Sean Payton has little experience coaching from the booth


Now that Saints coach Sean Payton has had surgery to repair a broken leg and torn MCL, and given that he won’t be able to put even partial weight on the leg for up to eight weeks, Payton will have to coach from the booth.

That’s something he’s never done at the NFL level.  Team spokesman Greg Bensel advises that Payton coached from the booth only during his time as quarterbacks coach at the University of Illinois.  At that time, however, he wasn’t calling plays.

Given that Payton will be in the booth, he likely won’t be able to communicate directly with quarterback Drew Brees when calling a play.  Instead, Payton likely will have to relay the play through someone on the sideline.

Though it has no bearing on the players’ performance, Payton’s adjustment to his new coaching reality could impact his comfort level in the short term, which also could keep him from getting into a rhythm while calling plays, at least until he makes the adjustment.

9 responses to “Sean Payton has little experience coaching from the booth

  1. I want to know whats going on with the late hit that drive Jimmy Graham into Payton. I’m sure nothing will get done, these refs have been ridiculous this year. They call nothing for us. Goodell wake up and start paying attention to what’s actually going on with your corrupt refs.

  2. he’ll do fine, hopefully he takes it easy on the post game handshake when they play the Lions in a few weeks

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually helps him. It’s a different perspective from up in the stands, maybe he will see things he didn’t see before and use it to his advantage.

  4. Wont matter where coach calls the game from. Are yall kidding. Do yall actually watch the Saints play? They are playing like a young rebuilding team. The Bucs looked like the great team and the saints looked like anything but great. Brees telgraphs all his passes to his boy friend Graham and leaves all other wide open receivers wide open. He threw 3, not one, not 2, 3 interceptions right to the defenders. One was right in the endzone. Geez. Even Romo don’t do that. The only thing that surprises me is that all the ESPN talking heads pound on other QBs when their play falters but theystill love and cuddle precious whine baby Drew. Maybe Benson knows exactly what he’s doing not giving Drew the big money. I wouldn’t either. Unless he starts playn QB again on the Pro level that he’s capable of playn i wouldn’t sign him at all. Let him go somewhere else to throw interceptions. Give Chase a shot. Hell let my 80 year old dad play cuz i bet even he wouldn’t serve up 3 ints. ha ha. And our defense. The Saints defense is less than pro level! Lost to the Bucs? are you kidding me? If the Saints players don’t mind being a bunch of bums then just admit it and quit wasting our time and money by telling us yall are a good football team. because you are NOT a good football team right now.

  5. Two weeks in a row the Saints haven’t played very well. The Bucs played well, but they are certainly not a playoff caliber team. The Saints are certainly a better team then they showed Sunday. I’m hoping they can get it together. Green Bay is at the top of the NFC no question right now.

  6. The Saints will be fine and they will win the division by at least 2 games…they’ll likely clinch the #2 seed by defeating the lions in December at the Superdome. Coach Payton is one of the best in the league and will not be challenged at all by having to coach in the booth. These are things I am confident will play out. Now, when we have to go to Lambeau in January…that’s where I get not so confident. Although I believe the Packers to be better than the Saints now, I do think we can beat them…just not in 10 below and a foot of snow.

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