Palmer has been talking to Mike Brown


Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer has been speaking directly to owner Mike Brown with the trading deadline approaching, but the conversations haven’t helped matters.

Mike Lombardi of reports that the conversations have been “fruitless.”  The two sides reportedly only get “further and further apart” each time.

We’re not sure how much further apart you can get than telling Palmer that he’s not going to be traded.  Palmer’s stance this season never made a lot of sense to us.

It looks even more odd now that Palmer is going to miss an entire season during what should still be the prime of his career.

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  1. If I’m the gm, I trade him. Sorry your job is based on production, not being the morality police. You can’t teach every ego in the NFL their pooh stinks.

  2. Seriously, how many times are you going to run the exact same nonstory?? Mike Brown was very clear a long time ago that he wasn’t going to allow Carson to bully his way out of Cincy after taking the balance of his bonus from the front loaded contract extension he chose to sign and walking out on his teammates. The guy is a “football thrower”, the term QB would infer that he had the ability to lead someone.. Enjoy retirement Carson, Bengals fans couldn’t be happier you are gone. Dalton to Green has already replaced the Palmer-Ocho sideshow which constantly left Cincy fans embarrassed.

  3. That’s because Mike Brown is an idiot. Fruitless?? You really meant to say clueless. Right?

  4. going to miss an entire season during what should still be the prime of his career.

    It would be the prime of his career before his injury. He’s not been the same since. Lost velocity and accuracy. He’s only 2/3 the QB he used to be.

  5. V-Jax missed an entire season in the prime of his career and he’s come back with a vengeance

  6. tigers182,
    you make a great point… Unfortunately we do not have a GM, we have an overzealous owner.

    that being said, it makes no sense to trade him now. we will get much better value for him at the end of the season.

  7. I can`t blame Palmer for wanting out of Cincy. Mike Brown is the worst owner and GM in the NFL. Almost every big name the Bengals have had in the past 20 years has wanted out of Cincinnati Palmer.Chad Johnson,Takeo Spikes,Justin Smith,Corey Dillon, Carl Pickens, Dan Wilkerson. How many top 10 picks have the Bengals had in the past 20 years ? How many busts did Mike Brown draft with those top 10 picks Klingler, K Carter,P Warrick, Akili Smith,Dan Wilkerson. The only free agents that want to go to Cincy are the players no one else wants Tank Johnson, Pac Man Jones, Roy Williams, Cedric Benson,Terrell Owens. I can`t recall the last worthwhile free agent that decided to go to the Bengals.
    Would Marvin Lewis keep his job anywhere else ? No Chance. You can also forget about any well known coach coming to the Bengals. Nobody wants to work with Mike Brown. I think espn the magazine or the Sporting News named the Bengals the worst overall sports team in all of professional sports (NFL,MLB,NBA,NHL)

    All because of one man, Mike Brown! Normally I would say Palmer have played despite his differences but knowing the history of Mike Brown I can`t blame him. Plus Palmer sitting out a year will bring down his value in a trade. Doesnt Brown realize this?
    Oh Yes, I`m not a Bengals fan never have been but live near Cincy so I see what`s going on on a daily basis
    Andy Dalton and AJ Green have done well so far. It won`t be long before they see how Mike Brown has run the franchise into the ground and will want out. Just look at the history.

  8. I am still baffled as to how both sides have handled this.

    Palmer – YOU politicked to get TO in here last year, he was not forcefed to you. YOU asked for him. Chad was out one way or the other. Bratkowski was fired -not sure what the impetus was for demanding out NOW considering the OC & problem WRs were removed, both of which were thought to be your biggest problems. You could’ve been the starter, making nice money, and working with AJ Green and a hungry crop of young receivers. Looking at this piss-poor schedule, 10 wins isnt out of the question

    Brown – you are a petulant, spoiled little brat. To prove your point (no matter how hyprocrital it may be), you are willing to sacrifice a draft pick(s) & Palmer’s career. What free agents are going to want to come to your team when you take delight in destroying their careers? Why would AJ Green or Andy Dalton want to spend their entire careers with you knowing what fate might befall them?

    Brown should’ve traded Palmer as soon as the lockout was lifted when desperate teams like Miami or Seattle might’ve paid a little too much for him. It makes no sense to make a trade in the middle of the year for these teams, so the only time to make a deal is after this season

  9. We don’t really have a GM other than Mike Brown, and that’s always been part of the problem.

    One of the best ideas I’ve heard in recent years for the Bengals is to rename the field “Paul Brown Field” and then sell the naming rights of the stadium itself and use that money to pay a GM. But that makes too much sense so it’ll never happen.

