Harbaugh borrows speakers from Stanford to prepare for noise

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If the folks at Stanford are upset that coach Jim Harbaugh left the school, those hard feelings didn’t manifest themselves when Harbaugh recently asked for a favor.

Earlier today, Bob Holtzman of ESPN reported that Harbaugh borrowed large speakers from the folks at Stanford, so that loud music could be played during 49ers practices, in preparation for the loud crowd the Niners will face at Ford Field on Sunday.

The fact that the crowd at Ford Field will be loud for any game is still something we’re having trouble processing.  But it’s something we all need to get used to.  This Lions team looks like it will be a force with which to be reckoned for the foreseeable future.

The 49ers aren’t looking too shabby, either.

3 responses to “Harbaugh borrows speakers from Stanford to prepare for noise

  1. The 49ers couldn’t spend $1800 for several powered PA speakers, a mixer and a digital music player?

  2. at the beginning of the year last year a couple of 6by9’s would have done the job, and now you need some serious sounds…. i’m happy for the lions and hope they do well, (and even though 0-16 would have put a sour taste in my mouth too) there fans need to stay on the bandwagon this time. as a packers fan i can’t wait to see you on turkey day.

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