Vikings reach new low in loss to Bears


It felt like an elimination game in the NFC North on Sunday night.

The Bears couldn’t afford to fall to 2-4 with a loss, including 0-3 in the division.  The Vikings needed a road win to stop the Donovan McNabb questions for another week and maintain hope for a turnaround.

Well, we can stick a fork in the 2011 Vikings as they were originally intended. The Bears are plenty alive.

Chicago mandhandled Minnesota 39-10 on Sunday a night, a defeat so thorough that it’s hard to see the team moving forward with Donovan McNabb at quarterback.

McNabb didn’t play that poorly Sunday night, but he ultimately couldn’t rise above his surroundings.  His receivers dropped too many passes. His banged-up line started to fall apart.  His defense and special teams let the Bears score again and again.

Christian Ponder relieved McNabb to start the fourth quarter, and made some nice plays. Then again, he didn’t lead the Vikings to any points and he only threw for 99 yards on 17 attempts.  The only question now is whether Ponder will take over McNabb during the team’s Week Nine bye, or whether the first round pick will face the Packers Sunday.  Coach Leslier Frazier wouldn’t show his hand after the game.

At this point, the Vikings have nothing to lose by making a change.

The Bears have issues, but they didn’t show up Sunday night.  And their quarterback is playing very well. Jay Cutler had his second straight nearly flawless primetime effort, throwing for 267 yards and two scores.  His protection was nearly flawless. Really.

Devin Hester scored another kick return touchdown, Matt Forte played like a Pro Bowler again, and Julius Peppers led the defense to one of its best efforts of the year.

The Bears could get to 4-3 at their bye week if they can beat the Bucs in London Sunday.  It’s a big game for Chicago.

It’s only mid-October, but the McNabb Vikings don’t have any big games left.

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84 responses to “Vikings reach new low in loss to Bears

  1. Ponder didn’t really beat out Webb. All reports were that Webb was outperforming him, but Ponder is the number two because of draft status.

    Still, no point in sticking with McNabb. He’s finished two years ago.

  2. McNabb threw 5 incompletions and 3 of them were drops.

    I know that he is not Rodgers or Brady, but Donovan is not the problem in Minny.

  3. Let’s see what we’ve got with this Ponder kid. 99 yds in a quarter without making a mistake seemed like a pretty good debut and was really the only positive for us Viking fans.

  4. Seeing Ponder play was like a breath of fresh air.

    McNabb, you had a great career, but it’s time to start considering retirement.

  5. How can you only say McNabb didn’t play “that poorly?” He was one of the few that looked like he cared. He was on the money all night. Take away a throwaway and 3 drops and he only had one incompletion.

  6. ” Not only will the Vikings be 10-6, But they will finish ahead of both the Lions and Bears and make the playoffs. Oh, and the Bears will finish 3-13.”

    – Vikings Announcer Paul Allan


  7. Guys you have to stop looking at stats to determine whether or not a QB played a good game. McNabb wasn’t the worse player on the field this game, but he also didn’t help the team gain points either. (If you forgot that is his job). I put most of the blame today on the Offensive line and Play calling and receivers. That being said, McNabb still didn’t hit receivers in stride and gave up on plays too easily at times. Some of those sacks he could have avoided had he run or threw the ball out of bounds.

    I have been very complimentary of the defense for their performances, and have given them well deserved passes on 2nd half collapses on account of the offense not helping them out by staying on the field. This game however they just were flat out pathetic. I did not see any scheme changes at halftime to fix the problems they had. I also fail to see why Cedric Griffin is still on the team, he was not deserving of that contract he got and almost every receiving TD on them this year has been because of his poor coverage. This time he had help, or lack their of by the safeties as well… Oh and Chad Greenway, how about some plays on balls for all that money they gave you.

    Give Ponder the rock, I liked what I saw with him. He showed poise, athleticism, good decision making (he threw the ball out of bounds instead of taking the sacks), and good ball placement on receivers for YAC plays. Give him the reigns.

