Broncos put Brandon Lloyd on the trading block

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It looks like we’ll actually have an interesting name to talk about leading up to the NFL trading deadline.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that the Broncos have been in talks with teams regarding wide receiver Brandon Lloyd.  Klis says “three or four” teams are interested, with Carolina and Tennessee believed to be among them.

It’s rare for anyone of note to be dealt before the deadline because teams are usually loath to admit it’s a rebuilding year so early in the season.  But Lloyd is in the last year of his contract and the Broncos aren’t going to be the same pass-happy team they were under Josh McDaniels. It’s clear they are rebuilding.

Denver also has wideouts Demaryius Thomas and Eddie Royal returning from injury soon. Second year pro Eric Decker has been a solid starter while Royal is out.

Lloyd should be an attractive trade chip.  He makes only $1.395 million and led the league in receiving yards last year. Lloyd leads Denver with 283 yards (in four games) this year.  He missed one game due to injury.

139 responses to “Broncos put Brandon Lloyd on the trading block

  1. It’s rebuilding time in Denver so it makes sense. It would be nice for him if he could go to the Jets. I heard they’re a guaranteed Super Bowl winner again this year.

  2. Getting rid of one of your best offensive players makes a whole lot of sense. Why pay him? It’s not like he hasn’t performed consistently for you despite suspect quarterback play.


  3. If the Bengals think they can make the playoffs this year they should be in on this, given Jerome Simpson’s recent run in with the law and Andre Caldwell’s knack for big drops.

  4. Not even a fan, but the Rams should go after him. If he had so much success with McDaniels running the offense, he and Bradford could do really well together.

  5. Jerry Angelo…now is your chance…GET JAY CUTLER A LEGIT #1 WR…you’re 30+ million under the cap

    It’s too late for O-line…get him a #1 wideout…please…


    a Bears fan

  6. Trade Berrian and a #2 pick for next year for him. OR keep Berrian and give em a #4 pick for next year.

    That shows you just how valuable Bernard is!

  7. Vikes might want to check him out. With no solid #1 but great 2s and 3s, he could really improve that offense. This would also allow them to get rid of Berrian.

    Of course, getting a real QB would help, too.

  8. Smith, Lloyd, shockey, olsen, d will and stewart.
    With Cam, IDK could be sick, we are not that far out of the playoff hunt for a 6th seed or maybe a 5th at best.

  9. so who’s going to catch Tebow’s overthrown balls, one handed, while staying in bounds? That was one of his 4 of 10 completions last week FYI. Honestly WR’s are in very low demand right now for trade.

  10. itsmammoth says:
    Oct 13, 2011 9:30 PM
    “Here in Denver, we insist on shipping out our best players… year after year.”


    At least this year, you are knowingly doing so.

  11. Instead of being like every other person claiming their favorite team is gonna get him… My team is not gonna get him.


  12. As a Broncos fan, I’m torn. I love Lloyd…he was the only thing we had pride in last year. He also made a redonculous catch last game during the last drive.

    But if it brings us run defense…maybe it’s not so bad.

  13. qb change, trading away skill player(s). suck for luck mode in full-blown effect.

    dolphins, step your game up (down?)

  14. I bet the Browns would be willing to trade Brady Quinn for him. But only if the Broncos throw in a conditional 6th round draft pick also.

  15. Um,..I know that the Browns have SOOOOO many great receivers, I’m sure they aren’t in need the services of a quality receiver to help out McCoy and that west coast offense.

    Having said that, go ahead Holmgren and continue to ignore any possible additions.


  16. WTH is going on in Denver? It’s starting to look like these guys (and the last regime) would have traded Elway. Altitude sickness? Of the teams that could use a good receiver I’d say the Rams should go for it.

  17. This is crazy. I hope the Vikes make an offer at least.

    But you gotta look at it from Denver’s point of view. If you’re going to have Tebow at QB, you need to build your team around him. He isn’t a plug n’ play type of quarterback. Lloyd is a great player, but they need a different skill set at WR to complement Tebow. They are smart for trying to get max value out of players now, that aren’t the best fit for their team in the future.

