Report: Raiders “trying hard” to get Carson Palmer


If nothing else, the rumors surrounding this year’s trading deadline are more interesting than usual.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports the Raiders are “trying hard” to acquire Carson Palmer. Cole’s source “highly doubts” Bengals owner Mike Brown would make a move, but perhaps the Raiders could make him think with a big offer.

We’ve assumed there is no chance Palmer will be traded, and that’s probably the case. Palmer called Brown last week without making Brown budge.

Still, there is a possibility Oakland could make a generous offer.

The Raiders are 4-2 and ready to make a run to the playoffs for the first time in nearly a decade. They just lost their starting quarterback, likely for the season.  If any team was ever going to make an over-aggressive move including a first round pick, it’s Oakland in the next two days.

(The Raiders are already without second-, third-, and fourth-round picks in next year’s draft though.)

Other possibilities for the Raiders could include signing David Garrard or trying to trade for Kyle Orton.  Both of those moves make more sense to us because the cost will be less.

104 responses to “Report: Raiders “trying hard” to get Carson Palmer

  1. you forgot about how well Joe Webb would probably fit on the raiders.. why the EFF would these guys pick up carson palmer, let alone TRADE SOMETHING for him?

  2. If I were a Bengals fan, I would be outraged at how stubborn and childish Mike Brown is. Just send the guy out and get some draft picks, it’s not like anything good is going to come out of keeping him. Brown isn’t going to budge and Orton is overrated, I’d say the Raiders best bet would be to sign Garrard.

  3. The Raiders are very secretive and dont generally trust the media, his “source” is BS…I dont doubt the Raiders are considering Palmer but the price tag seems to steep, Garrard might be a better move, dude has always been underrated.Bottom line is , that i cringe thinking about Boller being the starter for the rest of the year, its been a rollercoaster ride being a Raider fan this year.

  4. It makes more sense to you that the Broncos would trade Kyle Orton to the Raiders? Only even remotely possible in the light of Al Davis’ passing – but still mostly a moronic thought on your part.

  5. Palmer had good years when Hue Jackson was an offensive coach for the Bengals. they could work something out. Raiders 1st round pick for Palmer and the Bengals 3rd and 5th?

  6. Kyle Orton just for a 7th rounder, Garrard must be on Raiders facilities tomorrow.

    Palmer trade is a high risk move, we can’t give up more draft picks.

  7. Orton or Garrard? Yeah, you better push for Carson really hard, unless you wanna be playing golf in January.

  8. trade for him!..Pryor is nowhere near ready to be an NFL QB..Boller scares me, missed two open receivers today badly..

  9. the Raiders need to make a move. theres no chance they make the playoffs with Boller. they could win 4 more games but that is the ceiling for them.

    they need to make a move.

  10. Orton wouldn’t be a bad choice, but I don’t see the Broncos trading him, especially within the division.

  11. Way too desperate. 1. Why would Brown trade Palmer when the Bengals are doing well, and he could just keep him 2. Why would Denver trade Orton to a division rival 3. Why would Garrard go to Oak to be a “band-aid” or a bridge to Terrelle Pryor next year when he wants to start.

    Then again, when they saw Boller nearly fumble on his third drive, they may be a little leery of handing him the keys for the rest of the season.

    What a crazy year – but it beats the Cable Show, thats for sure.

  12. browns vs. raiders has to be one of the worst colored uniform games in the NFL this season, i mean really. black, silver, white, orange, and brown.

  13. The raiders need to make a move and get a veteran QB who can help them keep their winning confidence. . N palmer’s the guy, because boller’s not gonna cut it

  14. Well it would be a good move but what would you do when Cambell comes back you benching him or trading him cause i dont think there gonna waste 4 million dollars for the next 2 years to have him back up

  15. Raiders are potential playoff teams whether fans want to agree or disagree on a “fan perspective”. Denver will not trade Orton to a division team with hopes of getting into the playoffs.