    That said, while I’m a long-time critic of Mike Brown, I don’t fault him for this one. Still, if we get an offer for Palmer that’s just too good to pass-up, I hope he considers it. I doubt either happens though.

  10. I wouldn’t lay this all on Palmer’s feet. Brown has always had bad player relations and not trading Palmer was stupid. He could have got a nice sum and probably a decent draft pick for him. Instead, he gets to say “Nyah, nyah, nyah-nyah-nyah”.

    Is it any wonder why the Browns are perennially bad when then owner’s primary concern is petty little games?

  11. Palmer is a joke and quitter. He never recovered from his elbow injury, the knee is fine, and could only throw accurately across the middle the past couple years. Dalton has showed more spunk and spirit in his 4 1/2 games than Palmer displayed his entire career. Good riddance, enjoy SoCal this season. I feel sorry for the team who trades for him next year.

  12. Please report to the bengals, if only for the drama, controversy and fanboy commentary…


    come to the vikes… Where old qbs come to die

  13. What doesn’t make sense? Carson no longer wishes to work for Mike Brown. He made that very clear. If that means no more football, so be it, and good for him.

  14. “Prime of his career”? Carson hasn’t been any good since 2006. Nobody in Cincinnati misses him and I seriously doubt there would really be any major trade interest even if Mike Brown were willing to trade him. The idea that he’s some sort of hot commodity is an invention of the sports media.

  15. BENGALS has long been known as the PURGATORY of the NFL especially on draft day. You don’t want your name called that day. It where players end up when no one else wants you. Management makes it worse when they put “no bashing clauses” in players contracts so you can’t publicly pin the tail on the … donkey!!

  16. Palmer’s only move was to show up and force Brown to pay him. He chose not to.

    Now Brown will prove his point and by doing so lose any compensation he might have received by trading him.

    Palmer loses, Brown wins…and still loses. Classic Bengals!

  17. If I were Carson Palmer I would hand Mike Brown a check for 100% of the signing bonus he got and then ask for a trade. Not like Carson needs that money, and if he returns it Mike Brown is not losing anything on his “investment.” Besides it would be oh so satisfying to throw Brown’s money back in his face.

  18. More like Palmer called the Bengals BEGGING to be taken back, now that it’s been shown some other qb (a rookie no less!) can win just fine.
    Fact is, Cincy is better off without the Southern Cal Choker, Carson Palmer. Palmer is nothing but an overhyped gagger who used the all-pro talent around him to get a huge contract, then quit like a baby when things got tough. I have to laugh at anybody ripping Brown on this, when Palmer was the one who BROKE HIS CONTRACT. Just another reason why Palmer will never be able to carry QB’s like Roethlisberger’s and Rodgers’s jocks, those guys don’t quit when the going gets rough.

  19. Why would the Bengals trade him now? I think it’s pretty clear his value will be much higher during the offseason…what value would they really get for him right now? You can’t bring in a QB in October and expect him to start for you this season (therefore the value of the trade is significantly lower)…if they trade him in the offseason i.e. after or during the draft, his value will be much much higher. Plus, I would never do Carson Palmer a favor at how he has screwed the Bungles this year.

  20. Palmer BLOWS….he’s getting everything he deserves….Never gonna get that much for him anyways….

    Is Mike Brown right…NO….is Palmer right in the way he handled the situation…HELL NO…misery loves company & these two deserve each other!!!!

  21. Amazing that the Bengals GM is giving up all the valuable picks and players he could have gotten by trading palmer.

    It’s like watching a spoiled little brat throw a tantrum when they don’t get what they want.

    I feel for you fans having to deal with this crap. You should be down there with pitchforks.

  22. Since we don’t know what Brown has been offered for Palmer (if anything), it is difficult to say he is wrong in not trading him.

    If he gets the same value after the season is over as he gets today, he should wait.

  23. Mike Brown is a moron, but Carson Palmer grossly overrates himself.

    He’s a mediocre quarterback at best. An absolutely turnover machine. And put on the tape. He doesn’t have an arm anymore. Can’t drive the football.

