Reid denies seeking defensive consultant


Earlier today, ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reported that the Eagles offered a defensive consultant position to former Browns and Jets coach Eric Mangini, and that Mangini said, “No thanks.”

According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, coach Andy Reid denied it.  Specifically, McLane writes via Twitter that Reid said he “wasn’t in contact with anyone” about the job.

First, Reid could be mincing words.  Perhaps someone else was in contact with Mangini.

Second, Reid told Kevin Kolb and the rest of the world last year that Kolb would still be the starter after recovering from a concussion.  And then Reid let Mike Vick keep the job.  So anything Reid says could be a bald-faced lie.

Third, given that Mangini currently works for ESPN, it’s hard to imagine another ESPN employee publishing with a false report about a co-worker.

Fourth, it’s understandable that Mangini would decline.  For starters, it’s a sinking ship.  Then there’s the fact that anything he makes would simply reduce the Browns’ buyout obligation.

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  1. Specifically, McLane writes via Twitter that Reid said he “wasn’t in contact with anyone” about the job.

    Probably should have done that with the DC job as well.

  2. Never trust anything Andy says. Most coaches lie for several reasons but Andy has taken it to a new level.

  3. Maybe for our entertainment they should mic the coaches all week…. I’d pay for that stream…! Liars…!

  4. Reid is disingenuous at best. Chances are he didn’t tell Castillo what he was up to, so now he is doing some damage control. Too bad the boat just capsized. I think Sal has pretty good sources, Mangini is a co-worker after all…

  5. He’s way fatter of course, and a different species – but he’s a dead ringer for Wile E. Coyote around the eyes.

  6. Everyone else is lying, Andy’s the only one telling the truth.

    Where have we heard this before.

    Only in America do serial liars constantly talk about how they’re “people of faith”.

  7. Reid has no credibility.None.

    Nice to see him finally getting what’s been coming to him for a long time. If there is any justice in this world he will quit and claim he needs to “spend more time with my family”.

  8. Why would Reid let anyone outside of the Eagles organization know his intentions? That is a recipe for disaster. This is not pop-warner football. News flash –“head coaches and GM’s in pro sports are not totally transparent.” That would be foolish. To single Reid out is not fair and it begs the question –“who did Reid sleep with in your family to get your panties in a bunch.” As far as the actual rumor–your stance that a co-worker could not possibly stab another co-worker in the back is as stupid as it is naive. God, I dont even like Reid but this post is just dumb.

  9. I’m not an Eagles fan but I think it’s funny how the media jumps on this, especially PFT. This causes a big stir which in-turn causes people to click on the link, thus giving them more “ad” impressions.

    This site is selling out quality reporting to get more ad revenue. PFT = Days of Our Lives.

  10. OK so it’s reasonable to assume that Mangini told Sal this. “Why?” is the next question. I am sure Mangini expected Reid to deny it publicly. Is he perhaps hoping to create even more turmoil in Philly to help his buddy Rob Ryan?

  11. Mangini knows any such role would be a pure scapegoat, first in line to be sacrificed if/when things went wrong.

    Maybe he can be Gruden’s DC there in a year or two.

  12. We need a picture of Baghdad Bob raising his arms saying, “We are not hiring a Defensive Consultant. Everything is fine. We are winning the Superbowl. Death to the infidels!”

  13. Lol I love it when they bring the Kolb thing up. Mike Vick came in and lite it up so they went with the hot handed QB.

    What an NFL head coach says and does are 2 different things, they all hate the media and lie to them anyway

  14. Reporter?: “Coach Reid did you seek out a Defensive Consult for your team?”
    Coach Reid: “Nah. See what had happened was…”

  15. Not saying he isn’t looking for a consultant because I dont know. but I don’t think it would be mangini since hes a 3-4 coach not a 4-3. Wouldn’t make any sense

