Harbaugh, Schwartz get into post-game scuffle


After the 49ers came back to take the lead aganst the Lions and the Lions failed in their last-ditch effort to pull out the game, San Fran coach Jim Harbaugh was fired up.

A little too fired up for the liking of Lions coach Jim Schwartz.

Harbaugh was celebrating the win as he crossed the field and exchanged a perfunctory handshake with Schwartz, before Harbaugh continued to celebrate.  Schwartz initially ignored Harbaugh, but then Schwartz ran to catch up with Harbaugh, bumping into Harbaugh while generally barking at Harbaugh without challenging him face to face.

The pair were then separated, but Schwartz kept going after Harbaugh.  More and more people got involved to keep Schwartz for bashing his face repeatedly into the former NFL quarterback’s fists.  (Though Schwartz seems like a fairly tough guy, we’ll always take the former NFL quarterback with a reputation for being tougher than a two-dollar steak.)

Given that Schwartz actually made contact with Harbaugh, Schwartz could be subject to a fine.  We’re in the process of trying to sort it all out.

Stay tuned.

103 responses to “Harbaugh, Schwartz get into post-game scuffle

  1. Hey Jim Harbaugh….normally the coach of the opposing team doesn’t want to celebrate your win with you.

  2. The TV coverage initially cut out after the obligatory handshake, but I can see why Schwartz was so upset. Harbaugh was skipping and brushed up against at least one Detroit player before shaking schwartz’s hand with no eye contact.

    I thought it was pretty classless, but then again Schwartz shouldn’t have went after him like ndamukun suh either. Hopefully though, the Lions will rally around schwartz’s energy and bounce back from the loss.

  3. Both Harbaugh and Scwartz are ultra-competitive, excitable, totally transparent on the field, and some would say abrasive.

    When you have such a close, competitive game, you have to assume the losing coach isn’t going to take the winning team’s celebrations too well.

    Maybe these teams will see each other again in the playoffs.

  4. i call what harbaugh did fair game. schwartz does that stupid little fist pump. he deserves some of his own medicine.

  5. Jim Schwartz looks like a jerk.

    I don’t know if he is or not, it’s just he has that look about that that, 99% of the time, signifies a jerk.

    And it kind of sounds like he might be in the 99%.

  6. nothing more ridiculous than having an undisciplined head coach in a sport that demands discipline. scwartz should be fined.

    hey jim…..the nfl already has one clown head coach (fat rex)….they dont need another one.

    bottom line here….i think scwartz may be getting a little too full of himself. the lions aint there yet jimbo, take your attitude down a notch.

  7. I love Jim Schwartz and his passion for the game, I hope the Lions responds from this loss and his actions after the game and pound the Falcons next week!

  8. Schwartz does the same thing after every win and now that he’s on the other end of it, he can’t take it.

  9. Really, Schwartz is pissed about this? After how he has been doing a fist pump after every win with the Lions. I think he is just a punk who got pissed because his team lost at home to possibly a better team. Grow up you little punk and win like a man and loose like a man!

  10. Schwartz goes berserk, what is wrong with him?

    He should be fined for attacking other coaches and be confined to the coaches box for all future games. He is a loose cannon.

  11. What a sore loser. Schwartz was celebrating on the sidelines during the game. He doesn’t expect Harbaugh to be ecstatic after a close win? Maybe he should have acted that way towards his offensive coordinator for not getting Calvin Johnson involved more.
    Way to go niners! 5-1!!

  12. This shows why Detroit loves this man. Don’t come into our house without a fight. Give the man the key to the city and a giant statue.

  13. Not only did Harbaugh celebrate right through the “handshake,” (classless, btw) but he slapped Schwartz on the back like he was a 49er coming off the field after a big play. Pretty sure most coaches would be a tad upset at the way that went down.

    And its tough to challenge a guy “face to face” as you put it, with a reporter, PR guy and a 49er lineman in the way.