  24. You guys are so funny… On one hand you tell Mike Brown to trade him.. Then You call out Carson…

    Here is the deal… Carson knew what kind of place he signed with.. He had just re-signed with them when he didnt have too.. He took large amounts of money from the Bengals.. All Bengal fans knew what a retard we had in Chad.. (Now New England knows)and we had the same idiot in our old OC.. BOTH are gone… Carson’s bluff was called.. If any thing Mike Brown is too loyal.. he didnt want to fire Brad.. But it needed to happen about 3 years ago.. I will not sit here and say the Brown family is the best most well run team in sports.. I see the Raiders as about the same.. Even the 49ers are in the same boat..

    The thing is.. and Brown stays true.. IF he says your not leaving because you want to.. your not.. Boomer tried this same BS.. Brown made him wait a year.. I think you will see Palmer gone for a draft pick at the end of the year..

  25. @mountaindont

    Mind your own team! No one cares about this CP person’s easy to be a fan of a winning team. Difficult to be a Bengals fan but we are just that…fans for life!

  26. Palmer is going to regret not playing this season. The NFL is a privilege not a right. For him to do what he did is stupid. I don’t care how bad the team is you play! To give away 12 plus million in an economy like this is despicable!

  27. Bungles have always been a joke of an organization. Always have, always will. Well, they did have a couple of Super Bowl sightings, but the can thank the 49ers for waxing them both time. SF becomes a dynasty, Cincy becomes the jokes of the NFL.

  28. I kind of like dalton better. what he may lack in arm, he more than makes up in leadership. i just hope some day the “u” in bengals can be removed. siiiiiigh

  29. In the prime of his career? Carson Palmer’s been on the downside of his career for three seasons now. Trade him while you still can.

  30. I agree with what natigator said about Brown and why anyone would possibly want to go to Cincy.

    This thing that happened with Donte Whitner in the offseason, agreeing to terms with Cincy and then backing out when the 49ers made a similar offer, is going to happen a lot.

    Already, nobody wants to live in Cincy. And now you’re holding your players hostage? You’re making it so that it doesn’t matter where your team is located…you’re the new Donald Sterling of the NFL, Rachel Phelps of Major League, worse than that clown Dan Snyder out in D.C. (at least he pays his players).

    The Bengals continue to be made up of miscreants nobody else would take, over-the-hill guys you have to overpay like Terrell Owens and Nate Clements, and draft picks who will leave as soon as they can…you won’t be able to convince anyone worth their salt to come move to south western Ohio to play for you otherwise.

    You are not your father, Mike Brown. Even though your father was equally vindictive and petty (see: dealings with Walsh, Bill), you know nothing about running a professional football team.

    If you want people to move out to the middle of nowhere to play for you, you have to hire a first-rate coaching staff, provide first-rate facilities, treat your players right, and go with the policy of people should want to play for us. If they don’t, they’re free to leave.

    Mike Brown either will not or can not do this. So my advice to him is sell Palmer, sell the Bengals, and file your own retirement papers with the league.

  31. jaimelh02 said:
    Oct 15, 2011 11:25 PM

    Palmer is going to regret not playing this season. The NFL is a privilege not a right. For him to do what he did is stupid. I don’t care how bad the team is you play! To give away 12 plus million in an economy like this is despicable!


    Give me a break. Carson Palmer has $80m in the bank and all that money he made playing at USC. You think you can blow a lot of money living in Ohio? Carson Palmer doesn’t need more money. He’s not starving or out of work. This economy has nothing to do with it.

    Carson Palmer doesn’t want to play for a guy like Mike Brown anymore. And I can’t say that I blame him. If you’ve made $80m already and you don’t like your boss and you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, why bother?

    And Mike Brown should see what he has in Andy Dalton and get something for Palmer while he still can. You get a draft pick for Palmer and there’s another guy who’s stuck in Cincy for 5 years.

  32. Mike brown should just trade him, does he really want to pay Palmer more than he is worth, when Dalton is doing better than Palmer has in years, and Dalton has a long future ahead of him. Suck it up and trade Palmer while he still has some value

  33. “Bungles have always been a joke of an organization. Always have, always will. Well, they did have a couple of Super Bowl sightings, but the can thank the 49ers for waxing them both time. SF becomes a dynasty, Cincy becomes the jokes of the NFL.”

    Talk about living in the past. Some dynasty they’ve had going over the last few years!

  34. This should be business decision…period. Palmer is a commodity, trade him for what ever you can get… Seattle looks like the right place.

