Report: Raiders’ G.M. search begins


Further confirming the fact that Mark Davis will own, but not run, the Raiders, Albert Breer of reported Tuesday that the team has commenced the process of looking for a General Manager.  The model, as Breer explains it, would operate like the situation in Pittsburgh, where coach Mike Tomlin and G.M. (as of this season) Kevin Colbert work in concert.

Breer also reports that a football consultant could be hired to help the team through the balance of the 2011 campaign.

Raiders CEO Amy Trask separately said that she is not ready to talk publicly about the possibility of hiring a G.M. or a director of football operations, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Though the process of running a team during the season is less complex, plans need to be made for free agency in 2012 and the next college draft.  Complicating a quick search is the fact that an overabundance of quality candidates aren’t immediately available, since most of the best choices currently have jobs.  Also, given that the G.M. would have to work in concert with coach Hue Jackson, the search would need to happen at a time when Jackson has time to be involved with interviews and discussions with the finalists.

To the extent that the Raiders will gravitate toward folks with ties to the organization, names to watch could include John Madden, Matt Millen (who as Peter King reported over the weekend turned down an offer to work for the team after being fired by the Lions), and Sean Jones (whom we’re told was at one point under consideration for a front-office job).

Then there’s a topic that was raised during Tuesday’s PFT Live.  With the Raiders under Al Davis never using contracts for anyone in the front office, it’s unlikely that Jackson’s contract stipulates that he reported to anyone but Al Davis.  The next question becomes whether Jackson’s contract contains language that would require him to report to a G.M. or some other employee who may be hired upon the passing of Al Davis.  If not, the coach and the G.M. would have separate straight-line reporting obligations to Mark Davis.

Eventually, there’s a good chance that Mark Davis will create a hierarchy like the one that Randy Lerner has crafted in Cleveland.  Lerner, who inherited the Browns from his father (who also was named Al), has no interest in being a traditional owner.  Thus, Lerner has hired Mike Holmgren to serve in that role as to all football matters.  Though Jackson’s contract could be an impediment to that structure, it could be the best way for Davis to run the team, if he doesn’t truly want to run the team.

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  1. If your dog is barking at the back door and your wife is yelling at the front door, who do you let in first? The dog of course. He’ll shut up once you let him in.

  2. Matt Millen? You’re kidding, right? God help the Raiders if they hire him to any position of power.

  3. Think about this for a minute. The late Al Davis called Gene Upshaw, when Upshaw was the head of the union, and told him to fight for players insurance benefits.

    Ask yourself, what other owner in the history of pro sports would do that?

    Only Al Davis would, he was the only players owner.

  4. Charley Casserly would work well here. Total scapegoat in Houston. Was working well in Washington until Danny Boy decided to go with the clown Vinny Cerrato.

  5. Eliot Wolf, the son of Ron Wolf would be interesting…but way too young at 28…the unorthodox ways are over, but the Jackson contract would be amended to include a GM oversight or a 50-50 split on roster decision making and evaluation. Jackson would yield a fair amount of clout since he only reported to Davis and there was no GM in place.

  6. On second thought Hire Matt Millen as a consultant and do the exact opposite if what he say.

  7. John Madden. That’d be cool but not likely.

    Matt Millen. They want the franchise to move FOWARD,not into the bronze age,right?

  8. I’m a Browns fan and I shuddered when I read the part about them maybe copying our front office arrangement. Why would anyone in their right mind copy anything we do? The Raiders are looking good these days, don’t mess it up now.

  9. How did you even get your fingers to type Matt Millen??? They can’t possibly be thinking of him after what happened in Detroit…I also see one poster put Moe’s a.k.a Charley Casserly’s name out there dude he is another loser he did nothing for the Skins before Snyder and did nothing for Houston look at his draft history with both teams…

  10. John Madden as a transitional GM he could hire and train someone to take over and maintain the very valuable link to the past which will keep the fan base on board.

  11. oarfan5 says:
    Oct 12, 2011 8:58 AM
    Jon Gruden?

    I concur Chuckie’s act on MNF has worn thin I can’t take anymore “I like this, I love that” is there anything he doesn’t like or love…better yet take Tirico as well

  12. Davis’s offer of a personnel job to Millen was an example of two things 1) Al’s loyalty to ex-Raiders (who didn’t cross him anyway) and 2) proof that loyalty isn’t always a good thing.

    Hey Ravens fans, think you could spare us Kevin DeCosta? Great talent evaluator and might be willing to work with HueJax since they knew each other in Baltimore.

  13. Obviously, it’s true that Matt Millen couldn’t draft players if his life depended on it.

    HOWEVER, to run the operations, I can’t think of a better person for the job. He has the experience now, he knows football (other than drafting) and he’s a Raider through and through.

    John Madden will be there to help, he always has been, but he’s too old for the job.

    Millen is the right age.

  14. How many souls does Matt Millen have to sell to the devil? He parlayed the biigest GM failure in league history into multiple on air gigs. The fact that he is even mentioned in this discussion is baffling.

  15. @hendawg…

    I believe Casserly assembled a team that won the NFC East in 1999….Which is also the last time the Redskins won their division.

