Vikings quarterback decision coming Wednesday


Vikings coach Leslie Frazier will let us know Wednesday who will start at quarterback for the team against the Packers.

Between now and then, he and his coaching staff will be evaluating Donovan McNabb and Christian Ponder after both quarterbacks played in the 39-10 loss to the Bears that dropped the Vikings to 1-5 on the season. Frazier addressed the situation before taking any questions, acknowledging that a change is on his mind while also saying that the team isn’t at a place where they are thinking about 2012 more than the rest of the 2011 season. What will be the determining factor?

“We are going to talk about a lot of things, but the primary point will be what’s best for our team going forward as we prepare for our next opponent.  That will be the determining factor.”

Frazier didn’t offer many hints about his thoughts. He did say that he wanted to avoid a situation where he makes a change and then feels he needs to change back to McNabb because Ponder isn’t ready to start, a worthwhile concern with the Packers on the docket. If that’s an issue, waiting for the bye in Week Nine might not work out any better as a road game in Green Bay would be Ponder’s first test.

At some point the wraps have to come off Ponder so the Vikings know if he has what it takes to be their quarterback going forward, though, and, at 1-5, it isn’t like the Vikings are risking all that much by making the move sooner rather than later. We’ll find out Wednesday if Frazier agrees but change is definitely in the air around the Vikings.

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  1. One thing we can be assured of is that Donovan is no longer a starting QB next year. Vikes may be stuck with him short term, but next year he should start looking for a new home in Canada.

  2. Dear Vikings,

    Please let Donavan play one more game.

    Thanks for your time.

    Love, The Packers

  3. My favorite part of last nights game is when the cameras caught mama McNabb leaving her seats after Donovan was sacked 2 times in a row and for a safety. Even she wanted to puke her chunky soup.

  4. What happened to Joe Webb? According to a lot of the viking fans on this site last year, he was the QB of the future.

  5. Please, please, please start Christian Ponder. Make him earn his stripes (and maybe he can!) Don’t put that chipmunk-killing has-been back in there. They would have been much better off convincing Favre to come back (again) than wishing and hoping with McNabb. His mobility is affected by age and weight. He must be carrying 25 extra lbs. The season is lost (except for the Minnesota SuperBowl next Monday night.) Let’s see the new kid….baptized on national TV.

  6. This team is going nowhere, and has so many holes to fill…Unfortunately starting Ponder won’t change a thing. He can’t cover kicks, can’t sack a QB, can’t cover a WR, block for AD or protect his own blindside…

    We’re doomed…DOOMED!

  7. I know he isn’t playing well, but I kinda feel bad for him. Shoved to different teams, people booing him constantly. The dudes confidence has to be in the toilet…..keeping his career company.

  8. bordner says:
    Oct 17, 2011 4:21 PM
    What happened to Joe Webb? According to a lot of the viking fans on this site last year, he was the QB of the future.


    And you must be one of the clowns that thought Brodie Croyle was going to save your Chiefs right?

    Go back to yahoo.

  9. Why does anyone think joe webb is the answer?? Are people not aware ponder was actually drafted to be our franchise qb? I think race is playing into people calling for webb

  10. Well this is a tough one. Leslie could go with one of the young qb’s on his ‘team’ and get beat up by 25 at home against the Pack. Or, Leslie could stick with his guy who really has no business playing in the NFL and lose by 25 at home against the Pack. Decisions, decisions.

  11. What I want to know is who will be the starting QB when this franchise is moved to Los Angeles in 2-3 years

  12. I am a packers fan. The Capers defense usually gives Rookie and inexperienced QBs a lot of fits. Sure there have been a couple of cases where that wasn’t true, but I don’t think that I would give a rookie QB his first start against this Capers’ defense, although it is depleted.

    Then on the flip side, McNabb has been horrible, and terrifying the worms with his dirt balls. Still if I was Minny, I would start McNabb, and run AP a lot. This Packers defense surrenders a lot of yards. If history is any indicator, WRs will be open.

  13. Let’s see…their season is over already. No way do they let McNabb touch the field again. This is the perfect opportunity to let the kid work out his growing pains under live fire.

  14. “…the primary point will be what’s best for our team going forward as we prepare for our next opponent. That will be the determining factor.”

    What’s the discussion here? Hasn’t it already been determined that McNabb was to be a transitional QB anyway? Well, that transition has ended, like it or not. Start the kid.

    As incredibly unlikely as it is, can you imagine what an incredible confidence booster it would be to lead your team to a victory over the defending champs? It’s worth a shot.

