Stanford QB calls Suck for Luck campaigns “stupid”


Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck knows that some fans of some of the worst teams in the league are openly rooting for their teams to lose this season if it means getting the first pick in the draft, and therefore getting Luck.

But Luck says those aren’t the kinds of fans he wants to play for.

I am aware of it,” Luck told the New York Times. “A couple of guys told me about it. I think it’s stupid. Simply put.”

Luck might not like it, but the “Suck for Luck” campaigns aren’t going away: They’re only going to heat up in the final weeks of the season, with fans of the worst teams actively cheering for their teams to lose, and win the right to take Luck with the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

One way to eliminate the unseemly thought of teams intentionally tanking games to get the top pick would be to do away with the practice of awarding the top pick to the team with the worst record and instead implement an NBA-style draft lottery. Peter King and Mike Florio discussed that idea on NBC SportsTalk:

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  1. Rams could use that pick most. Think about the value it has. Lets say they trade it to miami for miamis first rounder, brandon marshall and their first rounder next year. Rams would get a top 5 pick, wr that they need, and 2 first rounders next year

  2. The problem with the NBA draft lottery is, the actual lottery is done behind closed doors, so there is always conspiracy theory whether it is rigged or not. If the NFL does a lottery they should do it live.

  3. Unfortunately, those fans are probably going to be the ones he’s playing for for his entire career.

  4. it would be a great idea doing a lottery. just because teams tank it just to get the 1st pick and worse record they shouldnt be rewarded for it

  5. Ask the Pittsburgh Penguins if they regret tanking (twice) to get Lemieux and then Crosby while they polish their 4 Stanley Cups.

  6. I hope someone helps him deal with this mounting pressure before he ends up screeching at a sports writer in the locker room like Leaf.

  7. The best QB in that draft is NOT Andrew Luck.

    We do not know who he is — and will not know for five years after draft day.

    But if we learn anything from experience — it will NOT be Andrew Luck.

    (Could be that dude from Wisconsin.)

  8. The problem with the NBA draft lottery is, the actual lottery is done behind closed doors, so there is always conspiracy theory whether it is rigged or not. If the NFL does a lottery they should do it live.


    Lebron ended up in Cleveland, that’s kills any argument for conspiracy.

  9. Heaven knows I wish Luck, and all the kids playing the game we love so much, all the good fortune in the world. But, he could end up 2nd best, or not in the draft period. Life is weird. This obsession with him is approaching epic proportions – and, as he eloquently put it – is THE most stupid notion to come down the pipe this century. A whole bunch of people in Niner country railed on and on about that kid until Alex shut them up. To actually be out there, calling your self a fan, and praying your team loses to take a “roll of the dice.” Because that is exactly what the draft is. How pathetic.

  10. I watched the NBC Sportstalk show last night…

    Man did MF get schooled by King….

    It wasn’t even a fair fight. King started off by pole-axing him for not having Welker as a top WR….then he dump-trucked him on the draft lotto issue. Even the host rolled his eyes at the idiotic idea to institute a draft lottery.

  11. One way to eliminate the unseemly thought of teams intentionally tanking games to get the top pick would be

    Woah, woah, woah, what problem are we solving here? Are there any documented cases of this occurring? Any former coaches and players claiming this this ever happened at their old team?

    Instituting an NBA-style lottery seems a pretty drastic solution for something that we aren’t sure is actually a problem.

  12. @cmiddel, The lottery in the NBA is where they pull cards out of an envelope to reveal the teams, you don’t actually see the ping pong balls with the teams on them getting selected. This is done before hand.

  13. The NBA draft lottery hasn’t stopped NBA teams from tanking. The worst team still has the best chance to get the top pick. Boston has tried it twice (once the yr Duncan entered the draft, the other the yr before they made the trade for KG).

    At best, a draft where each “lottery team” has an equal chance at the top pick, but that’s not NBA style.

  14. A Draft Lottery only works if the commissioner isn’t crooked. Which is why the NBA Draft Lottery is so bad.

    It was awesome, though, watching the Celtics tank in order to get Greg Oden or Kevin Durant, then be punished by getting the 5th overall pick (along with the Grizzlies who ended up 4th), and then turn around and immediately win the championship.

