Peppers’ status could be payback for Vikings

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Bears defensive end Julius Peppers officially has been listed as doubtful for Sunday night’s game against the Vikings, with a knee injury.  Technically, “doubtful” means there’s a 25-percent chance he’ll play.  Usually, a guy who is listed as “doubtful” ends up watching the game from the sideline in street clothes.

Our buddy John Mullin of points out that the Bears could be pulling a fast one on the Vikings, as payback for Minnesota’s handling of Brett Favre’s status prior to a 2010 late-season Monday night meeting between the two teams.  Favre had been listed as out, and then on Monday afternoon he was magically upgraded to questionable.  He got the start, the last one of his career.  (So far.)

The Bears’ goal, in what potentially amounts to an elimination game for the No. 6 seed in the 2011 playoff field, could be to get the Vikings to prepare for the absence of Peppers, who has given the Vikings fits in recent years, even with Bryant McKinnie playing left tackle.

“I don’t know if they’ll completely change the game plan, but I’d say you have an entirely different attitude not having Julius Peppers on the football field, yes,” coach Lovie Smith said, per Mullin.  “Great player.  You have to deal with him.  Especially in passing downs, you have to think about putting two guys on him and all those things.”

If Peppers doesn’t play, Henry Melton is expected to slide to defensive end, with Amobi Okoye taking over at tackle.  If Peppers does play, the Bears will have a better chance of extending a 9-1 record over the last 10 years against the Vikings at home.

14 responses to “Peppers’ status could be payback for Vikings

  1. I really hope the Bears are better than that.
    But after the Ravens draft pick fiasco, I seriously doubt that.

  2. Why don’t the Vikings just prepare like Peppers is playing? Preparing for him would be like overpreparing for his backup. I don’t see the advantage here.

  3. The article states that “Peppers gave the Vikings fits over the years ( even ) though McKinnie was playing left tackle.” Should have read, ” because McKinnie was playing left tackle. “

  4. As a true Vikings fan, I want Peppers to play. I want to lose and get as high a draft pick as possible. We should be playing Ponder and all young guys and resting the veterans. Everything should be geared toward next year.

  5. “Why don’t the Vikings just prepare like Peppers is playing? Preparing for him would be like overpreparing for his backup. I don’t see the advantage here.”

     … Use common sense, you have to prepare to essentially double peppers at all times and slide protection accordingly, which is not at all the way they would have to play Melton

  6. The whole farve thing was stupid as with the end of farve’s career. Hey bears, do what ytou wanna do. If the vikes lose they lose. I will live with it. The vikes have to get to cutler but it’s over anyways. It isn’t even a rebuilding year for them it is a deteriorating team. From SB contenders in 2009? to this? good lord just let ponder play. Ponder will be in soon enough. Donovan is ho hum, oh well, gosh darnit! But the bears were bad last game so maybe the vikes HAVE a chance. go purple.

  7. @ tiger….its basic offensive line to play man to man, if the bears can’t make that simple transition then they ought to get rid of every O lineman and coach.

  8. Unlike the Vikings the Bears aren’t lying whining cheating jerks (piped in fan noise, I’m retiring. we would have won the Superbowl if the refs weren’t paid off) Plus they know what a Lombardi looks like in their trophy case.

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