Raiders reach out to Garrard, Josh McCown

Getty Images

With Jason Campbell being injured and Terrelle Pryor being unprepared and Kyle Boller being, well, Kyle Boller, the Raiders need help at the quarterback position.

They reportedly want to trade for Carson Palmer.  The Broncos reportedly are willing to trade them a neckbearded Trojan Horse.

But there’s a free-agency market, even if the shelves look like the local supermarket the day before a blizzard is due to hit.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Raiders have reached out to David Garrard and Josh McCown.  Garrard, cut by the Jaguars in early September after the team decided to go Luke McCown (for all of two weeks), has not shown any burning desire to sign with a new team.  Garrard recently bristled at reports that he rejected an overture from the Dolphins because he simply doesn’t want to play.

It’s unknown whether Garrard wants to play for the Raiders, a 4-2 team that has injected itself firmly into the playoff conversation.  Whether it’s Garrard of Josh McCown or someone else, the Raiders need another quarterback, preferably with some experience, at least until Pryor is ready.