Seahawks agree to ship Curry to Raiders


Linebacker Aaron Curry, the fourth overall pick in the 2009 draft, was on the trading block.

And now he’s not.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Seahawks have agreed to ship Curry to the Raiders.  The Seahawks will get a draft pick in 2012 and 2013 in exchange for Curry.

One of the perceived impediments to Curry’s trade value was his contract, which was renegotiated in August.  Curry gave up $5 million in guaranteed money for 2012 in exchange for a shot after free agency after the 2012 season.  An extension that would further reduce Curry’s base salaries over the next two years could be the next step for the Raiders and Curry.

As of last week, the Raiders had $6.1 million in cap space.

The move also underscores the fact that, despite the passing of Al Davis, the Raiders are still getting things done.

UPDATE 4:37 p.m. ET:  Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the Seahawks will get a seventh-rounder from the Raiders in 2012, and a conditional mid-round pick in 2013.

104 responses to “Seahawks agree to ship Curry to Raiders

  1. Nice pick up! We need LB help bad! I think Curry will revive his career with Seymour there to whip him into shape. Former 1st round pick Jarvis Moss looks like a new man with our D.

  2. BUST written all over him unless Oakland can somehow get him to remember how to play and make a tackle. Good luck Aaron.

    Another proof that great college players sometimes turn inot bad NFL players.

  3. Not a bad move… Raiders LB’s (other than Wimbley) have been pretty subpar this year. TE’s and screens have been killing them. While Curry may not be what everyone thought he would be coming out of college, he will be a help in Oakland. Who knows… Jarvis Moss & Wimbley have done well with a change in scenery.

  4. Good move by the Hawks. Curry didn’t fit. He lost his job to a rookie and he wasn’t coming back next year. The fact they got something for him was fantastic!! Good luck to Curry.

  5. I am honestly surprised Curry turned out like this. I had him very highly rated. I thought he would be a star, since OLB is one of the easiest positions to play straight from college to the NFL.

    Some guys just don’t have “it” I guess…

  6. …”The move also underscores the fact that, despite the passing of Al Davis, the Raiders are still getting things done.”

    OK….if trading for Curry is your idea of ‘getting things done’ good luck with him!

    (FYI: he was demoted this year behind our 4th round rookie draft pick)


  7. God I hope they are late round picks. I hope curry just needs a change of scenery. It worked for jarvis moss hopefully hue can work his magic on curry

  8. Guy had the skill set to be a great linebacker. Not the brains. Could be our system who knows, but best of luck. Hope he pans out for you Raider fans.

  9. Good luck with him, here in Seattle he had more than enough chances to play and in the biggest chances to show he could play in this league, he failed miserably and was out shined by rookies and 3rd stringers. I don’t know how that happens from a guy with all his attributes, but there it is.

    From one dude to another I wish he and his family the best, sorry it didn’t work out with the hawks.

  10. For a 7th rounder and mid rounder next year good move. This very well may have been Al’s last player personel decision. I hope he pans out.

  11. The Raiders Front Office and Raider Nation alike were very, very high on Curry out of college. There was a lot of talk about trading up for Curry, or snagging him if he fell all the way down to us at 8.

    Instead, we ended up with Heyward Bey. While in hindsight, we definitely scored, it took two years and a lot of “what if” wishes for Aaron Curry for Heyward Bey to prove himself. The Raiders are obviously still high on Curry, and hope that he can revive his career ala our other first round retread defenders Kamerion Wimbley, Quentin Groves, and Jarvis Moss.

  12. Don’t most people not realize that stud linebackers are not usually available for trade this or any time of year? Not too bad of a move. Methinks McClain is hurt worse than we know.

  13. Oh Don’t worry Seahawks fans you’ll see plenty of him in the AFC playoff’s this year.

    Jarvis Moss was suppose to be a 1st rd bust also instill he joined the Raiders now he’s starting this week.

    Lol!! Keep’em coming non superbowl winners.

  14. If Mortensen’s report is true and it is indeed a 7th round pick in 2012 and a conditional mid-round pick in 2013, not a bad deal by Oakland.

