Jerry Jones: Cowboys went conservative and it bit us


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hinted after today’s loss to the Patriots that he wasn’t happy with coach Jason Garrett’s play calling late in the game.

“This game was decided right down there at the end, and I am so proud of these players, the way they competed tonight,” Jones said. “We rolled the dice at the end and went conservative rather than try to get some points and it bit us.”

So Jones is proud of the players . . . but the coach? Well, Jones’s comments suggest that he was none too pleased with Garrett calling three straight running plays with the Cowboys holding onto a 16-13 lead with three minutes to go in the game. Garrett obviously thought keeping the ball on the ground was the wise course of action because it would force the Patriots to use their timeouts, but the third running play, on third-and-18, was basically a statement from Garrett that he didn’t trust Tony Romo to make a play.

And after the ensuing punt, Tom Brady made a bunch of plays, marching the Patriots down the field for the game-winning touchdown.

“Whenever you get the ball into the hands of a player like Brady at home, you’ve got problems,” Jones said. “We are up here on their field and we knew what the odds were, so we flipped a coin and it came up against us. We know what [the Patriots] are about and we knew what our challenge was here. If you were in a playoff game, you’d probably drive it home. You always second guess whether or not we should have tried to run a little offense down there instead of running it three times.”

And Jones didn’t hesitate to second-guess his own coach after a tough loss.

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  1. He has no idea how much he hurts his team making coments after the game. He can’t just leave it at being proud? He should put his money where his mouth is and coach. After he completely destroys the team, maybe he could actually hire someone and let them do their job.

  2. JJ is awesome at throwing his coach under the bus through the media after just about every loss, lol.

  3. pats got lucky again..I wonder how much Kraft pays the refs? Do they get a yearly salary or it a weekly check? Do they get a bonus if they call extra bogus calls? There is no way the NFL does not know that something is going on, the pats already got caught once cheating and if that was Hue Jackson froM the raiders that did what Belicheat did he would of got kicked out of the NFL..NO DOUBT

  4. who can blame garrett…romo’s crunch time record speaks for itself. I too would have trusted rob ryan’s defense before trusting choke romo chucking it out there with a lead. If Brady is money in crunch time Romo is broke.

  5. Always smart to throw your coach and QB under the bus Jerry, things always get better from there. How ’bout that GM? I could make a list.

  6. @huejackson

    I think the refs broke Campbell’s collerbone. Conspiracy against the Raiders proven. Whackjob.

  7. Jones is a “Ass” and any Cowboy fan that believes this are as well.

    I know the Cowboys are not into any “Moral Victories” and they shouldn’t be but they played the Pat’s tough.

    As good as Brady is the Boy’s had held them scoreless in the 2nd half until the last 3+minutes of the game.

    No one is to blame for the loss, the Cowboys made the Pat’s earn this win.

  8. @huejackson:

    I want to be happy for Raider fans this year ….. until idiots like this say stupid crap like this.

  9. This is the reason Jones won’t get an established, good coach to take the Cowboys job.

    You can’t fault Garrett for running on first and second down, and running down the clock, or forcing the pats to use timeouts. On third and 18 the chances are as good the Romo would throw a pick as they were that he’d get the first down; especially this year. Additionally, the Cowboys held the Pats to a shaky three and out on the previous possession.

    I wonder what the reaction would have been had the Cowboys come out throwing, stopping the clock and saving Patriots’ time outs, or worse, had Romo thrown a pick, as he has several times to lose games already this year.

    Garrett played it right, the Cowboys just got beat, it happens.

  10. I’m sure HueJackson was one of the fools bragging about how the Cowboys were going to torch “the worst defense in the NFL”.

    Naturally, he was wrong. So he resorts to plan B, blame the refs.

  11. To quote a famous poster on this board: “And so the unraveling begins…” 🙂

    Seriously, last week I think JJ was saying that his coach should just run the ball with a lead and they win. This week, the coach was too conservative.

    Dang, Jerry, just fire the coach, grab a headset, and get down on the sideline yourself. (Wait, he is there half the time.)

    Jason Garret is not perfect but he doesn’t deserve to be undercut like this over and over.

  12. The worst thing to happen to Jerry jones was winning a super bowl with Barry switzer as head coach !!! It’s clear he under values his head coaches and thinks that talent alone can win championships well not in the nfl and throwing your HC under the bus is a dumb move to say the least

  13. @huejackson:

    Here we have an article that actually discusses facts regarding the game, and the best you can do is concoct some half-assed conspiracy theory. It must really burn you to realize that even after the idiocy of Spygate, that Pats continue to be one of the league’s best teams. Man up and deal with it.

