Dolphins have the perfect “Suck for Luck” formula


Two Fridays ago, Peter King and I debated on NBC SportsTalk the question of whether any team would deliberately lose late-season games in order to position itself to “earn” the first pick in the draft, and thus to land Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.  Peter thinks such a plan would involve too many people; I think it can be as simple as the owner telling the coach that the man who writes the check wants to see if that third-string quarterback can deliver the pig.  Given that the league, which despises the decision of good teams resting starters in late-season games, would react swiftly and aggressively to any evidence of intentionally sucking for Luck, teams would surely think twice about implementing such plans.

But Dolphins owner Stephen Ross may have found the perfect formula:  Do nothing.

Ross didn’t fire coach Tony Sparano during the bye, and the team has emerged looking even more ragged than it did before.  Maybe Ross merely needs to sit back, let nature take its course, and secretly root for one of the worst teams in the league to keep proving it.

Keeping Sparano produces another benefit.  With Ross already losing style points for trying to lure Jim Harbaugh in January, a decision to let Sparano finish the season would create the appearance that Ross was more than fair with Sparano, less than a year after going behind his back and looking for his successor.

Armando Salguero’s recent look into the upper reaches of the organization supports the notion that Ross welcomes the opportunity to get a franchise quarterback like Luck.  Ross also reportedly wants a superstar coach, and what better way to lure one than to give him the ability to begin his Miami tenure with Andrew Luck at the helm?

Other teams may have something to say about this.  If the Dolphins beat the Broncos on Sunday, for example, Denver would surpass the Dolphins.  Also, the Colts are the only 0-6 team, and owner Jim Irsay already has been talking about a Favre-Rodgers arrangement between Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.  The Rams are 0-5 en route to 0-7, and the Vikings, Cardinals, Jaguars, and Panthers each have one win.

But the Dolphins have the inside track.  Because the Dolphins have no hope, and the owner realizes that the best strategy may be to stand back and let the hopelessness in 2011 become 15 years or more of the kind of quarterback play that could make folks finally begin to forget about Dan Marino.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be something if the Fins grab the 1st overall pick and Luck decides to stay in college, forcing us to laugh at Ross for striking out with Standford products two seasons in a row?

  2. There’s no way the Rams, Vikes, Cards, Jags, or Panthers take Luck. If any of those teams wind up with the 1st pick, I’m sure they’d be more than happy to entertain a trade for extra picks to build around their new QBs.

  3. I will be very funny if these teams are “sucking for Luck” and he doesn’teven come out. Everyone seems to forget that he is still only a Junior at Stanford, and there is no guarantee that he will even come out this year. I think that he is going to monitor it and see who is in line to get the number 1 puick and decide whether to come out.

  4. Why do people keep assuming Andrew Luck will enter this years draft? There is a good chance that he remains in school for his final year of eligibility. If I was him with a good Stanford team, and did not win a title this year, I would stay and try once more. With the new CBA and rookies wage scale, there is less incentive to go to the NFL early. It’s going to be funny at the end if this year when Luck tells everyone he is staying. Then all these “Suck For Luck” stories was a waste of time for everyone, including the readers like myself that took the time to read and respond.

  5. What if Luck is a bust. Not saying he will be. But what if?? Alex Smith was known to be the most cerebral Quarterback to come out in awhile and it’s only now he’s showing his potential. Credit goes to Harbaugh…hey…wait a minute.

  6. you coulndt be more correct. I was thinking the same thing, DONT CHANGE ANYTHING!!!!!
    if anything Trade a couple of the best players you have ala Denver Broncos.. Man they are putting themselve in the race.
    The only problem is that, we dont have anything anyone would want…

  7. Brandon Marshall might have dropped a lot of balls in his career, but based on watching that mess last night I think he might be point shaving. Either for financial gain or in a suck for Luck campaign. I think there were 4 suspect plays. He ran out of bounds on a sure TD, I guess losing his balance, but it looked fishy. Revis made a play on a sure TD that Marshall really should have boxed out easily with his size. He veered right instead of turning around and gave Revis an easy INT and then he dropped another sure TD. Pros shouldn’t be able to have a game that bad. Especially someone with elite talent.

    Also, why would moore run out of bounds for a 7 yard loss instead of throwing it away? A 10 year old would know better.

    I know it’s impossible to prove, but it doesn’t seem right to me.

  8. What if – The league was forced to have a draft lottery like the other leagues, all because of this embarrassment?

  9. The Dolphins need Luck. The Dolphins DESERVE Luck. Colts have Peyton. Rams have Sam. Even the Jags and Vikings have somewhat of a future at QB. The Dolphins have NOTHING. They have had nothing since Marino retired.

    I will be “cheering” for them to be in position to get Luck this year.

  10. Even If Luck decide to stay, it will not matter.
    When he come out his senior year he will still get draft
    by a team with the worst record. Yes luck is a great talent,
    But keep in mind the kid from ASU Brock Osweiler is just as talented aswell…

  11. the good thing is tebow is playing to win the game. The phins will have their hands full in the suck for luck derby this weekend. NFL follies though will have their cameras rolling

  12. @ everyone saying Luck might stay in school.

    You are correct. However, there are two QBs (Matt Barkley and Landry Jones) who are also considered pretty good pro-prospects by all the scouts. I remember everyone laughing at the Panthers being “stuck” with the #1 pick this year when Luck didn’t declare for the draft. Everyone assumed there was this massive drop-off in QB talent after Luck. Well, they still ended up with a pretty good QB in Cam Newton.

    The same will occur this year if Luck stays in school. If Miami has the top pick they will still choose a QB, either Barkley or Jones.

  13. People assume he is coming out because he is. The only reason he came back this year was to graduate which he will do. He is going to be in the NFL next year.