    Get a first-rounder for peanuts basically.

    This move has Hue Jackson written all over it, unless, there is already another figure in the Raiders organization making personnel calls.

  15. With McClain banged up and the linebacker depth so thin, i’ll take Curry for a 7th round draft pick in 2012 and mid round pick in 2013.

    Good decision making by Hue, Amy and Mark.

  16. Hawks can have zach miller. We are doin good with Boss.. Miller hasn’t done much for hawks anyway. Its like a trade; zach for curry. Raiders win

  17. I wonder if Curry was Davis’ wish list they found on his desk? Should be a good pick up on the weak side. Better than that recent dolt signing yesterday!

  18. Better sooner than later for the Hawks. Now almost all of Tim Ruskell’s former picks are gone from
    Seattle, which is a good thing…

  19. Is he really that bad a player? He was being talked up as a potential number one pick here in Detroit…man I’m glad that we ended up taking Stafford.

    Is it possible that he was playing in a scheme that didn’t fit his style of play??? Genuinely interested in hearing from Seattle fans here….

  20. In my opinion this trade doesn’t represent the 1st transaction of the post Al Davis era, it represents the last transaction of his time.

    Curry was a guy who needed a change of scenery in very much the same fashion as someone like Jarvis Moss needed a change (though Moss’ situation was more of trying to turn a 6’7″ DE into a LB in Denver).

    I live in the Seattle area, so I’ve seen and heard all the knocks on #59. However I’ll say this much: the guy is very likely the replacement at WLB for Quentin Groves (aka Mr. Invisible). And even in limited playing time at Seattle, Curry still manages to show up on the stat sheet, albeit in garbage fashion. I think Curry is a guy who was trying too hard to be a Lawrence Taylor type when he should be focusing more Carl Banks. The tools are there; it’s the discipline that’s not.

    I watched Curry time and time again put himself into position for TFLs, however, in his zeal to go for the knockout, ESPN highlight hit he would blow the play. Again, he needs to start thinking less LT, more Carl Banks.

  21. Good for Hawks., Raiders will give ( 2 ) 3rd round picks for Curry, just the way the points for value work out….. Ha, Ha, Raiders will wish they didn’t make this deal by week 10

  22. Say what you want about the Raiders, but they sure are trying to take steps in the right direction at least. Curry was a former top 5 pick so he has the potential to be something special if he puts it all together. Let’s hope a change of scenery is the remedy and he improves what has been this team’s biggest weakness this year. Hue Jackson > Tom Cable.

  23. Oh ye of little faith. How many players that were deemed “done” have gone on to the Silver and Black to revive their careers or at least prove people wrong ? Don’t worry Haters, Hue will know what to do to get Curry back to playing his best. He’s got the skill no doubt. Now he’ll get the coaching, mentoring and change of scenery.

    Don’t worry about the draft picks, they still haven’t gotten the comp picks yet.

  24. “heysharpshooter says:
    Oct 12, 2011 4:34 PM
    I am honestly surprised Curry turned out like this. I had him very highly rated. I thought he would be a star, since OLB is one of the easiest positions to play straight from college to the NFL.

    Some guys just don’t have “it” I guess…”

    This is why you ignore workout warriors and stop listening to the numbers slaves like Mel Kiper. Teams need to check actual tape of games not be dazzled by what he puts up in shorts/t-shirts with no pads, no opposition, and in a dome.

  25. Looks like Oakland will have a thin participation in the 2012 draft on the surface.

    Oakland doesn’t have a second (traded to the Patriots), third (Terrelle Pryor selection) or fourth (To Redskins for Jason Campbell) and now a seventh (To Seattle for Curry) in the 2012 draft.

    But, don’t forget the team will most likely receiver compensatory picks for losing Nnamdi Asomugha, Robert Gallery and Zach Miller in free agency.

    They won’t be compensated with anything higher than maybe a fourth-round picks for the losses, however, it lessens the blow.

  26. trbowman says:
    Oct 12, 2011 4:26 PM
    Great trade for Seattle.

    Yes, you can’t stockpile enough of those valuable 7th round picks.