  18. As a 49er fan, I think that they could really use him after having lost Josh Morgan for the season. Thing is, San Fran should have never let Brandon Lloyd go in the first place.

  19. With Tebow at QB, they don’t need WRs.

    On another note, has anyone noticed that the Eagles have never won a Superbowl? No fanbase deserves to suffer more!!!!!

  20. mh28102 says: Oct 13, 2011 9:44 PM

    Instead of being like every other person claiming their favorite team is gonna get him… My team is not gonna get him.




  21. The fact that any team would attempt to trade for an impact skill position player 5 weeks into the season kind of puts to lie the whole idea that everyone needs a full off season to learn the offense and develop timing with the QB and other players.

    If that were the case, why would anyone add what would obviously be a useless piece of the puzzle since they hadn’t had time to do either of those things?

    I think we get a little dramatic with how precise and mechanical these offenses are and how it takes these Einstein-like geniuses to design and coach these systems.

    Seems to me that the team with the best players at the most important positions typically win.

    And don’t come at me with the few exceptions we all know about. Yeah, yeah, we all know Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl once.

    That’s what’s called the exception that proves the rule.

  22. This is the type of brilliant move the Pats have been making for years. Some players are more valuable IN THE LONG TERM on the trading block.

    A good move for the Broncs. In a few years Lloyd will be wrapping up his career. But a third round draft pick could be good player for a long time.

    In the meantime, Denver is going nowhere in the present, so grow the future.

  23. It doesn’t matter. All the Broncos wr’s will do now is block for Timmy. They may as well get rid of all their wr’s put a few extra guards out there.

  24. The Packers could get him and never use a running back or fullback again (except KUHN on short under a yard situations).

    All kidding aside, I’d expect MN, the Panthers, possibly Browns, Texans, Titans, 49ers, Rams, or Dolphins to be in on him. My bet is the Browns, Rams, or Panthers.

  25. Come on, Texans. Go for it. Please, let’s get over Jacoby Jones experiment. AJ, Llyod, Mason, Daniels, Walter, Foster… Now that would be one hell of an offense.

  26. It WOULD be logical for Angelo to make the move for the Bears but then again that would make too much sense and would fill a major hole on our roster. Soooo, that’s not gonna happen.

    It’d be nice to see him back in a Bears uni. After we screwed up and let him go.

  27. Some of you Bronco “fans” need to quit crying and realize what is going on.

    Lloyd had ONE good year, he’s 30, they don’t intend to resign him and they are rebuilding.

    This is a smart move. How exactly does it hurt the team? Were you one of those delusional fans that thought they were going somewhere this year?

    Getting picks for him while his value is high is the best move for a team that wants to get younger and rebuild through the draft.

  28. i would love the bucs to get him bc he is my favorite college receiver of all time bc im an illini fan but truthfully the bears need a good #1 wr

  29. It’s a shame the Bears r so cheap, we really need a real wide receiver. And an offensive line, and a defensive line, coaching staff, safeties, Jeez u name it we need it except QB.

  30. Just Ordered my #12 Andrew Luck jersey. This solidifies their Suck for Luck status. Maybe Elway is a genius and will get a second round pick out of him and then re-sign him with Luck at the helm and then take Lamar Miller with one of their two and a corner with the other. I’m callin this right now so all of you remember.

  31. Dont the Chargers want to get Llyod to start stocking up talent so they become the LA dream team they need to be to sell all those tickets to all those hard core front running leave early sports fans?

  32. He would be an excellent fit long-term in Carolina (i know they’re suddenly explosive, but they will not be anywhere near the playoffs this season) or short-term in Houston or Tennessee (the teams that will be battling all year for the AFC South).

    It’s semi-rare for “trading block” news in the NFL, but it makes some sense in this case. Denver is going in a very different direction.

  33. Maybe he can come back to the Niners and continue his rap career, my name is BLloyd, BLloyd! No thanks, this guy sucked then and still sucks now.