  14. So wait a sec. Garrett wasn’t conservative enough against the Lions, wanting to show them up, so he gets reamed out for it. Now, he sits on the ball with a lead and gets … reamed out for it. Which way do you want it??? How about getting the defense to make a play or two??? The Lions loss was on Garrett. This one is not.

  15. When da’boys choked against the Lions, Jerrah was upset that Garrett didn’t run the ball more with a 20pt. lead and now he complains they got to conservative. No wonder no established headcoach wants to go to Little D. Jimmy Johnson had enough of Jerrah’s meddling but Jerrah won’t ever change, the man “thinks” he knows something about football.

  16. There are many things to like and respect about Jerry Jones, but publicly second guessing his coach and acting as the de facto GM are not among them.

    The Cowboys played an excellent game and came up short on the road to a team that doesn’t lose at home, this is not an embarrassing loss in any way.

    I might agree if they ran the ball up the middle on 3rd and 4 but 3rd and 18? that is a very low percentage play, better to play the odds and make the Pats use a timeout.

  17. not a cowboys fan but i will say this.

    jason garrett was a better choice for head coach then wade phillips. rob ryan is a ten times better coach then garrett.

    garrett had full control of the offense under wade phillips and they were losing games because they never ran the ball when they had an amazing back field. they lost games that should have been credited to garrett and not phillips. it was almost as if garret was tanking games knowing wade would get the axe.

    if i was a cowboys fan i would hope they dont win another game this season so rob ryan can take over and then you will have your first great coach since jimmy johnson.

    the cowboys for a few years have been loaded with talent and they keep losing, take a look at the big picture and there is only one constant there. JASON GARRET

  18. This is the reason Jones won’t get an established, good coach to take the Cowboys job.


    You mean like Bill Parcells? Don’t kid yourself.

  19. @ Chipper41…
    “If Brady is money in crunch time Romo is broke.”
    Great line. Permission to use it sometime?
    Rome is up there with the most overrated QB’s of all time.

  20. JJones should stick to what he does best: promoting himself. The man’s made one good decision in two decades: the hiring of Jimmy Johnson.

  21. The worst thing to happen to Jerry jones was winning a super bowl with Barry switzer as head coach !!! It’s clear he under values his head coaches


    You seem to be under the impression that Barry Switzer was not a good coach. He wears more championship rings than Jimmy Johnson does.

  22. I’m so glad Robert Kraft is the Patriots GM..He is too classy to make public comments after the game…

  23. C’mon “Hue Jackson” why are you going on like that? You’re sullying that name. Say what you want about Spygate, Belichick is a great coach. His teams are always well prepared…maybe sometimes a little too well, but he still a pretty smart man. I am a Raiders fan too, and one I saw how New England started running the ball against us I knew the game was over. He’s got little over there in the way of defensive personnel and yet look how they won that game today. I don’t want to admit it either but the man is a genius.
    And on the other end of the spectrum, Jerry Jones should do the Boys a favour and take a long 5 year fishing trip somewhere free of all connections to the civilized world.

  24. JJones should stick to what he does best: promoting himself. The man’s made one good decision in two decades: the hiring of Jimmy Johnson.


    He hired Jimmy Johnson in 1989. 22 years ago.

  25. Jerrah, if you thinks you could do as good as head coach as you do with GM, just take over. Put your money where your month is. Other wise shut the heck up.

  26. The Cowboys are all about one person, and it ain’t Tony Romo, Jason Garret, Rob Ryan, Miles Austin or Dez Bryant. It’s all about Jerry Jones. No one on that team takes a dump without getting permission from Jones first.

  27. howley1 says: Oct 16, 2011 10:53 PM

    This is the reason Jones won’t get an established, good coach to take the Cowboys job.


    You mean like Bill Parcells? Don’t kid yourself.


    And how did that work out?

  28. This is the reason Jones won’t get an established, good coach to take the Cowboys job.


    You mean like Bill Parcells? Don’t kid yourself.


    And how did that work out?


    He took the job.

  29. Carlsbadboltsfan says that no one on that team ( Cowboys ) can take a dump without getting Jones’ permission first.

    This is incorrect. They can, in fact, take a dump without permission.

    However, the problem is that Garrett sometimes forgets to ask Jones whether he should fold or wad before he wipes.

  30. @wikidpissah:

    Amen, brother. Parcells told Jones he’d build him a winner if Jones would just shut up and stay out of it. Jones didn’t, Parcells bailed, and the Cowboys are sinking through mediocrity toward abysmal. Jerry Jones makes Daniel Snyder look even-tempered and reasonable.

  31. Dallas was going to run that draw on 3rd and 13 with a chance to ice the game. After a false start, they ran it anyway.