  27. Say what you want about Curry being a bust in Seattle but he’s still an upgrade for the Raiders thin LB corps… Mr. Davis would’ve approved this, another reclamation project….

  28. great pickup for the raiders. I thought he was best player in the draft coming out as did a lot of experts. he could still develop because he still has a lot of potential. he should be versatile enough to backup all 3 spots and he could very well overtake quentin groves at strong side linebacker. I like groves but competition is never a bad thing. worst case scenario we have another elite athlete to play on special teams

  29. Confirmed… Raiders acquired OLB Aaron Curry from the Seahawks in exchange for a seventh-round pick in 2012 and a conditional mid-round pick in 2013.

  30. Think the Seahawks gave Aaron a complicated playbook .With the Raiders he’s getting ” playing linebacker for dummies” that’s a good thing…… sometimes you have to simplify it for these players and just let them play off natural insticts.

  31. For two lower-round draft picks? Sounds like a safe risk to me. As many others have said, Jarvis Moss and Kamerion Wimbley have quietly resurrected their careers in Oakland.

    I hope others don’t hold too high expectations for him; the Seahawks expected first round quality. Raiders fans just need to expect 7th and 4-5th round draft pick quality.

  32. Curry was a highly productive college player, freak athlete and by all accounts a good guy. Had slam-dunk pick written all over him.

    Not sure why things didn’t work out in Seattle but this is a low risk – high, high, high reward move by the Raiders.

    Is it possible that Curry is best suited as a situational pass rusher rather than a true OLB? From what I recall of his days at Wake Forest, he seemed to really stand out in getting after the quarterback most of all?

  33. Big risk, but that is the Raider way. So far they have done good with other peoples trash. Jarvis Moss is looking good so far, Looks like the Raiders are thinking post season.

    This is good for Seattle as well they have obviously embrassed the fact they are in a rebuild period and they are trying to make cap room. Other teams should puckup on this thought instead of spend years stuck at 8-8 or 9-7. The Lions sucked for a long time, (most Matt Millens fault) took them 3 years to put together a strong team with a good mix of Vets and Youth.

    BTW Seattle thanks for Hasslebeck, he is an upgrade from Collins and will be a great mentor for Locker, we just need to get some WR’s

  34. I don’t understand what all you Raider fans are squawking about. Have you seen him play? You had a chance last season… this season the man was the pits, cant play the ball, zero coverage ability. he just looks lost out there. This is his third year in and he will probably hardly improve his skills moving forward.
    I am surprised we got a mid round pic, and a 7th for him, I would have been happy for a pizza party for the rest of the locker room, to celebrate his departure. Oh and follow him on twitter, he reads more Bible than his playbook. he may end someones season for you on special teams like he did the Hawks, thats about all he is good for.

    good riddance, he is your problem now Raders.

    hahahaha a good pickup…

  35. @ bobfest

    Just like the Hawks did Zach Miller wrong?

    Seattle lands an up-and-coming, sound pass catching tight end to have him stay on the line and block?

    Curry may turn continue his bust ways in Oakland, but at least he was a known bust.

    Pete Carroll, Tom Cable and company, on the other hand, turned a potential elite tight end into nothing more than a skinny tackle on the O-line.

  36. “Is it possible that he was playing in a scheme that didn’t fit his style of play??? Genuinely interested in hearing from Seattle fans here….”


    You’ll need to look no further than when he played last weekend against the Giants. Sums up Curry’s career with Seattle nicely. Blown assignments, missed tackles, and at the end of the game, another dropped “gimme” pick.

  37. Big risk??? No risk at all. The Raiders have a shot at winning the west but have 5 active LB’s left. 3 of them that you don’t mind seeing on the field and two iffy players. 1 of those you want on the field is dinged up.

    This makes a lot of sense. 7th round picks aren’t worth anything, A 4-5th for a guy that’s a solid backup for a few years is great. If he becomes more then that it’s only positive from there.

