Sam Bradford has high ankle sprain


This nightmare season in St. Louis received a rare injection of good news on Monday when the team acquired Brandon Lloyd.

And then it got right back to the regularly scheduled unending stream of depressing news.

Coach Steve Spagnuolo announced Monday that Sam Bradford suffered a high left ankle sprain against the Packers. Bradford finished the game out, but clearly he was playing hurt.

Spagnuolo expressed concern with Bradford’s status, saying that backup A.J. Feeley would surely get a lot of reps in practice this week. High ankle sprains are often multiple week injuries, but Spagnuolo wasn’t about to give away Bradford’s playing status yet.

The Rams are coming off another dispiriting loss, but Bradford might have played his best game of the season.  His offensive line and receivers still let him down too much, but there were good moments to build off. The Rams actually gained more yards than the Packers on Sunday.

It’s been that kind season for Bradford and the Rams. The quarterback’s best day of the year came in a 24-3 loss.

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  1. I also like the fact that you noted that

    Sam Bradford suffered a high left ankle sprain against the Rams.

    interesting that he got hurt playing against his own team. 🙂

  2. “Coach Steve Spagnuolo announced Monday that Sam Bradford suffered a high left ankle sprain against the Rams.”

    That’s terrible that he got injured playing against his own team.

  3. If Dallas doesn’t slaughter the Rams (pun intended) this weekend with Feeley at QB, than Garrett, Romo, and the rest of the ‘Boys can all take an extended vacation in Cabo because the season will be effectively done.

  4. That sucks…but I bet he plays through it. I don’t think he should, but he will.

    The Rams are having the exact same season the Niners had last year. They have to get rid of McDaniels before he takes the whole staff down and sets Bradford 2 years back. I feel bad for Rams fans, and yes I hate the Rams, but no fan of any team should get one year of 7-9 surrounded by years and years of 2-4 win seasons.

  5. Well, hopefully for Rams fans, whoever is coaching the team next season will have better luck where injuries are concerned.

  6. Rams deserve it for the bonehead decision to not draft Suh
    uh, Bradford is playing very well, he’s NOT a bust at number 1. Suh is good, but Bradford was a MUST pick.

  7. Better to have him sit with an ankle than play and become David Carr/Mark Bulger after Ware crushes him. This could actually be good for the Rams and Bradford. Let him sit until the Rams can protect a quarterback. The season is over. Let the 49ers have it (they deserve it) this year and hopefully the Rams can compete in a couple of years. Here is the question: Can they move Jackson?

  8. pikindaguy says:
    Oct 17, 2011 4:25 PM
    The big question is will they go for Andrew Luck if given the chance?

    It would probably depend upon how the new management sees things. If they are totally sold on Bradford, they’ll trade the pick for a bunch of picks. Or they’ll draft Luck and trade Bradford for a bunch of picks.

  9. Trading for the almighty Brandon Lloyd makes even more sense now.

    I know that St. Louis plays in the most pathetic division in NFL history but how in the heck did they almost make the playoffs?

    They could very well go 0-16

  10. I don’t think the Rams would go for Luck just because he’s available. Bradford has proven to be more then decent if given the chance. Only a QB needy team would go for Luck next year. So if you wind up having Carolina, the Rams, the Colts etc at the top of the draft board… Luck might not even go #1 overall. The Rams would draft for interior Line help, Carolina would go for defensive backfield/line, the Colts would go defense as well…

  11. What I don’t get is how did no other team offer anything higher?

    6th Round Pick? Half the teams could use his services right now and most could afford to lose a higher pick and absorb the compensation.

    I don’t get it. A steal for the Rams.

  12. It’s comical to see the comments about the Rams even considering Luck. They have the answer at QB. He’s a stud and has shown the abilities on Sundays. Luck may be great, but if Sam didn’t get hurt before coming out, he may have been in the same category going for a 2nd Heisman. He did break a lot of #18’s rookie records last year w/ less than explosive weapons. Fact is, this team won 6 games in 3 years before #8 came in. He is the team’s future. Period. Rebuilding takes time, but that may be running out for Devaney and co. I feel unless big progress is shown between now and the end of the season, Kroenke will fire the whole regime and hand the whole thing over to a big name (Gruden (not anymore), Cowher, Billich, etc.). He’s got the $$$ to spend…

  13. I really like Spags he seems like a good guy.. hopefully he can right this ship soon or else it will be a “Merriman” for him.

  14. Hey Colts Fan, looks like someone’s trying to get in on our Andrew Luck action. Tonight, my Dolphins will make all if you wannabes take notice. This OUR party. Keep your grubby Colt/Ram mitts to yourselves.

  15. This makes me sad. I was really hoping for a Rams surge just strong enough to shut up all those Sheattle fans that keep saying they are by far the best team in the NFC West and they will still easily take the division…

  16. Oh and if the rams somehow miraculously get the 1st overall pick (which I seriously doubt since they still have at least 4 winnable games against Seattle and Arizona…. two teams who aren’t doing a whole lot better with a lot less injuries) It could very well be the year that a WR goes no. 1. Luck may very well be the next Peyton Manning or even better and I think he will be because he is more clutch than Manning. However, Bradford has proven he can be that very good franchise QB you build a team around. Do you really give that up on the “chance” that Luck will be better? It would take a huge overhaul and a really really ballsy and stupid coach to make that move. I don’t see it happening. Besides the Colts are hard to bet against losing it all at this point, and Elway is proving he wants Tebow to fail by placing his starting wideouts on the block. Good justification I suppose…. easy for Elway to say “look you got your wish, we tried Tebow and he failed so we’re drafting Andrew Luck”

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