Rex Grossman promises offensive improvement


Rex Grossman is off to a good start this year making predictions, so he’s decided to double down.

“Overall, it was good, but I can definitely play better,” Grossman said this week about his first four games via the Washington Times. “We can play better as an offense, and we are going to play better.”

Okay, we know he can’t really say anything else.  We just wanted to note that the Redskins offense hasn’t scored more than 22 points in a game yet.  The Rams and Cowboys had their most effective defensive efforts when facing the Redskins.

Grossman has had some good moments, but he has more turnovers than touchdowns so far. Some other quarterbacks that can say that: Kyle Orton, Tarvaris Jackson, Kerry Collins, Matt Ryan, Josh Freeman, Philip Rivers, and Kevin Kolb.

This Redskins start has been about the defense. The offense is just good enough to get by. Grossman will have to be better if the Redskins want to stay atop the NFC East.

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  1. Ryan Kerrigan has been a big part of that defense and a great pick up for the team. They are right though, the D is the only thing keeping us in games. It sucks wondering if I’m going to see “Good Rex” or “Bad Rex” week in and week out. I’m not holding my breath this season, but if the offense stepped up and put up more wins than the haters were calling, I’d be happy. This coming off season is going to be a important one for them.

  2. Grossman has had some good moments, but he has more turnovers than touchdowns so far. Some other quarterbacks that can say that: Kyle Orton, Tarvaris Jackson, Kerry Collins, Matt Ryan, Josh Freeman, Philip Rivers, and Kevin Kolb.


    You forgot Michael Vick. 8 TDs, 7 INTs, 3 fumbles lost.

  3. Thought he had 1 more TD than INT…but thats besides the point. Rex definitely needs to play better (and not just Rex… looking at you) The run game looks to have a “Three Headed Hydra” in Hightower, Helu and Torrain, not worried there. Against Philly this weekend it will be the true test if the Skins are foreal…or are a Defensive fluke. Hold Philly to Under 21 pts…let Landry end some careers, and Have Rex put up a 2-3 TD game…and I am smiling…..HTTR!!!

  4. Check the first week of the season dummy! Redskins scored 28 points! Sheesh do you get paid to do this?

  5. It’s funny how when Rex said that the Redskins would win the NFC East everybody said he was crazy. Now John Clayton, Tony Dungy, and others are on the Skins bandwagon as well.
    Let’s see if Tim Hightower’s Superbowl prediction happens.


  6. lampe21 says:
    Oct 13, 2011 10:01 AM
    28 on giants opening wk
    Thx u


    The defense scored 7 of those 28 so the writer is correct the OFFENSE has not scored more than 22 points all year

  7. londonfletcher,
    What are you talking about man, “This offseasons gonna be an important one”. Whos thinking about the offseason with a 3-1 record and playing well? you wasted my time with your post.
    Rex has played decent and the skins have moved the ball well, the problem is getting in the endzone. 3 fgs against Dallas and a 4th botched on the snap, they were in scoring position 5 times in that game so to say that dallas had an effective not isnt all that accurate. and shanny shut the offense down after they took the lead in the 3rd. Grossman turned the ball over inside the ten twice against arizona and another 3 fgs. they were in scoring position all day. And rex has one more td than int this season pft. find another reason to bash the skins. I am nervous about this weeks game. Philly is very confident they can beat us and we dont match up well defensively. Hall can not give up a$$ and landry needs to smack a couple of their 160 lb recievers and for the love of God run the ball 40+ times. Rex should pass less that 20 times sunday or we’re in trouble.

  8. With three Pro Bowl CBs in the backfield, you won’t be throwing the ball more than ten times this upcoming Sunday, Rex. This game is key for whether or not Kyle Shanahan can adapt his gameplan to the talent he has. If he correctly utilizes Washington’s three very good RBs, then he just might have a future here.

  9. @lampe21–I’m a fellow skins fan but Kerrigan scored one of the TD’s against the giants. So PFT is correct that the O hasn’t put up more than 22.

    It’s the same little trick they did with the turnovers thing. Rex as 6 TD’s and 5 INT’s, so to further make that point they went with “turnovers” instead of “interceptions” which isn’t as damning a stat.

    They’re mincing words because they think the bottom is bound to fall out. Eff em.


  10. Hopefully Rex will not throw the ball more than 15 times on Sunday. Hopefully Ryan T., Tim H. and Roy H. will just wear down the defense and keep Vick, DeSean, LeSean and FeFom off the field.

  11. completely off topic…you didnt hear this from me but. chris cooley is gonna start being there long snapper. i work at a bar in dc metro area and overheard cooley and his father in law discussing this. hes content with the league minimum. great job security i suppose.

  12. So your point is??? I mean you state the offense hasn’t scored more than 22 well yes game 1 Skins score 28 against the G-men 7 by the defense but did you do a complete study as too how many of each teams points are by the offense, defense and special teams???

  13. Huge skins fan, but Skins are winning in spite of Rex not because of him. They know they are a couple years away. Let Shanahan/Allen continue to build a winner. This team was in shambles. If Landry can stay on the field, the defense is definitely getting better. Need more 2 TE formations on offense. WRs, QB are the most glaring weakness at this point…and it will get addressed.
    So…on the positive, they can play much better on offense and are 3-1. On the negative, they aren’t as talented as a traditional 3-1 NFL team so expectations are probably inflated. They can play with anyone at FedEx if they limit turnovers. I still think we see Beck before the season is over…which I wouldn’t mind at least seeing what he has got. Grossman has been on the winning team for three games, but I haven’t been overly impressed.

  14. Know why I’m gonna get way flippin better?? Cuz the better I throw, the more ladies dream of the Sex Cannon….oh yeah. Gonna toss 9 TDs next week. No Interceptions, those are for pansies. I’m Sexy Rexy….and I’m goin deep!!!


  15. So first everyone was suppose to fear the dream team , now 1-4 everyone is suppose to fear the dangerous team…well do you really think that in a week everything is just going to turn around and become majically delicous??? The E-gals can and will only beat you if you let them…solid defense will always beat them…there is a reason why they’ve gotten up on teams only to let them come back and win…and any smart coach worth his paycheck will follow suit and pound the defense and wear them down.

  16. Mark Ripen wasn’t a good QB at all either… and won a Superbowl. Offensive Line, Running Game, Defense…we have a very promising team this year. At least we are seeing progression, which is more than we’ve seen in a decade. And by the way… before you post stats in an article; make sure they are accurate…. We scored 28 in the Giants opener. Kind of like being a kicker…. if that’s your job… better do it right.

  17. crash1518

    It has already been pointed out that the Redskins offense only scored 21 on the Giants, the Defense scored the other 7.

    Also, your first sentence is wrong in two ways:
    Mark RYPIEN wasn’t a GREAT QB

    He was a good QB who made very few mistakes, greatly due to the fact that he got sacked only 8 or 9 times the entire season.

    Other than that, I totally agree with the rest of your post.

  18. The way things are going this year, a QB has to be on pace to break Marino’s record to be having a good season.

  19. I am promising offensive and defensive regression, Rex. Now go out and prove me right. You guys had a nice miracle month, now back to reality: SHARING THE BASEMENT WITH THE EHAGS.

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