    Sad to see Schwartz completely lose it like that, though. You’re 5-1, and lost a tough game. Same goes for Harbaugh. Don’t cheer in the face of the opposing team’s coach. Act like you know how to represent success at least a little bit.

  14. “nothing more ridiculous than having an undisciplined head coach in a sport that demands discipline. scwartz should be fined.”

    Schwartz should be fined? He should be given some credit for showing enough self restraint not to do more to a moronic opposing coach celebrating like a prepubescent little girl after winning an ugly game.

  15. Harbaugh was just too fired up…it was unprofessional, but he didn’t mean any disrespect toward Schwartz. Schwartz could have blasted Harbs in the media; he shouldn’t have reacted the way he did.


  16. So apparently schwartz is the only coach allowed to celebrate? All his fist pimping( I keep waiting for his jersey shore cameo) and TD celebrations like they just won the SB it’s about time someone gives it back. I have always pulled for the lions, but their attitude right now is out of line. They haven’t won ANYTHING yet they can’t get enough of themselves. Win a meaningful game in the postseason and we will talk. Go falcons!!

  17. more heart than their teams? That 49er win was gutsy and full of grit. They were being manhandled by the refs and managed to pull it out. Refs didn’t even know the rules about those completely legal shifts.

  18. Harbaugh is still stuck in that NCAA mentality, and Schwartz’s reaction was totally out of line. Unprofessional behavior by both coaches

  19. Let me say were going in to the bye week 5 and 1…but I did see it harbaugh did smack his back pretty hard do I think it was intentional yes..that coach is always barking and he got a taste of his own today.neither was backing down but they won’t fight all for the cameras…he was mad he lost sore loser…go niners

  20. If it was a player who reacted that way after scoring a TD a flag would have been thrown for unsportsmanlike conduct. You don’t skip down the field screaming “woo” right in the face of an opposing player or coach. Schwartz reacted poorly as well.

    Harbaugh has no class. He’s shown it repeatedly. The 49ers are going nowhere this year. I hope when reality hits Jimbo in the face, it screams “Woooo”

  21. Good grief, Dukes and Mayock were about to come to blows arguing over Harbaugh and Schwartz. NFL Network needs to mute Dukes when he starts screaming like that. I’ve got no dog in this hunt, have always liked Jim Harbaugh, and think it’s exciting to see both these teams re-emerge. But Harbaugh wouldn’t have been happy if Schwartz had been doing the coked-up Energizer Bunny dance in his face. He needed a Gatorade bath to short-circuit him. That was unsportsmanlike and uncool. And the 49ers players had no business physically shoving Schwartz. Not right. Nooooo.

  22. I don’t know what everyone is bitching about. These are two teams who have been losing for a long time. Maybe it is the super competitive streaks in the coaches that have spiced up the teams a bit. Yeah, maybe there was some childishness there, but applaud the coaches for their energy and competitiveness. A winning attitude starts at the top.

  23. schwartz does the same thing with his fist pump after a win. every week. this just shows that both are young coach’s. meaning it’s early in there career of coaching.

  24. There’s a history here folks.

    Schwartz made an absolutely arrogant remark about Alex smith during a presser this week with the bay media.

    Knowing harbaugh, he wanted to shove the win in schwartz’s face and stand up for his player. I have no issue with it. Between Schwartz swearing at opponent players on the sideline and over celebrating in Minnesota, he deserved a taste of his own medicine.

  25. why is no one talking about the punch that the 49ers oline guy threw in the game? Should have been ejected

  26. Harbaugh disrespected Schwartz. That was clear. Hardly making eye contact – brushing right by Schwartz.
    Harbaugh acted like an emotional juvenile – get a grip. Act like a professional adult. Classless hubris in victory.

    and I’m not even anti-Harbaugh or pro-Schwartz…

  27. Let the record also show that Schwartz was mouthing off at the beginning of the game claiming that the 49ers deferred receiving the opening kickoff (they’ve done it all season) because they were afraid of his D and the home crowd noise. Not exactly sore loser.

