Rapid fire with Rodney Harrison

Every Sunday night, Rodney Harrison of Football Night in America and yours truly take on some of the topics from the day that was in the NFL.

Recently, we’ve opted to cover more ground, hitting each topic more efficiently.

Last night, we covered a lot of ground.  Which is even more impressive considering that Rodney is pretty much carrying me on his back the entire time.

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5 responses to “Rapid fire with Rodney Harrison

  1. How can Rodney have problem with that PAT on the back? You see coaches doing that to players (also grown men) all the time in sports!

    Schwartz needs to stop being such a pansy, dude is exuberant most of the time when he wins too.

  2. Stop with the pat on the back. There’s is a pat, and then there’s a smack. It was a smack, and if anyone ever struck you in the same manner you would likely not take kindly to it.

    That said, both coaches were wrong. Schwartz reacted in the wrong way. But niners fans, face facts…Harbaugh has had these types of issues in the past. He’s not known as a gracious winner, and even worse as a loser. Better get used to that.

  3. I love how one of the dirtiest cheap shot players of the past 20 years is calling a slap on the back a “hit”. What an idiot, who puts this guy on tv?

  4. Harbaugh absolutely has a history of acting like a fool.

    If he doesn’t learn how to tone it down, he’ll become the next Josh McDaniels.

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