  14. Hopefully the Dolphins won’t screw things up this year for a chance to go 0-16 like they did in 2007. Only fitting that a team should be able to have season records of 14-0 and 0-16.

    Maybe the Dolphins can bring back Bill Parcells as GM so he can past on Luck and take another OL.

  15. There’s no way the Rams, Vikes, Cards, Jags, or Panthers take Luck. If any of those teams wind up with the 1st pick, I’m sure they’d be more than happy to entertain a trade for extra picks to build around their new QB.

    Do you seriously think the Cardinals will past on Luck because they happen to have the legendary Kevin Kolb at QB or the Vikings will pass on Luck because they have future Hall of Famers Joe Webb and Christian Ponder at QB?

  16. Tanking a season to get one player, even if he is supposed to be all that, is a very dangerous game to play. What happens if he gets a bad injury in camp, pre season or the first few games?

    I kinda agree with Peter King that it would involve too many people to throw a season. Plus, would anyone really trust a loose cannon loud mouth like Marshall to keep such a secret??? Even if he could for now, those in charge would have to know he’d blab about it later, esp. when he was traded, contract not renewed, etc.

  17. I did not know that Luck was a Jr. with hearing the Miami radio stations pressing for the Dolphins to lose. I will laugh verrry hard if the doesn’t come out.

    Isn’t he a Elway fan that he could chose to stay one more year to wait and see if he wants to play for the Broncos.

  18. gmen1987- Yes, I do. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants tried to move up to get him to replace their joke of a QB.

  19. If Sparano goes (which he will), Jeff Ireland better go with him.

    When you scoop up turds in the litter box, you pick em all up.

  20. @marvsleezy,

    Totally agree. A “weighted” lottory similar to the NHL or NBA might prevent this deliberate tanking that seems to be taking place.

  21. That’s right Mother Luckers! You see that lat night Colts! You see that Rams! You see that Broncos and Jaguars! Ain’t no D games gonna make it in this party! You better bring your F game if you want to compete with us, and you better bring it strong!

  22. I’m not sure which I want more. #1 pick in the draft to get the franchise QB we’ve needed since Marino left, or a high powered front office and coach that actually knows how to evaluate and coach talent properly. (free agency and draft)

    Right now we are desperate for both. Hopefully we’ll get both for next years season.

  23. It’s not “tanking” when you actually suck.
    -Although Brandon Marshall running out of bounds with nobody around him does make you say hmmmm.
    -And Sparano punting on 4th and inches from the NYJ 40 in the 1st.
    -And the way he ran two running plays with 1:20 left in the half and went to locker room.

  24. hope people realize Andrew Luck is a Junior! He don’t have to come out! lol at Dolphins and Colts and the rest of the suckers….yeah even the viklings this year…

  25. this article is right on the mark…

    Phins went in with a lame duck coach and needing QB and offensive line… and did nothing about all three…. they spent money on RB’s which they already had and came in well below the cap….

    it’s possible Sparano gained this year of employment as severance to go along.. a simple conspiracy of two and guaranteed 1st pick…. he puts his thumb on the scale…. selects the wrong packages… fails to i….nspire why else would Sparano be going to the after game press and saying “I got no idea what to do”?

    Peter King believes in the sanctity of the NFL… I gotta flash for him… it doesn’t exist….

  26. oldhamletman says:
    Oct 18, 2011 1:20 PM
    this article is right on the mark…

    Phins went in with a lame duck coach and needing QB and offensive line… and did nothing about all three…. they spent money on RB’s which they already had and came in well below the cap….
    No team will “suck for Luck”. It is a ridiculous premise.

    The Dolphins took an O-lineman with their #1 pick in the draft. They thought Henne was serviceable (he is) and they tried unsuccessfully to get Mallett in the draft (waited too long) and Orton via trade. They got a pretty good rookie RB and brought in Reggie Bush. The Bush signing was not as bad as people like to claim. When used in a way that uses his strengths, Bush is one of the biggest match-up problems and big play threats. The problem is, they are not using him right.

    The team is playing badly. That’s quite obvious but they have the ability. A top 5-6 defense from last year got rid of Crowder for a better LB. No other real changes and now that defense is one of the worst in the league. The issue is the team has stopped playing for Sparano. Ross’ open courting of Harbaugh started that and Sparano’s pressers merely finished the assault on the team’s confidence and hope in the future.

    The Dolphins are playing bad for many reasons but tanking the season for a potential draft pick is not one of them.

  27. Luck ought to just skip the pros altogether…every article I read about him practically puts him in the HOF…stupid.

  28. pisstol says:Oct 18, 2011 11:09 AM

    Tanking a season to get one player, even if he is supposed to be all that, is a very dangerous game to play. What happens if he gets a bad injury in camp, pre season or the first few games?


    Risk is part of the game, look at the Falcons, they gave up 4 draft picks to move up for Julio Jones. You have to take a calculated risk.

  29. If this happens, there will be no one in the stands other than people rooting for the visiting team.

  30. It’s no problem if Luck doesn’t come out this year; the Fins can suck just as well next year, maybe even better after a year of practice. As far as fans in the stands, they won’t fill up no matter what at this point. More fans might be induced to watch so as not to miss the bizarre goings on that are bound to come. What if neither team wants to win. There could be fumbles or interceptions on 5 or 6 consecutive plays. What about if nobody picked up the football and it just lays there on the ground. The weirdness is just beginning that will make Marshall’s run to nowhere look downright Herculean- at least he did catch it.

  31. The Fins are the real Suckersforluck -or is it Suckforluckers? The Broncos game was a veritable masterpiece. Losing to another trainwreck of a team with a 3rd string QB at home in the final 3 minutes!!!!!!! Priceless. 6 down-10 to go.

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