Beck wants to be the starter in D.C.


On one hand, it’s not much of a surprise that a football player actually wants to play football.  On the other hand, it’s not every day that a backup quarterback makes a public pitch for the job.

That’s precisely what John Beck did after Sunday’s loss to the Eagles, during which he replaced Rex Grossman after Grossman threw four interceptions.

I want to play,” Beck told Kelli Johnson of CSN Washington.  “I want to be the quarterback.  But I’m not the one that makes that decision, it’s coach, and they’ll make the best decision for the team. . . .  What’s gonna happen next, I don’t know.  But I’ll just do everything I can to be prepared if my number is called.”

Though coach Mike Shanahan said that he’d never announce the next week’s starter after a game in which this week’s starter was benched, it’s hard not to think that the time has come for Beck to get his shot, especially after Mike and Kyle Shanahan have spent months gushing over him.  Indeed, at one point Kyle claimed that he lobbied the Texans to take Beck with the 10th overall draft pick in 2007.  (Houston G.M. Rick Smith recalled that one a little differently.)

Beck also gets some style points for his choice of post-game attire.  He wore what looked like an old-school mechanic’s shirt, complete with a name tag that said “John.”

In the past, folks in D.C. may have needed that extra help to recognize a guy who looks a little like Brad Johnson mixed with Will Forte.  Once he gets the job, they’ll know who he is.

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  1. Yeah , and mcnabb wants to be the starter in minnesota. Well i guess you couldn’t be worse than Rex. at least when you under threw your receivers you didn’t blame them .

  2. Put anyone in besides Grossman anybody at all. He blew his shot. As big of a game as this was and coming off of a bye week and this is the performance he gives. Should’ve been pulled at the half.

  3. I do blame Grossman’s poor decision making. I also blame Kyle Shanahan’s play calling.
    When we get blitzed, the QB NEVER sees a man open downfield in single coverage- is this because the QB doesn’t see him, is it because the WR’s fail to adjust the route when they see blitz? Is it because the play design was all wrong to begin with for a blitz situation? I don’t know, but I see this weekly with this team, yet when we blitz on defense, Mike Vick finds a WR 5 yards away from DeAngelo Hall and hits him. Romo finds Bryant open and hits him. On and on and on……So yeah, may as well give Beck a shot. But hey, the guy couldn’t beat Rex in camp, don’t expect much.

  4. I was surprised when the Shannys picked Grossman to begin the year. I thought Beck looked like a gamer. It’s easy to root for a guy like Beck to make good.

  5. Kyle didn’t lobby for beck. He was “asked who would you pick if it was your choice”, that’s not standing on the table like the media tried to make it out to be.

  6. You simply don’t throw the ball into double and triple coverage way down field to Santana Moss or Jabbar Gaffney. They’re good players, but they’re too short for that. That’s ok if you have Plaxico or Calvin Johnson, both 6’5″, not these 5’9″ guys- these guys you only throw that when they’ve beaten the coverage and are streaking down field behind the defender. The QB has to make better decisions. Unless of course the offensive coordinator is insisting he only makes the throw he’s told and don’t improvise.

  7. he definitely can’t be any worse than Grossman. if this guy continues to play, our defense will wear out pretty quickly. the game stayed in hand due in part of our D. Grossman is putting to much pressure on our defense with all the t/o. time to see what this dudes got, it was only a matter of time.

  8. Who is the guy on here with the 1 thumb down on every comment pulling for Beck? Is it Rex on the Web? I thought that he did not pay attention to his critics….Well, he better start listening and pack his bags…Because with play like that, he’ll get run out of DC faster than Archuletta and Haynesworth combined…Thanks for all the picks!

  9. I don’t have a horse in this race.

    The facts:

    Beck had not been allowed on a regular season field since 2007 till yesterday. His career stats are atrociouly bad. He had 3.5 years to make himself better and still couldn’t beat out Grossman in preseason. Just sayin’.

    If this were my team, I’d be pretty po’d that it didn’t do anything about the QB position prior to the season.

  10. He should be, lest they want to let the division slip away, which may happen anyway.

    If I was a betting man, my money would be squarely on the Iggles to win that soft division.

  11. Was that a professional QB out there playing yesterday? It certainly didn’t look like it to me. Rex was absolutely pathetic. At least Beck provided a spark, and now should be given the opportunity to show if he can play in this league. With two starting O-linemen out, we need a athletic QB to escape the pocket and make plays. Rex cannot do this. Start Beck please!

  12. Grossman is the Anti-McNabb. Rex puts the ball way up in the air where anyone can catch it, receivers, defenders, lost ballonists. McNabb puts it into the floor where no one can get it.

    I really can’t see anything odd in Beck’s comments. Player wants to play, thinks he should start. Hardly headline news is it. Especially not when the guy starting ahead of him seems to have a total disregard for where defenders are. Heath Shuler could have unretired and done a better job of protecting the ball than Grossman did last night.

    At the very least, Beck has got good arm strength and decent mobility. He isn’t a long term solution, but he should be able to get us through the season with fewer turnovers than Grossman.

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