Ugly win just what the Jets needed


Not so deep thoughts after watching the Jets’ sluggish 24-6 win over the Dolphins Monday night:

1. This was not a masterpiece victory by the Jets. That might be just what coach Rex Ryan wants to see.

The Jets haven’t reached back-to-back conference championship games by playing an aesthetically pleasing brand of football. They got there by winning games like this.

2. The game was lost in the first half when the Dolphins blew chances in the red zone. They settled for two short field goals and quarterback Matt Moore threw a pick six to Darrrelle Revis.  That’s how you get to 0-5.

3. Miami allowed Mark Sanchez to find his mojo.  The home crowd was booing the Jets quarterback after four straight three and outs to start the game, but the Jets led the whole time.

Sanchez got incredible protection all night and eventually found a rhythm, leading the Jets to four straight long scoring drives.

New York remained very basic in their passing game all night, but this should give Sanchez a little confidence.

4. Not everything was sunny for the Jets. The running game was ordinary once again. Shonn Greene had 74 yards on 21 carries.

5. Miami’s total lack of a pass rush makes me think they have a real chance at this “Suck for Luck” thing. The 2010 Dolphins defense is a distant memory. All of those Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland draft picks are not getting it done.

6. Moore actually didn’t look that bad. He was hurt by a number of drops, including too many by Brandon Marshall.  We doubt the Dolphins would make the trade for Marshall again if they had the option.    Marshall actually beat Darrelle Revis four times, but Marshall couldn’t finish plays.

7. Plaxico Burress continues to mix a total lack of explosion with questionable effort.

8. The Jets absolutely had to win this game, and they won it.  I’m still not convinced they are playing well enough to beat quality opponents.

We’ll find out soon enough.  The next three games: San Diego, at Buffalo, and New England.  The Jets need to win two of those games or they’ll be 4-5 with five conference losses.

59 responses to “Ugly win just what the Jets needed

  1. Screw the Raiders, the Jets need to be looking for a QB to trade for. Another awful game for Sanchez. This guy is brutal to watch.

  2. man…. the monday night games have sucked so far. I had to resort to watching “SURVIVAL of the dead” and wrestling…. c’mon MNF, get good again.

  3. 9. The Jets are terrible. Sanchez is horrendous. The Defense is average. What else can you say? There’s no way this team makes the playoffs in the AFC. They are the redskins of the AFC….yes you are not losing as much as you should have… but we all know u suck.

  4. The Jets were very lucky to have Miami this week. I mean even playing an 0-4 team and it still took them how long before they actually got a 1st down?

    This will be a very ugly season for them if they continue to play like this. The have not won a game against a winning team as of yet.

  5. I watched this whole game to see if the Jets were contenders. The answer is no. As far as the Dolphins are concerned? Looks like they will be picking Andrew Luck next year.

  6. So the Jets, who ARE going to win the Super Bowl, probably still need to go about 7-3 over the last 10 games. It could happen, but they have enough tough games left to leave that third consecutive SB title in serious jeopardy.

    Among some of the potentially tough games, they still have San Diego, Buffalo, New England, Washington, and the Giants. I somehow doubt they will manage to win enough of them.

  7. What an ugly game, we’re lucky we played the feeble Dolphins.

    That being said, a win is a win and it’s awesome to have a building block going into next week. Lot of things can improve, but I saw a lot of promising things too.

  8. “The Jets haven’t reached back-to-back conference championship games by playing an aesthetically pleasing brand of football. They got there by winning games like this.”

    Actually they fell ass-backwards into the first one, by getting a Colts team that had already quit trying to win, a Bengals team twice who will never be anything but the Bengals, and a Chargers team who, frankly, was the playoff version of the Chargers.

    They had no business even BEING in the Playoffs in 2009.

    I can’t take anything away from them in 2010, but 2009 was complete and pure luck. Hell did you forget Rex Ryan crying when his team was eliminated in Week 14?

