Rams could be making a play for Brandon Lloyd


With the Broncos dangling receiver Brandon Lloyd and the trade deadline coming in less than 72 hours, there’s talk in league circles that the Rams could make a play for the veteran wideout.

Making such a deal make sense is the fact that the Rams don’t have much at the receiver position.  Making such a deal seem like a stretch is the reality that trading for Lloyd won’t do much to keep the 0-4 Rams from sliding to 0-7 over the next 15 days, via games against the Packers, Cowboys, and Saints.

But here’s where Lloyd could make a difference.  Once the schedule softens, Lloyd could help the offense score points, which could help the Rams win enough games to avoid a postseason housecleaning.

That could make Lloyd well worth whatever mid-round pick it takes to get him, especially if a full-blown disaster could mean that the guys trading the picks in 2011 won’t be the guys using the picks come 2012.

The challenge will be to properly gauge Lloyd’s value.  He was largely ordinary from 2003 through 2009.  Then, in 2010, Lloyd racked up 1,448 receiving yards.  (In the prior five seasons combined, Lloyd generated only 155 more than that.)

The fact that the light finally went on for Lloyd in Josh McDaniels’ offense serves only to make a move to the team that now employs McDaniels make even more sense.

Stay tuned.  If a deal doesn’t happen by 4:00 p.m. ET Tuesday, it won’t happen at all, and Lloyd will become a free agent after the season.

34 responses to “Rams could be making a play for Brandon Lloyd

  1. While the next 3 games may be tough…the final 9 games of the Rams season are winnable and heavily loaded with divisional games. Even though the 49ers are off to a great start, 9-7 could win the division.

  2. Steeler Nation is so clearly superior to the rest of the league. Judge by thumbs up.

  3. This move would be a mistake.

    And 7thlombardi sthu, you make all us steelers fans look bad

  4. They need an a good number 1 wideout walker is unproven clayton cant hold on to the ball amendola works best in the slot it would be a good addition but i think he will head to carolina team up with cam newton

  5. @jersey73

    Are you really insinuating the Rams could fall to 0-7, then reel off 9 consecutive wins and take the division?

  6. At this point, ANY receiver would be an upgrade for the Rams. Every time I turn on one of their games, it’s dropped pass after dropped pass. Sam Bradford is great but he needs at least SOME options to throw to besides the underwhelming-as-usual Mike Sims-Walker.

  7. Lloyd is pretty good, but they ought to make a play for T.O before the Texans or someone else does

  8. @jersey73
    “While the next 3 games may be tough…the final 9 games of the Rams season are winnable and heavily loaded with divisional games. Even though the 49ers are off to a great start, 9-7 could win the division.”

    Yes, it is true that 9-7 could win the division. What does this have to do with the Rams? St. Louis has as good a chance of going 9-7 as the Packers do of losing the next 11 games and falling out of the playoffs. Not going to happen. The Rams’ season is over, and the 49ers are the only legitimate team in the NFC West.

  9. Right, so I’ve tallied 65/202 giving a total of 32% being either Steeler Nation or wanting to be. Wow, you must be incredibly jealous.

  10. Or…you could wait until the draft and use your draft picks to continue to build. Justin Blackmon would be a great fit for this team at WR. He is like Dez Bryant, with a better work ethic. Then again, throwing away a pick that could help your ball club to pick up a 30 year old WR makes more sense.

  11. @jersey73

    Somebody already got to my point about the Rams achieving 9-7 (ain’t gonna happen), but I’m here to tell you, 9-7 will not be the record of the team that wins the NFC West. I might be out of line here, but based on the schedule, and adjusting for continued growth, I see the 49ers losing 4 more games at the most. Lets see how real a team they might be after tomorrow at Ford Field.

  12. Does anyone else think this could be a good pickup for TB? Their offense is off to a ridiculously slow start and could use another target for J. Free. I mean they say he’s the answer but he only has 1 playmaker who by the way is being locked up 24/7. Plus we’ve seen with Bradford what they do to late round picks. Drop’em to make room for a guy who’s gonna be suspended in 4 days.

  13. @meegs34
    Wait, isn’t he just the offensive coordinator who has absolutely no say in personnel moves whatsoever? I didn’t realize he was the head coach, my bad…

  14. Steeler trolls suck!
    In reality all 32 teams cld use him… However the vikes desperately need a true #1

  15. 7 gets my vote for dumbest human on the face of the earth. I’m sure mommy is getting his bath ready and pulling down his sponge bob comforter now

  16. Rams do need to go after Lloyd. I like Clayton, and the TE from Wisconsin will eventually be good, but Amendola is done for the year, and they already said that because of Alexander’s numerous injuries that they are limiting his snaps.

  17. Lloyd had 1 good year. He will disappear into oblivion again. He should go to Seattle where the rest of the good but not true #1 receivers all go to kill their careers. I don’t like any of the other teams in the NFCW, but I can’t wish more bad luck on the Rams. At least their fans don’t cry and make excuses for coming short in championship games, unlike some bandwagon fans in AZ, and the “we had the greatest team in history, but the refs screwed us” Seattle fans!

  18. Lloyd is a late bloomer who was caught in some horrible offenses. (SF & Washington.) Got the hands, speed and body control of a top flight WR. Just turned 30 so he’s hitting his prime. You’re not going to find a WR with this type of talent in the 3rd, 4th or 5th round of next year’s draft. Rams have tried unsuccessfully to get the necessary weapons for Bradford, their WRs have been horrible. Why wouldn’t the Rams want to lock up a talented WR hitting his prime? Yes you can say he didn’t perform much earlier in his career, but on the positive side, he hasn’t taken the wear and tear of a WR that has played 9 years in the league. In year’s past, Denver loves to have fire sales on good players. Hillis-Cleveland, Cutler-Chicago, Brandon Marshall-Miami, Scheffler-Detroit…

  19. C’mon Vikings, step up and trade Berrian! A number 3 and Bernie would be about right.

    At this point, a weekend with Bernie isn’t fun….

  20. If anyone has seen the Rams games this year, you’d have noticed how the ball bounces off of their receivers hands. It’s almost uncanny as to how bad their receivers are.

    This would be a good pick-up. They’d be stupid not to do it.

  21. @bossplayer213
    Or trade the 1st pick in the draft for a few first round picks and a receiver. Maybe to Miami for this years first round pick and next years plus Marshall. Then keep your quarterback, who is extremely good, and surround him with good receivers.

  22. Mike you forgot to mention that 1400+ yd season was more than likely due to a exiled Brandon Marshall. Being 3rd on the depth chart wasn’t Lloyds fault sometimes name comes before talent.

  23. This is a joke, right? Pack it in, get ready for next year St.Louis.

    Draft Luck and trade Bradford for a couple #1′s.
    wow, this is a joke right?? trade the PROVEN player for the unproven. why not just trade the 1st pick for a 1st and maybe a 2nd and a 3rd in the next draft or just two 1sts. Now, i read that the Rams (if they get the top pick) should trade it to Miami for Marshall and two 1’s, that wont happen, if a trade did happen it would be Marshall and a 1st for that 1st pick. two 1’s and Marshall is a steal for the Rams.

  24. @mwcarolina
    i just don’t see anyone giving up the first pick in the draft(andrew luck) for anything less. especially with teams such as miami who are DESPERATE for a franchise quarterback. maybe a 1 and a 2 and Marshall but that kid is just too good to get only a couple picks for.

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