Lions suffer first loss, 49ers win sloppy game in Detroit


It was the best game of the week in the NFL. At least, it was supposed to be.

The San Francisco 49ers beat the Detroit Lions 25-19, handing the Lions their first loss and improving the 49ers to 5-1 in a game that could be an NFC playoff preview. But here’s hoping that if they do meet again in the playoffs, both teams turn in a better performance.

Referee Mike Carey and his crew had a long day in a game that lasted well over three and a half hours. In addition to the crew’s inability to figure out the Calvin Johnson rule, there were a number of questionable calls, including ruling Matthew Stafford’s forward progress stopped in the end zone for a safety, and a bad horse-collar tackle penalty against the Lions. The 49ers, however, bore the brunt of the plethora of penalties, picking up 15 for 120 yards. The Lions had six for 54 yards.

Aside from a huge day for Frank Gore, neither team got much from its offensive playmakers. The winning quarterback, Alex Smith had just 125 passing yards. Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford had 293 yards, but it took him 50 passes to get there, and he missed several opportunities and had some awkward sidearm throws.

Jason Hanson missed a 52-yard field goal late in the second quarter, giving the 49ers good field position and just enough time to set up David Akers for a 55-yard attempt on the last play of the first half, which he made. In a game that would be decided by six points, that exchange was critical.

Overall, this was not a great game, and it was a reminder that while they’re much improved, the Lions are not a great team. For as good as the Lions’ start was, the 49ers are the team more likely to make noise in January.

48 responses to “Lions suffer first loss, 49ers win sloppy game in Detroit

  1. Hey Jim Harbaugh….normally the coach of the opposing team doesn’t want to celebrate your win with you.

  2. Schwartz goin after Harbaugh was awesome. Harbaugh showed ZERO class in that blow-off move he gave Schwartz after both teams played a helluva game. Learn how to act after a good win Harbaugh… there’ll be plenty of time to prance around looking for your players and family or whatever.

    If you’re so excited you can’t grace the other coach with a courteous hand shake and congrats on a hard-fought game, you’re a d-bag. Kudos to Schwartz not taking that sh!t!!! …and nice win 9ers.

  3. Pathetic game. Lions looked like they didn’t even care.

    Both teams are overrated.

    Harbaugh has no class and doesn’t understand when to throw red flags.

  4. Lol i thought the end was even more exciting than the game. Happy schwartz finally got a taste of his own medicine. he cheers the same way every week but when other teams coach celebrates the same way its a problem. lol

  5. A little too much Ref. input in this game. Bad play on both sides. But missed calls and bad ball spots all game! worse job by officals I have seen all year. Nice win for 9er’s. Too bad your coach wasn’t a better sport. Nice job rubbing it in at the end of game. Lucky Lions coach didn’t punch you in the mouth!!!! Nice job showing sportsmanship!!!

  6. “Overall, this was not a great game, and it was a reminder that while they’re much improved, the Lions are not a great team.”

    I love that losing one game makes you a bad team

  7. 49ers got jobbed all game by the referees, including three false starts that were completely legal shifts, even if the referees weren’t knowledgeable of the rulebook.

    I just love that smacktalking Suh got served with a loss at home in front of their bandwagoning fans.

  8. What, no mention of the Harbaugh-Schwartz smackdown? In relation to that, both coaches acted unprofessional. Harbaugh needs to understand that he isn’t in the NCAA anymore, and Schwartz needs to take a chill pill.

  9. Harbaugh’s personality definitely takes some getting used to, but stop acting like Shwartz hasn’t done the exact same thing all year! Harbaugh probably would’ve whooped his arse anyway. I don’t hear anyone crying when Pete Carroll does it on every win either!

  10. @Rowhe where did he say they were a bad team? You’re as bad as the typical media, putting your own spin on it. He said they aren’t a great team, not that they are a bad team. There is a huge difference

  11. Wouldn’t you know it. The Niners squeeze out a tough win in a hostile stadium against an undefeated team and all posters can say is that it proves the Lions weren’t that good. Whatever.

