Garrett on the defensive as more Jerry Jones criticism emerges

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We passed along some quotes last night where Jerry Jones second guessed his coach about the team’s conservative play-calling late in the fourth quarter.

It turns out he first guessed Jason Garrett as well.

Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports writes that Jones was already grumbling in the owner’s box as the Cowboys were running to set up a punt.

“They’re gonna get at least a field goal,” Jones said at the time. “We’ll be lucky to get to overtime.”

The Cowboys didn’t get to overtime, as Tom Brady led the Patriots on a game-winning drive.

“When you get in a situation like that, you’ve got to go for the kill,” Jones said. “I felt like we could’ve been more aggressive.

Garrett, meanwhile, said that he was trusting the team’s defense.  He was seen after the game trying to explain things to Jones.

The Cowboys coach played not to lose.  You have to least throw one pass against a secondary that has been vulnerable.

You can’t hide Tony Romo in the fourth quarter all year.

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65 responses to “Garrett on the defensive as more Jerry Jones criticism emerges

  1. Didn’t, just 2 weeks ago, JJ say that theres nothing wrong about punting when you have a lead? No wonder the Cowboys are full of fail.

  2. Jones is a fool. He has the right to question the strategy, but anyone with a brain would do it out of the public eye. All he’s accomplishing is throwing the team into it’s usual turmoil and undermining the coach with the team.

  3. This is where the “short leash” “bit Garrett. Romo is what he is. He’ll win a game for you by gunslinging, he’ll lose a game by gunslinging. But if you basically take the ball out of his hands, you’re admitting defeat without ever having seen what the possibilities could be.

    Aside from not having a running game to rely upon, it was as boneheaded a decision as I’ve ever seen a Dallas Cowboys coach make, outside of Campo. You KNOW you can’t run the ball, but you’re going to run and then give the ball BACK to Tom Brady and dare him to beat you? PLEASE…

    If you play scared and not to lose, you’re usually going to lose. Period.

  4. The other two losses he was criticized for NOT running the ball. He can’t win…figuratively or literally.

    The offense has to be able to run for a first down.

    The defense has to be able to make a stop.

    Neither of those things happened.

  5. “Garrett, meanwhile, said that he was trusting the team’s defense. He was seen after the game trying to explain things to Jones.”

    It’ll be interesting to see how much heat Jones takes for this and how that compares to the heat Snyder took years ago for doing the exact same thing with Norv Turner.

  6. I remeber a time when the Cowboys were a good team, about the same time Super Nintendo was cool and MTV still has music videos. Just live in the past Dallas Fans, because your future is getting more and more ugly every week.

  7. I don’t blame Garrett on this one, because if he was more aggressive Romo would have found a way to throw an interception and then everyone would question him for that. He can’t win for losing. You can blame Romo with his erratic play. Romo is who he is….Can’t trust him!!

  8. “When you get in a situation like that, you’ve got to go for the kill,” Jones said. “I felt like we could’ve been more aggressive.”

    Coach Jones is right. Expect Jerrah to be calling the plays soon, real soon.

  9. Your last comment was ignorant, romo gave
    dallas the lead with 2 minutes left and the defense couldnt stop them from going the length of the field. Give Brady credit, get off romo’s back.

  10. Garret had no faith in Fony Romo and too much faith in Blob Ryan !!

    Why hasn’t Fat boy Ryan gotten any of the blame ?

    Is JJ already thinking about pulling the plug on Garret and Giving the nod to RR ?

  11. Jerry Jones is clueless when it comes to football. He is an owner and not a GM despite his title.

    He needs to let football people build a team and run a team and he needs to sit back and sign the checks.

  12. So much for it being Jason Garrett’s team. As long as Jerry is the owner there will always be second guesses.

    Honestly, if Boss Hogg Jerry knows so much he ought to take the HC job and demote Garrett to OC.

    Find out how easy it is to make calls on the field, especially against a coach who’s won 3 Super Bowls.

  13. Shut the mouth Jerry and come on down and just coach already…Owner, GM, Coach..Have all those positions..Heck, why not take over as the head equipment mgr.

  14. Jerry Jones…you have no one to blame but yourself. Fired Jimmy Johnson, probably kept the franchise from winning 4 straight Superbowls. Didn’t draft Randy Moss, what was one more problem to a team that had a PARTY HOUSE?? _______ Fill in the blank w/any other decision you have made. Jesse Holley was a good decision though.