  38. LOL @ the Seattle fans in here saying it was a great deal for the Hawks. You got nothing for a #1 pick from 3 years ago. That is not a good deal except for the Raiders, who get a young talented player who didn’t work out on a lousy team in Seattle. Even if he doesn’t resurrect his career, they only gave up a 7th and a conditional pick that would also be a late rounder if he doesn’t stay with the team. No risk for the Raiders and a potentially big payoff.

    The Raiders will get a couple of high compensatory picks next year in the 3rd or 4th round for losing Nnamdi, Gallery and Miller. Those picks combined with all the players they have actually gotten for trading the other picks makes this Raider fan very happy.

    God the Seahawks are horrible.

  39. Great move! Look like mike mayock is gonna be our new gm. I remembered he was in love with curry prior to the draft maybe the move was consulted by him? So our lb will be curry(cover) McClain wimbley(rush).

    Hope your smiling down on the trade coach Davis! RIP

  40. He might be considered a “bust” because he was picked so high, but if he was drafted in the 4th round (I’m assuming that’s the highest round the Raiders gave up for him), than that’s good value for a guy who could potentially be a starter, and certainly be a pure 3rd down pass rusher.

  41. Gotta love Seahawks fans.
    A 7th next year and a forth in ’13 and you’re acting like you just traded Randy Moss for a 4th. (ouch) Point is: Who has done anything in the modern era while playing in those Laser Tag uniforms? Can you actually evaluate performance on such a passionless team?
    Chin Forever!

  42. Lawrence Jackson was a first round bust for Seattle too and now the guy is a stud. He is slowly taking over for Vanden Bosch and is becoming one of Detroits top rushers. I think the problem is Carroll just sucks as a coach. It’s easy to win college games when you have the most talented guys in the country. But we’ve already seen the NFL is too big for Carroll and he is getting rid of talent instead of developing it just like Josh McDaniels did in Denver. Seattle will be just as screwed up as Denver in a couple years, no doubt. Curry will end up being a good LB.

  43. We got back to back Dick Butkus award winners on the raiders. Aaron Curry in 08′ and Rolando McClain in 09′. Instant upgrade for the raiders. This should be solid LB corps for a long time to come.

  44. “phailing101 says: Oct 12, 2011 4:30 PM
    Terrible draft class just keeps looking worse.”

    What are you talking about? The Packers scored TWO 1st round studs in 2009 ~ Raji (#9) & Matthews (#26)!

  45. The Seahawks organization is the real bust here, not Curry. What do you expect from such a poorly run team. Curry will be a great addition to the Raiders.

  46. I would say this is a good move for both clubs.

    He clearly wasn’t working out in Seattle. They get something for a guy who was leaving any how, and didn’t live up to the expectations heaped upon him being the 4th overall pick.

    For the Raiders its low risk, high reward. Maybe a change of scenery will do him good, maybe a different scheme will help. But a 7th and a conditional mid round pick is almost nothing.

    He was a good LB in college. He wasn’t just a work out guy. But V.Gholston was good in college too. You just never know once you pay a kid the kind of money they both got paid.

    I would have been happy if my Eagles made this move. We need LBs bad, but I’m not sure we have the coaches to coach him up. I’m hoping my Eagles continue to fall apart and have to fire the Walrus.

  47. Great move by the Raiders… everything to gain… little to lose. The Raiders, more than any other team, know that sometimes a player just isn’t a good fit for a team. Sometimes it’s scheme… sometimes it’s personality. Alzado, Matuszak and Plunkett are all excellent examples. Will Curry be like one of those success stories? Gotta wait and see… but the Raiders paid a very small price to find out.

  48. low risk, high reward pick. Maybe Curry turns it around. The guy looked like a beast when he came out of Wake Forest, then disappeared after his rookie season.

    slow to diagnose plays, and zero in coverage….

  49. “Lawrence Jackson was a first round bust for Seattle too and now the guy is a stud. He is slowly taking over for Vanden Bosch and is becoming one of Detroits top rushers. I think the problem is Carroll just sucks as a coach.”

    Thing is, Jackson sucked in Seattle before Carroll arrived. You don’t think Jackson’s dramatic improvement has anything to do with Suh bringing pressure from the interior, do you?