    And, please stop whining about Harbaugh offending Swartz’s delicate sensibilities. I’ve been watching Swartz whoop it up with his winners all season. What a bunch of babies. Harbaugh is a player’s coach. He was whooping it up. He was celebrating with his guys. Nobody gave them a chance to win this game. (well, actually, Bradshaw was the only one who picked them on the Fox pre-show). Anyway, congrats to the Niners for a tough, ugly win on the road against a very tough team.

  12. Alex Smith was bad until he needed to be good. That’s all that matters.

    He threw a clutch pass in heavy traffic where only his guy could get it to win the game.

    For that, it was a great performance.

  13. Now that lions and 49ersinside have the same record the 49ers are more likely to make noise in the playoffs? It was bad on both sides but the niners won this game by like 2 inches on a 4th down td. If either team plays like this neither is going to the playoffs.

  14. Im confused at how the 9ers are more likely to make noise. Detroit had a short week. I think MDS just hates Detroit. We can say that both teams are 5-1 and both have the same opportunity to make noise in the playoffs. Just look at Seattle last year.

  15. the niners are in the nfc west…..they may as well start selling their playoff tickets now. the lions? yeah, i could still see them not making the playoffs.

  16. Ugly win pretty win , win is a win tip my hat off to my niners came out and won a street fight in a hostile enviroment.

  17. The fact is, both teams played pretty damn good….defensively. when You have two great defenses, there is bound to be sloppy game play. Now that the Lions have a team to be reckoned with, their fans give them a home field advantage to be reckoned with. I believe both teams need to be taken seriously. And if last weeks drubbing of the Bucs didn’t get my Niners recognized, this game ought to do the trick.

  18. @sweetnlow44

    I respectfully disagree that it was a pathetic showing. That was hard-nosed, defensive football play out there, a product of two evenly-matched teams going at it. Don’t forget that this is the 2nd wk in a row that the Niners have faced a team coming off a Mon night win, and the Lions sure gave the Niners more of a challenge than my hapless Bucs did a wk prior. Now THAT was a pathetic showing.

  19. @goldrush4949

    Beatdown?? Really that was a 49er beatdown? Wow, that is the worst play I have ever seen, by both teams. Beatdown? Im still trying to wrap my head around that. Lets see a 49er beatdown is a game where there was way to much ref involvement, 15 penalties for 120 yds, to many to count overthrows by Smith, and an obvious pass interference by ur def on 4th. Your only highlight was Gore, and he was below average today. But, you caught us sleeping today and stole a win in Detroit, not an easy thing to do. Now if that is a 49er beatdown, im pretty sure if we meet in january it will be a different ending.
    Your comment and statement of a beatdown is as about classless as your coach. So stupid Jim Harbough hs to take the light off his team and tbier win and make it about him

  20. I’m just disappointed that a shady handshake, and not a hard fought battle on both sides, is the highlight news of this game. Nobody could possibly know what Harbaugh’s intention or lack thereof was. Was he overhyped about his win? Probably. But to call him classless based on that is a stretch. I actually applaud both coaches for having a spark of energy that both teams have obviously needed for years.

  21. I know Lions fans are claiming that the extra day is what killed them, but I would gladly change that to play in SF. If that game is at Candlestick, I think the Niners run away with it.

  22. Why is it so hard to just give the 49er’s the credit they deserve. They had to fight from the gate to get this win. Calvin Johnson was not allowed a td. The Niners have to still yet to give up a rushing td this year. The D held its own today! Smith struggled and still managed to throw a tight slant to get the td to seal the deal. Oh btw, where in the hell was this all world defensive line that the lions have. Hell Suh was no where to be seen except getting beat off the ball and looking confused! So lets quit this their in the NFC WEST

  23. continued…. they have played 1 team from their division and just beat an undefeated team. The niners shouldn’t be taken lightly. so forget the HATERS, go niners!

  24. goldrush4949 says:
    Oct 16, 2011 5:18 PM
    Jim Schwartz — your 5-0 team got BEAT DOWN by my Niners.

    Take the loss like a man.

    You own the niners? wow pretty cool….

