Colts downgrade Addai, Castonzo, Nevis to out for Week Six


The Associated Press reports that the Colts left behind running back Joseph Addai, offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo, and defensive tackle Drake Nevis as they made their Saturday team flight to Cincinnati.

Addai was previously listed as questionable on the injury report, but is believed to have a multi-week hamstring strain. He didn’t practice all week and will be replaced by a rotation of Donald Brown and rookie Delone Carter against the Bengals.

Castonzo opened the season as Indianapolis’ starting left tackle, but suffered a high ankle sprain in the Monday night loss to Tampa Bay two weeks ago. His replacement is Jeff Linkenbach.

Nevis is a rookie out of LSU. He has a bad back.

All three players have been downgraded to out for Week Six.

5 responses to “Colts downgrade Addai, Castonzo, Nevis to out for Week Six

  1. Not sure the circumstances of where the team is at… But If they’re catching a flight from Indy to Cincy.. They’re not right in the head..

  2. What gives? I thought Bill Polian was a genius. Where’s that keen eye for recognizing, drafting, and amassing talent? The Colts have flopped without number 18. This proves that Peyton Manning was even more important than we thought to the Colts success. Without him they’ve fallen like a house of cards. Peyton by himself WILL get Polian into the HOF.
    Now the Colts are focused on Andrew Luck. Who better to recognize the value of a franchise QB more than the Colts/Bill Polian? Bill Polian = overrated!

  3. It’s not just the loss of manning that is hurting the Colts, the lack of good coaching is catching up to them too. In other words, the system is broken. They can draft and develop a good QB but the organizational problems will take longer to fix.

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