  8. Just a guess here, and I hope I’m wrong, but I see Frazier starting McNabb against Green Bay next weekend. If you don’t bench a guy after 0-3, or 0-4, or 1-4 despite a bad game, why bench him at 1-5 coming off probably his best game of the season (which isn’t saying much). However, you can tell McNabb won’t be the starter very much longer one way or another.

  9. Could not understand why they didn’t start the season with Webb and then turn to ponder if it did not work, they wasted 2 years with that idiot #4 and now they are wasting another with Mcnabb, huge respect for his career( especially throwing 4 Tds on a broken leg) but he is not what this team needs now

  10. “Also, remember that one time everyone ripped on Mike Shanahan from benching McNabb? hahaha.”

    Only for the Genius to replace him with Sexy Rexy Grossman.

    We’ll call this a lose-lose

  11. Receivers dropping balls, maybe Ponder at QB and Webb getting time at receiver like the Vikes “planned”? I could be wrong, I like football.

  12. Its a number of problems. Offensive line is awful. Trade Hutch to a contender and get a pick. Cedric Griffin has 2 repaired knees and lost 3 steps. 4 Safeties that wouldnt make the Univ of MN football team. 3 LBs that dont know how to blitz or are being coached on how not to blitz. EJ Henderson is a trooper but that broken leg has zapped him of his explosiveness. Trade Kevin Williams, his best days are behind him. If NE can trade Seymour then MN can trade Wiliams. Allen and Robison are only players giving consistent effort but put them on natural grass and they cant even beat a CHI o-lineman. Anyteam coached by a “Leslie” is going to be soft. We use to be a physical. No playmakers at WR other than Harvin. Rudolph is good. Awful OC, can we just once have some imagination in the playcalling. Maybe Childress was the best coach in the NFL to 6-10 wins out of these stiffs!!! Please LA, put me out of my misery. Take them. History shows when they leave they win a ring. Lakers and Stars for example.

  13. What a horribly sloppy game for the Vikings. For once McNabb was not one of the main reasons the Vikings lost this week, but the writing has been on the wall for over a month now. One of the biggest problems with McNabb in my opinion is that he has zero leadership skills. He is not a leader on the field or in the locker room, and QB is pretty much the most important position to have a team leader in. You can tell by the frustration and the body language of the other Vikes players that they do not believe in McFlab. It’s hard to believe that Leslie Frazier waited until this week, until the 4th quarter of this game to give young Ponder a shot. Let’s hope he has the stones to keep McNabb on the bench and hand the reins over to Ponder. I couldn’t get any worse than it was tonight.

  14. Only missing 5 passes is impressive for Donovan, but the people who watched the game knew that he couldnt get the Vikings down the field. Ponder did.

  15. McNabb got a standing ovation every single time he took the field in Philly. AND, he got a standing ovation his first game back in Philly as a Redskin. So drop the tired ‘worst city sports fan’ crybaby nonsense. Stop believing what you read and open your eyes/ears. Philly fans boo poor performances and cherish the players that work hard and give it their all, just like they cherished McNabb. So just stop, you are making a fool of yourself.

    You want bad fans, watch New Orleans or Dallas. Those animals throw trash on the field and boo their team in games they win. FACT! You dope.

    As for the Vikings, I thought Webb looked promising the few times I’ve seen him, but Ponder didn’t look out of place tonight…which is pretty much all you can hope for in a first game. Say what you want about McNabb’s ability as a veteran in the league, their Defense was awful tonight.

  16. @kl5661: Thank God the players (the only ones who matter ) think we have one of , if not the best fan base in all of sports. So flamers like you better stick to typing away, cause we all know your sweet a$$ would never come to the Linc running your mouth. The Eagles are already back in the division race, so hate on cause Philly is back and is gonna win the East !

  17. herlies says:
    I know that he is not Rodgers or Brady, but Donovan is not the problem in Minny.
    He’s clearly not the solution, either.

    I propose that the Vikings become the first team in NFL history to forgo the quarterback position entirely, and just directly snap the ball to Adrian Peterson every play.

