Ken Whisenhunt: “You’re damn right I’m angry”


With the Arizona Cardinals at 1-4 and coming off a bad loss to the previously winless Vikings, coach Ken Whisenhunt is in a foul mood.

“Am I angry?” he said Tuesday. “You’re damn right I’m angry. Am I upset? Yes, because I know what kind of team we can be, and I’m very frustrated for our fans that we haven’t done that yet.”

Still, Whisenhunt says that he’s not going to channel his anger into screaming at his team.

“It doesn’t do me any good to rant and to rave, because those guys know I’m upset,” Whisenhunt said. “You have to be consistent with these guys, because that’s what they’re looking for. They don’t want somebody who is up or that’s down, because whether you’re winning four games in a row or losing four games in a row, it can turn the next game.”

Ranting and raving might not be the answer, but Whisenhunt needs to do something quickly to shake up his team. After the bye this week the Cardinals get the Steelers and the Ravens, so the schedule doesn’t get any easier. This season has the potential to get away from the Cardinals by the end of the month, and you’re damn right the fans will be angry at Whisenhunt if that happens.

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  1. interesting how he didn’t get the ‘Steeler’ head coach job… someone must have seen …he should just remain an ‘offensive’ coach…

    reminds me of ‘Bud Carson” old defense coach, couldn’t make it as a coach, then again it was Cleveland, but returned later as Defense Coord to Phily and had them #1

  2. You need to vent that anger at the people who can make a difference on the field coach, not the press.

  3. we have the easiest schedule this year and should be 4 – 1 instead of 1 – 4 … i just don’t know. at least we get maybe some good players in the draft. But thats my hope every year x)

  4. With good reason he should be.

    Giving up 28 points before you even get your first 1st down.

    The team has some injury issues, but their ability to sustain drives is horrible, the wr’s ability to free up Fitz is horrible, the d line can’t get any pressure even when blitzing….ugh

    Whis was about to lose it last Sunday.

    He will get this team right!

    In Whis I trust

  5. The ‘Card really should be a better team at this point.

    Do they have holes? Sure – nearly all teams do. But they seem *relativley* well managed and coached, and it’s not like they are changing systems every two years?

    So I’m really curious – why aren’t they better?

  6. it’s going to take Kolb a while to get used to the system and his team. You’ll be fine next year.

    Look at Philly, all those high priced free agents and 1-4 to show for it.

  7. Here’s what I’m surprised at: both Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm are ex-offensive line coaches and both came from the Steelers, where they did an excellent job. Yet, after all these years of drafts, free agent opportunities and old-fashioned coaching, the offensive line of the Cardinals is still not great.

    When an offensive line is great, you can plug any no-name running back behind it and he’ll do well (Broncos recently, John Robinson’s Rams in the late 80’s). Even fairly good running backs (Wells isn’t THAT bad) can’t get consistent holes. With a good offensive line, a decent quarterback looks very good.

    So I’m just wondering: what happened? Why haven’t Whis and Grimm waved their magic wand over the O-line? Or is that a Grimm fairy tale?

  8. “It doesn’t do me any good to rant and to rave, because those guys know I’m upset,”

    BS – That’s a chickensh** answer. These guys are football players – ranting and raving is how they were raised and unless you forcefully point out who you’re pissed at and why those that aren’t to blame may begin to feel resentful and those that are to blame can rationalize there non-performance.

  9. I could be wrong, but this mess seems to be more of a front office problem than a Whisenhunt problem. They had no contingency plan when Warner left. They haven’t provided badly-needed upgrades on the offensive line. They’ve tried to get away with ancient pass rushers for way too long. They panicked on the Kolb trade and will probably regret it (has any Philadelphia backup ever worked as a starter?). Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s his fault. I just can’t stand when people scream at the coach without considering the performance of the front office. It happens way too often.

  10. Kolb is scared to throw INTs, because he thinks/knows teams know he is looking for Larry. He throws to Doucet an AWFUL lot. I’d be livid if I were a Cards fan.

  11. I’d be angry too if my front office dealt away my best starting CB and a second round pick for Kevin Kolb and didn’t bother to re-sign my #2 receiver.

  12. He should be mad. He should be mad Kurt Warner retired and now people can see what how bad he is without a good offensive coordinator under center.

    This guy can’t coach. He threw away a decent QB and put Card fans through a horrible season last year because he couldn’t get along with Leinert, then his ra-ra pick to lead the team (Anderson) was horrible. Apparently you DO need brains (not just motivation) to be a QB (or a coach) in the NFL.

    He’ll be done after this season, and they will get someone good like Cowher or Gruden.

  13. FYI, the Cardinals are currently the third-oldest team in the league.

    Much better to be young and bad, like Seattle coming into this season. With young players, there’s potential for improvement. Think Porter and Haggans are suddenly going to have major breakthroughs? Their best years are way behind them.

  14. “The Cardinals are just who we thought they were.”

    However, I’d be angry too if the Zeebs had done to my team what they did to the Cards vs The G’s.

  15. As Vincent T. Lombardi once said “What the h**l is going on out there!” This is one team that is very tough to figure out…………

  16. I feel Tomlin was a better choice as head coach for the Steelers than Whis would have been. But I’d still like to see our old offensive coordinator succeed. He’s a good coach, and he did well initially in Arizona. What a difference a quarterback makes.

  17. Very simply, they need a QB. Their best hope is to lose out, and get in the Luck sweepstakes. I guess they could go for Kyle Orton, but seriously, he is as bad as Kolb, which is pretty much bottom of the barrel.

  18. Horton and Whiz miscalculated the impact a lockout shortened offseason would have on a implementing a new complex 3-4 defense. As far as Kolb, it’s early, but he needs to show something soon. Even Skelton, the 3rd string QB has more wins when starting an NFL game.

  19. Whisenhunt *should* be angry, but fans should be patient and have perspective. Kolb is new to the team. I expected this year to be loopy.

    That said, it’s unsettling the Offensive Line is such a weak link.

  20. The fans are angry too. But I know how much the lockout screwed up a lot of stuff (Kolbs ability to learn the offense compared to Cam Newton who had the playbook since he was drafted) so I can be patient for now.

    But progress has to be made soon.

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