  15. It’s alright Andrew. We understand you have to say this. Just know Griese will be happy to allow us to unretire #12 next April.

  16. I completely understand some fans hoping their team does “Suck for Luck”. Here’s why…we’re talking about teams that already suck, not play-off caliber teams (or even 8-8 teams). Say your team only wins 3 games, but they lose out on the #1 pick because another team wins 2 games. Is that one extra win worth it?

    I think Luck is finally realizing he’s doomed to be picked by a team that really sucks. A multi-million dollar contract should comfort him, though.

  17. I think everybody is getting ahead of themselves, Andrew Luck is a redshirt JUNIOR. He doesn’t need the money and has said many times how much fun he is having at Stanford.

    I’m waiting the stories to start rolling out that he may want to play another year at Stanford, and if the Teams sucking for Luck look bad enough he might consider it.

  18. If he’s saying things like that… how is it that there is no talk about him pulling the Elway/Eli thing? There might have never been a single player entering the draft with as much of a leverage that Andrew Luck has next year… he could easily say “I don’t want to sit behin Peyton for three years, I want to go play for Mike Shannahan instead” (just as an example.

  19. What Mr Luck has to realize is that he’s a great QB and the team that will get him won’t be tanking a season… just 1 or 2 games.

    It only takes 1 win at the end of the season to go from 2 wins to 3 and from 1st overall to 2nd.

    Andrew Luck is a franchise changer. (and a great guy… just google stories about him)

  20. Cam Newton probably has made a few teams actually think seriously about sucking for Luck…

    If he turns out to be that much of a game changer, it would be worth it for any team in the long run

  21. Suck for Luck has two very serious flaws. At least two.

    1. Andrew Luck might very well pull an Elway and say screw the team that picks him. Say the Colts pick Luck #1, if Peyton returns to his former self, Luck would be a backup for 3-4 years? There are parallels to the Favre/Rodgers scenario, but I see plenty of similarities to the Elway(s)/Colts situation.

    2. Luck has another year of college eligibility after this season. A fact that is hardly ever mentioned because the clear assumption is that he will enter the NFL draft. Isn’t that what people assumed after his last season?? How did that work out?

  22. Here’s another scenario: The Suck for Luck winner drafts Luck. But Luck refuses to play for those sorry suckers, a la Eli Manning and the Chargers a few years ago. Luck wants to play for his college coach, Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers, so he forces the suckers to trade him for a package deal, a la Eli.

  23. Remember how everyone was so sure last year that he would enter the draft only to have him say “Nah, I’m going to stay and get my degree” sending several teams scrambling?

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if this year he came out and said, “Football’s been great but I’ve been offered a junior partnership at Acme Corp. Not as much money at first but I won’t get beat up on a weekly basis and in a view years I’ll be a full partner making 7-figures without the worry of traumatic brain injury. I’m taking my talents to Acme Corp.”

    I’d love it!

  24. The entire “suck for Luck ” premise is patently rediculous! How in the heck could you EVER get an entire organization to throw a game let alone an entire season? Every one of the players and coaches have been conditioned to compete every minute of every day! They could not do it if they wanted to! Conditioned reflexes would take over. Candidly the entire proposition was crafted by people who have never been competitors , else they would know .

  25. I don’t think teams should be rewarded for losing, period. Teams like the Colts are tanking the season for sure. It’s not right. On the other hand, I don’t trust the NFL to run an honest lottery…anymore than I trust them to officiate certain games fairly.

  26. The interesting thing is that Luck may not be the best guy out there. Right now, both Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson are playing better.

    Luck’s smart kid and I like his perspective. If they would just let him play …, then things will happen as they should. As it is, Kiper and McShay wanna make him God, when they have been so WRONG for so long – only idiots even listen to them.

  27. @kd75 the Penguins won the draft lottery for the right to draft Crosby! They only won 3 Stanley Cups.

    Do you use the lottery for each round or only the first? Only time before Godell adds the lottery!

