Brandon Moore rips Santonio Holmes for ripping Jets’ line

The sniping inside the Jets’ locker room continues.

Jets receiver Santonio Holmes told reporters that the blame for the offensive struggles lies squarely on the offensive line, and now Jets guard Brandon Moore is telling reporters that Holmes ought to shut his mouth.

It’s disrespectful,” Moore said. “Guys work hard. To put your teammates out to dry, guys you work with every day so on Sundays you can have productive day, that’s not really being a leader. That’s not being a captain.”

Moore said he went to Holmes privately when Holmes had previously bad-mouthed the offensive line, and since that didn’t work he now thinks it’s OK to do his talking with Holmes through the media.

“I talked to him after the last time he did it the week after the Baltimore game and he didn’t see anything wrong with it,” Moore said. “I don’t know what he thinks about me; I don’t deal with him, and I probably won’t deal with him after this.”

Although Jets coach Rex Ryan and quarterback Mark Sanchez have both indicated that they want players to keep their complaints in-house, Moore hinted that he thinks someone told Holmes to go ahead and come forward with his critique of the offensive line.

“But apparently he’s allowed to say whatever he wants to around here now,” Moore said. “Apparently someone around here told him that it’s OK to do that because he keeps doing it.”

Moore, who’s been with the Jets for nine years, added, “I’ve just never seen anything like this.”

95 responses to “Brandon Moore rips Santonio Holmes for ripping Jets’ line

  1. So this guy is ripping his teammate through the media FOR ripping his teammate through the media?

    Why can’t these guys just rip each other in private?

  2. Implosion.

    Nothing, not naked woman, 500 yr old scotch, reviving a dead relative, nothing….can make a Patriot fan more pleased than what is going on in Jabbaland right now.

    Continue sniping at yourselves gentlemen. Give yourself some self made bulletin board material.

    Nyuk. Nyuk. Nyuk

  3. I LOVE this, LOL! All that team does from Coach all the way down in TALK!! I am loving this, almost more than Oakland being relevant again

  4. When you have 17 catches, and 220 yards through 5 games, of course you can bad mouth your team mates, I mean, it would be impossible to duplicate those epic numbers….LMFAO

    Yes boneheads, that was sarcasm. Santonio cant do anything but run deep, or run 15 yard ins/outs. If you had the talent to run 5 yard routes, and 10 yard routes, and come backs, your qb could get rid of the ball faster. You could catch more balls. You could move the chains. You could score some points. Is the Oline terrible, yes, but you can mask those issues with play calling, unfortunately, no one on the team can run those routes, when was the last time Burress or Holmes ran those pass routes…look in the mirror Holmes

  5. You hate to see this in the locker room
    This is what losing does to a team. The funny thing is I agree with Both guys…. Hope we can turn this thing around

    J.E.T.S JETS!!!!!JETS!!!!!JETS!!!!!!!

  6. @cakemixa

    He already said he tried to keep it in house and man to man after Holmes cried after the Ravens game.

    Holmes went through the media again and Moore said if Holmes is being allowed to rip the offensive line through the media than Moore figured it would be alright to rip Holmes through the media as well.

    Agreed that this all should be kept in house and Holmes should keep his mouth shut to the media.

    If you were a real captain you would be supporting them any way you can. How is telling reporters they suck supposed to help them? How about letting them know you got their back even though they are struggling? This was the same offensive line that helped you get your payday this past offseason.

  7. Maybe Santonio would like to be back with the Steelers where the o-line literally changes on every play. The grass isn’t always Gang Greener on the other side huh Tone.

  8. They shipped Mason out for doing the same thing. Think they ship Holmes out too ?
    Maybe, just maybe all the players that love playing for Rex Ryan and all the super talk about the super bowl is wearing thin in that locker room. And they are relizing Rex talks alot but its not making it to the field.
    Bawahahahaha. Sorry to hear all that.
    Their bailing out the water but the ship is sinking.
    Down she goes- Bawahahahahahahahaha…

  9. cakemixa- he indicated he did go to Holmes in private, but it didn’t work, so now he’s trying the public stance.