  28. This surprises nobody who ever watched Jim while he was at Stanford the last few years. Since Stanford doesn’t get much exposure (until this year), the NFL and all of its fans will soon realize this is how it is with Harbaugh. I’m sure after the next couple years, Pete Carroll won’t be the only one who has asked “What’s your deal?” to Harbaugh (after the 2009 butt-kicking Stanford gave USC).

  29. I like both of these young coaches and I’m sure both are already thinking they handled the situation completely inappropriate. However, passionate coaches are human! As a fan, I would have been excited going into an undefeated visitor’s stadium and winning. I, too, would have been jumping around cheering and celebrating. There again, if I was the fan of the undefeated team, having an opposing fan in my stadium, throwing the win in my face and slapping me on the back, it would be hard to handle and I too would get emotional and probably physical. Yes, they should be above this type of behavior because they are head coaches. But they are HUMAN! I’m sure the NFL will be handing down a fine to one or both of them.

  30. Thanksgiving Day:

    Green Bay vs Detroit

    For the first time NFL fans will not complain about the Lions playing on Turkey Day.

  31. A fist pump coming off the side line is quite different than the disrespect shown by Harbaugh in the excessive celebration during the post game handshake.
    That being said, Shwartz should have demonstrated a higher level of sportsmanship and walked away from it!

  32. No big deal, Schwartz was mouthing off, Harbaugh was then showboating…both of them making foolish displays and it will catch up with both of them. Teams tend to emulate their coaches behavior. Great win for the 49ers, and Lions need to re-focus.

  33. Harbaugh is super competitive we all know this, actually both coaches. Im sure he didn’t mean anything by that. He’s excited about a close tight tough win on the road against an undefeated team. Shwartz can give it, but not take it? C’mon dude really? Man up

    Also look at what Harbaugh has done with this niner team unbelievable and with Alex Smith as your QB! He turned around Stanford now the Niners. What a great coach

    Just call him HarBOSS!

  34. how dare a coach that has turned around a losing team in his first year get excited about beating a undefeated on the road.he had nerve to do that to such an accomplished coach like schawrtz he deserves whatever he gets.oh wait schwartz has not done anything except get off to a good start for a change in detroit. nice he can handle all the accolades he gets for winning but he shows his true colors when they lose. this just shows they played over their heads in the win over the bears and won because of the bears blown coverages on 3 plays. now that you have come down to earth I look forward to the rematch in Chicago. thanks to this you lost all the respect I gave you guys after the win.

  35. Harbaugh was pumped up after a close win over a previously undefeated team, in their house, and shook his hand hard, yelled “WOO!” While running off.

    Schwartz replied “What the f-” then ran after him, ran into him, and started screaming in his ear.

    In the post game press conferences, Scwartz continued to whine like a baby, and Harbaugh took responsibility, saying he was pumped up after a big win and shook his hand too hard.


  36. I don’t care what any of you Harbaugh apologist say, if you had any balls in your sack you wouldn’t take that shove in the back either! Harbaugh needs to act like he’s been there before, oh ya he hasn’t, this isn’t college big boy, your likely to get bitch slapped and rightfully so. Schwartz is has always been a class act and miss the hell out of him in Tennessee!

  37. tough quarterback???, I remember him whimpering & crying when he was sacked by Bruce Smith when he played for the Colts!!

  38. Here’s how I see it (no, I am not a 49er’s or Lions fan):
    Harbaugh is a 1st year head coach and his players had just beat an un-defeated team. He was understandably excited. That being said, he should have taken a moment to calm down a bit. But, I don’t believe it was a case of pre-meditated disrespect.
    Schwartz is also an emotional coach (and he’s gone over the top with his celebrations this season,by the way) who’s team had just lost it’s first game.
    That being said, Schwartz was the one who chased Harbaugh @ least 40 yards down the field…REPEATEDLY attempting to get at Harbaugh.
    My opinion: Harbaugh should receive a warning and Schwartz a $5,000 fine.

