Santonio calls out offensive line, again


Maybe Santonio Holmes wants to be traded to the Texans.

Regardless of his motivation, Holmes is publicly complaining about the lack of deep balls in the Jets’ offense, and he once again is putting the blame on an offensive line that isn’t giving quarterback Mark Sanchez enough time to find open targets far down the field.

“I may be criticized again for saying it, but it starts up front,” Holmes said Thursday, according to Rich Cimini of  “The big guys know it.  If they give Mark enough time to sit in the pocket and complete passes, I think everything changes.”

It’s no secret that Holmes wants the ball more.  He started his public pitch after a loss to the Ravens.  Before that, we’d heard that he was privately lobbying for more looks.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” Holmes said.  “If you were in my shoes, what would you think?”

Holmes thinks it’s pretty simple to spot the problems with the passing game.

“If you can’t protect the quarterback for four or five seconds, there’s no point in dropping back seven yards to throw the football if he doesn’t have enough time,” Holmes said.  “We pretty much have to roll with the way our offense is rolling right now.”

The criticism of the offensive line also represents, whether Holmes realizes it or not, a lament for his last quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger.  The line was lacking in Pittsburgh, but Big Ben could extend plays and throw the ball deep, short, and otherwise.  Sanchez apparently can’t.

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  1. “The numbers speak for themselves,” Holmes said. “If you were in my shoes, what would you think?”

    Honestly? I would think “It’s a team game. Maybe it isn’t all about me. Maybe the most important thing is trying to win, and not just getting my stats up.”

    They won’t be able to get rid of all the malcontents…they won’t be able to field a team.

  2. News Update: Florham Park,NJ emergency crews are at the training site of the NJJets as a another large explosion was reported at the team facility. A Mushroom cloud was seen 5 miles away.

    Upon arrival several jets players including S Holmes who was seen in the parking lot smoking an unusual looking cigarette reported to emergency personnel that their team sucks and is about to explode.

    The ship is sinking jets fans and the implosions continue after getting rid of Mason. Who’s next Holmes traded for a snack?

    In another report, the jets team bus was sitting in the parking lot without any wheels. Looks like they came off.

    Lose on Monday night and insted of Rex saying Lets go get a g–damn snack the new mantra will become SUCK FOR LUCK, NJJets Football 2011!

    Happy 43rd and many more to come!

  3. Way to make friends with your OL there, buddy.

    Seems to me the man ain’t too bright. If such comments are to be made at all, it should be from the Jets coaching staff, not this clod…

  4. “Big Ben could extend plays and throw the ball deep, short, and otherwise. Sanchez apparently can’t.”

    Simple explanation, Sanchez sucks. Big Ben doesn’t.
    Just shut your mouth Holmes and go smoke your weed idiot, Its your own fault for resigning with that garbage organization. Although you do fit right in.

  5. thats good, have him on fantasy, but between the Jets and the Eagles its really overload PFT, seriously pick some other teams to report on

  6. I’ve got ‘tone on my dynasty league fantasy football team, and I was really hoping he would leave the Jets.

    I knew he has the ability to be a star receiver (his playoff/superbowl run with the Steelers he was dominating)… but he needs a QB that can get him the ball.

    I knew when he re-signed with the Jets that he’d continue to be an average WR, how could he not see that after playing with Sanchez for a year?

  7. Santonio… dawg! You have a simple job: catch the damn ball!

    Just shut up already and do your job!

  8. And they made this clown a captain. A captain never throws his troops under the tank!

    We’ll take Antonio (Brown) over Santonio anyday.

  9. Catch 22 for the Jets, if the O-line give Sanchez time, he’ll just throw an interception anyway.

    Overrated and grossly overpaid QB, masquerading himself on GQ like he’s top 5 when he’s barely top 20.

  10. “If you can’t protect the quarterback for four or five seconds, there’s no point in dropping back seven yards to throw the football if he doesn’t have enough time,” Holmes said. “We pretty much have to roll with the way our offense is rolling right now.”

    sounds like he’s criticizing Schottsy too.

  11. I have one word to describe Santonio Holmes: OVERRATED! Ok three words: OVER PAID! If you know your line cannot hold the defense to complete long passes, then be a good receiver and help your QB and by cutting off your route and improve your YAC numbers. Be teammate, not a me guy. That’s how a TEAM wins. Stop throwing you o line under the bus in the media.

  12. Why Holmes or any player for that matter thinks that calling out his teammates in the media is going to help the situation is beyond me. It only divides the locker room and destroys any type of team chemistry. Personally, as a Ravens fan, I’m not upset about the 3 straight Jets losses. Maybe if Rex controlled his mouth, his players would probably do the same. Fine example you’re setting Rex!!

  13. Maybe Santonio Waked and Baked before making the comments. You would think these players would see how counter productive it is to criticize your teammates to the media. Rex should put his foot down.

  14. sorry santonio just because your team can’t live up to it’s own hype you do not get to use the o-line sucks excuse. think Jay Cutler wouldn’t mind playing with the jets line instead of what he has to work with?just shut up and play and try not to shoot yourself or anybosy else while doing it.

  15. I have no issue with this. As a huge Jet fan, the line is a problem. If you can’t identify the problems, you can’t improve.

    What is wrong with speaking the truth!!!! I actually like Rex Ryan’s approach – where he lets the players speak his mind. That’s why I was very upset they traded Mason – that was hypocritical!

  16. Well Rex has set the bar. He wants his players to talk smack anytime, all the time. He just didn’t figure his own would talk about his own. As if we didn’t see this coming. I’m just surprised it took this long. Let the crumbling of the jets begin.

  17. why is this surprising? The coach and players in NY have been running their mouths for over two years now. During good times too, why would it stop when they are struggling?

  18. .

    Jets upcoming schedule :

    San Diego

    One would expect 0-4 Miami to play with a sense of desperation and the Chargers have top tier talent. Santonio better hope the Jets don’t drop two going into their bye.


  19. This fool points everytime he catches a first down ball. Now, since he can’t catch a crap, he’s pointing the finger the otherway, towards his offensive line! What a clown! Let him “point” his way ourt of this town, clown!

  20. Anyone else get the feeling that this is just a manifestation of him drafting himself first in Fantasy Football?

  21. Schotty is going to script the first offensive play – it is an end around to Santonio where all of the linemen allow a free rush and turn around and watch him get crushed.

  22. The wheels on the bus go flying off,
    flying off,
    flying off

    The wheels on the bus go flying off,
    Super Bowl
    or Bust

    Absolutely LOVE this Yet’s season, probably the best ever!

    My fondest hope is that the O-line gets pissed, starts playing lights-out (the REAL lights-out, not the Mike Vick lights-out) and gives Sanchez plenty of protection, only to see him still suck.

    I see the Yets being the first 7-9 Super Bowl Champions.

  23. Funny how the only time you hear a diva say anything about the o-line it is negative. It is a bit like “c’mon guys I am trying to get on TV and annoy everyone and I can’t without the ball.”

  24. Yeah, great idea to insult the big guys up front. Next time you’re going on an end around, that lineman just might “accidently” whiff on the charging linebacker and get you blasted. “Oops, my bad, Santonio”.

  25. 4 or 5 seconds? are you kidding me? does this guy actually understand the game he plays? to actually be in the pocket for 4 to 5 seconds and have no pressure? is sanchez really so bad that he needs 4 to 5 seconds to make his reads and get rid of the ball? if he is, then he will NEVER be anywhere near an elite QB in this league. if you are going to be honest, ask why your QB has a terrible internal clock. or why your RBs are garbage. this guy is a joke. the jets are a joke. rex ryan is a joke.

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