    I believe Palmer is the smart trade. Bengals got a solid young team, and they’ve given Dalton everything they didn’t Palmer since 2005. They know they don’t need Palmer at this point at 4-2. It would be asinine for them not to trade Palmer for something knowing they no longer need his services. It would make more sense to hold a grudge if your team was under .500, but you’re not.

    Garrard is done, I honestly think Garrard is a downgrade from Boller even though on paper it seems like Garrard has done more. I’ve watched film on Garrard and he honestly sucks. Jags cut him, and no team has really even bother even to try to get him in to try out as a back-up.

  16. This would be a big move. I’m a Chiefs fan, but even I admit the Raiders should go after Palmer. He would be a big upgrade over Boller and (presumably, if he’s ready) Pryor.

  17. Orton would be a good fit, but there is no way the Broncos trade him to the Raiders. On second thought, if they are willing to trade Lloyd for picks, maybe they would trade Orton to Oakland. Denver needs the picks…

    Also, Quinn seemed improved enough to be a serviceable #2.

  18. You really think the Broncos are gonna help the Raiders?…we’d happily let them take David Garrard and watch them fall right out of the playoff race.

  19. David Garrard makes the most sense in my eyes. He plays just like Jason Campbell and wont cost nearly the same as it would to get Palmer from the Bengals

  20. Carson Palmer is worth a high draft pick, and is far better than he is given credit. He played on the Bengals, the worst team in the NFL over the past twenty years. They could also go after Jimmy Clausen, coming at low cost and provide depth. The team already has Kyle Boller (who just won baby!) and Terrell Pryor. Pryor is green having missed training camp and a five games to a suspension, making him a third strong practice and emergency QB only. So the post Al Davis Raiders must either get a Carson Palmer type ready to start next week or go after someone to challenge Boller for the starting job immediately. Al Davis always favored USC players and coaches, and would have approved of a trade for the Palmer. Others available QBs are: Patrick Ramsey (who was coached by Hue Jackson in Washington), Troy Smith and David Garrard. I am surprised no one said Brett Favre yet. Oops!

  21. The amount it would take to get Brown to trade Palmer would be way too much for a 10 game QB solution. Because what happens next year when Campbell and Palmer are both healthy?

  22. Well, a Palmer/Hue Jackson reunion would make sense. I don’t see Denver trading Orton to a division rival, but who knows?

    Maybe the Raiders offer their 1st rounder and a current player for Palmer and two of our extra late-rounders?

  23. Mike Brown’s an idiot. He cares more about his pseudo-tough-guy stance than in getting the best return for his team. He’s probably so puffed-up over the team’s standing right now that he doesn’t even realize they’re not where they need to be yet, and getting max value for Palmer could give them a crucial step.

    But hey, when the Bengals are sputtering over the next few years, at least Brown will still think of himself as a tough guy. That’s what counts, right?

  24. I’m not buying this story is anything more than media speculation. The Raiders won’t trade a first for Palmer and the Cincy owner appears to be bonkers anyway. I also doubt Denver would be interested in trading Orton to a division rival. Regardless, I don’t want to see either in a Raiders uniform.

    I am guessing they bring back Trent Edwards to back-up Boller for the Chiefs game. While JC is better than Boller, it’s not like this offense is QB driven and with a full week of starter reps for Boller I think he will play well in this offense. If not, they have the bye week to bring in guys like Garrard.

  25. If mike brown gets his head out of his butt and really wants the city off cincinnati to actualy start having faith in them bengals he would make the trade and show your commetted to dalton like he said all pre season and get 1st round pick so we can get some more weapons around dalton #WHODEY4LIFE

  26. If Madden had his way … he alreadly called Favre.
    Seriously the only QB that could help the Raiders right away is Favre.
    It would take Garrard, Troy Smith, Vince Young or Joe Webb at least a year to learn the playbook.

  27. Jason Campbell 6 of 9 for 52 yds and one fumble.
    Kyle Boller 8 of 14 for 100 yds and NO turnovers.
    What’s the difference?