  16. Why should he lie I mean he’ll get a reprieve this week at least that what the skeptics believe they are writing the Skins pretty much don’t have a chance against this high powered offense and the odds makers have the Iggles favored…this much I will say that 59-28 game well that was a freak of nature and against one of the worst defenses in the league last year…one year later this is a much better defense going against an offense they were able to stymy in the first game and actually knocking Vick out of the game…sure the Iggles are 1-4 and maybe dangerous but you have to say the Skins have motivation as well after that debacle last year on MNF and seeing the Iggles defense is a mess oh you can be they’ll see plenty of Helu, Hightower and the ATV…

  17. first of all…can some of you unoriginal people stop saying “dream team” it’s old at this point and annoying. secondly, Eagles fans need to stop calling for Andy Reids head. He is a winning coach and he’s done so with mediocre teams. No we haven’t one a super-bowl, but we’ve won championships and titles year after year…who do you want Rich Kotite? Ray Rhodes? Please people…be realistic. Unless they are sure to get someone in here that is clearly better than Reid like a Cowher type, then we stick in there. Castillo needs help, no doubt about it, lets see what happens there. If we make it to the play-offs or superbowl (doubtful I know), will you still be calling for his head? Wait until the season is OVER until you pass judgement. Okay thats all…go ahead and THUMBS DOWN the crap out of this. I know im odd man out.

  18. none of Andys 3 braincells are in contact with one another.. so this doesnt suprise me..

    SOMEONE BRING SINGLETARY in and make that defence tough

  19. To call Reid a liar is really pushing it. He misleads people by answering them with what the case is right at that moment. When kolb was the starter, he was the starter. Things happened later and he was no longer the starter. “He is our starter”, was a true statement, until they made him not the starter.

  20. I am not an Eagles fan. And Andy has a history, like most coaches to stray from the truth. But this one doesnt make sense.

    First, Mangini runs a 3-4–always has, learned from Bill and Bill. The Eagles run a 4-3.

    Second, Andy trusts Holmgren and Heckertt. They couldnt wait to run Eric out of Cleveland.

    So the hiring of Mangini as a consultant makes about as much sense as promoting an offensive line coach to Defensive Coordinator…..wait….

    Still doesnt make sense.

  21. Having recently finished reading Bill Clinton’s “How to Lie without Lying” Andy told the media “I never talked to anyone about the position”, as he burp/fart laughed to himself and continues to interview Offensive Line Coaches for his Defensive Consultant Position.

  22. It’s more likely true than not. If Mangini turned them down, the last thing Reid wants is to cut Castillo off at the knees by admitting he was trying to hire Mangini.

    So, he’s probably lying. It wouldn’t be the first time, it won’t be the last.

  23. They will hire Rob Ryan because him and Andy are the same size so they wont have to buy new shirts

  24. Eagles deserve all this;

    First of all, they hire an unqualified guy to coordinate their defense. Of course it sucks.

    They spend huge money on Asmogah (however you spell it) and put him in a zone defense. Stupid.

    They give up a very qualified backup and have nothing behind Vick. Vick always gets hurt. Dumb.
    Vince Young is lame, sorry.

  25. Agree with blantoncollier as to 4-3 vs 3-4. Once you are in a coaching tree (Parcells, Holmgren et6c) you tend to hire within that group. Also, Reid is correct as he is not looking for a defensive consultant but more of a defensive tutor/baby sitter. It will be interesting to see how Eagles respond this week (tackling, turnovers, run yardage allowed). It will be a long bye week at 1-5.

  26. On the one hand, Reid is the guy who flat-out lied to Kevin Kolb.

    On the other hand, would anyone put it past Mangini to float this story to keep his name in circulation?

  27. Eagles are 1-4….last time I checked there are 16 games in a season and the NFC East isn’t exactly a powerhouse this year. Plenty of time to right the “sinking ship” and way to early for any credible reporter to be calling it that in the first place. Wish the writer of this piece would be a little more objective instead of typing up this opinionated garbage.

  28. To heck with this consultant nonsense. He’d better be looking for a competent defensive coordinator who can work with the personnel he has in place.

  29. BREAKING NEWS: The Philadelphia Eagles have hired Daffy Duck as a defensive consultant to the team.

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