NFL: No fines for Schwartz, Harbaugh

The post-game drama featuring Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh will have a happy ending.

At least for the two coaches.

The NFL will not fine either coach for their postgame activity in Detroit on Sunday.  The reason:  There was no fighting involved.

“On Detroit-SF coach incident, fortunately, there was no fighting and thus no basis for a fine,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said. “However, both coaches told Ray Anderson today that their post-game conduct was wrong and will not happen again.”

It’s a surprising move by a league that likes to fine for all sorts of things, from uniform violations to celebrations to not wearing microphones to flipping the bird.

The coaches will continue to pay in other ways.  They’ll have to keep answering questions about the issue.

31 responses to “NFL: No fines for Schwartz, Harbaugh

  1. I suppose coaches are now held to a lower standard instead of a higher one when compared to players conduct. Way to go NFL…

  2. These two “coaches” act like a couple of kids and bring negative and embarrassing attention to the mighty NFL and…….no penalty, no fines….talk about having a double standard!

  3. “The coaches will continue to pay in other ways: They’ll have to keep answering questions about the already tired issue”….LOL, brilliant GR!

    And that will indeed be punishment enough!

  4. Good no-call. It was more media-hyped than what actually transpired. Coaches can be emotional, too.

  5. If a player can get fined for not wearing a microphone, tossing a fan a football, drinking Life Water instead of a G2, for having his towel hanging from his pants a couple of inches too long, or for not tucking in a jersey for an extended period of time, then how do two coaches who BOTH acted like a$$es on national tv get away with no type of reprimand?

  6. it’s news when the NFL does not fine someone? Really, let ’em play, let ’em argue, the wussification of America continues…the league is becoming more unwatchable by the week

  7. The NFL must see a way they will profit from this or they would have levyed fines.

    We all can only hope that the 49rs and Lions meet in the playoffs for round 2.

  8. anyone who is bad mouthing the coaches actions is dumb. it’s passion for the game. harbough may have been a little over excited and pushed schwartz a little too hard but anyone who thinks this was embarrassing obviously never played the game or never amounted to anything while playing the game because they have no passion.

  9. I think it being the beginning of the end for the lions will be punishment enough for schwartz, harbaugh didn’t do anything wrong.

  10. If this had occurred between a player and a coach, the player would’ve been fined and the coached would’ve walked away scot-free.

    This just shows the league’s shameless double standard in relation to player and coach conduct.

  11. No fines were necessary.

    The embarrassing actions of both men were punishment enough.

  12. I’m conflicted about whether the coaches should have been fined. But it’s no surprise they weren’t. Coaches are management. Goodell seems to prefer powertripping with players. Maybe he was the 90-pound weakling in school and he’s symbolically getting even with some jock who kicked sand in his face 🙂

  13. Every player should fight every fine God-del and his boys have dished out. What a show of total willy -nilly by the NFL.

  14. So, are we supposed to be happy about no fines, considering Der Fuhrer was probably actually thinking about it?

    He’s not the Commissioner of Football anymore.
    He’s just a turn-key warden with a God complex.

  15. Never been a fan of Schwartz and his antics. I’m fine with coaches showing a little excitement and emotion but both of these guys have crossed the line at one point and another this season..but Schwartz was a crybaby and a hypocrite yesterday. Schwartz definately has had some questionable moments including…cussing out Dez Bryant after winning a challenge at Dallas…to shouting MF after the win over the Vikes to the “know the rules” shout yesterday. He is one smug dude….just look at his press conference after the Dallas game …when he said he was glad he had Dallas’ third best receiver…I half expected him to pull out a wine glass and smell his own fart by the look on his face…he’s a d-bag.

  16. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    Oct 17, 2011 7:44 PM
    I think it being the beginning of the end for the lions will be punishment enough for schwartz, harbaugh didn’t do anything wrong.

    Where have you been for the last 11 years? The beginning of the end? After an 0-16 season just 3 years ago? What exactly IS end to you? The Lions have nowhere to go but up, and Schwartz has done a good job getting them respectable again. The hate on Schwartz is amazing considering most of the haters have probably never bothered to watch a Lions game till something like this gets hyped by the media. To the poster dogging Schwartz for jawing with Dez Bryant in the Dallas game,he was telling the Jewray hocking Bryant can’t finish a game to check the scoreboard for jawing at his player over an incomplete pass. Him making the comment about CJ being Dallas 3rd best receiver was in response to a world class loudmout Rob Ryans comments earlier that week. The Niners won the game and props to them, but they scored by an inch or so at the end. It’s not like they blew them out by 40. The Lions will bounce back. I agree,they have been overhyped BY THE MEDIA ,not the coach, players and fans, and face it, the days of writing in a W when you see Detroit on you’re schedule are over. You’ll get a ballgame. I guess now that they’re not media darlings for a 5-1 start anymore, hatin is the best compliment they can get…..Good win Niner fans and I’m glad Harbaugh has helped turn them around

  17. Harbaugh was too excited and maybe dishing out a little payback for some of Swartz’ taunting during the game.

    Swartz? Well, it’s clear that Swartz is a big baby who can dish it out but can’t take it.

  18. Another case of, the drug policy applies to the players not the owners/bosses of the establishment… just sayin’

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