  34. If the Rams O-line could block I would love to see him go there. But since they can’t and my fantasy team could use the help, I hope he goes to the Titans. hahahahahahaha

  35. Return back to the bay. The NINERS need a wr with Morgan out all year, Edwards out to midseason and Crabtree a bust

  36. I am an avid 49er fan, but I honestly feel bad for Denver after Hurricane Josh ripped that mofo apart. They went from perennial playoff contenders to arguably the biggest joke in the NFL in 1.5 seasons. As far as Brandon Lloyd goes, I would jump on him, but I believe in what Harbaugh is doing in SF. So…I would have to defer to his judgment.

  37. Niners won’t give up what other teams will for him. They have full intention of re-signing Morgan and Edwards is coming back. Only way they get him is if asking price is 5th rd or later

  38. jvibottomline says: Oct 13, 2011 10:49 PM

    Maybe he can come back to the Niners and continue his rap career, my name is BLloyd, BLloyd! No thanks, this guy sucked then and still sucks now.

    Thank you! One good year, statistics wise…in his time with the Niners, he was a poor blocker, was afraid to go over the middle, and was only good for a highlight catch here and there. He does not fit into what the 49ers are trying to do with the offense.

  39. The team that makes the most sense is St Louis. They are in the most need for a #1. Even if he only winds up being a stop gap for Amendola…..or should I say Justin Blackmon.

  40. Man, as miserable as his decision making has been thus far, I have to wonder if Elway would have traded himself 30 years ago for a conditional 6th rounder.

  41. Might as well trade him now. Their starting qb cant throw an acurate pass.
    They dont need an WR, just line up TE’s out there to block downfield for tebust.

  42. carolinethedog says:
    Oct 13, 2011 9:39 PM
    Jerry Angelo…now is your chance…GET JAY CUTLER A LEGIT #1 WR…you’re 30+ million under the cap

    It’s too late for O-line…get him a #1 wideout…please…


    a Bears fan

    Legit #1 really? Lloyd broke out at 29? I don’t think so, for the bears or rams or any team that needs a WR taking a chance on Lloyd would
    make sense because of his low price tag. Counting on Lloyd to be your number one is crazy. Giving him a bug contract is even more so.

  43. Elway maybe trying to relive his career vicariously through Luck. Stanford QBs…but that means somehow the Colts would have to draft Luck first.

  44. as a Rams fan, I DO NOT want him. Rams have Mark Clayton coming off of the PUP after week 6 hopefully, Danario Alexander who is by far their best talent but they never let him on the field, Brandon Gibson who is younger and is potentially the same player, Mike Sims-Walker who got overpaid for his one year deal, Greg Salas and Austin Pettis who were both draft picks this year and like Gibson (and Lloyd) are possession receivers. Dom Curry is probably going to get cut for Clayton, so I wont even talk about him. If the Rams are going to trade for anything, they need to trade for a cornerback (DRC comes to mind, as does Asoghuma but I doubt he’ll be traded even though he doesn’t fit the Eagles style of play AT ALL).

  45. Also, Brandon Lloyd is a one year wonder who has shown flashes throughout his career, but has only done it ONE time. If the asking price is anything higher than a 5th, keep him.

  46. The Browns should trade Peyton Hillis straight up for Lloyd, since they are botching his contract extension and will probably end up and losing him with nothing in return.

  47. nmking26 says:

    “Elway is trying to suck for luck”

    He’ll have to try hard when the Broncos play the Fins next week! We’re behind by one game, and we will NEED the Dolphins to win.

    Does anybody know the tiebreaker rules if multiple teams end up 1-15? Who gets first pick?

  48. bertilfox says:
    Oct 13, 2011 9:43 PM
    Bye bye, Ocho…say hi to Randy Moss when you join him in obscurity.


    I truly wondered if some creepy, dungeon crawling anti-Patriot would try and add something like this to a COMPLETELY irrelevant discussion.

  49. As a Raiders fan, PLEASE get this guy outta the AFC West! Man, Raiderkarma is taking a turn in our favor this week, as we obtained Aaron Curry for peanuts, and at another restructured salary, and now Mr. Ed puts the Broncos best receiver up for sale. What does that leave the Broncos with? Von Miller? JUST Von Miller?

    On another unrelated note, the Eagles need to lose and go 1-5 this weekend so whomever is calling the shots in Alameda swings a trade for Asante Samuel, who has already suggested that he be traded somewhere where he feels needed.

