps and 1 offseason.

  16. another thing the guy was picked near the bottom of the first round not top 5 or 10 or even 15 so can we stop tossing first round bust on him until he proves can’t play? if being a first round pick means so much then why aren’t loclear and ponder starting and starring? they have such bright futures then why aren’t they playing? after all they were picked in the first round and higher than tebow so where is all the outrage about their teams wasting a first round pick if they are not playing?

  17. hard-nosed? isnt this the guy that was sobbing hysterically on the sideline after a loss? come on now.

  18. Gruden lost his credibility by not ever speaking honestly for fear of ruffling a few feathers on yet to be known teams with possible coaching vacancies. For girl who kisses everybody, how do you know when someone is special?

    I do believe that Tebow is a competitor, though. But I don’t think I would use clutch until he has done it on this level multiple times. Tebow is a great college QB, but I believe he will be a sub par, taller version of Eric Crouch at this level. I wish him the best, though I expect the worst. I’m just glad my Browns didn’t pick him. It’s bad enough we had to deal with Brady Quinn not living up to expectations. Two of those in 5 years is too much.

  19. An NFL QB better be accurate, even before having extreme arm strength. Remember< Montana and Steve Young did not have howitzers for arms but they were very accurate passers and could thread the needle consistently.

    Watching Tebow spray around the ball and miss too many targets by wide margins high and low does not lead one to believe that he can make the percentage of throws on a consistent basis at this time to be successful.

    Broncos may have to revamp their passing game during the bye week to reflect better Tebow's passing skills if he is to have any success.

    Face it, a one dimensional QB is not going to survive in the NFL.

  20. This is coming from the same guy who thinks Terrelle Pryor is going to be a successful NFL quarterback? Not!

    Or worse…one of the tandem who was describing Jay Cutler as a franchise quarterback on Monday night… what????

    The trouble with Gruden is that he is a jock carrier, particularly for quarterbacks. Sometimes Jon, it’s ok to wow us with well deserved criticism.

  21. Yeah, well … Gruden says that about EVERYONE.

    What a useless, hyperbolic, twit. Gruden is absolutely the worst commentator in the history of mankind. I’m still trying to figure out how EVERYTHING can be the best, greatest, etc.

  22. I’ve got to listen to this clown every Monday night & he thinks every player he talks about is the next coming… if you knew anything you’d be coaching…

  23. Clearly this is a move by Fox to placate Bronco fans,
    but it also gives the Broncos a better chance of winning, considering how lackluster the Broncos
    offense looks when Orton is in charge. A win-win for
    Fox regardless of the Broncos record for the rest of
    the season

    The 2011 Broncos are a lost cause. What Tebow does on the field for the rest of the year probably doesn’t matter. Elway and Fox need to
    rebuild the team and there isn’t much rebuilding to
    do until after the season is over. So they play tebow
    now, give the fans something to cheer about, and then
    figure out who they’ll draft or pursue as a FA QB for next season(by the way, there must be some other
    good QBs out there other than Andrew Luck).

    Trent Dilfer, a much better analyst than Gruden,
    figures that the Broncos will get a 3-4 week
    boost out of Tebow and then the regression will
    set in. If he’s right then Fox can say that tebow isn’t
    the guy and make it easier to jettison him in the

  24. This is the same guy who said John Beck was going to be a great QB in this league during the Skins pre season game. Now you can see where Beck is, a back up to Rex Grossman. He tried to destroy Cam Newton on national TV through his little QB show on ESPN. I don’t put too much into what Gruden has to say. There’s a reason why he is still in the tv booth, and not on the sidelines.

  25. Like the saying goes: listen to the what the fans want and you’ll soon be sitting with them.

    Look, we all knew Elway was in was over his inexperienced head, but Fox is “supposed” to be a veteran football mind. This is a ridiculous gimmick, and the donkeys will suffer through a decade of rebuilding because of an attempt to appease the fanbase.

    I welcome the failure.