  35. @hrdcorbengalsfan
    Many of my friends are lifelong Bengals fans. I feel for them because they have supported the Bengals for years. The Bengals fans deserve so much better then what they are getting. It`s just so unfair that Mike Brown holds the fans hostage

  36. What a freaking moron. 49ers beat the Bengals in the Super Bowls 26-21 and 20-16 if memory serves me correct.

    Not exactly “waxing” them.

    49ers have not been a dynasty since 1995. You can thanks you absentee owners living back in northeast Ohio. They certainly enjoy taking all that Northern California money back to Ohio.

    RE: anhdazman says:
    Oct 15, 2011 11:42 PM
    Bungles have always been a joke of an organization. Always have, always will. Well, they did have a couple of Super Bowl sightings, but the can thank the 49ers for waxing them both time. SF becomes a dynasty, Cincy becomes the jokes of the NFL.

  37. It’s in the best interests of both sides to maintain the status quo at this point. Palmer may not think so but he probably hasn’t thought very much about where he’d wind up if the Bengals did trade him right now.

    All the suck for Luckers are going to pass and that means that there are maybe three potential landing spots for him: Washington, Seattle and a crazy Mike Tannenbaum move for him to create even more chaos out of the existing chaos in NY.

    In Washington he’d be going to the graveyard for veteran QB’s recently and a team known for making big moves that they regretted almost instantly.

    In Seattle the talent is just not there and they’ve made the key mistake of already winning 2 games this year which likely takes them out of the Lucky sweepstakes. Pete Carroll and Carson Palmer would go down the tubes together at 6-10 or so and be miserable in the process.

    In NY Palmer would be quickly overwhelmed by the poor pass protection and the shaky schemes and play-calling by the offensive staff. The locker-room is already back-biting big time and adding a QB change/controversy to the agenda wouldn’t help anybody including the guy new to the firestorm.

    For the Bengals trading Palmer right now would leave them with a smaller market for his services than they will have before the draft next year as all the suck for Luckers who missed out try very hard to avoid going 3-13 two years in a row. They’ll get a better offer before the draft and they know it.

    Palmer will also have a full year to let his body recover from the pounding he’s taken over the years.

    Mike Brown is doing the right thing although probably for the wrong reasons. Palmer already made his stand and his best options are just to wait for what is next. Brown is not stupid enough to forgo completely the compensation that a starting QB brings in trade He’s just determined to kick Palmer on the way out the door.

  38. The Bungles have been a complete JOKE of a franchise since Paul Brown died 20 years ago. Mike Brown is a clueless, vindictive old coot who clearly doesn’t know squat about being an NFL GM. Part of your job is managing the roster. He could’ve traded Palmer and gotten good compensation for him. As it stands now, you’ve got a roster spot being held up by a player who made it abundantly clear that he has no desire to ever play for Cincinatti again. I don’t know how fans show up and support an organization thats run by an individual who clearly cares more about his own ego then doing what’s productive for the organization. I can just SMH as this latest chapter of the Mike Brown saga unfolds

  39. See a Mike Brown thread and there’s TheFiesty1 making an idiotic comment every time.
    Bengals have a winning record.
    Palmer is iced.
    Mike Brown will trade him for as good as or better pick than ge would have rec’d this year.
    Mike Brown wins. Palmer and TF1 lose.

  40. I have been a Bengals fan as long as I can remember and have gone down to PBS for alot of losses no doubt. To say Mike Brown is a moron is a gross understatment. Carson Palmer is an even bigger moron than Mike Brown in this situation b/c He made it public that he would retire if was not traded or released from the Bengals. If it was not for Akili Smith he would be the dumbest qb I have ever seen In a bengals Uniform. This is the rare occasion that I agree with Mike Brown Palmer signed a contract and should honor it no doubt and if he wants to play he can be a qb on the Bengals roster as a #3 qb.
    Andy Daulton is a better qb and no doubt a smarter qb than Palmer with his decision making and mobility.

  41. You big brains at PFT don’t understand his position? What’s not to understand? He doesn’t want to waste his health and his time for a garbage organization like the Bungles. He’s set for life. He doesn’t need the money. I love all the obese armchair clowns out there acting like he’s making some huge mistake in life. Newsflash people: pro football is only an entertainment product. It’s no more legit than American Idol. It exists for the sole purpose of selling tickets, merch, and advertising. It doesn’t mean anything. Fact.

  42. The reason the media keeps running this non story is because most owners/gm would have caved by now.. they don’t realize Mike is a man of his word. Gotta give him credit for that.

