Bengals move to 4-2, Colts move closer to Andrew Luck


The Cincinnati Bengals continue to be a sleeper playoff contender, and the Indianapolis Colts continue to be a strong contender for the first pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

It wasn’t always pretty, but the Bengals scratched and clawed their way to a 27-17 victory over the Colts on Sunday, running their record to 4-2 and showing that they’re going to be playing meaningful games down the stretch in a season that most people thought would be a rebuilding years.

Rookie quarterback Andy Dalton is having a very good year for the Bengals — he’s not putting up spectacular numbers like fellow rookie Cam Newton, but he’s helping the Bengals win games by being an efficient passer and avoiding mistakes. Today he went 25 of 32 for 264 yards, with a touchdown and no interceptions. Bengals receiver Jerome Simpson had a big day, and rookie receiver A.J. Green scored the game’s first touchdown.

The Colts were still in it late in the fourth quarter, but a Pierre Garcon fumble was picked up by Carlos Dunlap and returned for a touchdown with 2:22 to play to seal the win. The Colts are now 0-6, and for fans in Indianapolis the most interesting question the rest of the season is whether Andrew Luck will be Peyton Manning’s successor.

As for the Bengals, their receivers are playing great, their offensive line is giving Dalton time to pass, Cedric Benson has been a solid runner, and their defense is keeping them in every game. Add it all up, and you have to wonder if Carson Palmer is regretting his retirement. The Bengals are playing good football.

29 responses to “Bengals move to 4-2, Colts move closer to Andrew Luck

  1. Am I the only one that thinks it would be super unfair for the Colts to land Andrew Luck like this? With Manning out it’s clear that the team has completely revolved around one man for the past decade and if they get Luck this may be the case for the next decade, too. Some owners/GMs actually have to build TEAMS.

  2. Lets not get too excited. Good teams that play 60 minutes of football will win most games. I’m pumped that the Bengals are winning games they are supposed to win. Hope the bye week lets them re energize and keep the focus on one game at a time.

    Thanks Davis Smith for posting the real deal Bengals and not the spin laden BS!

  3. Can you imagine if the Belichick, Kraft and the Patriots pulled this stunt that Irsay, Polian and the Colts are doing right now?

    I am sorry, but there is no way that a team that has won between 10 and 14 games for 10 years straight all of a sudden cannot win because one player isn’t there.

    This is clearly a calculated move by Polian and Irsay to tank the season and get Andrew Luck. There is no explanation possible that can justify their performance thus far. This is their way of altering NFL history. Disgusting.

    The Patriots went 11-5 without Tom Brady. I guarantee you that as soon as the second worst team gets their 2nd win, the Colts will win their first. Guarantee it.

  4. My Bengals are looking good. Its way too early to talk playoffs for them, but either way we’re being competitive. Plus our only 2 losses were of 2 points, and 5 points. Can’t wait to fry some Seahawks in a couple weeks 🙂

  5. Pumped for the win, but is it greedy of me to wonder why they gave up 17 to that Colts offense? I want my D playing better than that… but Who Dey!

  6. I agree with the conspiracy theory. Colts brass knew Manning was hurt and didnt do anything besides sign 78 year old Kerry Collins and float out trade rumors about Wayne and Mathis to create schisms in the locker room. And why cant Dallas Clark catch a pass or hold on to the ball?

  7. I am a Patriots fan who is rooting for the Colts to win some games. I wouldn’t put it past Polian to pull this off to follow up 15 or so years of Manning with 15 from Luck. 😦

  8. numbers a good as Newton’s huh….Yeah the all the picks…..Dalton is clearly the best qb in this year’s draft, but I do recognize it will take the national media a few more games to figure it out……..WHODEY

  9. You are truly a worthy adversary, Indianapolis Colts. Just know we will not let you win so easily. Tomorrow night. For all the country to see. You will know the true meaning of having no talent and total ineptitude.

  10. Almost seems unfair if Colts go from Manning to Luck.. Especially if they are tanking it..At least the Packers, did it the right way draft a quality QB while they still had a good one..Sure, wish my Dolphins had done that as the Marino years were winding down..UGH!!

  11. uh – Indy, you can get Luck but you’ll still have one of the worst coaches in the NFL.

    NFL history is littered with first round draft choices ruined by bad coaching.

  12. 1) Proud of the gutty way my Bengals are playing. Still tempering expectations – the proof of where this team is really at will come when they battle the Steelers and Ravens.
    2) Really excited about how this team could look in a couple of years.
    3) Dalton is a solid guy who’s great start has been totally unheralded. Just like another great QB for the Bengals that wore #14 – Ken Anderson


  13. As for the Colts, there’s a part of me that’s fascinated by the whole Luck derby. Can you imagine if things finished like this:

    1) Rams 0-16
    2) Colts 0-16
    3) Dolphins 0-16

    What would the Rams do? Do they dare trade Bradford who has been really solid but isn’t as heralded as Luck? Or do they basically hold the Colts and Dolphins hostage forcing them to pay through the nose to get Luck? Or does another team, like say the Broncos, really blow them away with a super offer? This would be more fun that if the team with the #1 pick truly needs Luck.


  14. Where are the bengal haters?Worst team in the league by far right?The National media thinks they know alot more than they really do….Let’s not make Luck joe montana yet,i know he is a stud with all the intangibles but there is never a “sure thing” coming out of college into the nfl…
    that goes double when you are comin out of the pac-12 where defense is non-existant.

  15. @kurb21

    You really think a team would purposely lose all their games to draft a qb? The patriots went 11-5 with matt cassel as their backup not curtis painter…..
    Andrew luck could play as a 5th year senior as far as anyone knows

  16. It doesn’t matter if Palmer is a fit in Indy or Oakland, for that matter. Mike Brown is not going to trade him this year.

    As of now, the only way Carson wears a uniform is if he comes back and serves as Dalton’s back up.

    Because in no way is Carson the starting QB if he walks back through the door. This is now Andy’s team.

    That being said, he’s not gonna walk through the door. He will remain surfing in CA until 2012.

  17. I was all for the standoff with Chad and Carson. “Let ’em rot,” I said. You can’t let the inmates run the asylum.


    With the opportunity to send him to the Raiders…I can’t think of a better punishment.

    I don’t care what their record is right now, they’re still the Raiders. PEACE OUT CARSON, now gimme my draft picks!

  18. whosey1982: As a fellow Bengal fan, your comments are embarrassing.

    You don’t think Raider nation says the same thing about us? It’s still the Bengals…

    I really don’t see our pot able to call out any kettle.

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