    But yeah…he did nothing in DC….got ya.

  16. Gruden as a talent evaluator. You have to be kidding.

    He doesn’t have the temperament or skill set to be a front office person either.

    Therefore Gruden is a no on all counts.

    P.S. He’s also lousy as a commentator on MNF.

  17. So it only took 3 days for the national Media to steal Raiders413 story…
    Raiders413 already broke the news that its between John Madden and John Gruden for the Job..
    In fact Mark Davis and Hue Jackson had already had a conference call with John Gruden..
    Mark Davis is going to wait to the end of the year to give Hue tons of control and if Hue does a good job with the team Hue Jackson is going to have alot of control of the Raiders..Hue Jackson wants John Madden because of his expirence he feels Gruden is to young to have the keys to the team..
    Mark Davis may just have Jackson take full control of the team for a very long time depending how this year turns out…If Raiders win the divison expect Hue to get a Large contract and the keys to run all football operations but does Hue even want that? Hue has said he just wanted to coach the team..
    (raiders413 is the only “source” inside the raiders)

  18. As a life long Browns fan I can only hope Mark does better by his father than Randy has done by Al.

  19. Without a doubt, you turn to John Madden to help guide you through this process.

    He’s the most qualified person who bleeds black & silver. He knows football, he knows football people – from the playing field, coaching, and front office – and no one cares more about the Raiduhs organization.

    He’ll put the ship on course by bringing in the right people.

    As a football fan, it makes me happy to see the Bills and Lions restored to competitiveness; it’s better for football if the Raiders are as well, and even the ‘Fins.

  20. This would actually be the perfect time for White Sox GM Kenny Williams to make the jump from baseball to football. He’s always been a football guy as well, and this is his dream job, or so I heard.

  21. Madden would be the perfect fit for this job, but I don’t think he’s got the will and time left to devote to the job.

    You can have AJ Smith for the waterboy and a sack of footballs.

  22. Regardless of who they get, I hope that Hue has a lot of input on who they hire. I don’t want the new GM to clean house in a year or two to bring in “his guys”. Hue needs to stick around for a good long time.

  23. Just stay away from Eric DeCosta and we are in good shape. Eric worked with Jackson, when Jackson was with the Ravens so there is some familarity there. And the Ravens usually don’t deny interviews for their staff.

  24. Not sure he would be considered qualified to do it, but here’s an old excerpt from SI about Kenny Williams and the raiders.

    “You know I love this city,” he says. “I love my job. Understand that. Get that part right. I love what I do, and I love where I am. But if the Oakland Raiders called tomorrow and asked me to run the team, I would go. I would do it.”

    “Don’t misunderstand,” he says. “Get it down right. Get it down that I love what I do. Don’t get it wrong, now. I absolutely love what I do.”

    “But you would leave to run the Raiders?” I ask. It’s the second question of the interview. Kenny Williams keeps staring out at the field, and for the first time a hint of a smile on his face.

    “I’d have to go,” he says. “I’d have to tell people, ‘Sorry, I’ve been called home. The Silver and Black has called me home.’”

  25. philvil41 says: Oct 12, 2011 9:29 AM

    Don’t be so quick to discount Millen.The Raiders are all about second chances.
    I can see it now, Millen brings back J. Russell and then proceeds to draft WR’s with their #1 picks for the next five years.
    Leave Millen wherever he is.

  26. No way Eric Decosta will be the next GM of the RAVENS once the great Ozzie retires or goes to Alabama to be the Athletic Director. I’m sure he’s turned down interviews from other teams.

  27. Mayock makes sense, he was offered the job not that long ago, so we know Mr Davis was in agreement.

    Chucky, no way. I can’t see it for many reasons.

    Dungy, wow, talk about NOT being Raider material.

    Parcels I could see, he was a good friend of Mr Davis’ and I’d be happy with him.

  28. Mike, I’d like to see you write an article evaluating some of the prospects–especially what you think of Matt Millen. Given what happened at Detroit, I’m surprised Davis offered him a job.

  29. Deb:

    Millen wouldn’t be drafting players, so I don’t see the problem with hiring him.

    The kids here hear his name and go off the deep end, but when you think about it, all he would have to do is stay the course.

    The man is as much a Raider as you’ll ever see, and proud of it as they come.

  30. Howie Long/ Bill Cowher/ Jimmy Johnson/ Bill Parcells/ Michael Lombardi/ Just don’t call Mel Kiper Lol.

  31. @joetoronto …

    Thanks. I think it would be nice to get someone with Raider ties, but that can become a trap–as it did for Alabama after Bear Bryant. We had some success with people from the Bear tree, most notably Gene Stallings. But after a while that requirement was crippling. Better to get someone with the right credentials than the team pedigree.

    @raider13pdx …

    As a Steeler fan, I love Bill Cowher and would highly recommend him as a coach, but I don’t know that Cowher would make a good GM. And though I think Parcells is a great coach, he’s not a particularly good GM–just ask Dolphins fans.

  32. My guess is Chucky. I think he is still a Raider at heart, even after the breakup and would jump at the offer. But whoever it is, make sure he is a Raider.

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