    While I think the OL is a key reason why the Jets have struggled, I also think Moore is right in this case. Holmes shouldn’t be going to the media about this, and Rex Ryan shouldn’t be defending him over it. Blame can certainly go around for the Jets. Mark Sanchez hasn’t played all that well, there isn’t a consistent running game to fall on as Shonn Greene isn’t good enough.

  10. The #1 enabler of all this trash talk is their head coach. Duly noted he hasn’t won a game since he ignorantly trashed the greatest (and only SB winning) QB in Jets history – saying that HOF’er Joe Namath would be Mark Sanchez’ backup. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Hey Rex, next time your tempted to mouth off, have your wife put her foot in your piehole.

  11. Holmes will always be a turd… of course with his new contract he is showing his true colors. How are you going to rip your team mates to the media when you can handle it in-house.

  12. the only thing the jets have got going for them is that they are playing the phins. They are in worst shape than the jets but at least they are not bashing each other through the media.

  13. “Its hard to argue with the Belichick media approach after this fiasco.”

    Based upon what the Boston media is doing to Francona, Belichick fears the local media might climb back into his personal life AGAIN.

  14. lukeb5301 says:Oct 14, 2011 4:59 PM

    Instead of being pissed about Santonio bringing it up, Maybe he should fix their O-Line Issues… Holmes is 100% right on this..


    No he’s not right you idiotic turd. He’s a HAND PICKED captain. It’s his job to handle all things inside the clubhouse INSIDE the clubhouse. He has no right on anything bringing any negativity about the team to the media. EVERY man on EVERY team knows you don’t do that. Oh and by the way, playing against the Pats last week, Sanchez had ENOUGH protection all day YOU DIVA’S kept DROPPEN em. The OLine wasn’t the problem. You overrated WR’S were.

  15. Everyone on this team should shut up. What holmes said was true and watching his interview he didnt sound malicious. Now moore has to make the situation even worse. If the jets dont win monday its gonna get real ugly and you haters im sure will love it.

  16. cakemixa – in response to why they don’t rip each other in private:

    “Moore said he went to Holmes privately when Holmes had previously bad-mouthed the offensive line, and since that didn’t work he now thinks it’s OK to do his talking with Holmes through the media.

    “I talked to him after the last time he did it the week after the Baltimore game and he didn’t see anything wrong with it,” Moore said. “I don’t know what he thinks about me; I don’t deal with him, and I probably won’t deal with him after this.”

    Isn’t reading fun?

  17. And b moore. I reapect the hell out of you and you are a great player. But him and that oline are as much to blame as anyone for the jets being where they are now this year. That oline has sucked it up all year and has almost got sanchez killed. Granted mangold was out two games but its time to step up.

  18. Holmes has lived far too long off his one shining moment from his SB catch…….he has been nothing but an average wr at best but yet he thinks he’s Jerry Rice in his prime. How can you blame it on the O Line when you have a below average QB who is also over-hyped. Between Sanchez, Holmes, LT, Greene, Burress, Revis etc. etc. they have let it go to their heads what their loudmouth coach says, “they are the best at their positions”. These guys are the so called “money guys” on a rather average Jest team and they are the one’s who should be “steppin’ up their play”. Just as their headcoach blames everyone else for what goes wrong, these guys have drank the same kool aid.

  19. This is why the Steelers got rid of him even though he personally helped get us one of our rings. We conduct ourselves with a bit more class here. No backbiting of team members here.

  20. Awwwww yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

    Lovin’ this, abso-freaking-lutely LOVIN’ this!!!!

    These guys are sniping and back-stabbing each other at an escalating pace! The wheels aren’t just coming off the bus, the friggin’ bus has jumped the guardrail and is heading for the cliff!

    Come on Rex, give ’em their GD snack!!!!!!!!!

