Sean Payton’s surgery deemed a success


In this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback on, Peter King let us know that Sean Payton spent part of last week bragging to some Saints about the fact that he never had to have surgery during his playing career.

After Sunday, we imagine Payton won’t be inclined to brag about never being hit by a car, struck by lightning or anything else that could land him in the hospital. The Saints coach tore his MCL and suffered a tibia fracture when tight end Jimmy Graham slammed into him on the sideline during the loss to the Buccaneers.

Payton had surgery on Monday morning to repair the injuries and, like most surgeries, it was deemed a success by the doctor who performed it.

“The surgery went very well,” said Saints Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Deryk Jones in a statement released by the team. “We plan to keep him overnight tonight for observations and have him home tomorrow. I anticipate Coach Payton returning to the office sometime Wednesday or Thursday. The recovery period for this type of surgery is three to six months. I would anticipate him being able to put partial weight on it in about eight weeks.”

Assistant head coach Joe Vitt will handle the head coach’s usual Monday meeting with the media and presumably will act as a liaison with Payton regarding planning for Sunday’s game against the Colts. Payton said Sunday that he anticipates having to coach from upstairs in the next few weeks, something that seems more certain after hearing from Dr. Jones.

24 responses to “Sean Payton’s surgery deemed a success

  1. Saints aren’t as good as we thought they were. Our coach gets run over by his own player cuz he just stood there like a knumbskull. Brees forgot how to play QB because Benson is playn cheep on his upcoming contract. Meachum was wide open in the back of the endzone for the win and Brees never went thru his progressions. He just kept looking in the direction of his new boyfriend jimmy Graham. Graham ain’t the only receiver on the team. Our defense couldn’t stop the Salmen High School Spartans Junior Varsity girls football team. The saints just lost to the scrub Bucs who lost to the scrub niners by 45 points last week. Looks like our beloved Saints of 07 and 08 and 2010 are back. As soon as Benson will give Brees his 99 gazilion dollar contract and soon as Brees crush on Jimmy passes maybe the Saints will win another game. But i doubt it! I mean really. if we can’t beat the scrub Bucs we are in DEEP trouble. Hope we don’t lose to the Rams and the Colts. i am now nervous about both games. saints will be lucky to finish 7 and 9 the way they are playing. And now coach is hurt. They don’t even look like our championship saints anymore. Win good one week and look like a girls flag football team the next week. ha ha.

  2. On a totally random note- while at the bar yesterday this Saints fan who was loud all game walked up to me and my girl and said that the reason they lost is cause Payton got hurt, and my girl replied without hesitation “maybe its cause your still rockin a Joe Horn jersey you bum” Needless to say… momma I might have found the one!

  3. Salmen you are right on the money! Meachem was WIDE OPEN. Then again, as awul as we played that game, our defense played much better in the second half and our offense was in there with a chance to win at the end. I’m thinking the Saints might just finish the season 12-4, but if they don’t fix their defensive problems, they would be a one and done team in the playoffs.

  4. Best wishes to Coach Payton for a quick recovery. Glad his surgery went well. I have a ton of respect for him.

  5. Que the excuses once again for Bucs beating Saints.. There are no excuses, the Bucs out classed the Saints.

  6. dwntwnbadboy19 says:Oct 17, 2011 1:43 PM

    Que the excuses once again for Bucs beating Saints.. There are no excuses, the Bucs out classed the Saints.
    Out classed?? Outplayed maybe, but out classed i think not.. Talib and Jackson are 2 of the biggest dirtbags in the league. Class would not be the word i would use to describe them

  7. I won’t blame this or that but it sure seems Brees has loss some of his accuracy and depth on throwing passes. He is forced to pass because the line will not open holes for runners to gain any yards, so the opponent always knows he is going to pass. Its just a matter of odds that they intercept because they know what he has to do to move the ball. With all these great runners, we sure can’t run aganist anybody and make break-a-away 15-20 yard runs. And the running up the middle
    (a brick wall) why keep doing it over and over every game and you can’t even make a yard for the 1st down or TD? Saints need some end arounds, reverses, something to break the old routine. And as for the defense, why are they so loose from receivers that the other teams are always by themselves out in the open to make the big plays- can’t the Saints cover receivers? An as for tackling- they should practice open field tackling-because Saints always just slide off of runners and they keep going another 6-10 yards after contact is made.

  8. Que the excuses once again for Bucs beating Saints.. There are no excuses, the Bucs out classed the Saints.


    Cue the Tampa fans beating their chests.

    You’re 4-2 and acting like you’re a dynasty. Get over yourselves.

  9. “…like most surgeries, it was deemed a success by the doctor who performed it.”

    Trying to imagine how they’d spin a total failure. “We had to remove the leg, but prosthetics are all the rage these days.”

  10. Saints fan here, but I’m a realist, not blinded by the black and gold colored glasses. Looking back, when a team turns it over 4 times, and can’t run the ball or stop the run, its a miracle the Saints were even in a position to take the lead late in the game. Bottom line is they didn’t play good enough to win. Tip your hats to the Bucs.

    On Brees’ last INT, take into account that Brees is probably the shortest QB in the NFL. He probably couldn’t even see Meachem.

