Eagles lead 20-3 at the half, again


The good news for the Eagles is that they lead the Redskins 20-3 at the half.  The bad news for the Eagles is that they led the 49ers 20-3 at the half two weeks ago.  And the Eagles lost 24-23.

Granted, that outcome seems far less likely, given the manner in which the Eagles have dominated the game.  Still, in this crazy season of blown double-digit leads, it’s hard not to at least consider the possibility.

Especially since I picked the Redskins to win.

The Eagles have outgained the Redskins, 250 yards to 75.  And the Eagles have held the ball for 21 minutes and 38 seconds, with the Redskins in possession of the ball only eight minutes and 22 seconds.

Still, the Redskins trail by only 17.  In past years, that was a lot.  This year, it’s a fairly shallow pothole.