  15. I say put in Ponder and let him get gis feet wet. Consider how Matthew Stafford and Dirty Sanchez have faired be plugged in right away. It was slow hoing at first, but getting in there and playing right away is the best way to see if you have a legit QB. If not, theirs always Andrew Luck.

  16. Best case scenario is that Ponder starts next weekend. Then the Packers prove to everyone in the NFL that Ponder doesn’t belong. Then Leslie has to give McNugget a financial appology. Then the Vikings continue with the rest of the season and earn Luck. Then each of the NFCN teams will have a franchise qb going forward.

    Mcnabb gets a few more $$$ to stuff in his mattress as he rides off down the drain pipe.

    Vikings get a real qb in Luck, and get to move on earlier than they did with TJack instead of leaving the franchise in limbo.

    Suh, Peppers, Clay, and even Jared Allen (in practice) get a shiny brand new qb to spank behind that atrocious o-line in mud duck land.

  17. I say put in Ponder and let him get his feet wet. Consider how Matthew Stafford and Dirty Sanchez have faired be plugged in right away. It was slow going at first, but getting in there and playing right away is the best way to see if you have a legit QB. If not, theirs always Andrew Luck.

  18. Forget the QB situation. The vikings need a new head coach, this clown frazier doesn’t even use the best running back in the league. After peterson scored early in the 2nd half the vikings pass the next 9 plays in a row & go 3 & out three times in a row! What a joke!!

  19. this is a non decision. i would even argue that the vikings should cut mcfatt because he is probably going to do nothing but whine and cause problems for the rest of the year.
    “He did say that he wanted to avoid a situation where he makes a change and then feels he needs to change back to McNabb because Ponder isn’t ready to start.” again, non issue because you also have a kid on your team who has won in this league as an nfl QB in joe webb. obviously you have to give your first round draft pick first crack but if he struggles and is getting beat up then i see no reason why webb doesn’t deserve another opportunity when he has proven he can make plays and win an nfl game.
    there is not a scenario that i could think that mcfatt would help at this point on or off the field and i think it could be good for both of these kids to get some experience without a lot of pressure and put a little young fire back in there.

  20. I really have always liked Donovan McNabb as a person and a player. I even named my son after him. I think it is sad what he is doing to his legacy. He has made plenty of money and from what people say is cheap. Just step aside man before you tarnish your career any more.

  21. The fans who thought Joe Webb was the QB of the future for the Vikings are the same goober fans who thought Matt Moore was going to be the QB of the future for Carolina.

    There is a reason why teams pay for scouts and player personel departments rather than listen to punch drunk goober fans.

  22. budgrant says:
    Oct 17, 2011 4:36 PM
    Why does anyone think joe webb is the answer?? Are people not aware ponder was actually drafted to be our franchise qb? I think race is playing into people calling for webb


    Or maybe it’s because Joe Webb looked pretty good against the Eagles in that win and has been in the league an extra year to learn the position. He is also a freak athlete who should get a game or two this year to see what he can do at starting QB before turning to Ponder. Ponder looked like garbage in the preseason and was running a package of plays that belonged in high school football. Has he improved enough in the last few weeks? Why not at least see what Webb can do before giving Ponder the rest of the season

  23. francheyes says- Shoved to different teams, people booing him constantly?
    For one he makes tens of millions, so I dont know about shoved. And second, he throws what would be a first down at receivers feet. Add those two very simple points together and youll see that they add up to a colossal booing. Listen to what your eyes tell you man.

  24. There can’t possibly be a veteran left on the team who thinks putting Ponder in constitutes giving up on the season. We’ve seen what McNabb can do and it’s 1-5. The one victory they have, they won despite McNabb’s ineptitude. Ponder doesn’t give them a worse chance of winning the rest of the season and he’s the future of the team. What is there left to ponder…I mean, consider?

  25. Face it Viking fans…

    It’s over, for a long time. The pieces are no longer here. You lost your rent-a-QB, you gave up your best receiver to Seattle, your interior D-line is aging, your secondary is one of the worst in the league (bottom 8)…and Los Angeles really wants a football team.

    Not looking good.

  26. They need to forget about Donovan. they have more invested in Ponder and Webb. They need to run a 50/50 split between the both of them. If anything even if they lose it will pay off in the end making them ready for 2012 and allowing them to get some valuable picks in the draft. If they end 1-15 they could trade down pick 1 and get some monster value.

  27. McNabb has been just going through the motions for the past two years. He has no fire or desire…..he’s just collecting the paycheck. The Eagles recognized this and the Redskins recognized this that’s why they both cut him loose. The Ponder kid didn’t look half bad for his first game. Time to get the kid going.