    Wait and see how bad things get if the Yets actually LOSE to the ‘Fins! How long before someone – the receivers, the line, the defense, ANYbody – comes after Prom Boy (Snachez)?

    Where are all those loud-mouth Jets fans and their “Super Bowl/Patriots suck” talk NOW????

  21. Santonio is right though!!!

    This is the worst football those o-lineman have played during Rex Ryan’s tenure!!! They’re failing him!!!

  22. The NFL is getting to be a joke to me.

    All this whining about each other is Bush league and I think these guys should act like grown men who play a game for a living instead of little girls.

    This sentiment has been growing on my for the past 10 years. I do not take this league seriously anymore.

  23. Can’t they just get along and blame Sanchez? He’s the team’s biggest problem after all. He’s awful.

  24. Now here’s a game my Fins should win but they won’t……..sigh.
    Hate being pessimistic but it’s been years since I’ve seen them rise to the occasion.

  25. Will always appreciate how well Santonio played while he was in Pittsburgh–especially in SBXLIII. But I heaved a sigh of relief when we let him go. Will never forget working in the church library last year when the preacher shouted out from his office that he’d read online a Steeler was in trouble. All I could think was “No no no no no” as I asked who. He called back that it was Santonio and a few seconds later walked in to find me doing the wild happy dance. “He’s not our problem anymore!!! We traded him to Rex!!!!” No regrets 😀

  26. nyjalleffingday says:
    Oct 14, 2011 6:47 PM

    16/26 for 166, 2 TD’s and a 105 rating is far from awful. He’s being handcuffed again when we should have let him launch it. Not his fault.

     Sanchez can’t “launch it.” He’s never had the arm to do so & unless he grew it overnight, he’s not going to be able to launch it. I watched him throughout his career at USC & living in the NY area & have g cable, I watch the Jets & Sanchez on CBS before/after the real NY football team plays. He has consistently struggled with the deep pass on both levels. If you go through Sanchez’s interceptions as a pro, over 75% of them occurred when he attempted to throw the ball more than 20 yards. He’s not being handcuffed by the play calling, instead the play calling has been handcuffed by his deficiencies. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy but he is not as good as you & your fellow Jets fans make him out to be. He wasn’t worth a 4th overall pick, especially in light of he fact that Josh Freeman went 17, and he will more than likely never develop into the franchise, team-carrying-type QB you guys are convinced he is. He’s Joe Flacco II: a game manager who makes some plays when he needs to. In his 3rd year he needed to show vast improvement from last year & he hasn’t. The third year is when a QB is supposed to blossom, but he’s regressed & it’s not all on the OL. He is what he is & you can’t hate him for not being what you want him to be.

    Also, those stats you referenced certainly need a little background. First, 40 of his 166 came in garbage time, the last minute when the game was already determined. Taking that into consideration, he threw for 125-135 competitive yards; he did that against the LAST RANKED PASSING DEFENSE IN THE NFL!!!!! So yes, those numbers are terrible in context of the game.

  27. This might be why the Steelers got rid of him so suddenly. It shocked me, as a Steelers fan, at first. But as i re-read some of the hearsay on him it was hinted that he had some real diva potential.

    I can’t really gloat about it as a Steelers fan, though. The guy did make one particularly good catch in this one game……..

  28. Yeah, Deb. Now all you have is a repeat sex offender behind center. That’s so much cooler. First they lose the Super Bowl then the Steelers get off to a lousy start. Karma.

  29. And this is reason #834 why Steve Bisciotti hired John Harbaugh instead of Fat Rex. He runs a loose ship and this is the result.

    The Ravens don’t have these “issues” like they did in the past when Rex was here. Especially after getting rid Mason this year. He was the last of the malcontents.

  30. @kappy

    He’s hit plenty receivers deep. He doesn’t have a cannon but he can launch some for sure. It’s not like he’s got a Pennington arm.