  26. Give the kid a CHANCE.. I seem to recall a LOT of the same criticism about Cam Newton from the media and analysts.. now you all can’t stop riding his jock!

  27. I’m not saying Tebow isn’t a hard-nosed competitor, but is there really any reason to believe Tebow is more of a competitor than the rest of the quarterbacks in the NFL?

    Have you watch Kyle Orton play? There’s your answer.

  28. Why is this debate still going on ???!!! Fox just made a change to Tebow since the prior results sucked ! Play this thing out and see how Tebow does, if he saves the season Fox/Elway get the praise, if not then trade him at the end of the season. Regardless, there’s nothing else to debate here, let’s see how he performs !!!!

  29. i’ve been searching in vain for the spanish translation button on my remote for monday night football – so i don’t have to listen to gruden. and i don’t even speak spanish!! (that was a true statement, not just being snarky) his announcing formula is 5 parts hyperbole + 3 parts extremely old cliches + 2 parts unintelligible machismo babblings. him talking is the worst part of the football week. sorry gruden. your heart is in the right place, but all that rah rah nonsense you do stinks!

  30. I see most everyone here has well-practiced and regurgitated the party line. A bunch of self-styled, obtuse, ninny pundits, if you ask me.

    Tesus has his weaknesses, most notably the intermediate-range pass from the pocket, which a QB must become proficient in if he is to legitimatize himself as a winning player. I’d imagine a good portion of these passes’s success depends on developing a rapport w/ the receivers, something no one can deny Tesus hasn’t had much of a chance to do. Obviously the lack of a minicamp might or might not have something to do w/ it, but the ability to stand tough in the pocket w/ 300 pound behemoths attempting to destroy you because you’re the QB, maybe even more so because you’re Tim Tebow, is not innate to our species. It’s a matter of repetition, and Tim hasn’t had the opportunity for that (until now). The cool thing about this seemingly acquired skill is how there’s probably no one in the league who is more determined to acquire it, and I think that’s what Gruden was referring to in his remarks.

    The other cool thing is Tebow’s unique skill-set, which is very hard to scheme for. How do you scheme for improvisation? Overlooked by the Merrill Hoges, Trent Dilfers, and Mel Kipers of the world is what Tebow has demonstrated successfully in the NFL: the kid can deliver a deep ball, executes screens flawlessly, can move the offense w/ his feet, and, by extending plays w/ his feet, can get you those intermediate yardage plays w/ his arm.

    Each QB is different, there’s no “one size fits all,” and it comes down to the positives outweighing the negatives. Tebow’s positives >>> negatives. The Broncos saw what they had in Orton for two very arduous years and, I don’t care if you’re Tom Brady, 6-22 (or whatever) in your last 30-odd football games is not a prescription for sticking around this league. That’s probably why everyone ranging from Steve Young, Jon Gruden, Obama, and probably Jesus himself is approving the move. With Tebow getting the nod, these loud shrieks you hear, and polemics you read, about him having a snowball’s chance in Oakland of making it as an NFL QB are just one step closer to be exposed as nothing more than a) envy or b) stifled, panicked, and conventional thought.

  31. OF course Gruden loves Tebow, they are essentially the same guy. Gruden took over Tony Dungy’s championship caliber team and won a championship the first year while ripping apart what Dungy built. Tebow walked into a national championship team as a freshman and started undermining the starting qb while watching him win a national championship. They are both all hype .

  32. silvernblackpa,

    Why would teams need weeks and weeks of Tebow game film to stop him if he’s as bad as you say? I heard the same thing from a Chargers fan after Sunday’s game. That makes little sense.

    To address the other points you try to make:

    Can he deal with a pass rush and improvise? Yes. He extended several plays on Sunday.

    You say he can’t diagnose a blitz and audible to another play, though you have nothing to base this on.

    You think teams need to see the qb draw a lot before they can defend it. How much do they need to see it? He’s played three and a half games and it’s still working. He’s run it in every game he’s seen significant time. Is the qb draw new to the league? No one expects it from a quarterback who runs well?