  9. The Revis touchdown was a “gift”. Should have been pass interference or holding. Marshall smoked Revis all night. Sanchez is getting incredible protection. The Jets O-line rocks.

  10. There are at least 7 teams better than the Jets this year. Sanchez look the same if not worse, and their running game is bordering on non-existent. But god-dammed Revis is a savage.

  11. I was up by 40 points in my fantasy league going into tonight’s game. Darrelle Revis ruined that for me. Thanks a lot Revis.

  12. Moore actually didn’t look that bad.


    I’ve never seen an NFL QB stare at his primary receiver with such unrelenting tunnel vision from the snap of the ball to the time he threw the pass as Moore did against the Jets

  13. Man this Dolphins team is really really bad.

    I feel for Miami fans Sparano needs to be fired right now. Seriously Stephen Ross should tell him to not even get on the plane.

    How could Marshall just run out of bounds like that? It’s plays like that and Garcon’s lateral that make me think that these teams are throwing games.

    Suck for Luck.

  14. No mention of Reggie Bush looking pretty good?? I dont want to overstate it, he looked semi good, had a couple big runs, couple tough runs in between the tackles.

    You’d think with all the bust articles written about him, that you guys would acknowledge one of the many times he produces in a game…… Guess not.

  15. Frankly, I will be absolutely stunned if the Jets make the playoffs. They are not a good team, and until they get a quarterback; they will stay that way. If they can somehow trade for Ryan Mallett, they have all the pieces to be a contender, but I highly doubt Darth Bellichick would ever let that happen. Next best option is drafting a quality QB. Is it too late for the Jets to Suck for Luck, or, SFL?

  16. Moore didn’t look that bad? Sure, if you don’t count the fact that the he only ever looked at his primary receiver and ignored wide open guys, especially early on…

  17. im a Jets fan and i actually just got home from this game. i enjoyed it. it was a step foward from the last 3weeks but again it was the dolphins and a win with 4 straight drives without a first down only happens against miami indy and st louis which brings me to my next point, the offensive cord. has to go, its his fault on 3rd down sanchez is tryna throw a little slant to l.t instead of using Plax in a slant against a cb playing 5yds off of him. when is Rex gonna say enough is enough…and just to correct you on 3 things score was 24-6. 2. Darrelle has 2 R’s not 3 and 3. the jets scheduale consists of San Diego,BUFFULO,New put baltimore

  18. Sure, defense wins championships. But you gotta have a somewhat decent offense to put points on the board to help alleviate pressure off of the defense. If you don’t score points, you’re not gonna win many games.

    The Jets are flat out struggling offensively. They’re a run-oriented team, but yet they’re not running the ball efficiently. Greene and LT have not shown up at all but I believe once they get going, it’d be hard for them to be stopped.

    And not to mention, Mark Sanchez isn’t a great quarterback at all. He’ll never be a quarterback like Peyton, Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Brees, etc. But as long as he turns out to be efficient and consistent, he’ll be fine but he’s yet to do that this season.

    The Jets may find themselves in a tough spot if the Patriots and Bills continue playing the way they’ve been.

  19. Just for the record…was at the game and the boos were for that clown that continues to dazzle opposing defenses with his innovative and ingenious play calling…unfathomable that this clown still holds this position…STOP THE MADNESS!!! Go gang green!

  20. It’s kind of awesome that the Jets spent the #5-overall pick on a guy who’s better at pushing mobile phones in draft interviews than at playing quarterback.

  21. “The Jets haven’t reached back-to-back conference championship games by playing an aesthetically pleasing brand of football. They got there by winning games like this.”


    Exactly correct. They won a ton of games against bad teams the last two years to squeeze in on the last day.

    Unfortunately for the jets, to squeak into the playoffs with this season’s schedule, they will actually have to beat a few team’s with a winning record. Not happening.

  22. Inside sources tell me that extra security was on hand to keep the overzealous Yets fans from tearing down the goal posts after tonight’s Monday Night Super Bowl home victory against the Fins.

