NFL fines Danny Batten $15,000 for hit on Michael Vick


Bills linebacker Danny Batten committed a costly roughing the passer penalty on Sunday against the Eagles, and it has cost him in the paycheck this week.

The league office has informed PFT that Batten was fined $15,000 roughing the passer for striking Michael Vick in the head and neck area.

Batten’s personal foul was blatant and just plain dumb: Vick had clearly thrown his pass when Batten, for no particular reason, decided to lower his head and use the crown of his helmet to drill Vick in the facemask.

The penalty gave the Eagles an automatic first down after Vick had thrown a third-down incompletion, and the Eagles ended up scoring a touchdown on that possession.

28 responses to “NFL fines Danny Batten $15,000 for hit on Michael Vick

  1. Warning to Orakpo, and Kerrigan. Since the tantrum from Vick, they will now start watching his hits very closely. Oh, what the hell. Hit the crap out of Vick. Who cares about the damn fines.

  2. Wait…that can’t be possible…because the league doesn’t protect Michael Vick..the referees don’t give Vick the calls they give to his colleagues. Well that’s what Michael Vick said. But then again, he’s the same guy who completed 44% of his passes in Week 1 and said he played “lights out”.

  3. “Vick had clearly thrown his pass when Batten, for no particular reason, decided to lower his head and use the crown of his helmet to drill Vick in the facemask.”

    No particular reason? Maybe just to rattle a shake-able quarterback. Isn’t that enough?

  4. the value of these fines is obviously waning – I’m sure smart agents are now building in a certain amount to cover fines in their negotiations and smart owners will pay it.

  5. Note to NFL – hit Vick early, get a few INTs because he’s rattled, win the game, and pay the fine later.

    Vick invited these hits when he made it obvious that it bothers him so much. These fines are just a cost of doing business to get Vick out of his game which isn’t too hard since his game is just making 1 read then taking off running.

  6. Thats all poor Danny makes for the whole year, how is this fair? They have to use a % system.

    That said, stupidest play ive seen in a while.

  7. if i were Batten i’d pay another $15000 to hook vick up to some jumper cables and throw him into a swimming pool.

  8. Good to see the NFL sticking up for a convicted Dog Killer and nobody sticking up for the dogs…

    It’s just mind-blowing the hypocrisy that this evil human being is allowed to freely roam about and do what he wants…

    He allowed dogs to be electrocuted by their freaking genitals.. What “evil” do you sports fans not GET about that concept?? Do you really think because he sat in prison for 2 years he’s cured?? That’s mental illness to the unlimited degree.

    I hope he gets 1,000 more hits to the head like the one Batten popped him with… Payback is a real turd, as is karma… People should NEVER forget the horror he caused those innocent animals…

  9. Vick has a sick mind.. and some fans overlook his atrocities so their team can win a game or 2… thats just as sick!

    I hope all defenses continue to motivate, and show him the light! Show him really what “lights out” means!

  10. As a Bills fan, and a fan that was at the game, Batten’s hit was by far the worst play of the game, and gave the Eagles drive life when it was dead in the water, a flag and a fine were justified….BUUUUUT as someone mentioned, Vick is going to get calls since he whined.

    After the Bills D repeatedly put Vick on the turf from every which way for the first 30 minutes, the officiating crew kept their flags in their pockets and swallowed their whistles for all but the final 4:00 of the second half. The Bills D was collapsing the pocket very well in the 2nd half, but many “near misses” on dropping Vick were caused by grabbed jerseys and shoulder pads.

    I’m not complaining, my team held on to win, but Vick cries again, and the Eagles O-line won’t be flagged for another hold the rest of the season.

  11. I’m sure that agents for all the players have started putting a portion of each weekly paycheck into a separate account for fines. Most players won’t even notice any difference. They can simply do a endorsement or two and keep that money in a fine account.
    In other words, these fines don’t mean squat to the players.

  12. I feel the same rage, to some degree, as some of these comments. I see him get a cheap shot and I mostly think, “karma, son.”

    The jail sentence seemed appropriate, but to watch this soulless individual again receive the PRIVILEGE of playing pro football turns my stomach. I believe in redemption, but it has to truly be earned. This guy got another 9-figure deal an hour after they took the cuffs off.

    He should be sweeping floors for another decade, or flipping burgers. You know, one of those felon-friendly, grinding jobs.

  13. Does it matter to the NFL that right now they are allowing a number of convicted felons to be the faces of their game?

    I say Vince Lombardi, Pete Rozelle, Art Rooney Sr., Wellington Mara et al are rolling over in their graves in utter shame and disgust.

  14. ive nver seen a team get away with more holds (non called) than the eagles….it was utterly disgusting…..

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