  15. I think Garrett, Romo and a number of other coaches, players, former players and former coaches should begin attending Jerry’s Corporate Board meetings and openly criticize his business decisions and throw HIM under the bus for every decision he makes. Are they qualified to do so……hell no, but neither is he qualified to play Monday morning QB and criticize them either. Everytime I see him walking the sideline during a game, I hope for someone to run out of bounds and break his hip.

    As long as he owns that team, I hope they NEVER win.

  16. Jerry Jones needs to fire his incompetent GM for signing and drafting these players along with hiring these coaches for the Cowgirls.

    Oh wait, the GM of the Cowgirls is also named Jerry Jones. Jerry won’t allow his ego to fire himself.

  17. I’d like to see Jones coach for a year just so he’d come away with a better understanding of what it’s like to be the guy making the calls. First he nitpicks that Garrett wasn’t conservative enough. Then he nitpicks that Garrett wasn’t too conservative. Let’s put a headset on Jones, make him call the plays, then rip him when the game’s over and see how he likes it.

  18. It’s amazing how so many HC’s go by “the book” in these types of situations, but don’t take into account the situation in “this game”.

    Tom Brady & the Pats O needing only 3 to tie, and having over a minute left and a time out or two is not where you want to make your stand.

    You can still run some conservative pass plays that are high % of completion (keeps clock running like a run) and gets the ball carrier out in space. Running into the line in that situation is doomed, as the D is gonna stack the line, and you are ensuring paragraph 2 above happens.

    But then again, JJ’s micro-managing of HC’s encourages just the type of thing he doesn’t want to see. The HC basically decides which path to a loss is easier to defend post-game, than trying to win the game.

  19. cakemixa says: Oct 17, 2011 9:19 AM

    Didn’t, just 2 weeks ago, JJ say that theres nothing wrong about punting when you have a lead? No wonder the Cowboys are full of fail.
    You’re missing the vast majority of life. It’s called the middle ground. There’s a huge difference between being up by 24 points over the Lions and 3 points over the Patriots. That difference in scenarios pretty adequately kills the “you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t” defense. It’s called situational football. When up by 24 points, you don’t need to keep airing it out. You still pass from time to time, but those should be mostly play-action and short passes set up by the running game. There’s simply no need to give the other team a chance to get some quick points and a whole lot of momentum.

    On the other hand, when it’s late in the fourth quarter and you’re only up by a field goal, simply running three times in a row straight into a defense prepared for the run (and vulnerable to the pass) isn’t the best idea. That’s especially true when doing so means you’re giving one of, if not the best, QBs in the league the ball back with over 2 minutes and a time out to work with. Run the ball on first down, and if they stuff you like the Pats did to the Cowboys, throw on 2nd down to try and either get the first down, or give yourself a better chance to do so on third down. You don’t have to throw a risky pass either. Romo is a good scrambler. Just tell him look for the pass, and if it’s not there, run for whatever you can get.

  20. You have Jason Witten and the worst pass defense in the league and you run 3 times..

    That shovel pass call was awful…

    Don’t play to lose…2 minutes is plenty of time for Brady…as a Pats fan…I say, thanks…:)

  21. Brady with 2 mins. and the ball in the 4th quarter and betting the Defense could keep them from scoring is feable thinking….
    Rob Ryan gameplan kept Brady under 30 and had a decent result. Protecting Romo from himself, calling runs and not killing the clock?
    Who’s idea was that? What was Garret thinking? Brady n Belichick tied Shula n Marino’s win record, combo QB and Coach. Brady 32nd 4th quarter comeback victory. Trying not to lose, isn’t winning!

  22. “You can’t hide Tony Romo in the fourth quarter all year.”

    But you can do your best to make sure he throws a late game pick.

  23. Riiight, and if Romo throws a pick what would you be saying today? You’d be saying “Garrett should have ran 3 times and trusted his defense that had shut down the Patriots all game. How can he put the ball in the hands of the guy that had already cost the team two games in the 4th quarter?”

    He made the right call. You just need to get that first down on the ground.

  24. Yes we will see Jerrah coaching soon . I mean people say Danny Boy Snyder is bad . It only took him ten years to get it and hand over the rigns to someone who knows what they are doing. Jerrah will never get it .