  18. didn’t hester burn the vikings before and kluwe got blamed for it? this game was nuts, had almost everything go wrong that could. wow. do I even watch anymore? my wife is right, why? for ponder? they are a really bad joke now. they didn’t fix dick in the offseason and that is what makes me the angriest. screw the lions or 49ers coach, this is real fed up anger. 2009 nfc championship should-a won to this? wow! lord help them and us. so bad in so many ways.

  19. McNabb “only” threw 5 incompletions but his stats are a complete facade. He doesn’t complete throws, his receivers make catches. Shiancoe and Harvin shouldn’t have to lay out on the ground and get a mouthful of turf to catch one of McNabb’s horrendously thrown ground balls. His “stats” are keeping him in the games but anyone with two eyes in their head can see he’s awful (except apparently Frazier)

  20. Well Im so dissapointed im a vikings fan and i watched 3 hours for nothing except Ponder who looked good hope he starts next week right after that i saw the The Walking Dead season 2 premire at least that did not dissapointed me i really like that i recommended it to you its on AMC

  21. Fire sale in Big Minny.

    First stop is to talk to Indy and Kansas City and convince them you have a player or two that can turn their season around, because those are the draft picks you need.

    Second stop, hire multiple religious figures to remove whatever god awful hex was slapped on this franchise.

    I think it happened when Les Steckel ate that fake crap out of a diaper.

  22. As a Vikings fan I can tell you the team can go 2-14 and the fans will be quiet as long as those two wins are against the Packers.

    I don’t buy that the games are meaningless, if (a HUGE if) they can beat the Packers it will provide some hope for next year. Highly, highly doubtful.

    Ponder looked better than McNabb. But there are plenty of other problems and it starts with that HORRIBLE offensive line. It’s a cluster of no namers.

    Charlie Johnson? – Retread from Indy.
    Steve Hutchinson – Not the player he once was.
    John Sullivan – Too small and terrible.
    Anthony Herrera – Coming off ACL tear
    Phil Loadholt – False Start Capital of the NFL.

  23. McNabb played well, but the team sucks. The O-line was terrible, the defensive schemes were terrible, the special teams play was terrible. And yet NBC had Chris Collingsworth in the booth calling for McNabb’s head?

    Sorry, but the problem is with coaching.

  24. mcnabb’s getting back-up money and he’s just been playing out his career until ponder is ready.
    ponder is ready. it is time, pine time for don

    frazier is a good guy that the players like, but he needs to make better decisions. hopefully he’ll learn quickly

  25. Even though he didn’t lead the team to a score, but it seemed like he was doing better! For one he knows when to throw the ball away and hitting WR’s. Looked like Harvin was finally being used but the downside AP only had 12 carries. I know I wanted the OC to be fired, but I will back off that and see what Ponder can do because Ponder moved the ball and the WR’s responded, but half a$$! Need to let McNabb be back-up and cut Berrian and Tyrell Johnson (tired of seeing him drop easy picks!). Why not put Ponder in because the Vikings are 1-5 and are not going into postseason. Lets put Ponder in and can possibly witness a upset next week (which I doubt it)!

  26. They might have gone with McNabb about 1-2 games too far. Ponder should’ve started a bit earlier… I guess Shanahan knew what he was doing.

  27. Hard to believe a year ago this board was filled with Vikings trolls telling how the Packers were crap and the Vikings would rule the division for decades.

  28. why did it take so long to see that McNabb is done, Philly & Wash. knew it. cut the friendship ties from philly its your job to move forward. Ponder looked good, had a couple of high passes but moved the team. It looked liked the players wanted to play harder when he was in… n my opinion.. and there was only one pass in the turf but that was off his back foot n pressure. sorry McNabb but its time. Ponder is known for his throwing ability and he showed it. this is a professional game so why does it take so long to figure out when a player doesn’t have it anymore. again sorry McNabb time to go and enjoy your time off

  29. Hard to believe a year ago this board was filled with Vikings trolls telling how the Packers were crap and the Vikings would rule the division for decades.

    Oh yes — almost forgot — we could “take that to the bank,” “write it down,” or some other empty hyperbole.

