Raiders get win on emotional day in Oakland

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There was more than a little bit of sadness in the air around the Raiders Sunday, but when all was said and done they did what Al Davis asked them to do every day he was associated with the team. They just won, baby, 24-17 over the Browns.

The win wasn’t without a cost. Jason Campbell has a broken collarbone and will likely miss the rest of the season after getting hurt on a run in the second quarter. That put a serious pall over a game that featured an emotional halftime tribute to Davis highlighted by former Raiders coach John Madden lighting a flame in the stadium as a memorial to the man who was the Raiders.

Davis would have likely appreciated the ingenuity the Raiders showed when they pulled off a perfect fake field goal in the third quarter to go up 24-7. Holder Shane Lechler took the snap and then stood up and fired a pass to a wide open Kevin Boss for a 35-yard touchdown that the Browns never saw coming. Davis also would have liked the way his defense harassed Browns quarterback Colt McCoy into a 21-of-45 passing performance and you know he would have loved the speed Jacoby Ford flashed on his way to a 101-yard kickoff return touchdown in the first half.

The Raiders are now 4-2 and in second place in the AFC West behind the idle Chargers. Their chances of improving on that position now rest in the hands of Kyle Boller, who looked pretty shaky but didn’t turn the ball over in his half of play on Sunday, or Terrelle Pryor, who watched the game in sweatpants while waiting to be activated. That’s not an ideal situation, but their running game is strong enough to provide hope that the Raiders won’t fade completely out of the picture now that Campbell is out of the picture.

As for the Browns, the loss drops them to 2-3 and they are well behind all the other teams in the AFC North at present. McCoy did not have a good day and the offense hasn’t shown any ability to make plays down the field in the passing game, but the team should feel good about the way he hung in there against a fierce pass rush. McCoy led them to a touchdown with just over a minute to go in the fourth quarter to draw within seven. The Browns recovered the ensuing onside kick, but McCoy misfired three straight times to end the drive and the hopes of an improbable comeback.

So the Raiders got the win on a day devoted to honoring the man who built their franchise. And they also got some serious questions about whether they’ll be able to keep up the strong start to their season thanks to the Campbell injury.

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  1. Raiders413 is already reporting that The Raiders have already contacted David Garrard.. Expect Garrard to be in oakland Monday afternoon.
    Raiders413 is also reporting that Hue wants Carlson Palmer so expect the Raiders to give the Bengals a offer
    IMO I think the raiders can Beat the Cheifs with Boller but they will not beat the bronocs with Boller.
    I think either Garrard or Palmer will be STARTING against the Broncos

  2. Being a Bronco fan you all know my feelings on the Raiders. But I hate to see any player get hurt.
    Here’s to a speedy recovery Jason, and may you come back as strong as ever.

  3. Vince Young?
    David Gerrard?
    Heck bring back JaMarcus … seriously it doesn’t matter who the Raiders have a QB just as long as they don’t turnover the ball … they will be okay.
    So that means no VY … no Gerrard … no JaMarcus … they will just start Lechler if they are that desperate.

  4. We rally behind Boller. As Hue says, next man up. Someone(anyone) goes down its next man up!
    Bring Trent Edwards back to back up Boller. He already knows the offense. Mix Pryor in with some wildcat and a limited playbook. JUST WIN BABY!


  5. We can beat the Bronco’s, Chiefs and Chargers with Boller, in my opinion.

    Just have to bring the reins in a little on offense.

    The defense is getting better and better and Jacoby Ford is healthy again and returning kickoffs.

  6. Mike Brown needs to check his ego, and steal a first +, or two firsts from the Raiders for Palmer.

    He’s got his QB, why not add a couple of picks.

  7. Garrard is NOT AVAILABLE according to Garrard. He has been contacted by multiple teams to START he has always had health issues. He expressed he is done with FOOTBALL. Just let the raiders handle this decision , fans stop trying to play GM, they will not be listening to your ideas, sorry.

  8. JoeT really?
    Boller looked like a deer in the headlights. He did ENOUGH- ergo complete passes to wide open WRs. Yes theres a good running game to help but in the next 10 games there will come a time the QB needs to win it.

    I’m all about “next man up” but Boller just won’t cut it. This is a playoff team and he’d be the Achilles heel of it. They’ve built too much in a winning team to have it crushed by a subpar QB filling the shoes of a serviceable game manager.

    Garrard should come in to try and compete for that contract extension Campbells been playing for following the season.

    I love the Palmer/Jackson reunion but thats a long shot in terms of what Oak has to offer.

  9. Gotta disagree, Stevie, but you’re entitled to your opinion. In my opinion, they can win with Boller.

    He’ll look better once he starts getting reps with the 1st team offense.

    His deep throws are more accurate than Campbell’s, that’s for sure. 🙂

  10. steviekthr3e says:
    Oct 16, 2011 8:58 PM
    JoeT really?
    Boller looked like a deer in the headlights. He did ENOUGH- ergo complete passes to wide open WRs. Yes theres a good running game to help but in the next 10 games there will come a time the QB needs to win it.
    That’s funny … they said the exact something about Campbell.