    You also say he can’t throw the ball. Based on what? The guy’s got the second best completion percentage in NCAA history, behind only Bradford.

  33. slickster35,

    This is a gimmick, huh? Just because the fans wanted it?

    Doesn’t anyone pay attention to what actually happens? Kyle Orton on Sunday when he was replaced was 6/13 for 34 yards and an interception, leading the offense to three first-half points. Kyle Orton has led the Broncos to a 1-4 record and has been a disaster this year.

    Tebow came in and led the team back from this deficit. Anyone who saw the game knows he outplayed Orton and it wasn’t close.

    This is not a gimmick or a move to appease fans. To say so is to simply ignore what actually happened.

  34. This move isn’t about caving in to the fans, it’s about evaluating what you have so you can make informed decisions next spring.
    Anyone who says Tebow will be great or Tebow will be awful has no idea what they are talking about because no one has ever seen him play in the NFL for enough snaps to say one way other the other. People can express hopes, or opinions but thats all they are.
    The fact of the matter is Kyle Orton will be gone after this year. He’s in the last year of his contract and will leave as a free agent. Brady Quinn will be gone after this year, also a free agent and will want to go where he has a chance to compete for a starting job. That means next April, Tim Tebow, and Adam Weber will be the only two QB’s on the roster. As far as winning and losing goes, the Broncos are 1-4….10 wins will probably not be enough to make the playoffs from the AFC this year as a wild card, and because of all the holes on the roster, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rogers combined couldn’t guide this team to 9 -2 the rest of the way. The playoffs are out, we all know this. So, you play Tebow, give him 11 games and see how he does. That way next April you know if you are drafting a QB in the first round or if you are drafting a DT. Andrew Luck isn’t the only 1st round eligble pick and most likely Matt Barkley or Landry Jones will be available when the Broncos pick. If you get to the end of the season, and you’ve left Orton as starter, what have you gained? He leaves, and you still don’t know if Tebow is a franchise QB or a bust. To say that playing Tebow now is because of pressure from the fans is an ignorant statement. It’s a football decision based on a 3 year rebuilding plan.
    I am not a Tebow lover, i’m not a Tebow hater. I hope he can succeed, but the fact is, until he plays a significant number of games you will only be guessing as to whether he is the second coming of Steve Young, or Troy Smith.

  35. all these broncos fans think Tebow is great cause he had a TD run against the raiders last year but they forget who actually won the game..Raiders destroyed Tebow that game! This week is setting up Tebow to win and get all the Broncos fans hope up but they are playing the Dolphins.. What is Tebow going to do when he has to face that Raiders D Line? He is going to have to run for his life every play and that will cause him to throw bad passes that will be INTs..
    Tebow maybe a great competitor in college playing against William Mary College but this is the NFL..
    I still think Tebow can play in the NFL as a slot WR. I don’t know why the Broncos don’t use him for that.

  36. He’s all those things but unfortunately he also is not a starting NFL quarterback. The move is being made to ensure a chance at drafting Andrew Luck.

    And he’ll tell a group of kids that if they don’t believe Jesus is the one true savior of mankind then they will go to hell.

  37. Fantastic comment, lionhunter909. You nailed it.

    I say Tebow leads them to victory over the Dolphins & everyone gets worked into a lather….then he runs smack into the Detroit and Oakland defensive lines in back to back weeks. Won’t that be a thing of beauty to watch.

  38. Name a player Gruden doesn’t believe in.

    Chucky is so over the top on praising every player that his comments don’t even mean anything.

  39. It’s really amazing to me how strongly people support this kid. Before this week, he hadn’t played a down of football, and lost the starting job to Kyle Orton during the preseason because of how badly he did. In his two quarters of play, he looked absolutely awful! And yet, everyone is heralding this kid in biblical terms like his long-awaited ascension to the throne of Broncos Starting QB will bring forth the promised land of playoffs, Super Bowls and (even better) Fantasy Football stats.

