After surgery, Mario Williams faces 3-4 month rehab


Texans linebacker Mario Williams suffered a torn pectoral muscle last Sunday against the Raiders.  He was placed on injured reserve earlier this week.  On Friday, he underwent surgery to repair the injury.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Williams will spend the next three-to-four months rehabilitating the muscle.  That means he’ll be back at 100 percent in January or February.

By late February, the Texans will have to decide whether to use the franchise tag on Williams, if he isn’t signed to a long-term deal by the team before then.

In five games at outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense, Williams showed that he can play in that alignment or at defensive end in the 4-3, which should make him attractive to more teams.  It’s not believed that the injury will impact his value.

That said, his value surely would have been higher if, for example, he had been playing in January and bagging multiple sacks in postseason games.  Still, Williams will likely set a new high-water mark for defensive players, of/when he hits the open market.

14 responses to “After surgery, Mario Williams faces 3-4 month rehab

  1. Anybody else look at the Top 10 of that Draft (2006) and just shake their head? He’s a great player. Just wasn’t as impactful to warrant the #1 overall pick.

  2. bearsrulepackdrool says: Oct 15, 2011 9:50 PM

    Anybody else look at the Top 10 of that Draft (2006) and just shake their head? He’s a great player. Just wasn’t as impactful to warrant the #1 overall pick.

    Who would you rather have out of that Top 10? Davis? Young?

  3. Aaron Kampman, another injured DE/OLB, has not done so well in JAX since departing Green Bay.

    Those injuries can snowball.

  4. I remember how crazy/stupid Texas was picking him over Bush. A lot of people had a brain fart there, props to the Texans.

  5. I vividly remember that ’06 Draft. People were acting as if Charlie Casserly and the Texans should’ve been shot for drafting Mario Williams and not Reggie Bush. 5 years on, Mario is an All-Pro and one of the best in the NFL on his side of the ball while Reggie Bush is–not so much. Another example of how all these Draft guru’s and “experts” do little more than talk out of their behinds

  6. 2006 nfl draft had williams, Vince young, Reggie Bush, Matt Linhart, D’Brickashaw Furgeson, A.J.Hawk, Mike Huff, Ernie Simms and Jay Cutler! This has to be worse draft class EVER!!!!

  7. @bearsrule packdrool

    um..are you nuts? the texans made everyone look like fools with that williams pick. the guy is a bona fide stud and will definitely get paid especially since he’s shown he can be an disruptive force at linebacker as well as end.

  8. I thought it would be the first playoff game for the Texans this year losing Mario Williams for the rest of the year but under wade phillips 3-4 they should go to 4-3 for the rest of the year to have cushing left side linebacker have ryans in the middle whoever on the right side linebacker to replace Mario Williams but i think if they do switch to a 4-3 that they should make for at least a few years cause Mario Williams wont be affective its like that with arron kampman he switch to linebacker sucked for the jaguars so it is a mistake they should fix before it is too late and Mario Williams signs to a team with 4-3 team like the vikings i had to say that becuase im a vikings fan yet im being serious they will lose him if they dont fix it then when they lose him they know who to point to [wade philips]

  9. Shouldn’t have Sacked Campbell.. This players are so sensitive, Williams didn’t even made that much of a hit(more like a finger push) and now he’s injured. Wonder if I push my wife… Will I too get chest pain?

    How to stop this sissy injuries… Well, how about injured players don’t get a paycheck of millions on games they miss due to injuries(unless a broken bone occurs)

    Make the players Football tough.. Rugby style. Better yet 70s style.

  10. People criticized Phillips so much for making Williams an OLB, said it wouldn’t work, Williams is too big, won’t be good dropping into coverage (which he seldom did) etc. Much as I am not a Phillips fan, he can coach defense like a mofo and he deserves credit for knowing Mario could do it.

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