  23. Just for the record, I’m not a fan of either team, but Revis’ pick was pass interference all the way. He knows how to hide it well with his back to the refs, but it appears in this play, he had marshall’s jersey and pulls him out of the way to catch the ball!

  24. At this point, Jets are just an ordinary, average, mediocre team.

    Difference last night was that in 4 early and easy trips to the red zone, Fins backup QB came away with a net -1 points instead of +21.

    Ugly win for Jets? More like they dodged a bullet.

  25. If Miami had anyone on the roster who resembled a QB they would have destroyed the Jets… All the Jets proved is that they have the 2 most overrated players in the league… Sanchize and Revis…

  26. “Revis pick six” should have been “Revis pass interference”. How in the world did that not get called? Classic text book pass interference and no flag? If anyone ever wonders why some people think officials are on the take, just look at that…..

  27. This is not a very good football team….even mildly competent QB play by the Dolphins would have put them up 21-0 in the first half. They also got the benefit of a terrible non-call on the Revis pick-six. Holmes is a good receiver, but they’ve really got nothing else on the outside. Keller is a decent tight end, but when he’s your number 2 option, defenses will pay attention to him and he’s not good enough to beat double-teams (and neither is Sanchez). Shonn Greene scares no one, and Tomlinson is now just a 3rd down back. The only way this Jets team goes anywhere is if their defense channels the 2000 Ravens, but that’s not happening either. The back end can be very good at times, but there’s no much left on the defensive line – any pressure they get comes from blitzing, and they’re very vulnerable to the run. This smells like a team in decline, maybe 9-7 or so.

  28. Can someone please tell me why Matt Moore is a starting QB? I have never seen anybody lock onto receivers, ecspecially BM, like he did last night. Easily missed a 3rd down conversion, and a wide open touchdown. Also, throwing to a guy looking at the ground usually turns out bad as well. Game shoulda been 21 7 at half, pathetic.

  29. As a Skins fan, and after watching this nasty football, I see the importance of having a great QB….Not a Grossman, Sanchez or Moore….But a good one

  30. There’s no denying that Revis is a great player…and best corner in the NFL…but does anyone get away with more illegal contact, holding & interference than this guy? It’s likeWade Boggs’ strike zone – if Revis had to play by the same rules as everyone else he wouldn’t be getting compared to Deion Sanders every 5 minutes.

    Glad the Jets think they got their swagger back after the lowly Dolphins dominated them in the 1st half, and then ran out of steam as they always do…2 very unimpressive teams last night…

  31. Time to use the FLEX for these sad games….No one wants to see that Jets Fireman guy incite the crowd and sing his little chants! How bout some real football?

  32. What a sad game. Miami might not win a game. They are really bad. Getting Orton looks like it would have been good move now.

    It almost looked like Marshall was trying to throw the game. He gets defended in the end zone when he should have boxed out, he can`t stay in bounds on a sure touch down, he doesn`t watch the ball on an easy Revis INT and he has a very bad end zone drop. It`s like he`s getting paid to lose.

    Then Miami just gave up as a team once they were down by 18. There was tons of time left. That`s only 3 scores. It`s very unlikely they could come back, but they could have at least tried.

    The fact the Jets couldn`t really have a great game against such a bad team doesn`t bode well for them.

  33. Worst Monday Night Intro in the history of Monday Night Football

    one has to wonder what Fireman Ed’s IQ really is

  34. Actually the Jets needed an accomplished win that could have given them real confidence. Take away the 100 yard pick 6 off a clearly illegal play and they beat the Matt Moore Dolphins by 11 at home.

  35. The Jets beat a winless team … looked ugly doing it … and was dominated early. That is NOT what any coach wants to see. Unless you coach a non-playoff team and are happy for any victory.

  36. Take away the pick six and the Dolphins have first-and-goal at the one. Couple that with Marshall’s stumble and the difference between 7-6 and 0-17 was something the Jets had absolutely nothing to do with. The Jets played like crap, but some friendly calls and Miami’s disinterest in winning the game gave it to them.

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