    Now, what makes you think that I think he’s a great QB? He’s average at best, and no Jets fan will say that. What we will say is that he’s massacred unfairly, and he’s clutch too. He’s not awful, but he does what he has to do to win football games. I don’t remember the last time we won in spite of him. And again, what makes you think he’s worse than Freeman? The Jets arguably have had it worse than TB this year and Sanchez is having a better year. He kept us in the game in Oakland, had no protection or running game to speak of in Oakland and in New England the Jets formally returned to ground and pound at the expense of the game. Sanchez was effective when he threw the ball, and he wasn’t told to throw often and he wasn’t allowed to audible out. Plus, plenty of balls hit receivers in the hands and were dropped. He’s really not that bad.

  31. caseyanthonymunoz says:

    Yeah, Deb. Now all you have is a repeat sex offender behind center. That’s so much cooler. First they lose the Super Bowl then the Steelers get off to a lousy start. Karma.
    If we did, that would be a concern, but the evidence shows we don’t. And I think winning the AFC Championship for the third time in six years–especially when you were without your starting QB for 25 percent of the season–is great karma!

    But the best thing about being a Steelers fan is the constant obsession of poor widdle haters like you. Thanks!!! 😀

  32. @lukeb5301 says:Oct 14, 2011 4:59 PM

    Instead of being pissed about Santonio bringing it up, Maybe he should fix their O-Line Issues… Holmes is 100% right on this..

    Nobody said he wasn’t right dude. My 98 year old blind grandmother could tell you the Jets O-line is aweful. The issue is that Holmes shouldn’t be running his mouth to everyone that will listen to him, especially if he is a captain for some god aweful reason.

    Now you see why the Steelers were so eager to get rid of this idiot. Its obsurd enough when he does his ridiculous first down pose even if the team is losing by 3 TDs in the 4th quarter, now this crap.

    The Jets are going in the tank, and after the countless boasting diatribes we all had to listen too about how good they think they are… is extremely satisfying to watch.

  33. other than the winning catch in the super bowl, really what has holmes accompolished… he is another reciever in the league.he is about as productive as david nelson of the Bills or about 3 dozen other wr in the nfl. Other than a handful of guys, most wr can be replaced easily.

    as for why this guy went to the media, well he obviously tried the private thing but for some reason many wr just cant shut up…i personally would love to see this guy (or anybody else for that matter) punch holmes repeatedly and stuff him in a locker for 14 weeks

  34. I get it everybody hates the Jets but be careful, they made it to the final four the last two seasons and that’s better than 28 other teams. Sooooo is that so terrible?
    Just saying…If Rex hasn’t lost the clubhouse this year they have enough talent to turn things around.

  35. Good thing for the jets they play Miami this week cause another loss and this team will definitely implode!!

  36. This just in. Rex and Santonio had a private session, I mean meeting. Rex got the munchies and thought Santonio’s foot was a cheese steak. Took a bite of his pinky toe. Santonio listed as questionable, Rex listed as horny and hungry.

  37. You know, both Holmes and Moore are probably correct in their assessments, but c’mon now you do NOT air your grievances to the media, especially the bottom-feeding NY media whose sole mission is to report. All the references made here regarding “sinking ships” I hate to say are correct – this team suddenly finds itself doing the finger-pointing game. And publicly. So what does that tell you? Rex has lost the locker room and the team itself has lost its mission. As a Raiders fan, I’m pretty damned happy about the whole thing.

  38. HAHHAHAHA everyone picks on Ocho and his production but he has only 8 fewer catches than Holmie the Clown does.

    I STRONGLY disagree with coaches EVER picking captains and this is one reason why. I think Rex picked his captains for who he WANTS them to be instead of who they ARE.

    My mom who is a Steelers fan was ticked when they let go of Plax in FA and ticked when they “threw away” (her words) Holmes and both times I told her right after it happened that the Steelers were wise with both moves because those two were and always would be immature punks at BEST. Much as I am the opposite of a Steelers fan, they kept those guys in check lockerroom wise when they were there even though they had off field behavior problems. Their following teams, not so much.

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