Brandon Marshall planning for quite a Monday night


Anyone who thinks that Brandon Marshall has been too low key this season should tune in to Monday night’s game with the Jets.

Marshall admitted Thursday that he’s been playing with his emotions too in check through the first four weeks of the season and that he’s finally figured out how to flip the switch that allows him to fully let loose. He said that he considers himself a monster and that he plans to play like one on Monday night.

How will this monster manifest itself? According to Marshall, via Mike Beradino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, by getting kicked out of the game in the second quarter.

“No, I’m not joking. I’m serious,” he said. “They’re going to fine me. It’s probably going to be like a $50,000 fine. But that quarter and a half that I’m out there, I’m going to play like a monster. I might get in a fight with Bart Scott. [Antonio] Cromartie, we pretty much matured our relationship and grew a little  bit. We used to fight in Denver and San Diego. If that happens, it happens, so we’ll see.”

As Scott once said, “Can’t wait!”

Seriously, though, any time emotion comes up with Marshall we’re forced to remember that he was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder during the offseason. If he does let loose on the football field, is he going to be able to switch it back off when the game is over and avoid any problems off the field?

Speculation on the answer to that question is best left to trained professionals. But the Dolphins will certainly be happy if Marshall can find some way to tap into a monster performance that helps them win their first game without doing anything to damage their chances of winning a second.

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  1. Why does this rant remind me of Mike Vanderjagt’s rant a few years back of how he would psyche himself up for a game by banging his helmet?

  2. Everybody talks about what they’re going to do nowadays, what ever happened to talking AFTER you actually do it?

  3. What else are you going to do when you’re 0-4? Might as well have some fun with it. Why not take it a step further and have the entire team start a brawl in the 2nd quarter? Bonus goes to the guy who takes down Rex Ryan.

  4. So while the Detroit Lions are now hosting premier Monday Night Football matchups, this joke of a team is trying to steal viewers from WWE Monday Night Raw. How pathetic.

  5. Brandon, you are an idiot. I’ve always said it, but man, unleash the beast on Monday night! I’ll be pulling for you. A win over the Jets would squeeze the last drop of testosterone from those blow-hard losers.
    This article leaves me with a few questions, however.
    Why are you just going to last for 1 1/2 quarters?
    Oh, and who is going to throw the ball to you?
    Good luck with the monster thing.

  6. Just when you think that Miami fans couldn’t get more embarrassed than they already are…

    Marshall openly said he plans on getting fined and kicked out of the game. That’s enough for me to want him benched. Most fans want to watch quality football–not some ridiculous publicity stunt carried out on the field. He is turning back into the “me first, me only” guy. He is just as big of a head case as Vince Young. He has dropped several key passes that should have been first downs or touchdowns. Marshall can be a great player but the sad truth is if he caught just half of his key drops the Dolphins would likely be 2-2.

    I was a big supporter of bringing him to Miami but now, unless he starts making some key plays and shuts his whining mouth, he needs to go. Trade him before the deadline for a receiver that understands the concept of “team”

  7. hmmm….
    Attention seeking diva?
    Firing up the team?
    Crazy dude?
    All 3?

    I’ll go with all 3

  8. Dear Brandon, I have been a Dolphins fan longer than you have been alive. Just be a team player, catch the balls that are thrown your way, block for your teammates, and play real football. Don’t let the green team from new jerk get in your head. And lastly, those stupid penalties, like picking up a downed ball and throwing it to the sidelines have NO PLACE in professional football. It would make my season to get the win Monday night. We need you for four quarters not one and a half.

  9. If we only win one game this year, let it be this one, I remember one season when we only lost 2 games and the 2 we lost were to the Jets, That was the only 2 games the Jets one that season.
    I just hope we can turn this thing around.
    GO FINS!!!

  10. So he’s going to play great into the second quarter, then he’s planning on doing something to get kicked out of the game? How about just playing really well for the whole game? That might be a better way to help the team.

  11. Please…Please…try to fight Bart Scott…please. Plus hes not going to have to worry about Antonio bc Revis is gonna have him locked up.

  12. If he’s planning it ahead of time, it has nothing to do with his “borderline personality disorder”…it’s because he is a failure as a human being.

  13. i hate being the “back in the old days” type of guy but this situation begs for it. ronnie lott loses a tip of his finger and tapes it up to go BACK in the game. this idiot is healthy and plans to be TAKEN OUT of the game three days in advance?!?!

  14. Way to represent your team, Brandon. Seek $50,000 fines, threaten other NFL players. I agree that he should be made inactive so as to hold on to a shred of dignity.

  15. Well he’s not going to be on my fantasy starting roster. Revis Island was enough.

    Why can’t he just be emotional after he catches a TD for once…

  16. Brandon Marshall is Trouble. He was in college, he was with his previous team. And court testimony proves that he incited the events that led to his teamates murder.

    Now, more of the same foolisness emerges from his own lips.

    What’s it going to take for this man to learn.

    Or is this to be excused by his self claim of being diagnosed with having a “BL personality disorder”?
    Zero accountability has more to do with his junk
    I suspect.

  17. BM, So you have been dog- n it the first 4 games of the season? Please help us understand your statement Bro?

  18. If Brandon Marshall gets in a fight with Antonio Cromartie and goes “Andre Johnson” on him, he will forever have earned the respect and adoration of all of Cromartie’s baby mommas.

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