  28. eaglessuperfan says:
    Oct 17, 2011 5:01 PM
    I really have always liked Donovan McNabb as a person and a player. I even named my son after him.

    Would you consider changing your son’s name to Christian?

  29. Blame it on Chilly and the Wilf’s for giving Chilly control of the roster. Remember, the team paid Favre almost $27m for two seasons. That’s a lot of money tied into one player for a short period of time. The team couldn’t fill the back end of the roster with better players because of the money tied up in Favre. It’s really that simple.

  30. you know that all hell is going to break loose if the fans see that mcnabb starts…

  31. The biggest problem for the Vikes is that 1-15 may be too good to get Andrew Luck, thanks to the Colts who are making a joke out of the NFL Draft.

  32. If it’s not Christian based on performance alone, it will be him based on the fact that this is a serious week for the stadium debate and they need to do anything they can to generate excitement for the team. Christian Ponder is about the only thing left to do that!

  33. Although I think McNabb has played okay, now that the Vikings realize they are out of the running for a playoff spot, there no rationale for keeping McNabb on the field. They need to know if Ponder is going to be their franchise quarterback.

  34. The game last night was a damn disaster and I don’t know if I can hadle anymore of this crap. How loyal are we supposed to be? 2011 is over. so play ponder and see how he does so you can evaluate everything for 2012(not that it would help when they don’t change the damn secondary and the o-line sucks with johnson in there and now sully is gone?). I don’t know if i wanna watch another disaster to the SB champs or watch and laugh my head off at the damn vikings.

  35. Yep….this looks like the end of the line for Donovan McNabb. He should call it a career after this season while he can still retire with some semblance of dignity.

  36. Best to start him during a home game, but starting him following the bye week would also give him more reps with the number 1’s going into a game.

    Kind of tough to say. I wouldn’t worry about the kid not being ready though necessarily because he’s an extremely confident and poised young man. He doesn’t seem like the type who would be ruinded by one bad game. Plus at 1-5 there really isn’t that much pressure.

  37. Peppers has been contacted for a disciplinary meeting after pushing McNabb down last night. Not from the league office though; he’s in trouble with the playground monitor.

  38. I’d thought I would just let everyone think about this one.
    The man we call Tavaris Jackson started his first ever game against the Packers on primetime.
    Do we let Ponder start against them too? I’m not saying it has anything to do with Jackson sucking but who knows. I’d love to see Ponder play next week.

  39. bwerickson82 says:
    Oct 17, 2011 10:12 PM
    I’d thought I would just let everyone think about this one.
    The man we call Tavaris Jackson started his first ever game against the Packers on primetime.

    That was also 2006 and the Pack went 8-8. Big difference in caliber of teams 😛

    I say let him start – he’s going to have to face the Packers a lot in his career, best start now.

  40. “Troy Aikman was 1-15 in his first year in Dallas.”


    You know whats funny about this statement? How exactly did the cowboys get good so fast?

    I’ll give you a hint.

    Hershel Walker trade.
    A very dark day in minihaha

  41. Anybody watching that game last night saying McNabb is washed up and screaming for Ponder is fking idiot.
    Like in Washington (How’s that Rexy doin?) Minnesota’s offense is in shambles. The line sucks, the receivers suck. Deal with it. But the morons have to have a scapegoat I guess. Think things can’t get worse? Play Ponder and watch and judging from all the pots it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of rtarded d-bags.

  42. Well Queen fans, this is what you get when your former coach made a deal with the devil 2 years ago when they dragged junkslinger off his tractor in Mississippi. Starting with NFC Championship game, in which the Junkslinger threw his standard last pass to the other team, your franchise has been in a downward spiral.
    You ignored the QB position in the draft for several years, traded numerous draft picks for losers like Moss and McNabb, lost to your most bitter rivals, the Packers, twice, watched them win the SB with the best QB/WR corps in the league, reached for a QB early in the draft, started your season 1-5, and now with false hope that C. Ponder is your future, you will most likely pass on A Luck in the 2012 draft. Oh, and you can’t get financing for a new stadium and will most likely end up in L.A. But I’m sure all you die hard Queen fans will claim that you don’t care and that there is more to do in Minn. than watch football because your state is so great. blah blah blah. …Worst fans in football.