  25. How come Brett Favre can throw picks his entire career that cost his team games, and everyone just says, “Oh, thats just what you get with Brett Favre,” but as soon as anyone else not named Favre does it, they get blasted? I’m not a Romo fan by any means, and I hate the Cowboys, but anyone who praises Favre and blasts Romo is a total hypocrit. Yes, that means you Trent Dilfer!

  26. Pat’s fan here ……. can the Cowboys get some credit for holding one of the best offenses in the league in check for about 57 minutes yesterday?

    Give credit to Rob Ryan (God, I hate saying that!) for once again slowing Tom Brady & Co. down significantly. A lesser quarterback wouldn’t have been able to muster that last drive to win; it took a Tom Brady to pull this win away from the Dallas defense.

    Clearly this loss is on the Dallas offense. They averaged 25 ppg coming in, and managed only 16 against what was the last-ranked defense in the league. Granted, the Pat’s defense is improving, but this game was Romo’s to win, and once again he didn’t come through.

    Cowboys scored 1 TD, had to settle for three field goals, 4/12 on 3rd downs.

    Average QB, very average.

  27. “Trusting the defense” is not a good excuse. For one simple reason:

    You had the option to first trust your offense, and if that didn’t work, then trust your defense.

    In other words, you had two layers of protection against the Pats scoring again, and you just folded the tents on one of them.

    That’s just bad strategy.

    Garrett’s put some needed signs of life back in this team. But with Ryan getting the defense well on track, the weakness in the operation is starting to become Garrett and the offense. Injuries aside (which play a big part in this case), Garrett has to know that playing it safe isn’t going to cut it with the Cowboys looking up at the Giants, Bucs, Saints, Lions, Packers, 49ers, and probably more.

    They have to get really serious, really quick, and trust in the whole team to put games away. Starting right now.

  28. It is absurd to criticize Garrett for his play-calling yesterday. Romo has been awful this year in key situations. If he throws an INT in that final possession, people would be killing Garrett today for it. Up 3 points, there defense had been great. pats three previous possessions before the final one – turnover, turnover, 3 and out. and the turnovers were direct results of great defensive play. In that situation, the cowboys of course would run it on first and second down. they then had it 3rd and 7 or 8, where they can try to run a safe screen. hope to pick it up, but if not, force NE to burn another timeout, and punt. But then the cowboys got a penalty, and it is 3rd and 13. Are you really telling me the Cowboys should have put the ball in Romo’s hands at that point and told him to make a play on 3rd and long? The same guy who in week one threw the ball right to Revis, the same guy who gave the game away to the Lions. Absolutely not. Criticizing Garrett today is absolutely nothing but monday morning quarterbacking of the worst kind. He played it right. The game wasn’t a shootout – it was a defensive game. Run the ball, work the clock, hope for the first, but if not, rely on the defense.

  29. also, for two weeks, i have heard countless people saying the Cowboys need to run the ball, they can’t be throwing it all the time with Romo – in response to why was he throwing so much with the big lead against the Lions. If Jerry Jones is going to insist on staying with a QB who is no better now then he was when he first started playing as a starter for Dallas, then he has to live with the consequences – and those are his QB is a high risk for making big mistakes in key situations, or the risk that his coach is going to get tired of seeing games lost because his QB made a dumb decision and is thus going to take the decision-making out of the QB’s hands.

  30. Jerry’s done such a terrific job acting as the team’s GM that I’m sure he could do just as terrific a job acting as the team’s coach. Come on down, Jerry !

    Sean Lee, come home as soon as your rookie contract expires !

  31. Who wants to be a puppet… I mean Head Coach for this guy? He gets in front of the microphone more than any owner in the league. Sign the checks and watch the game already!!!

  32. Anybody who wants to blame the defense for this loss should dip your head in hot acid. It has been since Nov 2010 since a team held the Brady Bunch to under 30 points. (Or 13 games)
    You would think with the offense which averages over 20 points with all their moving parts intact would be able to bring home a win.
    Jason Garrett and his Redzone choke jobs are to blame.

  33. bigperm33 says:
    Criticizing Garrett today is absolutely nothing but monday morning quarterbacking of the worst kind. He played it right. The game wasn’t a shootout – it was a defensive game. Run the ball, work the clock, hope for the first, but if not, rely on the defense.