  30. McNabb is so washed up parents in Minnesota are now telling their children to “Donovan McNabb” before supper…

  31. ponder had some speed…. looked like a torpedo cruise missle or something when he ducked his head and ran.

    by the way, where was jared allen? he disappeared and couldn’t man handle chicago’s left tackle?… must be cause he got the memo that there’s gonna be HGH testing….(oh I’m so witty).

  32. I’m really enjoying this pathetic team just self-destruct every week. Almost as enjoyable as watching the Pack win. Can’t wait intil next Sunday, guaranteed win day for the Packers. McNabb, Ponder or Webb, it doesn’t matter. Someone will get sacked quite a few times by Clay Matthews.

  33. I feel bad for McNabb, he had a solid career and was always a class-act, even in the worst sports city fan-wise in the nation(Philly).

    Sigh…….oh, just shut up. So old, so tiring, so wrong. (except the part about McNabb)

  34. Ponder is the only reason to watch the Vikings for the rest of the year. What a disgusting effort, which is what we can expect in every road game. They can probably be competitive at home, except for next week. We should get a good left tackle in the draft.

  35. To NBC and the CHICAGO BEARS,

    i want to thank you for completely desecrating the team known as the Minnesota Vikings, for the last 5 weeks i have been watching as my team has been sputtering along going through the motions, looking like a pee-wee football team on its last leg. tonight five things happened. Number one Donovan Mcnugget was finally exposed on National TV for what he really is. Number two the coaches were finally exposed for what they really are. Number three after weeks of blowing leads because we weren’t feeding our best player the ball, you finally exposed our (former) QB for the foot passing primadona he really is.Number 4 he was finally pulled from the game for our first round pick who like a breath of fresh air tonight…..and the icing on the cake…his own MOM walked out on him during the game late third quarter……Thank you NBC and again thank you chicago Bears you really brought hope back to Minnesota with this beat down……..Go ponder Go Vikings…….


    A formerly distraught and now relieved Vikings fan!!!!!

  36. I don’t get all of this negativity of Donny McNabb.
    He isn’t the problem…Why haven’t the Vikings receivers figured out that they need to ‘scoop’ those balls up off of the carpet? Those are High percentage throws, put where only the receiver can get them.
    And if those same receivers would work on their leaping skills, they would help Donny out a lot, as he tends to throw up the ‘jump ball’ once in awhile, and the receiver should go and get it.
    Jeez! He led Philly to how many NFC Championship games? And one Super Bowl birth, where he played lights out! And if not for the rest of the team puking in the huddle and stuff, they probably would have won!
    You go Donny! Us real football fans are in your corner, admiring your greatness for all of your flawless years as the NFL’s top QB!

  37. McNabb showed little awareness in the locket and held on to the ball far too long. Ponder made plays with his feet and his arm. They could have kicked two field goals, went for it twice on fourth down.

  38. I don’t see anyone mentioning how poorly this game was coached??
    You have one of the best RB, a good solid d line and linebackers. You had EXPLOSIVE weapons and a veteran qb. Yes he sucks but how hard is it to throw a couple screens? This team should not be this bad. Why the heck isn’t anyone mentioning this horrible head coach?? Clearly he is horrible. Hmm fire the OC at least! Wow people are blind!! They should not suck this badly bears are not that good lol I’m done HTTR

  39. The vikings have stunk for a long time. The only thing that covered all their flaws was Brett Favre.

    This season without Favre all their poor draft choices and bad coaching has been exposed.

    Now many of those bozos want to blame specific players like McNabb for the vikings poor performance but their deficiencies are far more deep rooted.

    After the relocation, the franchise has a chance to turn all the losing ways around. Having a new market where they can be discussed candidly will go a long way to establishing rapport with their new community. So will accountability for performance.

    Jimmy above is correct there were many slanderers on this site saying many falsehoods about Aaron Rodgers and the Packers the last couple of years.

    Now the same ones gloss over the vikings problems in market, stadium, revenue, free agency, the draft, game management, and player discipline.

