Raiders reach out to Garrard, Josh McCown

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With Jason Campbell being injured and Terrelle Pryor being unprepared and Kyle Boller being, well, Kyle Boller, the Raiders need help at the quarterback position.

They reportedly want to trade for Carson Palmer.  The Broncos reportedly are willing to trade them a neckbearded Trojan Horse.

But there’s a free-agency market, even if the shelves look like the local supermarket the day before a blizzard is due to hit.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Raiders have reached out to David Garrard and Josh McCown.  Garrard, cut by the Jaguars in early September after the team decided to go Luke McCown (for all of two weeks), has not shown any burning desire to sign with a new team.  Garrard recently bristled at reports that he rejected an overture from the Dolphins because he simply doesn’t want to play.

It’s unknown whether Garrard wants to play for the Raiders, a 4-2 team that has injected itself firmly into the playoff conversation.  Whether it’s Garrard of Josh McCown or someone else, the Raiders need another quarterback, preferably with some experience, at least until Pryor is ready.

51 responses to “Raiders reach out to Garrard, Josh McCown

  1. Garrard is whatever. Might be the best option out of what’s out there.

    But McCown? Sweet daddy jeebus, NO.

    F-it. Just send Madden with a bag of cash and a dozen roses to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Might as well have some fun.

  2. Josh is a excellent choice..
    This is a guy they could get for peanuts and he is a above average QB..
    This has Kurt Warner story written all over it

  3. Get Gerrard and get him fast, he could start after our bye week.. We’ll be playing the Broncos at home and that would be a great way to open it up.

  4. David Garrard…welcome to the Bay Area; you will love the weather, but not the housing prices. Josh wouldn’t be the worst choice either, but Garrard is a better fit for what the Raiders like to do.

    Sucks about Campbell!

  5. i keep saying TRADE FOR JOSH JOHNSON FROM TAMPA BAY he is an excellent fit and very similar to jason campbell in terms of skill set.

  6. Why aren’t we hearing Culpepper’s name?

    I watched him play a few games in the UFL last year and he actually looked pretty good. He still had a cannon of an arm and look as if he gained back a small amount of his mobility.

    One thing I’m certain of, Culpepper is a superior option to Josh Mcown in every way.

  7. Garrard, Palmer, Jake the Snake, Farve, Edwards, etc….and the list goes on, and all on the list for a reason…

  8. kqole25 says: Oct 17, 2011 11:27 AM

    Just another story of a team that isn’t prepared at the backup QB position.

    There aren’t enough quality qb’s out there for every team to have decent backups… there aren’t even enough for every team to have quality starters….
    You’re boring me.

  9. usmutts says: Oct 17, 2011 11:41 AM

    What is a “neckbearded Trojan Horse,” anyway? Sorry I’m not to date on all the lingo.

    Orton has or is capable of having a disgusting neckbeard…. a trojan horse means something you welcome into your home but ultimately ends up destroying you.

  10. Raiders have two options here.

    1) Committ to Kyle Boller as the starter and sign Trent Edwards as the 3rd QB or 2nd until Pryor gets up to speed on the offense.

    2) Make a deal for Palmer or sign David Garrard. I don’t think Denver will trade Orton within the division. If Palmer/Garrard play well and lead the Raiders to the playoffs- they’re the starter next year. Campbell is not a franchise QB and is a FA after the season.

    One good thing about not having a super stud as your QB (Brady, Rodgers, P. Manning) is if he does down you aren’t totally dependant on the QB and thus screwed.

  11. The Raiders have taken all the retreads from the Midatlantic: Jason Campbell Redskins, Boller Ravens..Therefore perhaps the Raiders should go after Retread V2. They should like at Troy Smith or Donovan McNabb. Troy has the best 40 time, so maybe best go with him!

  12. Sign Troy Smith so he can finally beat out Boller for a starting qb job like he tried so hard to do in Baltimore. Also Smith and Pryor could work well together since they are both ex OSU problems.

  13. This is a huge blow to Jason Campbell because if Oakland was to make the playoffs, they would have gave him a big contract in the off-season and truth be told, he doesn’t deserve that. Campbell is average at best and is not the long term answer at QB for the Raiders.

  14. Boller will cost us the game next week, if he is the starter, he was to nervous yesterday, which should not be the case if you want to be a starter, he try to run a few times (what 4?) Better off letting Pryor start if we want a tuck & run QB!!!

  15. Shane Falco? You mean the guy who played in one bad nationally televised game in college, did poorly, and then didn’t go a highly drafted as he could have? But then when he got a chance he lead his team all the way?

    hmmm. sounds like a QB out of Hawaii…

  16. Can we please get a post about Favre already? You know espn would love to talk Favre all week instead of the Jim v Jim post game melee. Give Boller the KC game, no mistakes/turnovers and we’ll win because of Run DMC. Pryor gets first team reps through the bye week, takes on the mediocre Donkeys team, then an overhyped Dolts team. 7-2 with Pryor doesn’t sound unreasonable.

  17. Any other out of work quarterback agents want to leak a rumor to get their client some press?

  18. Carson is the answer if hue can get mike brown to do a trade. Garrard certainly is no worse than Jason Campbell who is a caretaker qb. Boller has a bad rep that is mostly undeserved. He never had a good line in bmore with the exception of John Ogden. And his receivers in general sucked. We had very little in skill position players when he was the qb

  19. Garrard would be decent if healthy…
    Carson Palmer would be good if at the right price..

    Please say no to the following:
    T. Edwards
    J. McCown
    K. Orton

    Would be fun to bring Favre in.. Even if he didnt do much, at least the post-game pressers would be entertaining!!

  20. Garrard would be the choice but only if he’s willing to play..there’s nothing worst than a player with no heart.

  21. I hope no one considers Jeff (JERK) George. Farve still has gas in his tank especially with a running game and some young hungary receivers who are fast. DHB has really had a good year so far and shows a lot of promise. It would be interesting if Farve bites.

  22. Agree with mrplow3 about Culpepper:
    he’d be a great back-up option to consider. Was a Raider for a year and during that losing season, won game in K.C., I think. Kiffin was coach, though, and juggled between Culpepper and McCown — despite Culpepper playing better than McCown in pre-season.

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