Injury roundup: Cooley may be out a while


We’ve handled the big injury situations throughout the day.  We’ll round up other injuries to keep an eye on right here:

1. Scott Fujita reportedly suffered a concussion in Cleveland’s loss to the Raiders.

2. Browns running back Peyton Hillis will undergo an MRI on an injured hamstring, according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

3. Redskins tight end Chris Cooley has a broken left index finger. If he undergoes surgery, he could be out more than a month.

4. The Redskins announced that left tackle Trent Williams has a high ankle sprain.

5. Bears tight end Kellen Davis left with an elbow injury Sunday night and did not return.  The Vikings lost safety Jamarca Sanford and C John Sullivan to concussions.

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  1. You’re welcome for #3 and #4. Also, Redskins’ LG Kory Lichtensteiger is out for the season with an MCL and ACL tear in his right knee, confirmed by teammate C/G Will Montgomery; LT Trent Williams claims that Eagles defensive player Daryl Tapp made a dirty hit on Lichtensteiger after the play was over.

    To quote Butters from South Park: “I’m like the mailman!”

  2. Cooley keep your head up….get your body together and stay focused..i know its hard..buts its ok…a new QB..2 more solid linemen….1 more Go harder than hard receiver and we will be their..i been saying all along that rex is ok…cool whatever..well give John a shot…everybody deserves a shot..we know your shot and we love it..get healthy…Waxx Skin fan for life no matter what and im proud…

  3. wow im most concern for the viking’s safety Jamarca Sanford and John Sullivan. Since im a vikings fan but losing Cooley will lower the passing game for the Redskins and hopefully is not out the hole season and Hillis might close the chances for a winning record and so might Fujita Trent Williams can’t stay heathley with every ankle sprain before a game same with Russell Okung

  4. losing Cooley wont kill Washington, they have Fred Davis who can step up, losing Williams is bigger and not having a QB is what kills them.

  5. Redskins need a QB badly. Once the O- Linemen went out the run game was done.

    The Eagles again folded in the Second Half, but Washington was in no condition to take advantage.

    Neither team looks like it is going anywhere.

  6. Cooley sorry you got hurt. Get well quick, keep shooting your mouth off. You a good player, get out of theat hole, they aren;t ever goibg to win with that coach and ownership. You wuld look great in Philly some day…..

  7. Madden Curse on Hillis. First, The contract situation, then “strep throat”, now the hamstring.

  8. yevrag3535,
    I’ll be the first to admit that the Skins have some serious overall problems– poor QB play, no depth on the O-Line, and a lot of hardworking players at the offensive skill positions, but nobody truly elite. The defense, on the other hand, has a lot of great pieces and are maybe 2-3 upgrades away from being elite. The reality is (despite what some Kool-Aid drinking Skins fans would say) the Redskins aren’t a playoff caliber team just yet. They’re a few solid drafts away from being real contenders, but like the Lions and Bills over the past few years. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, my friend, so let’s cool it on Shanahan and the Elway thing just yet. I’m as skeptical as you are about him, but I think it might turn around. It’s just too early to tell.

    For what it’s worth, the Eagles are the only other NFC East team I can stand, and they outplayed us today, so kudos for that.

  9. wha…wha…whoa…wha……a CB layed this chump out…i cant play now because my finger hurts…tape it up and get some padding on that finger and get on the field you wimp. romo would be playing….LMAO.

  10. A W is a W, nobody will even remember this game when the Eagles shut-out the Packers in Lambeau in January.

    Eagles are back. They are also the classiest team in the NFL.

    6 rings

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