Eagles expect to get Brandon Graham back after the bye


As the Eagles hope for a kick in the pants that would turn around a disappointing season, they’re poised to get some help after their upcoming bye.

Per a league source, defensive end Brandon Graham, who has been recuperating from a torn ACL, is fully expected to emerge from the Physically Unable to Perform list when the Eagles host the Cowboys on October 30.

Graham tore an ACL last December, against the Cowboys.

Graham, a first-round pick in 2010, had three sacks in 13 games last season.  There has been some speculation that, given the presence of Jason Babin and Trent Cole (who currently injured but is expected back), Graham could play linebacker.

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  1. Please, we are desperate for LBs but a guy who has never played the position… No thanks I would like to avoid Chris Gocong 2.0. But Andy Reid loves trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, the best example of that being Juan Castillo as our DC. So it wouldn’t surprise me

  2. Unless Graham grew 6 inches, gained 50 lbs. and learned the nuances of the MLB position than this means nothing. The D-line pass rush has been the only area of the defense that’s performed, and that’s all Graham is – a pass rush specialist.

  3. In other news, the sky is still blue and grass is still green.

    This is irrelevant. Three sacks in 13 games isn’t worth mention. And making him a linebacker will just give Phili an oversized linebacker that can’t cover a linemen.

  4. i usually dont care about getting thumbed down on my comments…its all in good fun. but to the people who are actually thumbing me down about my JPP comment: do you clowns even watch football?

  5. To all you giants fans, lets give Brandon Graham a chance to get a 2nd season under his belt before you criticize. JPP wasnt all that great in his rookie year either. Their stats are pretty close.

  6. People are all over Parker for jumping offsides, but thinking realistically, what are the chances that the Eagles would have mounted a drive from deep in their own territory in a little over a minute, with no timeouts, to tie the game and send it into overtime? We know how pathetic the Eagles’ 2 minute offense is, and even if they would have made it interesting, the drive no doubt would have ended with an interception or a fumble.

  7. “Nothing about my Eagles would surprise me now. Maybe he’ll be the defensive consultant they will deny talking to.”

    Or perhaps he’ll replace Howard Mudd as the offensive line coach.

  8. In other news….

    Earl Thomas is playing at a very high level in Seattle, taken one pick later. While in Philadelphia, the revolving door at safety continues.

  9. Wow …. things must be desperate if a team is looking for a guy coming back 11 mos. after an ACL to “turn their season around”.

    It’s really tough to expect too much from a guy that soon after an ACL. He may have to wait until next year to be 100%.

  10. There has been some speculation that, given the presence of Jason Babin and Trent Cole (who currently injured but is expected back), Graham could play linebacker.

    Is this another Sal Paolantonio made-up-lie ?

    Is that your “speculation” source ?

    Who is speculating Graham is moving to LB?,
    Haven’t heard that one.

  11. @jdandcoke:
    Do you even have a shred of sense? JPP has done well this season so far….5 games in. Brandon Graham has played about half a season, and none of it as a starter yet. There’s obviously no telling what will happen in the future with either of these players. JPP looks good yes, but we have no idea how Graham will be yet. That’s why you are getting thumbs down. In the future you may want to stop drawing attention to your own predictions that hold no water whatsoever.

  12. I’d like to see Graham and Asante packaged in a deal for someone’s 2nd rd pick, and pick up 2 linebackers in the 2nd after a tackle in the first round to move Herrimans back where belongs.

    But then again these guys can’t pick good players in the 2nd.

    Yes I’ve moved on to thinking of the draft.

  13. alaricsrevenge says: Oct 14, 2011 2:52 PM

    jdandcoke says:
    Oct 14, 2011 2:24 PM
    not picking JPP will haunt the eagles for years.


    More or less then Anthony Spencer…..?


    And Jason Witten?

  14. Samuel or Rodgers-Cromartie should be on the trading block for a LB. Send Samuel , Steve Smith & a 2nd rd pick to SF for Patrick Willis. We dramatically improve our LB situation, it enables DRC to play outside & bring Hanson back to the slot and it frees up $ for Jackson, Maclin and Shady, who are all in line for big pay days. And SF gets a passing threat besides Davis, one of the better Play-makers in Samuel and a high pick in the draft. It won’t ever happen cause it makes to much sense, but Philly is so strong at some positions & so weak at others that they can’t afford to let the trading deadline pass w/o making alot of phone calls. Atleast give us a Safety Roseman. The East is not that strong this year and i seriously do believe the Eagles can still win the division. They should have beat NY, SF and Atlanta and maybe even Buff, so while i know Philly needs work, their really not too far off .

  15. @jdandcoke: Its WAY to early to say JPP is better then Graham. BG was in a complex scheme last year, so let’s first see what he does in the wide nine. And stop acting like your team is great. You beat us once in 3 years in a game we gave away, besides the Skins spanked you guys and we’re all looking up at Wash right now. No one us afraid of the Giants. Your team has talent, but right now any of the 4 teams can win the East.

  16. Samuel or Rodgers-Cromartie should be on the trading block for a LB. Send Samuel , Steve Smith & a 2nd rd pick to SF for Patrick Willis.


    Sure! I’m sure that the 49ers would love to have a cornerback that refuses to tackle and a WR that may not be completely healthy and a 2 in exchange for one of the best inside LB’s the NFL has seen in a long time. Pure genius.

  17. This jack guy or girl (idk since u like Philly) Is the dumbest person ever Patrick willis are ubkidding me? And it’s a 3 team rave in the NFC east since Philly is a joke and is completely out f it

  18. Man! I’m soooo glad we traded up to 13 to take Earl Thom…oh wait.

    Horrible flashback.

    Good luck Brandon.

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