  28. OK, Andrew Luck is good, no doubt, but the amount of fuss being made over him is rediculous.

    He has a good arm. He is very accurate and he has pretty good arm strength. That said, it isn’t a great arm. I don’t see a lot of frozen rope throws. I certainly haven’t seen him make throws that no one in the NFL can make. It’s an NFL arm. It’s a good NFL arm, but I don’t see him being the best pure passer in the league.

    So, maybe the fuss is about him being very mobile. He can certainly run very well, but his style reminds of Vince Young, rather than Vick or Randall Cunningham. Watching him burn college defenders and truck tiny college defensive backs just doesn’t justify the hype. His mobility will provide him with extra options but he isn’t going to be major running threat because he is going to take too much punishment.

    Look at Vick, one of the most elusive open field runners of all time, and the amount of punishment he takes. People talk about Luck leading a frachise for a decade. He wont survive that long if he doesn’t stay in the pocket a lot more than he has done in college.

    So, in Andrew Luck we have an intelligent guy, a good leader, with a decent arm and enough mobility to keep defenders guessing. He’s definitely worth a number 1 pick but he isn’t a unique talent.

    When I watch him I don’t get a John Elway moment, a Barry Sanders moment or a Deion Sanders moment. I don’t see anything which makes me think, there is no one else in the world who could do that. When he gets into the league he wont have the best arm. He wont be the fastest QB. He wont be able to run over and away from professional corner backs. He wont be the biggest or the strongest QB in the league.

    Whoever he eventually plays for will be getting a good player, but not one remotely as good as the media are portraying him to be. Mainly because no one outside of a comic book could ever be that good.

  29. Considering how many QBs were “the guy” early in the college season, only to slide on draft day (Quinn and Rogers are only recent examples), there’s no guarantee that Luck will even be the #1 pick, let alone the #1 QB. Who in mid-October last year would have put money on Cam Newton going over Gabbert?

    “Suck For Luck” is nearly as insipid as a concept as it is as an alliteration. Anyone who uses it without irony might as well stamp “LAME” on their forehead and get it over with….

  30. lostsok says: Oct 15, 2011 4:22 PM

    “Suck For Luck” is nearly as insipid as a concept as it is as an alliteration.


    It definitely does suck as alliteration.

    In fact….it is absolutely awful alliteration…..

    Because it’s not.

  31. I think it would be hilarious if he is a flop. So much hype for a guy who before this year, only had one good season at Stanford. Plus, he has another year of eligibility, he may decide to stay and try to win a NAtional Championship next year.

  32. Bill Polian needs Andrew Luck to maintain that “genius” label his cousin gave him five years into Peyton Manning’s career. Manning made Polian into a HOF GM. Polian now knows the importance of a great QB and and the ease with which it takes to plug in almost anyone (-18 of course) and the team keeps winning. Polian has probably sold his soul for #12 already.
    Whoever is Luck-y enough to get Luck is going to get a stud QB though.

  33. Right now, both Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson are playing better.
    Russell Wilson’s size limits him being the top pick and Griffin isnt as good a passer as Luck, though he’s not bad, i think he will sneak into the first round or be a high second arounder AS for Miami trading up to get Luck, that’s NOT going to happen. Miami will either get Luck and if they dont get Luck or the top pick, then it’s Jones, why trade up with the Rams if they have the 2nd pick?? sure some team will, but why Miami when they could just take Jones 2nd overall?

  34. I’m not sure of the rules here, so somebody let me know. What if Luck doesn’t want to join the team a la Eli and sits out for a year – does he have to re-enter the draft or is he then a free agent? If he is a free agent, could he possibly make more money and pick a team with everything he’s looking for (strong line, good WRs)? Not sure, just thinking.

  35. I’m sorry, but doing an NBA style lottery would be an absolute nightmare. There are truly bad teams that have been crippled because of it in the NBA. The Timberwolves have a historical .398 winning percentage, have had 2 seasons they finished worst in the NBA and several more where they were in the bottom 2 or 3 and have never had the first pick. One of the years that they finished worst they would have been able to draft Shaquille O’Neal. I’m not blaming the franchise’s entire futility on the draft lottery, but it hasn’t helped them at all. I really don’t think any team in this league tanks games to get players, it’s more of a fan thing once their team is out of contention.