  25. Anyway… nice win for the 49’ers against the Lions today, both teams are vastly improved this year and any Lions or 49’ers fan should be loving it! congrats for now… hopefully “we’ll” see you in the playoffs!

  26. @discosucs2005

    I’m not one to rub sh** in, but to a certain degree, I agree with you. The 49ers and their 15 penalties today was largely due to crowd noise. I’m a lifetime Niner fan, but I’m glad Detroit has something to cheer about. I’m even more glad that I have something to cheer about!!!! Go 49ers!!!!

  27. centralchamps says:
    Oct 16, 2011 6:41 PM
    goldrush4949 says:
    Oct 16, 2011 5:18 PM
    Jim Schwartz — your 5-0 team got BEAT DOWN by my Niners.

    Take the loss like a man.

    You own the niners? wow pretty cool….

    He might 🙂
    You may want to change your name centralchamps, unless, of course, you are a packer fan. Somehow I think you are a lion fan.

  28. @rickthefactor

    I wouldn’t worry about the credit. You and I know that they earned their 5-1 start. I kinda think the Niners need to keep playing with a chip on their shoulder.

  29. Unfortunately, what I noticed most, in the part of the game I watched, was horrible officiating. It seems to be league wide this year.
    Picking up a flag on an obvious false start? Followed by a horse-collar tackle that wasn’t?
    C’mon man!!!!

  30. “@Rowhe where did he say they were a bad team? You’re as bad as the typical media, putting your own spin on it. He said they aren’t a great team, not that they are a bad team. There is a huge difference”

    It just was unnecessary statement, the game was sloppy in all aspects. Under your same justification can be made for the idiot that wrote this article. Better teams lose every week in the NFL that doesn’t mean they’re not great or that the other team is. Great is such a relative term.

  31. this was one of the worst officiated game that I have ever watched. granted the game was very sloppy on both sides but wow. There were so many garbage calls against both teams it was sickening. It almost seemed like the refs were trying to make up for bad calls against one team with bad calls against the other. The 49er D line was stout again. They totally took away the run game (as usual) from the lions and made them one dimensional and did the one thing that no other team has done all year in stopping megatron. Both of these 2 teams will make the playoffs which is something that I was not prepared to say prior to this season, but I have to think the niners have the higher upside. The packers are still the class of the NFL.

  32. Niners didn’t play good and they still won on the road lol. Lion fans be real u weren’t gonna win your division anyways lol. If u played in sf you would of got beat down. Thanks to your crowd you didn’t. You lost . Now go away and go cry u have nothing to say but excuses. Pathetic

  33. The Lions still have a fighting chance at a wildcard spot if they can at least split their last ten games …. However, I think it’s unlikely they’ll be able to pull it off ….. I see a 4-6 finish & a final non-playoff reord of 9-7 …… Oh well, at least Suh got a tackle in today’s game …..

    Here comes the real Lions following the path of the Tiger …….

  34. The 49er’s showed how to beat the “vaunted” Lions D: Run the ball AT Suh. For all his big talk, he had 2 tackles and a front row seat watching Gore and Hunter run past him.

    I can only imagine the dismantling the Packers are going to give the Lions. Schwantz is going to blow an artery for that one.

  35. Lion Fans! Glad you got a chance to meet our coach! He is an awe inspiring, fired up, gonna smack you in the mouth kinda guy. BTW where was MegaWHAT? Nice yardage, but no TD…..looks like our D did just fine. For all those Lion fans that said we hadn’t beat anyone good yet, how does it feel to meet a decent team yourselves. See ya in December!

  36. Stop crying Lions fans. Ok, our coach could have handled the handshake a little differntly. But who cares. We played hard nosed football, and pulled out a win. We are the better team, hands down.

    The real headline was the Lions have no rushing game and thats why they lost.

  37. I am a Lions fan, we got beat. We weren’t going to go undefeated. This loss doesn’t take anything away from a positive start. We are still young and learning. There is a lot of fine tuning that needs to happen. I don’t think anyone is claiming we are “great”. With that being said, I can’t stand Michael David Smith. I think he writes with bad intent about the Lions and I can’t figure out why. I would like to meet him in a dark alley in Detroit.

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