  28. I’m surprised that the Raiders want Carson Palmer, but still less surprised that Mike Brown is being a hard-headed dumbass.

    If I were the Raiders, there’s a few quarterbacks I’d go after if they couldn’t pry away Palmer… Garrard, Charlie Whitehurst (why not?), Sage Rosenfels, Gradkowski, Jimmy Clausen (even though that may be a disaster), Vince Young (see Jimmy Clausen), Grossman (if Beck is tabbed as the starter for the rest of the season), David Carr, or there’s always the possibility of prying McNabb’s corpse away from Minny…oh and offering a contract to Joey Harrington – hahahahaha

    But seriously.. Good luck to the Raiders. Would like to see them in the playoffs once again

  29. A lot of you people don’t have a clue. Campbell is in the last year of his contract. It also doesn’t matter about a QB competition next year, Raiders are finally good enough for the playoffs this year.

  30. carson good arm accurate way better than boller its a win for the raiders n the future

  31. Raider Nation, Garrard plays just like Campbell (not as fragile). Low INT, can use his legs, strong arm that would compliment our fast WRs and deep ball game plan. 33-34 so he’s a veteran QB that has seen it all. Won’t cost much because he’s a FA.
    Campbell is in his last year of his contract. There’s no next year if Oakland doesn’t resign him.
    Palmer is a very interesting piece, but it’s true, Cincy’s owner is a quarter short of a dollar and the price might be too steep. No way we trade 2012 1st round for him. Maybe a 3rd rounder in 2013 which could improve to a 2nd or 1st depending on Carson’s performance.
    There is no doubt with Campbell, this Raiders team was in position to make a run at the AFC West crown and play-offs. With Boller, he’s a one game stop gap, that’s it. Pryor is too young to be thrown to the wolves, he needs to red shirt this year.
    The most likely scenario will be Trent Edwards being resigned. But Boller and Edwards, in my opinion will not be the answer. Hue has already seen both of these guys in action for the last 2 years.

  32. Any Raider fans who mention about Orton should get his head examine. This guy was nothing in Chicago, and proved that he isn’t worth diddly squat in Denver and you want to trade for him? We routinely kick this guys butt each year. His play is awful and people are actually talking about trading for him?! Ridiculous.
    Denver is about to start Tebow, so get that out of your head. To even mention about the Raiders trading for Tebow, you should be punched in the mouth immediately after that statement.

  33. I wish the Eagles would take advantage of the Raiders while they are in panic mode. Sell high on the dog killer and his outrageous salary cap hit, stockpile picks, and build for the future. What the Eagles have now is not good enough to win anything significant.

  34. My friend’s uncle works with somebody who is friends with the 2nd cousin of Brett Favre and said that the Raiders called Brett in the last few hours and that Brett may be interested in a comeback.

  35. I don’t know if any of those QBs fit the Raiders, but if Kyle Boller is the other option, all three would be an upgrade.

    Aren’t the Bengals 4-2 right now? What could they possibly be achieving by keeping Palmer?

  36. Right team in Cincinnati, but wrong QB…. Gradkowski is holding a clipboard there and already knows Hue Jack’s system. Soup wasn’t playing great, just wasn’t making mistakes to kill the team usually, until the past couple of weeks. The Polish Pop-gun could come in and do that. His biggest problems in Oakland stemmed from not being able to stay healthy, and that was due to the line not protecting him… that isn’t the case with Oaktown this year.. the line is doing pretty well…. with the speed Oakland has, they don’t need a guy that can throw the ball 60 yards.. they need a guy that can throw an accurate 20 yard slant… I’ll take Grads over Boller any day for that…. and Grads would be a WHOLE lot cheaper than Palmer, Garard, or any other name I keep hearing thrown around out there.

  37. how about mcnabb. he can play the raiders type of defense, run, and no turnovers type of football as long as he never touches the ball.