  36. The only thing that makes me question the “suck for Luck” thing is that so many player’s contracts are incentive laden. They have to make certain goals to get paid the big bonuses. Very few would even consider for a minute tanking tackles/sacks/tds/big yard runs and giving up many, many thousands of dollars for a *chance* to get a player they don’t even know will be able to play. Even if Luck is drafted high, he might not play more than a handful of scattered downs in decided games for several years. Even then, it is still possible that he doesn’t transition well to the pro level.

    Besides, who wants to try to explain to the wife that they won’t be getting the vacation home he promised because he decided to gamble away the money that would have bought it. “And oh, yeah, Junior will have to go to public school next year. But, we almost got Andrew Luck, baby!”

  37. Yeah because the Dolphins and Colts are really ‘TANKING IT’. Lets review: Gee we lost both starting QB’s. The 2nd String QB is playing against some of the best Defenses in the league. And the Colts are now down to their 3rd string.

    Save the drama for your momma. Nobody is ‘TANKING IT’

  38. @rowdymon
    If he’s drafted by a particular team, they have the exclusive negotiating rights to him, thus he plays for them or he doesn’t play in NFL. He Does Not go back in draft the next year. Realistically, unless the owner is Mike Brown, if he truly doesn’t want to play for the team a trade would be made; example John Elway!

  39. Being in last place at the end of a season to have a higher draft pick doesn’t necessarily impact the outcome of the following seasons. What is done with those high draft picks does. Look at the difference between Detroit and St Louis. Both teams have had high draft picks for years, but Detroit seems to be making drastic improvements, while St. Louis is likely going to have a top 5 pick yet again.

    I feel bad for a player with a very promising college career, who gets drafted onto a team with a losing mentality. Or a team with no real desire to win….like Cleveland. Imagine how some careers might have been had they not been drafted to the garbage teams. Maybe (and I say this with a chuckle) we’d be talking about Ryan Leaf as arguably one of the greatest and Manning as a bust had they flip flopped.

  40. Exactly which team is trying to lose? Is Matt Cassel or McNabb trying to make sure his team gets to draft Andrew Luck? Which WR is dropping passes to ensure his team mate loses his job? Garcon sprinted down the sidelines on a 80 some odd yard play, just inches from being out of bounds. And stayed in bounds. Did Miami’s O-line try to get Henne injured? Why is Denver switching to Tebow? Because they were going to win too many games with Orton?

    This stupid Suck for Luck drum beat here would be nice if there was one item of on field activity to show it is possibly happening.

    so let’s have a draft lottery???? Because once every 25 years the “obvious” #1 draft pick MIGHT be an all time great? In a league where Montana and Brady were NOT #1 picks. (not even close) The same league where the sure things of Bush and Young proved to be low value picks at #2 and #3?

    Talk about this in December when it might matter.

  41. @rowdymon

    If Luck gets drafted and subsequently doesn’t sign, the general rule of thumb is that he must reenter the following draft. He wouldn’t be able to return to school, so his draft stock would seriously diminish. This was the same situation that Michael Crabtree fell into when he chose to hold out for “Heyward-Bey” money in his rookie year. He finally signed when, at the time, the 49ers were doing okay without him and he knew that he’d lose out on top ten money if he held out the season and re-entered the draft.

    If Luck doesn’t like the future of say the Top 5 drafting teams, he is better off staying in school. This would perhaps be the most ideal year for Indy to bite it, because they have a desirable situation for a good young QB. Luck would likely declare for the draft, then.

  42. People telling themselves into thinking he will pull an “Eli” are completely ignorant of this guy’s personality and sense of duty. He won’t do it, it isn’t in his nature.

    With that said, were he to do so, there is only one team I can imagine him holding out for and that is the San Francisco 49ers, given his relationship with Harbaugh and his professed love of the Bay Area.

    Still ain’t happening, though. And I’m a 49er fan.

  43. The problem with tanking in the NFL is that teams that end up near the top of the draft turn over 50-75% of their roster and sack all their coaches. In order to tank you require more than half of an organization to say ” hey, I don’t mind loosing so that I loose my job and the team I am no longer on can draft a guy to make them winners when I am not around”. Count how many Lions are left from 0-16.

