Bears find it “shocking” anyone kicks to Devin Hester

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Devin Hester reminded the Vikings on Sunday night that he’s the most dangerous return man in NFL history, running back a kickoff 98 yards for a touchdown. And that has some of Hester’s fellow Bears wondering why any team ever puts the ball in his hands.

“I think the shocking part for us is that people still kick to him because he’s such a threat,” Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said. “And we know he is taking a shot, he might take one to the house, so it’s fun.”

It’s easy to say no team should ever kick to Hester, but it’s awfully hard to do: Even with kickoffs moved up to the 35-yard line, kickers can’t always boot the ball out of the end zone. Sometimes Hester is going to get the ball in his hands.

And when that happens, the Bears are in very good shape.

There’s never been anyone like him,” Bears coach Lovie Smith said.

Smith is right about that: Hester has 11 punt return touchdowns, five kickoff return touchdowns and one missed field goal return touchdown in his NFL career. There’s never been a kick returner like him, and at age 28, Hester is showing no signs of slowing down.

23 responses to “Bears find it “shocking” anyone kicks to Devin Hester

  1. I find it “Shocking” that the Bears ever put him anywhere besides kick returner.

  2. and everyone else in the world find it “SHOCKING” the bears made him into a receiver not allowing him to return punts/kicks anymore…….

  3. Stupid Raiders Fan says: Oct 17, 2011 10:12 AM

    I find it “Shocking” that the Bears ever put him anywhere besides kick returner.


    Didn’t Hester have five receptions for 91 yards, including a TD?

  4. Stupid Raiders Fan says: Oct 17, 2011 10:12 AM

    I find it “Shocking” that the Bears ever put him anywhere besides kick returner.
    Yeah those five catches for 91 yards and a TD really screwed us!

    I’m just messin’ around. I don’t think he will do that every week.

  5. Why would anyone find it shocking that teams do not shy away from kicking it to him on kickoffs?

    He has been in the league for 5 years. So he is averaging one TD a YEAR on kickoffs. So any given team has a 1 in 16 chance of being that years victim. Given that the alternatives are unpalatable-squib kicks that give the Bears great starting position or kicking it out of bounds the choice is simple. You kick it out of the end zone or to Hester.

    Punts are a different animal. You have many more options and in that case it would be foolish (and not necessary) to kick to him

  6. @clintonportisheadd

    Perhaps you should take into consideration the fact that Bears have had 2 other kick returners go to pro bowls since Hester has been in the league…..

    He hasn’t been doing kickoffs his whole career, which is why he is “only” averaging one kickoff a year.

  7. yeah is shocking if you dont know hwat you are doing, I remember Raiders kicking to Hester, and totally controlled him. I guess first of all you need an elite punter, and great ST to control him..

  8. clintonportisheadd – – – You make it sound like Hester isn’t a threat on kick-off returns (because he only has 5). The Bears were #1 in Average Starting Field Position last year. This is/was mainly due to VERY LONG kick-off returns that didn’t result in a Touchdown. This year, with the new rule change, the Bears are #30 in Average Starting Field Position.

  9. I can pretty much guarrantee that he won’t be returning kickoffs against the Bucs. Get ready to bruise your knee with kneeldowns Devin.

  10. packer fan..

    If it wasn’t for some klutz he would have one more on one of the best designed plays I’ve ever seen. That punt return decoy play was a thing of beauty!

  11. Deleting some of the items on my DVR to make room for Walking Dead Season 2, I passed by and watched NFLN’s Top 10 Players Not In the Hall of Fame. Among those on the list were WR/ST Ace Steve Tasker and Ray Guy. There was a considerable amount of supporters for both, as well as a lot of naysayers with “No Special Teamer should ever make the Hall of Fame.

    Growing up, I remember Tasker and how dominant he was. He was a 7-time Pro Bowler, a 4-time semi-finalist for the HOF, but I doubt he will ever get in. The same could be said for Guy who was a 7-time Pro Bowler, plus 3-time first team All-Pro with 7 HOF finalists votes to go along with 5 HOF semi-finalists.

    My question to all of you is: Could you see Devin Hester as a Hall of Famer? He is the absolute best at what he does, he has done it better than any player in history, but IMO, so has Tasker and Guy, and all three are Special Teams players.

    Should Devin Hester get into the HOF as a returner when he retires? (Thumbs up for yes, Thumbs down for no)

  12. It does not matter what the score of the game is or what I am doing at the moment.

    I always stop and watch when Hester is going to return a kick.

  13. here’s an even better question: why do the vikings put Booker back to field their kicks? Harvin should be back there every sinlge time. if you’re not going to use him on offense, atleast put him back to field kicks.


  14. I think Ryan Longwell may have jumped the shark. He’s missed a field goal in two straight games and he can’t kick it deep in the end zone.

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