Mangini denies that he has been contacted by Eagles


The concept of ESPN-on-ESPN crime has gone to a slightly different level.

Earlier today, Sal Paolantonio of ESPN reported that the Eagles had offered a position of defensive consultant to former Browns and Jets coach Eric Mangini, who currently works for ESPN.  Paolantonio reported that Mangini declined the offer.

Eagles coach Andy Reid thereafter denied the report.  Now, Mangini has denied the report, via an ESPN spokesman.

It’s an unusual situation, to say the least.  And it gives rise to several questions.  Did Paolantonio publish the report without checking with Mangini?  Will the report now be retracted?

Hopefully, there will no further developments until I have a chance to get some popcorn ready.

27 responses to “Mangini denies that he has been contacted by Eagles

  1. captainwisdom8888 says:Oct 12, 2011 6:54 PM

    Mangini, no.

    Gruden, YES PLEASE.

    The defense is a huge problem in Philly, mostly because they took an offensive coach, and made him a defensive coach. Then, there are reports of bringing in a defensive coach (Mangini) as a consultant, and you say no, because you would rather have Gruden, an offensive coach. Making an offensive coach into a def coordinator isnt working right now, why would you want to repeat that mistake with Gruden…

  2. Mangini was a bad head coach but he is a brilliant defensive strategist. He is a 3/4 guy, however, and philly runs a 4/3.

  3. I would prefer Chuck Cecil, he has experience with this style of D and could help with the play calling. All we need next is to fire Andy and bring in Jeff Fischer.

  4. Reid leaked the story to Sal….makes perfect sense…already starting to cover his you-know-what when he toe-tags Castillo the day after the REGULAR Season (i.e. the Eagles last game this year) unmercifully ends…

  5. Gotta laugh at ESPN. Can they get anything right?

    A guy writes a story about another guy who works for the same freaking network, and now you’ve got one ESPN guy discrediting the other.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    So who is lying, Reid, Mangini, or Paolantonio?

    Do ANY of them have any credibility????

  6. It never made sense.. Mangini is a 3-4 coach, the Eagles use a 4-3. They already have 6 or 7 coaches trying to learn the damn ‘wide 9’ thing on that side of the ball, why would they want him? Also, Mike Holmgren is pretty much God to Andy, and Holmgren saw fit to fire Mangini. reid respects his opinion, so I doubt he’s dying to hire him. Had the reports been about a guy like Chuck Cecil, I might have believed it.

  7. It is NOT the coaches right now. The Eagles have a lack of quality personel on defense and in turn a lack of leadership on that side of the ball. The offense has enough raw talent to stick in games. The Eagles NEED a top tier defensive LB or Safety who holds his teammates accountable and the guys can rally around. Glaring Example: Brian Dawkins

  8. I don’t really get this whole “Mangini’s a 3-4 guy…why would they want him???” thing. Just because he’s a 3-4 guy doesn’t mean he knows nothing about defense.

    And for what it’s worth, I really felt like he had the Browns going the right direction. I didn’t really understand why Holmgren was so quick to get rid of him.

  9. so are you gonna acknowledge that you accused a man of lying when he apparently wasn’t? andy reid gives out false information less often than pft does.

  10. I would prefer Chuck Cecil, he has experience with this style of D and could help with the play calling.

    Be careful what you wish for. Cecil has the distinction of being one of the very few fired assistants in the entire Jeff Fisher era (and it happened before Fisher later left). If you’re looking for a secondary coach, he might be your man. But you know his abilities as DC were in question for him to get the axe after last season’s collapse.

    And I like Cecil. Just not as coordinator/play caller.

  11. How come no one rivals ESPN in sports coverage? I wish there was. I pull for Tebow just to make Merrill Hoge look stupid. Just sick of their over-opinionated talking heads.

  12. One has to wonder if Mangini planated this story to make himself marketable or relevant. Few coaches have been caught in more lies and underhanded behavior the last few years than Mangini.

    From his refusal to allow coaches to speak with McCoy last year, to his forced 20 hour bus trip of undrafted rookies to work his camp for free. or his getting caught cheating against the Colts forcing the competition committee to have an emergency meeting where they adopted a Mangini rule to prevent other teams from cheating, or his stealing of files from the Pats building, all the players that have publicly come out against him or even him setting up BB on Spygate.

    Mangini appears to be a very bad man who will do anything that benefits himself. Andy Reid is to smart to consider hiring such a person.

  13. This is getting ridiculous. A real ethical / journalistic can of worms.

    Since ESPN has been the preferred “between jobs gig” for coaches in all sports (Avery Johnson, Steve Lavin, Urban Meyer, Mangini, Gruden, Dusty Baker, Showalter, and dozens more) there have been many of these type problems.

    It would seem to me that every former coach/player that ESPN hires would be REQUIRED by contract to inform ESPN immediately if they are about to leave the network to return to a job in their former sport. They should also be required to answer 100% truthfully if quizzed by an in house reporter on these kind of issues. The way it is now, ESPN can (and I think has been in the past) be scooped by a competitor about their own employee leaving them.

    As far as the Mangini story goes, as a co-worker at ESPN Palantonio surely has easy access to him and a direct question (“Have you been talking to the Eagles”?) must have been asked. If not then Sal screwed up. If he did ask and Mangini lied, then Sal ought to call him out on it.

    I would really like to hear what Sal is saying about these denials……..

  14. Mangini is very similar to his brother-in-law – Cleveland Indians president Mark Shapiro. Shariro had one playoff team in 10 years, choked against the Red Sox when it looked like they could get in the WS, and the team immediately fell apart. Again. So last year the owners kicked him up to president and his groomed yuppie robot was promoted to GM, and looks even more lost then Shapiro, but he too excels in dropping buzzwords and making very simple things sound complicated.

    As for Mangini – he too is a ‘legend in his own mind’. He thinks he’s another Belichick. But he’s a mediocre coach that is so obsessed with “the process” that the game passes him by on the sidelines, as he’s almost always out-coached, is incapable of making in-game adjustments, and doesn’t seem to be too concerned about the final outcome…..not wanting to waste a minute before he can stay up all night breaking down the game film.

    ESPN shows its true colors by having Mangini work with Matt Millan to explain to viewers what’s going on in he NFL. A pity Rich Kotite wasn’t available.

    Next up – Mark Shapiro will be on ESPN explaining the ins-and-outs of major league baseball to viewers. He’ll be sitting right next to Carl Everett who will explain how to pay the outfield, hit, run, and rally your teammates to victory.

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