Phil Costa calls Vince Wilfork a “speed bump”


Cowboys center Phil Costa has gained notoriety this season for his creative timing on snaps to Tony Romo. Costa has his hands full Sunday against Vince Wilfork, but doesn’t sound overly concerned.

Responding to a fan’s question on Twitter about whether Costa could handle “Mount Wilfork,” the Cowboys center responded: “Of course im ready hes more like a speed bump than a mtn…#cowboys are ready to roll!”

Costa needs to be careful. Wilfork is more like one of those speed bumps at rental car companies that leaves you with a flat tire if you approach them the wrong way.

70 responses to “Phil Costa calls Vince Wilfork a “speed bump”

  1. Next thing you know, that speed bump is going start simulating snap counts and make Phil Costa into one of the league’s worst centers… and it won’t be Phil Costa’s fault at all!! The travesty!

  2. To Costa’s point, the Pats defense has played quite poorly. That being said, my money is on Wilfork if we are looking at the individual battle. Costa should keep his mouth shut and work on correcting the several miscues he’s had thus far in the season.

  3. I totally understand what he’s trying to say. See Big Vince is a speed bump compared to the “mountain” of actually snapping the ball when your QB is ready. It’s not as if they start teaching you in Pop Warner how to climb that “mountain” or anything.

  4. Pain for Romo blah blah blah first it was Willis. Then Orakpo and Kerrigan. Then it was Ndonkeykong Suh. Bottom line is one sack and a whole lot of frustration between the four of them.

  5. . I thought the Pats were getting ready
    to play the Steelers for a moment there. When
    will you mental midgets across the league ever
    learn ?

    Don’t. Don’t piss off the Patriots. Its only focuses
    them even more for the task at hand.

  6. Phil Costa…..Phil Costa ……..

    Isn’t he the number one draft pick of 2010 who went to the Pro Bowl his rookie year?


    Never heard of him.

    Now Vince Wilfork, everybody has heard of HIM.

    That “speed bump” is taking on a molehill this week. Likely going to be the biggest test this idiot has had this season.

  7. Comments like that are part of the reason the Cowboys are 2-2 and in 3rd place.

    If any other members of the Cowboys want to prove how stupid they are by making similar comments, I’m sure Bill Belichick would appreciate any additional motivation that would help his team get to 5-1 going into the bye.

  8. HOHOHO!

    You gon’ dunnit now!!

    I hope the Pats roll. It’s not Costa I’m worried about, though, it’s Ware, Ellis and the rest.

  9. Tony’s so brave, courageous and such…what a leader he’s become. Now Wilfork will have to admit that Costa’s going to be great, under the leadership of Courageous Tony

  10. Pats have the 28th ranked defense in the league. I don’t think this will as easy of a game for the Pats unlike every other patriots fan on this board seems to think. Can’t blame them though, they did win a few Super Bowls with the help of a video camera and they have a GQ model for a quarterback so they got that going for them. I’ll take the Cowboys over the Pats this weekend though. Not enough defense in New England to stop Dez Bryant and Miles Austin and Rob Ryan will have some schemes dialed up to confuse the hell out of Tom Brady all game long.

  11. The Pats D is a joke. This “bulletin board” material may ignite Brady and crew but won’t do anything for the lame D. Pats 45 Dallas 31

  12. You Boston Bandwagoners crack me up.

    If you don’t know who Phil Costa is you clearly don’t watch football, as is his failures were displayed fairly prominently on MNF a couple weeks ago.

    Not saying this was at ALL a smart move by Costa, but Boston fans are so blinded by homerism that it is just hilarious.

    It’s clear you have no idea what you are talking about, as referenced by the post above mine…

    “I hope the Pats roll. It’s not Costa I’m worried about, though, it’s Ware, Ellis and the rest.”

    There’s no one named “Ellis” on the Cowboys, unless you are referring to Greg Ellis, who hasn’t been on the Cowboys for about 5 years.

    This is exactly why no one likes Boston.