    Best of luck to Curry in Oakland. For whatever reason, he was unable to make the jump from college to the NFL game in Seattle. His athleticism is incredible, but his instincts are terrible. Maybe a change of scenery is what he needs to spark him, but I’ll be glad we don’t have to deal with another year of wondering if he’ll ever “get it.”

    Seattle will be happy to take the two picks, low as they are, and chalk it up to another 1st-round bust from the previous regime.

  50. @vallz5 : I am being serious when I ask this. In your post you think Hue is better than Cable? Aside from his personal problems, I remember thinking Cable was beginning to get the Raiders on track? As a Bronco fan, I don’t spend a whole lot of time studying the Raiders, but Cable wasn’t that bad… But since this is about Curry, it is a good pickup for the Raiders, let’s see if he can chase Tebow down!

  51. This signing certainly can’t hurt the Raiders 29th ranking vs the run, can it!?! They do, afterall, give up 5.2 yards a game. Some bully…

  52. As a hawks fan sad to see that he never “was”. his draft stock was phenomenal coming out of Wake. good luck in the black hole Curry. Good deal for both teams….a shame though, now my Curry jersey is officially a “throwback” :/

  53. I love how the Raider fans think they are getting what the Hawks thought they were getting 2 years ago. Ryan Leaf is a first rounder still available, go grab him too. While you’re at it go get Jamarcus Russell, oh wait. Curry was in a system that didn’t fit him, yeah he was, he played defense in a game called tackle football. I think the system that fits him better is called water polo. The guy was a bust, the Raiders are the people that think they’re ballin when they get a brand new BMW for a steal only to realize it’s broken down on their front lawn all the time. There was a reason he was for sale for cheap, you get what ya pay for Raider fans.

  54. I remember wishing the Lions had drafted Curry instead of Matthew Stafford. And that’s why Mayhew is the GM, not me!

    But I think he’ll do well in Oakland. He just needs a change of scenery.

  55. Ok lets go back to a kid who was coming out of wake forest whose stock shot up after the combine, and was the saqfest pick in the draft that yaer, a “cant miss”

    Goes to seattle where he is asked to be “the man” , and get after the qb, and lead the nfl in sacks. He never did, and probably never will. So be it. That might be Aaron weakness, but side to side , and edge to edge, and stopping the end arounds, and the screen passes etc..Curry did that well…now for the raiders…Aaron you don’t need to be the man, a matter of fact we don’t even need you to blitz all that much…..

    all we ask is that you contain and close the door on the right side edge that has been killing all year long, week in and week out. So man the right side, make the tackle, and you will be a raider with a ring, who really will not ask anymore of you.

    We will let Seymour, Kelly, Wimbley, and Houston put the pressure on the qb.

  56. Seahawk fans think that there getting the steal out of this deal, just like they thought Zach Miller and Robert Gallery were going to be upgrades.

    A 7th round pick and a 4th round pick is giving up too much? Since when? Remember you originally drafted this guy at #4 in the first round, every pick is a risk if you ask me…..

  57. Thank god hes gone. He was without a doubt the worst linebacker in a hawks uniform. Watching him screw up 3 straight plays in the 4th quarter last game must of been the final straw. Glad hes going to a team i already hate.

  58. If you were to see this guy in person (raider fans) you would know HE HAS NO INSTINCTS, AT ALL! he look like a greek god but plays like geek. We really got something for him i cant believe it. Thought he would get released like TJ Whos your mama (who has done well now out of the NFL).

  59. Bman!!! Two third rounders??? Get your facts straight before shooting off your big stupid mouth. Then we won’t laugh at you quite as much, you moron.A seventh and a conditional for a top draft pick your SeaChickens didn’t know how to coach up.You laugh at us? After signing Gallery??? Always hurt, with little bird arms. Miller?Isn’t he hurt??You will get killed by the Niners, your season is over.HA

  60. Wow, how short of a memory do you Raider fans have? Why do you suddenly think his draft position matters 2 and a half years later? Did you already forget about a guy named Jamarcus Russell?

