Mike Vick out, Vince Young in, Mike Vick back


Eagles quarterback Mike Vick has left Sunday’s game against the Redskins after taking a helmet-to-helmet hit and then having his helmet being driven into the turf.  (Since Vick was a runner at the time, there was no foul.)

Vince Young is in for Vick, and the man who coined the “Dream Team” label has contributed to the potential nightmare by throwing an interception deep in the Philly’s end of the field.

Fortunately for the Redskins, Rex Grossman threw one, too.

Vick is back in the game, which means that doctors concluded that he didn’t suffer a concussion.

The Eagles lead, 20-6.

UPDATE 3:15 p.m. ET:  Laura Okmin of FOX reports that the Eagles say Vick wasn’t actually injured, but that he had dirt in his face.  Riiiiight.

4 responses to “Mike Vick out, Vince Young in, Mike Vick back

  1. Actually what is complete bs is that the Redskins were yelling that Vick had to leave the game and the official bought it.

    The Redskins players should have no say in what happens there.

    If you think the league isnt keeping a watchful eye on the concussion situation at this point, you’re crazy.

    The fact that Vick was permitted to go back in speaks volumes about his condition. The fact that the Redskins got him removed from the field in that situation which ultimately led to what could have been a game-changing interception (would have been if sexy rexy weren’t so god-awful) is pitiful.

    Talk about the giants cheating a few weeks ago, this is at least as bad.

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