  50. Saints.

    The Saints need another big receiver and Brandon Lloyd would help close the gap with Green Bay.

    Now or never.

    Drew Brees is not getting any younger and the window for another Super Bowl closes in about 3-4 years.

    Give up a 3rd Round Pick for Brandon Lloyd and get back to the Super Bowl.

  51. Couldn’t imagine if he was on a team with a dominate passing game. Basically speaking packers, and saints. I think that Greg Jennings, driver, and their TE are all good, but I also think they are a product of Rogers. Rogers and Lloyd would be a sick duo.

  52. Hate to see him go. I think lloyd and tebow would be great together. Lloyds targets and numbers would go down but his big plays would go up. Case in point… they ran the best fles-flicker i’ve ever seen against green bay but Orton threw the ball to Lloyd 10 yards short. Tebow is not a accurate intermediate passser but he is ‘the bomb’ on deep throws. Plus think of all the big plays that could come off of tebow’s broken scrambles.

  53. If he comes to cleveland id assune they’d restructure his deal, if that happens hillis might flip and eat fat a.. for breakfast

  54. Angelo is such an astute judge of talent, he HAD Lloyd, but let him walk. they need Lloyd, and Dawkins. Don’t know why Jerry is squirreling away that cap room. I wouldn’t resign most of the Bears, outside of Forte, Cutler, Peppers, and Urlacher.

  55. I’m glad there aren’t a bunch of Jags fans drooling over him. We are in need of receiver help, but this is not the well I want to be drinking from…

  56. I heard he was heading to Carolina in a 3 way deal involving clausen going to Denver orton to Miami.

  57. Let’s face it, he’s a diva!!!

    That’s why he’s leaving!!! Anyone who claims they’re the best receiver in the NFL when they can’t beat a healthy Darrelle Revis or need a crapload of receiving yards based on 3-4 receiver formations under a pass-only scheme under “Monkey Business McDaniels” is a diva and phony when trying to cover it up!!!

    Plus, John Fox doesn’t care about personalities. Look at Steve Smith in Carolina!!!

  58. rtl1984 says:
    Oct 13, 2011 9:28 PM
    I’d say Vikings. Lloyd could use his long arms to catch at his feet.
    I think I woke up my roommate from laughing so hard at this.

  59. I could see Kraft and Belichick try to make a run at this guy…similar system and he’d just be another weapon in that offense, or maybe he could play defense for them?

  60. Dont know what most of yous are on about it makes sense to trade him now with him and orton being best buddies orton getting benched and likely let go at the end of the season llyod doesnt want to stay around so why keep him and let him walk for free at the end of the year?? thomas and royal (if healthy) would probly be better WRs for the tebow lead offense

  61. That makes alot sense seeing how he’s they’re best receiver. Why wouldn’t they want to resign him, he is actually
    Better than I thought.. They could trade either Kyle to a team in need..Brady Quinn as a back up..DJ to a team like the Eagles. But no just make the list of former Broncos killing it for another

  62. Dear Timmy,

    We hope that you can throw the ball to yourself. Hell, you are the messiah, so why not.

    John & John

    P.S. We are only starting you to shut the fans up. You will be playing in Oakland or Jacksonville next year, depending on who gives us the biggest bag of footballs for you.

  63. Well, or course. If you listen to Skip Bayless, Lloyd intentionally dropped that 2 pt conversion pass from Jesus Tebow. Of course, if you listen to Skip, Elway and Fox want Tebow to fail, so I’m not sure why they didn’t reward Lloyd with a 100 million dollar extension

  64. Fox wouldnt trade with the Panthers, so he can see his ex team do better, he still has a bad taste in his mouth from his lame duck years in Carolina!!!!!

  65. It makes a ton of sense for San Francisco to trade for him.

    Their draft pick will end up being in the mid-20’s each round anyway, so it’s not a huge loss for them, and then they can have two actual real, live receivers on the team.

    Perhaps they can reach an injury settlement with Braylon Edwards.

  66. So, I’m guessing that with this move and Tebow at QB, all Denver WRs should be dumped from your fantasy football team ASAP.