    Is it the fact that this kid wears his evangelical christian credentials on his sleeve like a badge of honor that has so many people excited? Does that really make him a better QB, or are we just looking for that small piece of evidence among all the bad plays to show that our faith in him is warranted.

    Please, if you believe in Christ like I do, please don’t anoint this guy the second coming. It’s just so un-Christian!

  40. oh… and on the ESPN tool Chuckie that makes watching Monday Night Football so painful (not that Jaworski makes it any better)…

    The guy’s name is Jon, he is a former coach of the Oakland Raiders, and his commentary is either so glowing of what just happened on the field you think it was the greatest play in NFL history (or the worst) or it’s completely irrelevant and shallow. Sound like anyone else you know? I guess he finally figured out the MNF color-commentary formula. It looks like we found the new Madden! I can’t wait to play Gruden 2012!

  41. Results of the game:
    Orton: 6/13 (46%) for 34 yards (5.6 YPC), 0 TD, 1 INT, 1 rush for -1 yards.

    Tebow: 4/10 (40%) for 79 yards (19.75 YPC), 1 TD, 0 INT, 6 rushes for 38 yards and 1 TD.

    Sure, Tebow looked like a small upgrade, and brought an interesting new dimension to the game. Be excited if you like. Those numbers still look nothing close to an NFL-caliber QB. Just wait until he faces a strong defense who spent the whole week game-planning against him. Perhaps he’ll shine and I’ll eat crow. I hope so. But I still question whether he’s shown us anything yet to merit any praise.

    And for you Broncos fans, I bet you wish you’d traded Orton for draft picks during the preseason now! You’d be facing him this week with certainty about Tebow (one way or the other). And, you’d have draft compensation you’d never have had before. Now you’ve got one hope if Tebow is bad: you get Luck next draft and start over…

  42. Tebow is going to perform well and lead the Broncos to some wins they probably shouldn’t get and people are still going to be hating him. How about just watching and seeing what he can do?

  43. fordwuzanazi,

    The move is made to ensure they can draft Luck?

    If they wanted to name their starter for this, wouldn’t they stick with Orton, the guy not winning games?

    Great logic, there.

  44. Teebow is a top ten quarterback in this league. he makes things happen and actually had the strongest arm of anyone at the scouting combine the year he came out. Teebow has a gun for an arm which alot of people will find out and be silenced. Gruden is right he is more of a gamer than almost anyone he has what Warner has that fiery perform in the moment general mentality and he gets it done. Teebow is gonna do what Cam Newton is doing except his team will win the games because as good as Newton is I would still rather have Teebow as my quarterback. All the haters are just mad Teebow is bigger stronger and better looking than them and nobody likes the Gators because the beat everyone for so long. Teebow is gonna prove me and Gruden right and the haters can just keep hating because they are not religious and go against anything that has to do with job I am a devout Christian but at least I am objective and judge Teebow by his play unlike the haters; oh yeah and on the last play of the game it hit his receiver in the hands and yes that was his intended target it was not a hail mary like everyone is calling it it was a strike to the receiver it was intended for and it had alot of velocity like a canon so yes Teebow can throw.

  45. I watch the NFL to be entertained and he was one of the more entertaining things in the NFL last week.

  46. Gruden thinks Gruden is the best Gruden he’s EVAR seen.

    As for Tebow. People should maintain some level of objectivity. He came in to a game that the Broncos were losing, and ultimately failed to win. Are his fans that desperate for some kind of prodigal son that they’re blind to the facts?

    If Tebow can turn the team around, and win a Superbowl this year, then go ahead and anoint him whatever you please. But don’t forget, others have stepped right off the bench, and won rings their first times – Brady & Warner, for instance.

    So tone down the rah-rah-rah on Tebow, until he’s actually a winner.