  38. As a die hard Bengal fan I say enough is enough Mr. Brown. If you didn’t realize we have great chemistry with this team. Our locker room is a brotherhood, this is the last DIVA cancer that needs to be removed. For the sake of this team let’s move on! PLEASE!!!

  39. Palmer is not looking for a temporary gig so why would he want to sign with the Raiders unless it is his only way out of Cinci. Boller is a better QB than Orton so why Kyle?

  40. Bad luck for Jason Campbell. Last year of his contract, he might not make it back. Could’ve been a breakout year for him, he broke it on a dumb play. Raiders may offer Bush and next years #1 for Palmer, we’ll see. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  41. How would it make more sense to acquire Kyle Orton when the guy is a division rival and the fanbase cant stand him? not to mention he doesnt fit the Raider criteria at all. As for Garrard, no thanks, we run a vertical passing game not 3 yard outs.

    I really hope we get Palmer we need someone to throw the deep ball, Heyward-Bey is hitting his stride.

  42. Why is Orton far fetched? They’ve obviously moved on to Tebow at this point. No reason to think Orton will play another down for Denver.

    Plus, the Tebowmaniacs already think they run the team, so they want Orton gone. Campbell isn’t that much, if at all, better than Orton. He’ll have some pieces there that never had in Denver.

    The fact is, Orton’s definitely better than what is there right now. Palmer ain’t coming and Garrard is seemingly a cancer. Orton, at least, will learn the playbook quite quickly.

  43. Raiders should send a couple of #1’s and McFadden to Denver for Tim Tebow. After all, he “wants it” more than any other player, “works harder” than any other player and is a “gamer” who “deserves to play”. At least that’s what I keep reading in the media…..

  44. If the Raiders truly want Palmer, or any other player, they will get him,…Mr Davis always got what he wanted, always, and whomever he left in charge will do the same…period. Raider Nation.

  45. Are any of you paying attention to what the Bungles are doing WITHOUT PALMER???

    HE WAS THE PROBLEM…..the last 2 years he has been AWFUL his arm is shot.

  46. Squeeze’em for a 1st Mikey! Look at some of the 2nd and 3rd round picks we’ve drafted and see if its worth trading Palmer….Chase Coffman, Keiwan Ratliff, Caleb Miller, Kenny Irons, Andrew Caldwell, Kelley Washington, Landon Johnson. Its not worth letting the crybaby win to put another Caleb Miller on this team. If we’re not talking 1st round, then we’re not talking. Who Dey!

  47. firedup1 says:
    Oct 17, 2011 12:44 AM
    I do not think Denver would trade Orton to a division rival.

    Why not?

    They’re already talking about trading their top two recievers.

    What have you seen from the Broncos lately that would indicate they are trying to do anything other than suck for Luck?

  48. Brown is an idiot. He needs to swallow his pride. His rookie QB is playing well, his team is young, and they’re 4-2. Why not get a draft pick?

  49. tatum064 says:
    Oct 17, 2011 12:52 AM
    Way too desperate. 1. Why would Brown trade Palmer when the Bengals are doing well, and he could just keep him 2. Why would Denver trade Orton to a division rival 3. Why would Garrard go to Oak to be a “band-aid” or a bridge to Terrelle Pryor next year when he wants to start.

    1. Because holding onto a valuable trade asset just to spite someone is stupid and bad business, no matter how well you are doing at the moment.

    2. Because Denver doesn’t appear to care much about winning these days (starting an unproven QB, attempting to trade their number 1 reciever)

    3. Terrelle Pryor will never, ever, be a quality NFL QB.

  50. rdrs68 says:
    Oct 17, 2011 7:29 AM
    Palmer is not looking for a temporary gig so why would he want to sign with the Raiders unless it is his only way out of Cinci. Boller is a better QB than Orton so why Kyle?

    Why would it be temporary? He’s better than Campbell and Pryor is not an NFL prospect.