    Congrats to Curry though, he got what he wanted. He got his sensitive feelings hurt when he got benched then he decided he didn’t want to play in Seattle anymore. Then when he does get to play due to injury, he intentionally doesn’t make plays and quits on his team. Most pathetic teammate ever. Once a quitter, always a quitter. The Seahawks are a better team without this malcontent. The guy has all the God-given physical tools of anybody, but is ALWAYS the dumbest player on any field he plays on.

    I’m sure he’ll play better in Oakland than he did in Seattle because if you watch Seattle’s last 2 games, there’s no question that he intentionally quit and tried NOT to make plays. But, please Raider fans, DO NOT expect a first round caliber linebacker out of this guy. His play is about worth what the Seahawks gave up for him. He’ll make a great play occasionally, but trust me, you will curse his name far more often than praise it.

    Good luck with this guy Raider fans, hope he can turn it around for you guys, but don’t act like the Seahawks were dumb to dump this guy.

  61. Aaron Curry will be a solid starting LB for OAK. the 4-3 man, scheme will be perfectly suited to his strenghts. He is known for being able to guard TE’s in man coverage (raiders play man only) he struggled in zone ……. and he plays the run well, (a need in OAK) he is fast and gets off blocks. How does he flop in Seattle? Coaching? Scheme? combination of both, BUT they gave up too soon for little value back. McFadden exploded in his 3rd year after being bustworthy. DHB in his 3rd year is coming along really nicely too and peeling off the bust label. Curry is a great pick-up and forfills a NEED as well.

  62. Why didn’t Andy Reid and the Eagles trade for him when they have a bunch of scrubs at linebacker.

  63. i understand the way the seahawks feel, and don’t blame them for wanting to unload him. I felt that same away about randy moss. He quit on us, and went on to the patriots to play good for them. I hope Curry can contribute. We are very thin at lb, especially after putting rickey brown on the ir.

  64. Great trade for the Seahawks? They got a 7th rounder for the 4th overall pick from 2 years ago? That’s good? That sucks unless the conitional 2013 pick is AT LEAST a 2nd round pick.

    The Pats got a HIGH 2nd for a 7th round QB (Cassel) who didn’t play in college or for the 1st 3 years in the NFL.

    The Pats got a 1st round pick for a 2nd round WR (Branch)–from Seattle no less–who everyone (except Seattle) knew was a product of Brady.

    The Pats (yes, I’m a Pats fan) got a 1st round pick for Richard Seymour, another 1st round pick.

    The Pats got a 3rd for Randy Moss last year. They gave up a 4th to get him in 2007.

    THAT’s how you make trades.

  65. wow out of the top 10 picks only 4 seem to be ok and 2 of them still trying to get great (Crabtree and Sanchez). Crabtree may turn into a star and Sanchez can if he makes better decisions, but this wasnt a bad draft class, not at all, just the top 10. i mean Stafford, Raji, Orakpo, Malcolm Jenkins, Josh Freeman, Jeremy Maclin, Brandon Pettigrew, Percy Harvin, Clay Matthews, Kenny Britt, Hakeem Nicks and those are just a few of finds in this draft, the only issue was the top 10 should be changed. and where people were picked was bad, Maybin over Orakpo and Matthews, please, but oh well, the Draft has hits and misses.

  66. halle – fricken – luja!!!!!!

    Thought the Hawks would never ship this loser out of town. Once again, versus the Giants, he’s jogging while trying to cover a TE and he once again is lost on pass defense as he doesn’t know where to go. But God is on his side now so he doesn’t care.

    SEE YA!!!!!

  67. wcman says: Oct 12, 2011 5:33 PM

    LOL @ the Seattle fans in here saying it was a great deal for the Hawks. You got nothing for a #1 pick from 3 years ago.


    yeah you sure got value out of those millions and millions didn’t you?

    Raider fans are horribly slow witted.

    Hope Curry does well, seems to be a good guy. Needs to be able to run without worrying about his assignment(which he likely doesn’t know) and he may be ok.

  68. Good at attacking the LOS and shedding blocks…great. Stout versus the run. Don’t really need much else. good signing!