    The best thing the vikings can do is clean house and relocate with a fresh start and a new identity.

  40. vikinganswer says: Oct 17, 2011 12:18 AM

    “Take them. History shows when they leave they win a ring. Lakers and Stars for example.”

    just to show how misinformed you are the minneapolis lakers won 5 championships in a row.

  41. jimmysee says: Oct 17, 2011 1:18 AM

    “Hard to believe a year ago this board was filled with Vikings trolls telling how the Packers were crap and the Vikings would rule the division for decades.”

    trolls? if someone is bashing the packers or another team on a vikings article how does that make them trolls? your a packers fan i take it and you come in here bashing vikings and their fans your the one who is a troll

  42. Saying positive things about the bears must’ve really screwed up your sunday, rosental.

    Here’s hoping for a lot more screwed up Sunday’s for you, you belligerently anti-bear turd.

  43. axespray says:
    Oct 17, 2011 1:31 AM

    by the way, where was jared allen? he disappeared and couldn’t man handle chicago’s left tackle?… must be cause he got the memo that there’s gonna be HGH testing….(oh I’m so witty).

    Yes, I heard that Clay Matthews is well aware of the upcoming testing and has been warning everyone.

    pack13queens0 says:
    Oct 17, 2011 1:33 AM

    …McNabb, Ponder or Webb, it doesn’t matter. Someone will get sacked quite a few times by Clay Matthews.

    Well that would be a first for this year. Clayboy is on pace for 5.5 sacks this season. Funny how his decline in sacks coincided with the specualtion of HGH testing, huh?

  44. Oh, cause his mom was REALLY walking out on him… Clearly she was just going to fetch some chunky soup for her poor boy!

    On a more serious level, come on guys. Donnovan has indeed looked awful this year and I have been equally disgusted as any of you with his play, but don’t sit and disrespect the guy. He hasn’t sat and ran his yap out of place much like your average Rex Ryan, hes truly a class act. His career might be over, but show a little respect for the man.

  45. “Please LA, put me out of my misery. Take them. History shows when they leave they win a ring. Lakers and Stars for example”


    What a great fan… Pfft

  46. Remember when members of the ’85 Bears were all the rage in coaching circles? Now Jeff Fisher is out of the league, Lezlie Frazier is so baffled he forgot how to do as much as open his mouth on the sideline, and his linebacker coach is probably taking his pants off.

  47. Let’s see… the o-line can’t block, the receivers can’t catch, the corners can’t cover.

    Other than that, everything’s fine!

  48. If the Vikes wanna win any more games, they should start Webb.

    If they don’t care about this year but wanna prepare for the future, they need to start Ponder.

    And if they still wanna start McNabb, they are just plain crazy.

    The talents Donovan once had, sadly he seems to have lost it all now…

  49. Ponder looked good — made decent decisions — had mobility — needs snaps.

    Time for the Vikes to go all-in.

    Release Donovan and between Ponder and Webb, see what you’ve got.

    The remainder of the season is a huge teaching opportunity for the Minnesota coaching staff. If the team makes the leap of faith and takes this opportunity, it could pay dividends for the franchise for the next decade.

    (This from a Packers fan — in Green Bay the coaches are teachers first.)

  50. Ponder looked terrific eluding the pass rush, something McNabb failed to do. Ponder also throws a more catchable ball. A couple of McNabb’s drops were high rocket passes from point blank range. Ponder lays it in there a lot nicer.

    Ponder put up those numbers despite extreme pass rush through an o-line missing two starters. He did that despite the Vikings passing on virtually every down and the Bears knowing it. McNabb put up equal numbers earlier in the game despite having his whole o-line, the threat of a running play, and still managed to get sacked a bunch along the way.

    Seriously Ponder looked better than McNabb so I don’t see any reason to leave DNabb in there. Time to give one of the best looking rookie QB’s a shot.

  51. Unfortunately, McNabb’s play the past two seasons make the assessment of his talent by Shanahan and Limbaugh look more astute than those of ESPN’s Tom Jackson … among others.