  47. Lest some forget tebow didn’t play college football in the big east or the mountain west. He played in the sec, check that he dominated in the sec, the conference that sends all those quality players to the league. He was playing quality competition, not William and Mary, not little sisters of the poor. My point is the same people that rip tebow are the same that were ripping cam. Opinions are like buttholes they all stink. Do you think the panthers catered their offense around cam and what he does well. Yes, that’s what coaches should do, you get paid to come up with a game plan that accentuates with your players do best. Fact is how many qbs in their fourth game show great accuracy. Didnt p manning throw damn near 30 picks as a rookie. Didn’t Eli throw thirty last season. Fact is tebow is no different, he needs time to grow within an offense that can utilize what he does well, just like any other qb. expect a mixed bag he’ll do somethings good and he’s going to struggle some games just like any qb starting their fourth game. but no one can say he hasn’t been productive in the limited time he has played. So if you are going to criticize at least come with facts.

  48. Bottom line from Broncos fans is that we are tired of losing games. The last 2+ years have been absolutely miserable, and we expect a lot as a fan base. There are very few people convinced that Tebow is the savior of the franchise, but he is something. Something better than the product that’s been put on the field for the last few years. So yes, for the first time in a while there is something exciting going on at Mile High, and Broncos fans can actually look forward to Sundays. Maybe it works out, maybe it doesn’t. At least watching football might be fun again for a while.

  49. Gruden is a glad-hander. When he wants to be.He roasted Cam Newton before the draft, how has that looked so far? Generally, he waxes prolifically in favor of QB’s. He is charismatic, had a couple of good years, and went south fast.For him to support Tebow is a no-brainer,because of the fans.Tebow fans are legion, they believe the Beautiful Lie.See you in Oakland in November, Tim-Tim.Hope you’re there too, Herr Gruden.

  50. Gruden is just talking at this point. He is going to become the head coach of the Cardinals, so he really doesn’t care.

  51. Could someone just please hire Chuckie, So he can trade for Tebow and live his dream of running a spread offense in the NFL?? He could also add Terelle Pryor, Josh Johnson, Pat White, Maybe Vince Evans is still fast at 50. We all know Chuckie likes to carry atleast 6 qb’s.

  52. I used to be a fan of Jon ‘Chuckie’ Gruden, but since he been on MNF I’ve lost a lot of respect for him.

    Is there one player in the NFL he’s not in love with?

    As for Tebow. Screw that Jesus freak.

  53. This is why I was hoping that the Broncos would hire Jon Gruden on the off season… Instead we hire the only coach who had a worse record than we did. Fox better get behind Tebow and stop acting like he isn’t supporting him.
    Gruden knows what he’s talking about, he’s a very smart football caoch.

  54. Anybody who saw the Chargers-Broncos game saw a completely differen’t team with his leadership.

    There was some passion.

    Those who remember Steve Young’s early career, can see the same doings.

    If Denver becomes impatient and dumps Tebow, the next team he plays for will benefit.

  55. @metalhead65

    The reason is that they(Ponder and Locker) were expected to be drafted around where they were drafted. Tebow was projected as a 3rd rounder at best. Meaning the Broncos took a BIIIG reach for him. So he should show results faster if they made such a big play on him and did not address other needs that are clearly more pressing.

  56. This Raider fan thinks the missing point is whether a player thrives under pressure or wilt. Tebow thrives under pressure and I think the Broncos are lucky to have him. They’re all competitive to get to the NFL but some handle the pressure better than others. The Broncos will do just fine with him at the helm. Players make plays and he is definitely a playmaker.

  57. Well, Madden had Favre to crush on and Gruden seems to have Tebow to be his latest man crush…

  58. Gruden is out looking for work and will say anything nice at this point. The fact is Gruden knows that Tebow is not mobile, fast or much of a passer. Wanting to compete is one thing being able to have the skills to do it is another right Grudy?

  59. @Derty Ernie
    Did you seriously just say that Tim Tebow isn’t mobile? Ha!
    That has to be the dumbest analysis I’ve seen of him yet!
    You do know who Tim Tebow is… don’t you?

  60. 1,243 new Tebow stories on yahoo news today plus another replay of one of the approximately 6 Tebow documentaries tonight on ESPN (Timmy Preps for the Draft?). Apparently the world revolves around Timmy.

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