    Just sayin’

  43. I think this one is all on Palmer. He signed a contract. A very lucrative one. He should have played it out.

  44. Let’s see, so the Bengals could trade him now and receive some assortment of 2012 pick(s).

    Or they can let the deadline pass, further make their point about how they handle someone who goes about things in the wrong way like Palmer and…trade him after the season and receive some assortment of 2012 pick(s).

    In the latter scenario they are much more likely to have more bidders for him than they do now and get a higher return than if they dump him before the trade deadline. They should trade him later.


  45. Palmer should just show up and get paid. They won’t start him and he can collect a nice paycheck just sitting on the bench. The Bengals have been a joke for much of Palmer’s career and it’s hard to blame him for holding out / retiring. This is a horrible franchise run by an inept family.

  46. @ madisonave99:

    He’s not taking up a roster spot or getting paid. He’s on the “Retired/Did not Report” list.

    I don’t see any reason to trade Palmer now unless they were offered a potential veteran starter in exchange.

    As has been posted the market has at least 3 teams that have no incentive to bid for Palmer’s services and coincidentally they are the teams that need a QB the most. Let the season end where everyone knows if they are in the Luck Sweepstakes or not, and then see what you can get. The draft picks traded for Palmer will be exercised at the same time whether you move him this year or next.

  47. “This should be business decision…period. Palmer is a commodity, trade him for what ever you can get… Seattle looks like the right place.”

    As a Seahawks fan, I’d offer the same thing we got for Curry: Oakland’s seventh rounder in 2012 and a provisional fifth in 2013. He’s not worth much more than that.

    Take it or leave it. There’s a lot of good QBs available in the draft next year, not just Andrew Luck. Seattle would be more than happy to take one of them, as opposed to trading valuable high picks for an aging QB.

    In case you haven’t noticed, with the exception of Robert Gallery, who was brought on to mentor the young offensive linemen, it’s the trend in Seattle to go after younger players.

  48. Hasn’t Dalton already won as many games as this bozo did last year? He’s lucky Palmer never showed up to “mentor” him. I say good riddance – grab some picks and cash for the loser and move on.

  49. For fans outside of the Cincinnati area, this has always sounded like a lose-lose situation.

    There is no point in holding on to someone if they truly do not want to play for you anymore, contract or otherwise.

    If you could have gotten a trade for a pick or player that could have helped your team, well, isn’t that the GM’s job?


  50. i’m just glad that someone has finally told one of these players, who think they are entitled to the world, to go f$#% themselves. and i agree with everyone who has actually watched the bengals play the last 5 years and watched palmer flat out suck. good luck to the team that pays way too much to watch him lob a bunch of passes over receivers heads on thier way to 13 loses.

  51. Carson’s problem was Marvin Lewis. He took the ability to call a time out away from Carson, he limited him to a run between the tackles play as a third down audible. Marvin abandoned the no-huddle offense because of too many pre-snap penalties (the no-huddle is where Carson had his best success).

    Marvin is NOT an offensive genius, but he thinks he is. Note that Bratkowski is gone, yet the vaunted West Coast Offense is now just a wrinkle on the Run- Run-Pass offense that everyone blamed Bratkowski for. The problem is Marvin. Marvin was renewed and Carson was not coming back.

    Carson has not filed paperwork with the NFL to retire. Until he does, he is technically holding out, subject to a $31K daily fine. The Bengals are reporting him as ‘retired/did not report’, so they can reclaim his roster spot.

    At this point, Carson’s only play is to come back (but I bet Bengal’s security won’t let him near the locker room – (see Titans situation years ago), At this point, Carson, if he came back, would still be owed just under $3 million (percentage of season minus daily holdout fines). The big issue is that he would cost some other player their roster spot. That may turn the team against Palmer more than anything else.

  52. That’s good for the team that Mike Brown’s stupidity isn’t costing them a roster spot, but the point remains that Palmer should’ve been traded before the season. It was clear he was not coming back, and The Bungles head honcho should’ve traded him and gotten compensation. Part of being GM (which Brown likes to act like he is) is managing your roster. I feel for any player sentenced to play for that joke of an organization

  53. @mountaindont

    You can’t hold a fan hostage if they don’t want to be..if MB sets this precedent what does he do with the next malcontent? On this, I’m behind MB.

  54. @mountaindont

    You are the smartest person on this page. Mike brown is the worst owner/gm in the nfl.
    Carson should’ve have already been traded. He doesn’t need to play for money anymore he just wants to play for the love of the game. All of his family is on the west. Thats why he wants to leave other than mike brown.

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