  39. Just listen to the post game press conferences from both, and it’s evident which coach has more class.

    Someone get Schwartz some tissues.

  40. Harbaugh was excited to beat a highly rated team away for home. If he was my coach and I saw him get that excited I’d love it and I’d give my all for the guy.
    Judging by the way the 49er’s protected him by building a wall in front of him, I dare say they love him and they are giving their all for him.
    People are too sensitive these days..

  41. Awwww boohoo. Just look at what some of you guys are saying. How is Harbaugh classless? Yeah the man was excited and ran on to the field after winning a tough road game against a great team, forgive him for showing some passion. But seriously, he stopped himself and shook Schwartz’s hand. You’re going to complain about a slap on the back? Really? My dad and every boss I’ve ever had gives me a slap on the back after a handshake. Schwartz was just salty. Grow up and take the loss like a man.

  42. thegreatwhitemidget says:
    Oct 16, 2011 5:07 PM
    Harbaugh would destroy schwartz in a fight

    Based upon what?

    Only a fool who hasn’t been in many fights in his life would attempt to determine who would win a fight by their size or how they look or how hard-assed they act.

    If you saw Urijah Faber, all 5’6″, 135 pounds of him, walking down the street, you would probably think you could take him.

    It would be the last mistake you made.

  43. ravissevens says:
    Oct 16, 2011 6:25 PM
    Harbaugh was excited to beat a highly rated team away for home. If he was my coach and I saw him get that excited I’d love it and I’d give my all for the guy.

    Then you must have loved Mike Singletary.

    How’d that work out for niner fans?

  44. I’d like to Congratulate Jim Harbaugh on winning the Super Bowl

    Congrats Alex Smith…Trent Dilfer is now not alone

  45. I don’t think it’s the (almost) shirtless celebrating that caused the charge by Schwartz. Harbaugh said something in that brief handshake that prompted an “F— you” by Schwartz and a subsequent chase as Harbaugh runs away. And Harbaugh’s comments about shaking Schwartz’s hand too hard in the press conference is not sincere. He’s being a jerk…that’s obvious. Aaanyway, both coaches were out of line. Let’s move on.

  46. It reminded me of the Buddy Ryan coaching days.

    The whole coach shake hands thing is kind of old now. It was cute and novel when Dick Vermeil I believe was the first to start it in the late 70s, but is it really necessary?

  47. “Then you must have loved Mike Singletary.

    How’d that work out for niner fans?”

    I think this is an attempt at making a joke. Don’t ever try to compare the two, buddy.

  48. @californiasquonk …

    In the link you posted of Schwartz, he was reacting to the win on his own sideline, not in the face of the opposing coach. One has nothing to do with the other. Silly comparison.

  49. Maybe Detroit can use one of those vacant buildings in the city and use it as a Kleenex plant. Looks like they are going to needs lots of it around ford field tonight and in the coming weeks. I also suggest all residence around ford field get flood insurance from all the tears. Schwants is as classless a coach I have EVER witnessed. You lions fans deserve better, not your fault your coach is a complete donkey.

  50. Typical the league office wants to fine Schwatz, don’t look at the gutless, classless, actions of Harbaugh after the game. Every talk show afterwards said the same thing, Harbaugh was the same when he played and everyone agreed that Schwartz did what each would have done.

  51. titanstoronto says:
    Oct 16, 2011 5:21 PM
    Did Harbaugh just win the SuperBowl? Dial it down buddy, kind looks like something Pete Carroll would do.


    Um no don’t even go there. Pete Carroll may be energized on the sidelines, but he knows how to go out and shake hands like a good sport win or lose. Jim Harbaugh has no class, never has had, never will have.