  11. chobes68 says: Oct 16, 2011 8:45 PM

    Mike Brown needs to check his ego, and steal a first +, or two firsts from the Raiders for Palmer.

    Look for Oakland to pass on that prize. Two firsts? Al would come out of the ground and kick Hue’s ass for making that deal.

  12. I realize the Raiders are renouned for reclaimations, but seriously, Gerrard? Don’t make me laugh.

  13. I can’t believe what I’m reading!!!! The names that are being thrown out… That’s who you want to pick up??? Gerrard?? Carson Palmer??? Really??? Two guys who have been in the same system for years and haven’t produced and you want them to come here??? And what? all of a sudden they are going to work magic? I don’t think so. Boller is the back up for a reason and though he was shaky to say the least the most important thing he “didn’t” do was turn the ball over!!!

    Like it or not, if you understand the mantra, “Next man up”, guess what?? Next man is up. It was even stated during the game that Campbell takes 98% of the snaps. Worst case scenario, you bring Trent back as your 2nd option, make room for Prior and keep it moving. That game was only close because of the defense. Once again, they go soft at the end of games and don’t play “situational” football. Cleveland had no running game and we went blitz crazy when, at times, it wasn’t necessary. We didn’t force Colt to throw into coverage when we should have.

    The “DEFENSE” has to get better!!!! Plain and simple. Too much talent on that side of the ball not playing to it’s level!!!!!


  14. According to Adam Schefter, John Madden, Ron Wolf, and Ken Herock are on a bus heading to Hattiesburg. That could be a lie, but I’m guessing Trent Edwards, a random McCown brother, Charlie Fyre, or my uncle Phil will be Oakland’s #2 next week, and Pryor will still be eavesdropping.

  15. ok, if the Raiders are smart, they start Boller and have Pryor as the backup UNLESS he doesnt know the offense, now if he’s really that bad with the offense then they shouldnt even consider it, but Pryor has more upside than Boller, Palmer or Garrard would have to learn the offense in a week, so getting them could just hurt. sure they have one advantage over Pryor, but they also would have to learn the offense.

  16. Raiders can’t go for Palmer with draft picks only, if they want to make a trade with Bengals, they need to offer Michael Bush and i don’t see that happens.

    Bring Garrard and test him, if he have something left in the tank he can be our QB2 next week and maybe start against Denver in 3 weeks, if not then go for Edwards, at least he knows the playbook.

    I don’t feel comfortable with Pryor as backup yet.

  17. Boller has never looked like a winner. I couldnt watch the game in its entirety as Im in Thailand and my feed kept freezing but with the run game as good as it is, even without Tawian Jones, where is he anyway? Boller may cut it. Campbell will take more time as a WR doesnt throw a ball and can bounce back quicker form a collar bone injury. Campbell is not an iron man and he should not have been taking chances after he did a run and fumbled, shouldve taken that as an omen and sat tight and safe. Palmer or Garrard would both be upgrades over Boller, by how much, I dont know but Boller looked horrible last year. Can he improve? Anyone can. Just look at what Plunkett did. Nuf said.

  18. Watching Fujita land on Campbell & knocking him out brought back images of Gannon getting flattened by Siragusa.
    For GAWD’S sake Campbell…GET RID OF THE BLOODY BALL. He takes sooooo facking long to make a decision.
    He takes waaaayyy too long to decide where to throw. Then, when he finally does decide, his release takes waaay too long. Why else do you think our passing game been so average with above-average protection & above average WRs who are getting open??? It’s Campbell.
    I thought he would be better now that he’s in the same system for 2 years, & with with Al Saunders as his coach. He has better WRs than he had in Wasington, & arguably better OL pass protection. He has disappointed with his decision making & too often with his execution.
    How many times has he thrown an uncatchable football out of bounds, 40-50 yards down field? He doesn’t even give the WR a chance to make a play.
    Just remember…the Raiders were 2-3 when they lost Pastorini. Plunkett came in. Pastorini looked too tentative, & when you’re too tentative, you tend to hold on to the ball too long. When you hold on to the ball too long, you increase the possibility that BAD THINGS will happen.

  19. This was a very workmanlike performance. They beat a team they should have beaten, without ever looking like they could lose this game. It hurts losing Campbell, but I believe the Raiders will be able to carry on with their strong running game and defense. No need to panic, let Boller see if he can manage the games as well as Campbell did and the team will be fine. They don’t need their QB to win games for them, just don’t lose them.

  20. It won’t happen, but what i wouldn’t give to have, the tactician, Kurt Warner dust off his helmet for one more run. To see that pure passer distribute the ball among the Raiders WR corp would be a thing of beauty. Kurt – it’s Al – calling from heaven, he wants to know if you have room for another ring on your mantle..

  21. guess what, 2 firsts for Carson. granted, one conditional. at least mike brown made a smart move for once. time will tell if this was smart for the raiders.

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