  43. Ponder should start, but its clear he isn’t going to win any Super Bowls. Last night was a perfect example, his arm strength is not at an NFL level. He missed badly on anything over 15 yards. He still needs to start the rest of the season; but the only question is will he be bad enough (with AP behind him) to lose out the rest of the games. If so, then we’ll be fighting Indy for Luck. Of course even if the Vikes win out and get the #1 pick, they would find some reason NOT to take Luck since they’d have to admit Ponder was a mistake.

  44. Throwing Ponder to the wolves now just guarantees that the Vikes will use ANOTHER first round pick on a QB in the spring and also hire a new coach. He was a huge stretch being picked as early as he was, because he was viewed as needing time. Minnesota fans are worse (yes worse) then those in Philly when it comes to not backing their own team. The moment he struggles they will eat him alive and it will wreck his confidence and career.

  45. First, Mc5 probably played his best game Sunday night. I don’t set the blame for the loss at his feet. The Vikings are discovering there are holes they need to address and that the personnel they chose to give another chance to or expected to play big … probably can’t play big.

    Chicago made great adjustments since their loss to Det. The Vikings are discovering we have no plan B. If an opposing Team can stop AP, Our offense has shown it will stagger or worse yet…. completely stop …. or go backwards.

    Given though that McNabb played his best game yet… I wouldn’t be surprised of the Coaching staff decides to go with him against GBay.

    McNabb wont take us to the Playoffs, and I doubt Ponder will too this year. It’s only a matter of time for Ponder to take over.

    I think Ponder did very well, being that it was his first Game in the NFL … especially since two offensive lineman went out. He showed nice poise in the pocket and was able to hit receivers that had a much narrower window of opportunity than Mc5 was able to produce this season.

    I’m excited to watch Ponder develop. 2012 should look brighter and the roster hopefully will go through an overhaul… or at least some of it.

  46. I feel bad for Frazier for backing McNabb because he cleary didn’t realize that Donovan was going to show up so out of shape. Yes McNabb had decent numbers but a lot of the passes were low & ended up as 2 yd completions & didn’t hit the receivers in stride. That safety was sad to watch. McNabb has put on a lot of weight & hasn’t been able to play himself into football shape. The O line is terrible. Almost got Favre killed last year & had McNabb playing not as well as he could. Also almost got Ponder killed last night. The Oline is the Vikings problem.

  47. Call me nuts.

    Ponder will start on Sunday and pull a Fran Tarkenton vs. the Bears in the Vikings first regular season game ever, or even more comparable, the Vikings beating the 49ers in the 87 playoffs, Vikings will utterly shock the Packers and beat them 35-13 on Sunday.

    Pack goes 15-1, wins another Super Bowl.

    But that will be THE game that solidifies Ponder as our guy for the foreseeable future.

    And then I wake up from my dream 🙂

  48. dstep24 says:
    Oct 17, 2011 5:56 PM
    Face it Viking fans…

    “your interior D-line is aging”

    Absolutely. Aside from the 31-yo Kevin Williams, there is Ayodele at 28, Evans at 27, Guion is 24, and Ballard is 22. Face facts, DTs just can’t be competitive after the age of 26….

    “your secondary is one of the worst in the league (bottom 8)”

    In yards/game, they are 24 (which is just outside the bottom 8). They are 15th in YPA (better than the Packers, Patriots, Saints, Eagles, and others who supposedly have stalwart secondaries), have allowed fewer TDs than half the league (including the aforementioned Packers, Patriots, Saints, Eagles, and others), and are 16th in QB rating.

    It generally helps to get a few facts straight before belching out your opinion.

  49. @burrito12

    Do us all a favor and look back at where the Vikings have drafted since the near-MVP performance Culpepper had in 2004 and his career-ending injury in 2005. What QB do you think they should have drafted at the position they were picking? Go ahead, tell us all, what franchise QB did they pass on in the last 6 drafts?

  50. Now, on to the topic at hand.

    The truth of the matter is that, unless some miraculous turn-around happens, this team will not make the playoffs. In that case, it is time to start looking to next year and beyond. Is Ponder ready, not necessarily to win games, but to play at NFL speed and learn and gain confidence? He didn’t look too over-his-head on Sunday. My belief was that they would wait to make the change until the bye week, so they could give him two full weeks with the starters before his debut.

    But there is something to be said about making the change now. He goes up against the Packers and then the Panthers before the bye. Then he gets two weeks to study film and work with them in preparation for a team he has just faced. If he plays well in that Packers game after the bye, he faces two fairly soft defenses in Atlanta and Denver after that. Much of a QBs effectiveness is tied up in confidence and decisiveness. If this goes well, it could make a big difference in his development.

    Of course, if it all goes wrong………..

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