  13. trash talk is always stupid. Especially when its a no name yapping about an all pro. I have no idea if New England wins, although Ill pick them because they are at home. But this guy should keep comments like that to himself. Especially considering he (Costa) is best known for bad snaps on national tv.

  14. It doesn’t matter about Costa’s motivation. You guys that face the Patriots once every 4 years don’t know what the Colts, Steelers, and Charger fans will tell you – the Patriots have big ears. They are insulted by anything and everything.

    Then they use it for extra motivation. You’d think all the $$ is motivation enough, but instead of going home on time they get motivated to, say, watch tape one more time, or do an extra set of bench presses.

    You Cowboy fans just don’t get it. Costa made his already difficult job harder, no matter Costa’s motivation.

  15. Costa is trying to turn a mountain into a mole hill. He’ll find out that a mountain is a mountain.

  16. hope the pats beat the hell out of costa,romo,witten and all those other cowturds sunday!

  17. Hey Jet, hey Steeler fans…this thread is already 30 comments deep; where are all the cheating comments?!?

    Don’t tell me you’re going soft…or maybe your realize that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  18. Tigeralum doesn’t understand sarcasm. See “Who is Karim Garcia?” It’s a way belittling via hyperbole. You hillbillies don’t get out much, do you? This is exactly why America laughs at the South. Hang in there kiddo.

  19. Suh had 2 tackles and one 15 yard blow to the head penalty. I thought he was the best DL player in the league?!?! Are Patriots fans suggesting Wilfork is so much more dominant than Suh that he’ll actually make a difference?

  20. @tiffpats4eva

    Because the 50th point will be to win the game and Romo will inevitably find Devin McCourty instead of Dez Bryant.

  21. As a Cowboys fan,
    I wish our team would either shut up until they’ve done something, or just let their play speak for itself.

    There are few things worse than having zero arguments to defend your team. “Oh but we’ve been hurt” and “well we have 5 rings 635 million years ago” don’t cut it.

  22. obviously the only people reading this article are pats fans because everything that isn’t a positive post for the pats is getting the thumbs down by at least 20 people. face it pats fans the only reason you ever won a super bowl was because of a video camera and you will never win another one with the garbage you call your defense. just your offensive line weights 2 metric tons.

  23. tigeralum2010 says:Oct 14, 2011 1:08 PM

    “If you don’t know who Phil Costa is you clearly don’t watch football”

    “blah blah blah blah”

    “There’s no one named “Ellis” on the Cowboys, unless you are referring to Greg Ellis, who hasn’t been on the Cowboys for about 5 years.”

    “This is exactly why no one likes Boston.”

    Lighten up Francis.

  24. Why do some players insist on making things harder for themselves by providing their opponent with inspirational material?? Seems to me the more prudent course would be either to keep your yap shut, or say nice things about someone you’re about to square off with, even if you don’t mean it. At least he didn’t write a check with his statements that a teammate will have to cash, though, as some others have done. He’ll have to deal with Wilfork all day Sunday.

  25. The Cowboys suck. Brady and Welker will pick them apart, and if anyone has been watching the last two weeks, I might be concerned about the new-found running attack. BJ-GE, Woodhead, and Ridley. BOOM!

  26. Agreed, Twesty, the magical video camera taping defensive signals helped the Patriots offense EXPLODE to the tune of three offensive touchdowns in three games during their 2001 playoff run.

    There is NO WAY Bledsoe would have torched the Steelers D for 100 yards and a touchdown. Same thing with the Rams. Brady “knew every call” which allowed him to slice them up for 140 BEASTLY yards and a most excellent TD to David Patten.

    There has never been an offensive juggernaut like the 2001 Patriots playoff team. All because of that mystic camera.

  27. suhisabeast90 says: Oct 14, 2011 1:55 PM

    At Wilfolk’s age….he shouldn’t get to excited.


    Uh, Wilfork is 29. Not exactly ancient.

  28. Boston has passed an ordinance outlawing Wilfork from skydiving, fearing that his gut could blot out the sun and cause an ice age.