  52. ladies and gentleman, meet the new Detroit Lions of the NFL. maybe by 2030 they will be competitive again. LOL! but enjoy that “high powered” running back of yours. it’s working so well.

  53. I’m one of the first guys trolling with the “LA Vikings” thing, but does a Minnesota fan really not know that the Lakers won titles before the moved?

  54. I received a text message from a family member that read:

    “When I die, I want the Minnesota Vikings to be my pall-bearers so they can let me down one last time.”

    This team, once so talented, is finished for the foreseeable future. Their OL, even when healthy, is one of the league’s worst. They can’t even tell how good their receivers are because the play-calling and quarterbacking remind everyone of Col. Klink’s Kick-ass offense. I hate this for the talented players on this team: Williams, Peterson, Allen, Winfield, Henderson….they deserve better.

  55. The Bears made the necessary adjustments to protect Cutler and it worked.
    They neutralized one of the best pass rushing teams in the league and Cutler picked them apart. With the Vikings loading the box to stop Forte they were ripe for the play action.

    The Bears defense completely shut down the best RB in football and made the Vikings try to beat them by throwing the ball. That worked really well too.
    None of this happened last night?
    From this thread you would think that the Bears just lucked into a win.

    This shows how stubborn the Bears coaching staff really is.
    It takes everyone screaming for Angelo, Martz and Lovie’s heads before they do what is obvious to everyone else.
    If they had used this pass protection scheme from day one then they beat the Saints and Lions and maybe the Packers too.

    This same Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde persona showed up last year and it took a really pathetic performance against the Redskins for them to wake up then.

  56. I’m just guessing like everyone else as to why Ponder and not Webb. I have a feeling Mr Webb isn’t on the mental stage for Qbacking. I’ll bet the house that Ponder has been given a lot of practice time, it showed last night, he was not rusty at all, and that he moved to number two a while ago from his practicing.

    They said Ponder graduated from college after 2 and a half years so the guy is smart, has what looks like a strong arm, is very mobile and could be another Aaron Rogers in the making. He ain’t sitting on the bench anymore.

  57. …Call me selfish,but i cant decide which is better to watch: the Vikings stinkin’ up the league on a weekly basis,or the Packers that keep winning!! There’s a silver lining here Vikes fans: you wont be subjected to watching the horrid tradition much longer,its only a matter of time before the team moves to L.A.!!!

  58. Minnesota teams never win. And don’t count the Lynx because nobody watches WNBA. When was the last time the Gophers went to a BCS Bowl? Who was the last Minnesotan to win a Nascar cup title? And of course, no titles for the Queens.

  59. pack13queens0 says:
    Oct 17, 2011 3:04 PM
    And of course, no titles for the Queens.
    Exceot for the one they won in 1969 but you go ahead and make up history as you go along.

  60. pack13queens0 says:
    Oct 17, 2011 3:04 PM
    Minnesota teams never win. And don’t count the Lynx because nobody watches WNBA. When was the last time the Gophers went to a BCS Bowl? Who was the last Minnesotan to win a Nascar cup title? And of course, no titles for the Queens.

    How convenient. We win a title and you determine that it doesn’t count. Obviously, you don’t watch the WNBA because the WNBA wouldn’t stoop so low as to put a franchise in Wisconsin.

  61. pack13queens0 says: Oct 17, 2011 3:04 PM

    “Minnesota teams never win. And don’t count the Lynx because nobody watches WNBA. When was the last time the Gophers went to a BCS Bowl? Who was the last Minnesotan to win a Nascar cup title? And of course, no titles for the Queens”

    i will tell you why the gophers football hasn’t been very good for quite a while. you actually have to be smart to go to the university of minnesota; most football players aren’t that smart.

  62. I’m not at all impressed with the Bears win over the Vikings. They kicked the @&& of one of the weakest teams in the NFL – poor D-line, poor D-backs, weak offense (not McNabbs fault).

    This will be a confidence builder for the Bears. Does it mean they’re a good team? NOT BY A LONG SHOT.

    Thanks again, McCaskeys.

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