Steelers pounding Jags in Pittsburgh


Rashard Mendenhall quieted any chatter that he should lose his running back job after Jonathan Dwyer’s big game in his absence and the Steelers defense showed up in a big way during a dominant first half that left the Jaguars in a 17-3 hole at the half.

Mendenhall passed the 100-yard mark early in the second quarter and finished the half with 113 yards on 12 carries, including a 68-yard scamper that wound up setting up a field goal. He scored the first Steelers touchdown of the day and Ben Roethlisberger took advantage of a poor job by Jaguars cornerback Rashean Mathis for the second score. Mathis was far too soft on Mike Wallace, resulting in a 28-yard touchdown that put the Steelers up by a comfortable margin after their first two drives of the game.

The Jags offense hasn’t done anything to make you think that the second half will play out differently. Blaine Gabbert’s been sacked four times, they’ve converted one third down and gained a grand total of 68 yards in the first half. The Steelers haven’t found their way to a takeaway, continuing a season-long failure to create them, but they’ve done everything else you’d want to see on defense through the first 30 minutes of what’s looking like a one-sided win.

The only negative for the Steelers was the loss of guard Doug Legursky to another injury. Trai Essex stepped in for Legursky, who was carted off and doesn’t look like a good bet to return. The Steelers offense didn’t miss a beat, but they don’t really need more injuries on the offensive line at this point in the season.

7 responses to “Steelers pounding Jags in Pittsburgh

  1. Usually, you might wait until a team gets a 20 point lead to use the term ‘pounding.’ Or at least until they get to 20 points total. But that was some 17-13 pounding dished out there!

  2. Mad respect for the Steelers. Great win for you guys. For some reason my Jags always play the Steelers close and more times than not comes down to final seconds. At least Jags made it respectable. Congrats on win.

  3. @nationalmediacansuckit …

    Thanks for the mad respect for my Steelers, but I think some serious respect is due your Jags today. You came into a hostile environment as serious underdogs and did more than make it respectable. You were in it until the final play. Congrats on never giving up. And Gabbart may prove to be just what you need long-term.

    As for my Steelers …

    What happened to those short passes and slants that were so successful last week? Do Ben and the receivers practice their timing on those long downfield throws Arians loves so much? Doesn’t look like it. They’re only beautiful to behold when they connect 😐

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