Raiders not considering Favre, yet


As the Raiders try to conjure a plan at quarterback given the broken collarbone suffered Sunday by quarterback Jason Campbell, various names have emerged.

One fairly big name hasn’t.  But maybe it should.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Raiders are not considering Brett Favre, and the possibility of signing him hasn’t been discussed.

Of course, this doesn’t mean his name won’t come up.

Yes, Favre is retired.  But, yes, it has been widely suspected that he’d be tempted to consider a Roger Clemens-style partial season, under the right circumstances.

In Oakland, the circumstances are far from ideal.  There’s no West Coast offense or Mike Holmgren or Darrell Bevell or even a Brad Childress on the coaching staff.  And the Raiders aren’t a short-list elite team that seems destined to play deep into January.

But other factors could intrigue Favre.  The team has a great running game and an adequate defense.  A young receiver like Darrius Heyward-Bey perhaps could blossom with Favre like Sidney Rice did in Minnesota.

Also, Favre played one of the finest games of his career at Oakland, a day after his father died.  Only two days before Favre’s 42nd birthday, legendary Raiders owner Al Davis died, which gives the team a strong amount of emotional appeal.  The there’s the fact that one of the biggest all-time Brett Favre cheerleaders — John Madden — is advising new owner Mark Davis.  And given that Favre has become a villain of sorts in NFL circles over the past few years, it seems like Favre would be a perfect fit for the franchise that revels in its role as pro football’s Darth Vader.

For now, the news is that the name of a future Hall of Famer has yet to make it to the Raiders’ list, even though the Raiders are handcuffed by a limited market.  At some point, who knows what will happen?

The Raiders host the Chiefs on Sunday.  Next, they have a bye.  With Kyle Boller and Terrelle Pryor expected to hold down the fort in the short term, the first opportunity for the next quarterback (whoever it may be) could come in 20 days, when the Raiders host the Broncos.

63 responses to “Raiders not considering Favre, yet

  1. Just had to put the “yet” at the end didn’t you?? Please let’s not restart this ‘Favre Watch’. He’s retired. Leave him be.

  2. I love hearing that name. Please give several updates per day for the next 5 years that say: Brett Favre, Brett Farve, Brett Favre

  3. lol, I’d be in my glory.

    With that running game and his arm, our WR speed would be deadly.

    Campbell can’t throw an accurate deep ball.

  4. that would be the greatest story of all time.

    Favre & The Raiders

    Please God Let It Be like Lennon

  5. Farve in the Bay would be wild stuff, but I don’t think the Raiders would do it or Farve. It would certainly be interesting, but I can’t see it working out for both sides. I think Farve is actually done, but we will see if he starts throwing feelers out through Bus Cook.

  6. Please let this happen. If only so B.J. Raji can remark that he was surprised it took Favre so long to get up from being pile-drived into the frozen Lambeau turf when the Raiders come to GB in week 14…

  7. No.

    Hell NO.

    Make your best deal for Carson Palmer. Take a look at David Garrard. Get Pryor some trigger time. Trade away Kyle Boller for a sack of balls and an Outback gift card. Do anything, but leave Brett Favre ALONE. We’ve seen his “stellar” play with the NY Nyets and the Vikings – NO.

    Even Al would spin in his grave at the mere thought…….

  8. “””joetoronto says:
    Oct 17, 2011 1:41 PM
    lol, I’d be in my glory.

    With that running game and his arm, our WR speed would be deadly.

    Campbell can’t throw an accurate deep ball.”””

    Apparently you dont know who Favre is, because He cant throw an accurate deep ball or anyball for that matter.

  9. Yeah, and their considering me too! Sheesh, give it a rest. I want to hear what happens when it happens, tired of washing poo off the wall that didn’t stick.

  10. And I thought the Vikings were the dark side. This is even darker. Ish.

    Go ahead and go away now Brett. I looked up to you, man. From age 6 to 21. That’s kinda sorta a big portion of my life ya know. Just sayin’.

  11. The Raiders are also considering trading with the Patriots for tom brady.

    Sorry, figured we could throw anything journalistic integrity on this site apparently 😉

  12. Excellent. The media is putting Favre back in the news so that they can criticize Favre for being back in the news. When and why did they turn on this guy?

  13. The only person that thinks the Raiders would want Favre is the writer. Gotta get hits some how.

  14. I’d turn Pryor loose. Might cost them an outside shot at a Wild Card berth, but I think that was gone when Campbell went down anyway.

  15. You know who wouldn’t be a bad pick up?
    Donovan McNabb. They can try to get Garrard, Orton, or Palmer, but McNabb would give the Raiders the best chance to win in the regular season and in the playoffs. The Raiders won’t have to give up alot to get him. McNabb is not playing bad and it’s obvious that the Vikings want to go with Ponder now that the season is lost.

  16. That we’re still speculating about little Lorenzo just goes to show what a fall from grace he suffered due to his self-inflicted media circus. Favre’s ego was so massive that he just couldn’t stay away from the cameras and creating a dramafest worthy of a daytime Emmy for soap operas.

    He started the “retirement talk” in his mid 30s every singly season, which left the Packers wondering if they should draft a replacement every draft. When they finally did, Bret threw a massive tantrum and completly and utterly ignored his eventual replacement. He retired and unretired so many times that no one believes or trusts him anymore.

    It’s pathetic that the media is still talking about Favre playing, but Favre has no one to blame but himself for the way he ended his career.

  17. jcusa514 says:
    Oct 17, 2011 2:10 PM
    love the rick mirer picture. the raiders should bring him and bledsoe in for workouts.


    Uh…. I’m 99.9% sure that’s Jeff George.

  18. Is there any substance to this article and someone just fantasizing? Sounds like something ripped from a fan forum. Where have all the good journalist gone?

  19. Headline could’ve just as easily read “Raiders not considering Favre, at all.”

    The meat of the story is that, no, Favre’s name has not come up in Raiders HQ. So why the speculation that it might? Clearly if they’re tossing around names like Josh McCown, they’re pretty frantically trying to find someone and soon. If Favre was going to be thought of an option for them, it would’ve happened already.

  20. According to sites that I probably can’t link to in a comment, the photo accompanying this article is of Brett Favre and Rick Mirer, taken December 22, 2003, in Oakland.

  21. Favew has a lot of qualites that would make him a good Raider.

    1) Public scandal
    2) Written of by other teams as washed up.
    3) Devisive figure; disliked by many.

  22. Ugh that name again oh well.. Remember when the Raiders had Vince Evans as QB? What was he 42?

  23. As a Packer fan, I’d have more respect for him if he went out a Raider than wearing dark pink. Being a Raider is 10,000 times better than being a Viking wearing their rediculous dark pink leotards.

  24. Why not Marino… He just lost 20 pounds.


    Montana… He’s been wearing those Reeboks that work out your legs or not.

    Either would be better than D!k-shot Fav-ra

  25. After he campaigned to get Childress fired all last year, no NFL team will touch Favre. All he has left is getting coaches fired.

  26. McNabb are you seriously?
    Give me a break … he is a loser just ask Shanny and the Vikings.
    If the Raiders are winning with Campbell they can win with Boller … Boller had better numbers than Campbell yesterday plus he did not turn over the ball.

  27. Ignoring all of the ridiculous reasons/connections that have been concocted for this story; how could the Raiders fit him in under the salary cap?

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