    The Bucs are a good team, but they commit too many penalties. If they can clean that up, they are gonna be a force to be reckoned with in this division for a long time to come. I think that Freeman is already 2nd to Brees as the leading QB in the NFC South, and still has huge upside. Brees is on the gentle down-slope.

  11. Gosh, talk about people jumping off the band wagon WOW! Yes we should have beat the Bucs, but anyone who thinks we were just going to roll in there and it be a easy game does not understand the NFL very good. For one it was the third road game in a row, playing a divisional team who got embarresed last week with extra motivation, not to mention our coach being taken out early completly changeing our routine. The Saints will be fine. We may not be the best team in the league right now, but we are working our way in getting there, every year brings new adversity we will overcome ours. When we rip off about five wins in a row all you haters out there will be the first in line shouting WHO DAT!!

  12. The Saints have reached a crossroads. The media will point to this game as a turning point for better or worse…
    -If the Saints do good, it will be because the troops rallied around their fallen leader
    -If the Saints do bad, it will be because the troops couldn’t overcome the loss of their fallen leader.

    Losing Payton on the sideline is big for this team. It’s way worse than if other coaches got hurt like say…Caldwell

  13. Did they fix Payton’s eyesight. What a dufus. When you see a couple 250 lb guys moving at very high speed it is time to get out of the way. Get your head on a swivel Payton.

  14. Man are saints fans sore losers.. If you watched the game you would agree that tampa out classed them.

  15. You people with the jokes about Payton are str8 up classless. Bucs were the better team and even if that didn’t happen to Payton the Bucs would have still won. They showed up and we didn’t, simple as that. Our defense and Greg Williams needs to do something, for one stop blitzing. You’re not getting pressure and not getting sacks. This is ridiculous, hope Sean Payton gets well soon. Saints will bounce back… and btw nobody seems to mention Graham was pushed by a Bucs player out of bounds that’s why he ran into Payton. Stop speaking on things you know nothing about.

  16. Bucs are 4 and 2.
    Here is a preview of the next 5 weeks

    @ N.O. = LOSS

    Enjoy it while you can

  17. Excuses Excuses. I can tell new Saints fans from us die-hard 1950s models in a heart-beat. I love the Saints but they are in serious trouble. The new Saints fans are always sayn oh yea the saints will be fine. Ha ha. i laugh in your face. This Saints defense is the same exact one that let the scrub seahawks roll them up in the playoffs last year. Same coordinator and same players. Bottom line, if drew Brees can’t score 35plus points every week the Saints lose. Plain and simple. Just too bad our defense can’t show up and carry the Saints like other good defenses do when our ofense is struggling. What did Drew and the gang work on in those famous lock out practices? Seems to me the answer is, to enable drew to throw more Ints and only throw to Graham every down regardless of who is open. No wonder Benson is dragging his feet on Brees contract. Because drew ain’t a good QB no more. he’s just like Romo now. Plays well for 1 or 2 games then lays a nasty egg of a performance.

  18. @turbodog – they will probably beat the Texans, I have no faith in that team at all. So they will be 5-5 after week 11. Hopefully, the Saints will be at least 7-3 going into their bye week. (crosses fingers)

  19. Wow! That’s all I can say right now. Our own fans turning against us, people saying Brees is on the down slope of his career…smh. Yes the Saints defense needs work, yes the oline isn’t opening up holes in the running game, yes we are turning the ball over to much, and just not making a big plays on defense…but to crown the Bucs the NFC South champs and to plain say were done after 6 weeks is down right ridiculous. We turned the ball over 4 times and still had a chance to win it at the end. We played 3 straight road games and 2 were against NFC South teams. Take a peek into the history of the NFC South and their always have been close nail bitting games at the end. Bottom line is let’s just make it to the playoffs, (healthy) and let the chips fall where they may. As a true Saints fan who went through years of not making it to the playoffs, just being in the playoffs and having a shot winning it is good enough for me.

  20. @salmen76

    You’re no true die hard, I’ve read both of your posts and nothing from that tells me you’re a true Saints fan. You need to learn a thing or 2 about football and then talk.

  21. kayokittycat; you are a goomba. I didn’t throw no ints sunday. I didn’t fumble once. I didn’t NOT block when i get paid millions to do it right. I didn’t telegraph my passes to the same receiver ALL day long. I didn’t miss any takles. I didn’t leave wide receivers wide open all day long in the secondary. i didn’t rush the QB like a girl and never get there. I didn’t stand on the sidelines like a statue and let football players run right over me. Nope. Looks to me like the SAINTS need to learn a thing or two about football. I didn’t lose to the scrub Bucs. The Saints lost to the scrub Bucs. You’re blaming the wrong person pal. The Bucs suck straight up. And the Saints still can’t beat them. They swept us twice last year and now they have already beat the Saints this year. we have lost 2 games to NFC teams which will be a killer when tie breaker time comes. Looks like this year the saints will be the losers that are 9 and 7 or 10 and 6 on the outside looking in because they didn’t care of business when they were supposed to. The Saints didn’t even show up sunday. The 49rs showed up didn’t they. they handed the scrub Bucs a 48 to 3 but whippn. Our defense couldn’t hold a girls church flag football team to 3 points. Thats a laugh! Geaux Saints!

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