  52. Schwartz does not disrespect the other coaches at the end of games. What the heck are you dumb fans talking about? This was clearly a classless act starting from harbaugh. He looks like a cry baby loser who gets emotional about everything, even more then schwartz.

  53. Schwartz likes to dish it out but can’t take it..but I think this goof actually thought they were going to go undefeated.Back to the blackout days in Murder City!!

  54. Looked like a couple of teams that don’t know how to react after winning/losing a big game. Schwartz left himself open to anything after he jawed on Dez Bryant a few weeks back. Loser franchises.

  55. The Lions I get, they have always sucked. But, the Niners have some history. Oh well, can’t wait to watch the playoff game. Good luck at Lambeau!

  56. goldrush4949 says:
    Oct 16, 2011 5:21 PM
    We want Green Bay!!!

    You cheese puffs are next.

    You guys don’t play the Pack this season. The Pack is too busy defeating the Andrew Luck sweepstakes finalists.

  57. I watched this game, and the incident transpire both live and the replay. This article does not accurately portray what happened, nor does anyone know what Harbaugh said, which I think is as important as what he did.

  58. notalib says:
    Oct 16, 2011 8:15 PM
    Jim Schwartz better learn how to lose better than this, this was the first of many to come.

    Are you kidding me? They did nothing but lose last year. Try to keep up, genius. Also, learn how to spell liberal.

  59. @tiffpats4eva

    Honestly, no beef here, but are you asking “learn how to spell liberal” or “learn how to spell, liberal”?

    Oh, and just so you know, we 49er fans have been losing 4eva, too. Please forgives our coaches’ trespasses, as we forgive a Schwartz who trespesses against us. LOL

  60. Jim Harbaugh is a terrible sport. But we already knew that.

    This SF team isn’t nearly good enough to start rubbing in wins and burning bridges. You’re the ‘Niners, for God’s sake. Your QB is Alex Smith. You’re 5-1 not 13-3. Remember the 6-0 Denver start 2 years ago? Coincidence? No play-making QB.

    But keep it ‘Niner, Jim.

    Schwartz acted like a turd too.

  61. The poor little baby got his feelings hurt again…which seems par for the course with him. I noticed someone said that if you make contact with another coach you can be fined? I guess that stops the handshakes after the game doesn’t it? Detroit must just be an acronym for whiner.

  62. Ultimately if you don’t want the opposing team celebrating on your turf, then win the game

    People act as if coaches dont give each other the cold shoulder after almost every game…. No eye contact? Belicheck/Mangini, Haley/McDaniels. Anyone? Come on, lets stop pretending that the norm is Walsh/Wyche after the 1989 Superbowl.

    Sure Harbaugh should exercise more restraint henceforth. But what does that say about Schwartz? The guy running 40 yards down the field trying to “fight” an opposing coach. Was this part of the “protocol” Schwartz was speaking too?

  63. Punishment would just be more All American closing of the barn door after the horses are already in the meadow…Harbaugh can be fined for over-exuberance which is counter-intuitive for football and Schwartz will punish himself when he sees the film and notices that he looks like a Moe. He was the true instigator; and yet, even his over-exuberance is understandable. Losing is tough for anyone but it’s always made worse when you lose your cool and come off as a huffy kid. Suck up!

  64. I don’t see where some are saying taste of his own medicine, and he can give it but not take it. This wasn’t a fist pump after a win, nor was it cheering with your players. This was a pompous arrogant dismissal and straight up refusal to acknowledge the head coach of the other team congratulating you with his hand outstretched. It was a shove and a dismissal. If Schwartz hadn’t gone after him, I would have lost respect for him. Harbaugh needs to grow the hell up. You don’t dis ANYONE the way he did and not expect at least words. Should have gotten himself face fisted. Had nothing to do with a “handshake”. He didn’t even acknowledge Schwartz as a person.

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