  44. @weneedlinemen42: I believe your description of Luck’s skills is pretty much identical to one Steve Young…most NFL teams would draft that guy #1 in a heartbeat.

    As for the “suck for luck” garbage: it hasn’t happened and isn’t happening. There is far too much at stake. What HC or GM would be happy to screw up the season on purpose just so the next guy can draft a high caliber QB? The so called tanking theory is only gaining traction because of the catch phrase using the rhyme with his name. That and the need for those in the media to draw attention and get more $$$

  45. dclogicatlast says:
    Oct 15, 2011 1:25 PM
    A draft lottery would be terrible. Trying to replicate the nba in any way would be the dumbest thing the nfl could do.

    And the NBA was on the up and up with the allegedly “Cold Envelopes” and such, do we really want that?

    Leave the draft as it is!

  46. The strategy of losing to win may work in basketball, a girls game, but this is football, a mans game. Any team that steps on the field without the giving 100% effort to win needs to fire its GM and entire coaching staff immediately.
    Football is just different its the best game in the world. That’s football not futball , another girls game.
    Just like the strategy of buying a championship team may, and has worked in baseball it does not work in football. Just ask Dan Synder in years past or the Eagles this year.


  47. The word spelled most wrong all the time…. Ridiculous. There is no “E”.

    What are you crazey!

  48. I need to defend my Colts and the Suck for Luck accusations. The Colts have had leads in their last few games and could (should) have won 2-3 of those games if not for the Colts defense. Without Peyton to cover up for a historically mediocre defense, those leads have slipped away. Not by design.

    The whole idea is kind of ridiculous to even talk about at this point in the season. Nobody knows who will get the #1 after 5 weeks of the NFL season. If….IF it is something that an organization thinks is their best hope for the future, they wouldn’t employ any obvious tactic. Not after 5 weeks.

    Furthermore, there are coaches and players whose future depend on what their teams do THIS season. Do you really think a head coach who might be at risk of being fired if his team is inept enough to get the #1 pick would sign off on Suck for Luck? Do you think any player in the last year of his contract really gives a damn about who his team picks next year when he might not even get re-signed. Coaches coach to win. Players play to win, or at least to look good for their next contract.

    I agree with young Andrew, the whole Suck for Luck thing is stupid.

  49. In ways the Luck thing is cool but teams losing games so they get the 1st pick is just pore sportsmanship I agree that Luck is a great QB but its wrong to talk about the Luck thing in that way yet i dont think anyone saw so much hype like that for a QB or any other player position. There was a middle line backer and lineman that had lots of hype but way back in 1980s yet Luck hype is different

  50. @edukator4

    No need to question my ‘football love’. I just don’t think football is the most important thing in the world. I certainly would never criticize a guy who actually takes school seriously and does something with his degree. Everything doesn’t always have to be about money and fame. My world won’t end if Luck or any other player decides not to play. It won’t even ruin my winter. I have plenty of other things in my live that matter. Football is a diversion for a few hours a week.


    To all those who think teams are purposely tanking – I do find that hard to swallow – but I do see some players and some teams who seem to have given up hope for the season and are just going though the motions now – their morale so slow they are not even playing for pride anymore.

  51. For all the hype around Luck, I really hadn’t watched him play much until earlier this year. Stanford was playing Arizona. He had a play where he was rolling out. While at nearly a full run, he fired the ball about 30-35 yards downfield and put it right into the receiver’s hands.

    That’s when I fully understood the hype. There are mobile guys, and there are accurate guys, but guys who are accurate when they are being mobile are exceptionally rare.

    While there are no “guarantees” that he’ll be a great player, quit with the Leaf comparisons already. Leaf was an idiot and an emotional child who had one great college year. Luck’s had three solid years, and he goes to Stanford, which, last I checked, didn’t accept idiots.

    As for the concept of a lottery, oh rapture, oh joy. Let’s have a system where it’s rigged so he’ll go where he’ll sell the most replica jerseys and get the highest TV ratings.

  52. Indy is going to have another decade of success by drafting Luck and letting him sit behind Manning for three years a la Aaron Rodgers/Brett Fahv-ra!!!

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