  67. This kinda smells. So, Fox, who has fought the media and the fans on starting Tebow, on that very week decides to, they are now willing to trade their best wideout. I smell a fish. The big question is – does Fox look good if Tebow does. Answer is no. So, here’s my take. Fox put Tebow in last week to quiet the crowd. He actually does decently well (backfire) – btw much better than Orton. Who now has ZIP trade stock. So, Fox now is thinking – what’s my best chances for Suck for Luck…. Tebow starting. But I have to make the odds even better – start trading my “good” players. Tebow might now be the solution, but he is definitely not the problem.

  68. Go get him Titans, don’t be cheap, he would be a great replacement for Britt while he’s out!

  69. Two thoughts:
    (1) This may be the first error-free Rosenthal article I have ever read. Koodos, Ggreg!
    (2) I wonder if this has anything to do with Lloyd’s widely publicized hatred of Jesus.

  70. huhfasi says:
    Oct 13, 2011 10:44 PM
    Just Ordered my #12 Andrew Luck jersey. This solidifies their Suck for Luck status. Maybe Elway is a genius and will get a second round pick out of him and then re-sign him with Luck at the helm and then take Lamar Miller with one of their two and a corner with the other. I’m callin this right now so all of you remember.
    I actually write it all down, so I can refer to it. When someone says ‘print it’ I use larger font on the paper. Then I can mention it, give kudos, IF IT happens, because being right means so much to these people.

  71. grandpoopah says: Oct 14, 2011 4:40 AM

    Two thoughts:
    (1) This may be the first error-free Rosenthal article I have ever read. Koodos, Ggreg!
    (2) I wonder if this has anything to do with Lloyd’s widely publicized hatred of Jesus.
    And then you go and misspell Gregg.

  72. Tebows favorite target in the preseason was willis. Lloyd’s awesome no doubt but getting older. He will help some team out but will be screaming for more money at the seasons end. I don’t know it still sucks. I’m tired of my team losing. Is Luck gonna be good enough to suck for?

  73. Miami and Denver should do a Brandon swap… It’s only fair after they ripped us off of two second round picks!

  74. Let’s see, prior to last season, Lloyd had one (count ’em with me now ONE) season where he had more than 700 yards in receptions. It was a whopping 733 yards. He has been regarded as somewhat of a locker room distraction and a wannabe rapper. While he has very good hands, he has had a tendancy to run 6 yards patterns on 3rd and 8. He’s also 30 years old. Oh yeah, give me a bunch of that.

  75. The team I see needing this guy the most is Tennessee.

    How much they give up for him depends on if he were to sign a contract extension with them or not…

  76. this would actually be a good move for Elway..get value for the man while you can. Lloyd, just like his head coach, takes a shot at Tebow every chance he gets. Get this cancer out of your locker room.

  77. reptar24 says:
    Oct 13, 2011 9:38 PM
    “Not even a fan, but the Rams should go after him. If he had so much success with McDaniels running the offense, he and Bradford could do really well together.”

    With the Rams’ desparate need for receivers and McDaniels’ history with Lloyd, I’ve got to think that St. Louis is one of the teams that have already expressed an interest to Denver. Lloyd has been tanking so far for one of my fantasy teams; if he gets traded to the right team it could really resurrect his fantasy value.

  78. I don’t agree that the Bills need Lloyd. They should continue to develop the players on the roster rather than bring in a show stealer like Lloyd. The need depth with Jones hurt but better to find it elsewhere than pay price it would take to acquire him.

  79. Good call on trading Denver’s best wideout, clearly Tebow won’t need the broncos best offensive player.
    I am a Denver fan, what is wrong with this team, whenever we get a solid offensive player we trade them.
    Andrew Luck just took one footstep closer to Mile High.

  80. Titans could use a backup for Kenny Britt. Even if he doesn’t contribute much this year due to the trade he would be a boon to have for the years to come. I know Hasslebeck would not complain.

  81. He really did have a nice season last year but have all the people here forgotten that this is Brandon Lloyd we’re talking about? The guys picture is in the dictionary under “free agent bust”.

  82. u ppl sayin hes a bust r idiots! nobody gave him a chance til the broncos! yea a receiving champ is considered a bust!?!? some of the best hands n the lg…makes some of the greatest catches ever

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