    The FAA does not allow Wilfork and Haynesworth to ride the same plane together, for fear that their combined gravitational pull could spin the Earth out of its orbit.

  29. If Vince Wilfork, someone who has consistently produced at the difficult position of nose tackle, is a “speed bump”, what does that makes Tony Romo, someone who consistently produces chokejobs at the difficult position of quarterback?

  30. Leaving aside Costa’s big mouth, this should be an interesting game from a chess move perspective. The Cowboys have a strong defense, so one big question for me is whether or not BGE and Ridley can establish themselves. If they can, Rob Ryan’s task becomes that much harder. It’s always easier to face a one-dimensional team. It’ll be incumbent on the Cowboys DL to hold against an under-rated OL, allowing their LB’s to flow and shut down the run game.

    On the flip side, the Patriots D has been gashed in the run (4.6 YPC), but since they are usually ahead, teams can’t go to it. The Cowboys haven’t been able to run all that well, and don’t really have that power run game anymore. Can they establish an effective run game?

    I think whoever establishes the run game first may control this contest. I like the Patriots, but I’m not sure it’s going to be a shootout. I’ll go 24-20.

  31. Typical Cowboy running his mouth and typical Belichick team not responding with words rather waiting for the game to respond.

  32. All of this New England talk is hurting my head. What as wilford done this year anyway. He plays on a bottom of the bucket defense. They are not undefeated are they. If the Cowboys play four quarters of football that will mean trouble for the pats. And for the tough talk about the running game. Who has been able to run on the Cowboys this year. Tops on run defense. While our running game as been getting better each game. What corners do they have? Can anyone of them hold Miles and Dez in check? I don’t think so. and sure costa had on of the worst games a center can have snapping the ball, but how many sacks did he give up?? Ummm ok. I dont believe all of this new England hype. With the pressure rob Ryan can dail up spells a bad day for Tom Terrific. You all should worry more about where Ware is coming from, where is Spencer, can they afford to double Jay Rat,And who Sean Lee is.

  33. Apparently Tigeralum2010 is too stupid to understand the oldest insult in the book. You know, the one where you pretend to not know who somebody is…classic

  34. @howley1
    hey dude, just so you know, kerrigan and orakpo rush from the outside and costa is a center.


    The Cowboys are starting rookies at RT and LG in addition to the undrafted second year center. Point is all these guys are supposed to sack Romo all day and the so-called patchwork OL has been pretty successful at keeping it from happening.

  35. The Cowboys suck. Brady and Welker will pick them apart, and if anyone has been watching the last two weeks, I might be concerned about the new-found running attack. BJ-GE, Woodhead, and Ridley. BOOM!


    61.8 yards per game. 3.1 yards per rush. The only team in the NFL that hasn’t given up a single run of 20 yards or more. Gore, Hightower, Best, Greene and Tomlinson. Nobody’s put up 50 on them as of yet. Cowboys have by far the best run D in the NFL so I guess we’ll see.

    P.S. For you “yards don’t matter” people, they’ve also given up only one rushing TD.

  36. Solomon151, your post is hilarious in the sense that EVERY week, the fans of (whoever plays the Patriots) comes onto PFT, rants about how terrible NE’s pass defense is, who terrible NE’s run defense is, how awesome their teams players are, and how (insert player) is going to have a field day against NE….and then mon morning rolls around, and you are left wondering how it happened. How did that terrible defense shut you down? How did your all world players not put up big numbers. Etc. I think Dallas is under rated, but if you think they are going into Foxboro to roll the Pats, I think you are crazy. Any given sunday as they say, but there are lots of confident fans disapointed every week. Just think, there was no way New England would be able to run the ball against the Jets, right? Richard Seymour was going to destroy Brady, right? Just saying…

  37. @Twesty:
    We are the 32nd ranked defense thank you very much. And the camera thing, Seriously? Didn’t the Jest recent camera issue clear that up? It WILL be a close game, but we’ll just put the W up there on the shelf with the others and you can put the L with (but it was close) up on yours. Taking away the cameras was awful, only squeaked 14 W’s last year without filming what every team films.

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