  69. You know, I absolutely CAN NOT STAND Terrelle Pryor.

    Didn’t like him in college, never was impressed with him, and never thought he was nearly as good or “talented” as all of the game announcers hyped him up to be.

    Dude can’t throw, severely inaccurate–basically another case of these new day college spread QBs that I call LoAs–Lists of Attributes–who all think that just because they are athletic that makes them a viable QB.

    When the Raiders took him in the 3rd round of the supplemental I shook my head and laughed. I even thought that was too high for a probable JaMarcus Russell 2.0.

    Terrelle Pryor (and the Raiders) has now given me more reason not to like him because I was very optimistic that we would get nothing less than a 3rd round pick in return from whoever we traded Aaron Curry to; a fourth round at the very worst.

    But no….because the Raiders used that 3rd on none other than Terrelle “T-Tatoo P-Purchasin’ Pryor, and I believe they are in terrible shape for the draft (I think they don’t have 3rd, 4th, nor 5th rd picks or something like that).

    I was shocked and I mean SHOCKED that we’re only getting a friggin’ 7th round pick this year and only a conditional 5th nxt yr.

    I mean, I know Curry is overrated (thanks a lot Ruskell) but really? I think he’s worth a heckuva lot more than a 7.

    I really think we sold ourselves short on this one. But then again, you have to believe John and Pete exhausted their all their options….I hope!

    Because what happened with all the Carolina trade rumors? Didn’t they lose 1 or 2 LBs recently?

    Minnesota–we had a chance to finally stick it to Minny yet again for ’06 by unloading him there.

    What about Philly? We all know they need LB help.

    I really thought Pete and John should have hard-lined for no less than a 3rd or 4th to load up on picks to set things up for the draft….because, folks, I believe if we can’t get Luck then we should make sure we are sittin’ pretty ready and waitin’ in the 2nd round for none other than….

    MR. RUSSELL WILSON, baby!!!!!

    That’s if he doesn’t decide to play baseball of course.

    Bottom line is: I think we got wayyy less than we should have gotten for Curry!

  70. bcgreg says: Oct 12, 2011 9:04 PM

    Great trade for the Seahawks? They got a 7th rounder for the 4th overall pick from 2 years ago? That’s good? That sucks unless the conitional 2013 pick is AT LEAST a 2nd round pick.

    The Pats got a HIGH 2nd for a 7th round QB (Cassel) who didn’t play in college or for the 1st 3 years in the NFL.

    The Pats got a 1st round pick for a 2nd round WR (Branch)–from Seattle no less–who everyone (except Seattle) knew was a product of Brady.

    The Pats (yes, I’m a Pats fan) got a 1st round pick for Richard Seymour, another 1st round pick.

    The Pats got a 3rd for Randy Moss last year. They gave up a 4th to get him in 2007.

    THAT’s how you make trades.
    Yup, like when the Raiders ripped off the Pats, getting a 3rd and a 5th for Derrick Burgess.

    Now THAT’S a trade.

  71. Will people stop with the Tom Cable – Hue Jackson comparisons!!!

    It’s not even close! Cable – great motivator, player’s coach, HORRIBLE PLAY CALLER.

    HueJack – great motivator, player’s coach, EXCELLENT PLAY CALLER/OFFENSIVE MIND/QB MENTOR.

    This is why Cable was fired! He could not score TDs. I think the team had like 16 tds w Cable. Hue brought that number up to 40+ TDs. Turned DMC into one of the best backs in the NFL.

    NO JOKE. I could call Cable’s plays from my couch before he even called them. His playbook was sooooooo limited.

  72. People also praised Cable for being this O-Line genius and now that’s even questionable. Raiders O-Line under Cable’s Zone System was horrible!

    Now we have one of the best O-Lines in football running more Power mixed w some Zone like Al wanted.

    How’s Seattle’s O-Line working out? Oh yah they suck!!!!!

    And I’m sick of people saying Raiders lost their best Lineman in Gallery. Gallery was horrible!!!

    Lil Wiz is already so much better in his first year!!!

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