    That just screams ‘I don’t trust our QB’

  32. howley1 says: Oct 16, 2011 10:53 PM

    This is the reason Jones won’t get an established, good coach to take the Cowboys job.


    You mean like Bill Parcells? Don’t kid yourself.


    And how did that work out?


    Totally. No good coach wants Dallas job.

  33. Measuring success by the peak of this sport.

    How many other GM’s are out there winning superbowls? As a Cowboys fan I feel that I’d rather have JJ as an owner rather than a lot of other owners out there.

    Easy for cowards to doubt. Cause no one gives a rats behind when the doubt is incorrect. Seems like a womanly thing to do. Lol sitting on a beat up couch with a over weight wife. Judging Jerry Jones the billionaire.

    10 years from now who will remember the NFC or AFC champ that couldn’t but maybe should’ve or could’ve got it done???

    More GM’s than just Jerry are out here not getting it done.

  34. orthodoxdj says: Oct 16, 2011 11:14 PM

    Al Davis has been dead a week and already there are impersonators.

    How did you get thumbs up for this idiotic comment. Just shows how the minds of feminist metro’s work together.

  35. He’s the owner, he can say what he wants. If Garrett doesn’t please him, he can replace him. If Garrett puts Romo out there to make plays and he fails often enough, then he’s the one out, as with any player. Its a risk like any business. If Jones fails to put an entertaining product on the field long enough and the fans quit paying, then he’ll get tired of losing money and he’ll sell. Everybody’s free here, so if you don’t like it, quit paying.

  36. Who cares? Cowboys suck. Romo chokes. And can we stop calling the Cowboys “America’s Team”.

  37. scudbot says: Oct 16, 2011 10:18 PM

    October 9: “Shoulda run the ball.”
    October 16: “Shoulda been riskier.”


    Exactly right. JJ is slagging his coach for doing this week what he should have done last week. Garrett is in a no-win situation, but all coaches know that when they take the Cowboys coaching job.

  38. Cowboys fans, I don’t want to hear it. You curse the coach for still throwing the ball when up 20 in Detroit, you curse him for going conservative and trying to run out the clock here. Cowboys fans will never be satisfied with the result unless it is a win, and I doubt they will be able to resist themselves even after one of those. Cowboys fans complain more than a bitter wife.

  39. I guess Garret had to much confidence in Fat boy Ryan and not enough in Foney Romo !!

    Why isn’t Blob Ryan getting any criticism from JJ ?

  40. Jones does have a point. Garrett should have tried for a first down. Two minutes is way to long for Brady….just long enough to get a score and leave no time on the clock. But, Garrett did call a great game; no complaints here. As for all the Dallas and Jones bashing…….you Dallas haters are the reason the Cowboys get so much coverage. You can’t help yourself. Look at all the posts….over the overrated, over done, and over covered Cowboys. Oh and Dallas should have gone conservative against Detroit…..duh. Up 27 – 3 and chucking it like Martz is the OC. Dallas’s D has been stellar this year. Take away the picks for TDs and block punt for a TD and this team is 4-1 at worst. Cowboys will win the division. Write it down.

  41. and for the 1 million th time…. it is proven that you should NEVER EVER, EVER lay back or get conservative in an NFL game…

    I don’t know how JJ or anyone else thinks that is some kind of amazing revelation….

  42. And here it is starting all over again. Jerry will never learn, and his good coaches will never stay, and his teams will never be consistent winners. The combined record of the Cowboys 1st 5 opponents is 20-8, and they have lost 3 games by a total of 11 points. You have to run the ball there and it was execution that prevented them for converting. All Cowboys fans wish Jerry would once and for all shut up and get out of the way of the coach trying to do his job, but Jerry will not. Garrett is way to smart and talented to put up with a mouthy owner for too long. As long as Jerry owns the team he will continue to be the singular reason that they do not get another ring.

  43. Jets game 21 point lead in the second half and 14 point lead in the 4th. Lions game 24 point lead blown in 2nd half. The Jets have really no potent offense so yes Garrett should have wen conservative. The Lions have a good offense but while up 27-3 your Scoring they are not. Run the rock at that point even it unsuccessfully without a turnover melt down you win.

    The Pat’s game is different cause they’re offense is legendary. My main ambition would be; yes the Cowboys defense has played well all game, but do you really wanna give the best QB in the league another possession. Jets and Lions game about the same type of scenario. But the Pat’s game a little different.

    I believe Garrett went to conservative. And its seeming like he is having a difficult time managing the Cowboys at the end of games. It can be argued that the Redskins game was poorly managed but since we got the win its a non-issue.

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