  51. To every poster screaming , crying and whining about Mike Brown not trading Carson Palmer let me ask you this.


    A 2012 draft pick. So unless Oakland wants to pony up their 1st rounder in 2012 they aren’t getting him. Brown will wait until the offseason then trade Palmer to the highest bidder of the “We lost the Luck Sweepstakes” crew.

    Mike Brown has played this perfectly. He gets to stick it to Palmer, he’s got a better team with Dalton AND he’s going to get more than the usual NFL Talking heads realize for Palmer when he trades him in March.

    The traditional thinking is that Mike Brown is an idiot. And there are mountains of evidence to support this conclusion. But in this one instance, this one situation Brown has played it perfectly. And that’s what the hack scribes and uniformed fans can’t wrap their heads around. Because it goes against the usual logic. Thus the 1,000 articles about Brown being an idiot followed by the 1,000 fan comments parroting the same.

    Critical thinking skills. Something NFL beat writers and the casual NFL fans lack.

    (Now give me my thumbs down!!)

  52. Raiders may want to check out Palmer’s elbow. That’s the reason he has played like crap.

    Anyway, let’s make a deal that will help each other. Palmer for the Raiders 2013 1st round pick. That way, you get to keep your 1st rounder next year.

  53. Terrel Pryor is the Raiders future, not Palmer so I would not beleive that for a minute.

  54. realitypolice:

    Yes, the Raiders should just give up on Pryor because you KNOW he won’t make it in the NFL, you actually KNOW that.

    Yet, the Pats were one of 13 NFL teams that wanted Pryor, makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    I’m guessing Pryor went to a rival school of yours, that would explain your foolish comments.

  55. Why do people think Palmer is a great, over even good QB? He had 1 or 2 good years with a great cast of wideouts, that is all. He has been erratic and weak armed ever since. He’s also got a bum knee. Get over him! I’d take Boller and Pryor over him for this season. Handoff to McFadden and Bush, run play action.

    The talking heads need to get over the Palmer drama. He’s was an over paid, average QB.

  56. To ALL the people who keep saying Brown will trade him and would be stupid to not do so, i agree, BUT remember that this is the SAME owner who turned down TWO first round picks for Ochocinco by the Redskins, uh oops. bad move there Brown. now if the Raiders offer a 1st round pick, they SHOULD bite, but this is Brown, so i say that he may turn that down

  57. i Know mthe Raiders have the best O line in the NFL now but I still think Palmer cant handle pressure.
    I dont really like the orton trade, I would rather take a shot at Garrard.. He can run a little but…
    I think the Raiders should just go out and sign Trent Edwards back…Maybe the Bengals will give us the Bruce back!

  58. i Know the Raiders have the best O line in the NFL now but I still think Palmer cant handle pressure.
    I dont really like the orton trade, I would rather take a shot at Garrard.. He can run a little but…
    I think the Raiders should just go out and sign Trent Edwards back…Maybe the Bengals will give us the Bruce back!

  59. This would be huge for the Raiders. For those who remember, Hue Jackson was a coach at USC while Carson Palmer was there, as well with the Bengals after Palmer was there a few years. They have history. I hope they find a way to make this deal.

  60. i cant believe i read that raider fans are ok with sticking with Boller. he managed to hold the lead for Oakland yesterday, thats it. he is a terrible QB, but heck if you want him. lol

  61. They already have the next starting QB on the roster. He has a career passer rating that is well over 100. In fact, we saw the best pass of his career just this Sunday as he hit Boss in stride for an easy TD.

    That’s right, our next starting QB: Shane Lechler 🙂

  62. The point of draft picks is to draft players that can help improve your team…So what’s wrong with trading picks for players that can help right away? I think we attach way too much value to draft picks…You never know how a college player may or may not develop so why not use picks on proven players. That Seymour trade trade seems to be working out just fine.

  63. I can easily see the Raiders offering more than fair market value.

    Their HOF long-time patriarch just passed, and they’re coming off two emotional victories in the 9 days since. Having a 4-2 start and AD emblazoned on the Silver & Black could be quite a catalyst in Oaktown.

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