    As the ending of the game indicates, it was most certinaly not a defensive game. Garrett’s failure to understand this, or pretending it was not so, was not good strategy.

    If Romo threw an INT, Garrett would not be getting killed. Coaches don’t get killed for putting the game in the hands of their franchise QB. That’s what franchise QBs are there for. Romo is who would be getting killed.

    Good franchise QBs are built on being trusted. This waffling is not working.

  34. You can’t hide Tony Romo in the fourth quarter all year.


    Yeah Romo was 9 of 14 for 106 yards in the 4th quarter and gave them the lead. Do you actually watch the games?

  35. A lot of posters are defending Garrett, writing that since they didn’t run the ball vs the Lions why get on him for running this week. It is situational football. In the Lions game -they were up 27-3, at home, vs a good team (not the Pats) – they needed to run the ball, run out the clock, game over. Yesterday, they are up by 3, vs Tom Brady, in NE, against a weak secondary – you at least throw the ball one time. One first down, game over. The Jets game was lost because of Romo and a blocked punt, but both the Lions and Patriot game are on Garrett 100%. The shovel pass to Choice was nuts, when Dez and even Bennett could go for a jump ball in the end zone. They had 2 weeks to prepare and had 10 penalties and looked terrible. Garrett should be fired and Ryan should be the head coach for the remainder of the year. Ryan will probably leave for a head coaching job next year, so might as well try him out now and see if he can be Dallas’ new head coach.

  36. Sean Lee, come home as soon as your rookie contract expires !


    Don’t be mad that the Steelers picked Jason Worilds instead of Sean Lee.

  37. Also, this year Garrett’s playcalling (and Romo) has been 6-18 in the red zone, I assume worst in the NFL. Their games are too close to not be able to score in the red zone.

  38. A55inine article. JG actually called a good game. The defense had played very well all game, dispite Ryan not being able to get his men in position and being called several times for too many men on the field. Take the punt and make your defense stop them. They couldn’t, end of story.

    Nothing wrong with the approach. Several individual breakdowns led to the loss: Austin drops at least two catchable balls that might have kept a drive going for 3 or 6 points. Spencer inexplicably walks into the punter, extending a drive for the Pats. O-line false starts in the red zone. Missed blocks, holding, and too many “too many men on the field” penalties extended Pats drives.

  39. uhh…. wasn’t it like 4th and 15 on that play? Only a moron would go for it there and hand the Patriots a tie game.

    Garrett made the Pats go 80 yards in 2:30, which IMO was the best decision with the way his defense played in that game. Of course, now all the monday morning QBs are out questioning him, but they’d be kissing his ass if the girls won.

    Maybe Jones and his Cowgirl fans should just admit that their offense got outplayed by the Patriots’ “last in the league” defense virtually every time they made it the redzone.

  40. kevpft says: Oct 17, 2011 11:49 AM

    If Romo threw an INT, Garrett would not be getting killed. Coaches don’t get killed for putting the game in the hands of their franchise QB. That’s what franchise QBs are there for. Romo is who would be getting killed.

    Not true IMO. It’s as simple as”Dallas lost the game, so Garrett gets skewered”. BB got lambasted for the whole rest of the year, including by some of his former players now in the media for “4th & 2” in Indy in 09. (Though most of us Pats fans will go to our grave knowing that Faulk actually DID get the 1st down, but I digress.) He was aggressive and it backfired and his QB had a whole lot more credibility at that stage of his career than Romo does. That’s not Romo hate either, I don’t hate the guy or think he’s bad. It’s just a fact. As a HC you have to look at the strengths and weaknesses of your team as well as how the game is going and plan & call the game accordingly. Jones has a right to say whatever he wishes as it is his team, but throwing people under the bus is never productive.

  41. Why, oh why, doesn’t anyone ever spot Steelers OC Bruce Arians in a hallway trying to explain himself to Art II?

  42. Are there any real fans on PFT?

    All I see in the comment threads are idiotic bullcrap.

    A sissy logs in and post Jerry is the next Al Davis, Jerry sucks, etc…

    Pathetic losers have no real knowledge of this game. Even if your gonna criticize. Please at least make sense. It seems like most of the Cowboys haters on PFT must have no real life of their own.

    When it really comes down to it as a real fan I’m much harder on the Cowboys than any other opposing fan. I criticize my team, I just make sense when I do it.

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