Eagles trade Ronnie Brown to Lions

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Ronnie Brown’s stay with the Dream Team didn’t last long.

Brown, the running back who signed a one-year contract with the Eagles in August, has been traded to the Lions for running back Jerome Harrison and a 2013 seventh-round draft pick, according to multiple reports.

Although Brown has played all six games for the Eagles this year, he hasn’t done much: He has just 38 yards on 13 carries, and his most notable play was a bizarre fumble that cost the Eagles dearly in their loss to the 49ers.

Harrison, who also played briefly for the Eagles last year, has 41 yards on 14 carries this season for the Lions.

70 responses to “Eagles trade Ronnie Brown to Lions

  1. Ronnie Brown is terrible. Getting a bag of chips in return for him would have been a good trade by the Eagles.

    Opens the door for the superior Dion Lewis.

  2. Good trade for Eagles. Harrison ran well for them last year. They should have resigned him to begin with. Also, they get a 7th round pick. They are fond of plugging those 7th rounders into the starting line-up.

  3. Great trade.

    I guy who rushed for 38 yards for a guy who rushed for 41 yards + a draft pick.

    Say what you want about the Eagles; their front office sure knows how to fleece the rest of the NFL.

  4. Lolls. Now can we trade Matthews for Bradley, and Vick for Kolb? Then we’ll really be making some srides to correct the horrible moves that were made.

  5. The “Dream Team” clearance sale is on! 75% off all players! Buy one underachieving player, and get Vince Young free! But hurry up, times running out because we need to REBUILD REBUILD REBUILD!

  6. Teams grab these old, broken down backs all the time. It’s stupid. Give some young, fresh guy a shot. Someone hungry.

    Brown was finished two years ago.

  7. Idk how you can label Ronnie Brown as ‘terrible.’ Really didn’t use him that much. And idk if this move makes the Eagles’ D much better. Thought Asante may have been moved. We shall see. Fly Eagles Fly.

  8. Good trade for Philly. Brown wasn’t getting any playing time with us and Harrison was a good back up for us last year. Besides that fumble was suspect , he seemed like he had bet against us or something.

  9. Ronnie brown will play well if he gets more snaps. And in a dome? Lions got better for sure. but personally dont see them beating any of the really good teams in the league. If you shut down calvin and pettigrew, the lions lose.

  10. Smart move for both teams. Brown wasn’t doing too well in Philly, and with Best being concussion prone in Detroit, they had to get a reliable backup.

  11. @alaricsrevenge

    defensive help over RB depth????? hmmmm Idk if you’ve noticed but Jahvid gets concussions every other week, mikel is out for the year, and Morris is our only RB on the depth chart

    Good trade for the Lions

  12. Lions got the better of this trade. Harrison is complete garbage and shouldn’t have even made the team out of camp. Ronnie Brown will get a chance at 10 touches a game, and will be a red zone threat the Lions didn’t have at the RB position. Mayhew again shows he knows what he’s doing!!

  13. Brown will be unable to suit up for the Lions this week as he fumbled his ID prior to entering the TSA screening area at Philadelphia International.

  14. I hear all this talk of needing defensive help…it is nonsense. The Eagles don’t need defensive help, they need a scheme that maximizes their talents. Their is a lot of ability on that side of the ball….just the implementation of the wide 9 approach functioned to expose the weaknesses of the players. The Eagles defense will be dramatically improved now that they have gone back to a more standard front 4 approach.

  15. and in a related story, Mike Vick is still overrated, Deshaun Jackson is still overrated, Nnamdi Asmougha wished he was traded, the Phillies were overrated, the 76ers should be contracted and the whole city smells like baked armpit!!

  16. The Eagles hate power runners. Forget duce staley and Ricky Watters types ever comin back… this is scatback city til Reids gone.

  17. Between those two screaming-with-mediocrity running backs, I’d take Harrison in a heartbeat. At least he’s shown some flashes where, utilized in the right kind of scheme, he could be a very good back(up).

  18. detroitrollin22 says:
    Oct 18, 2011 4:17 PM

    defensive help over RB depth????? hmmmm Idk if you’ve noticed but Jahvid gets concussions every other week, mikel is out for the year, and Morris is our only RB on the depth chart

    Good trade for the Lions


    Sorry if you missunderstood me. I was referring to the Eagles needing D help over RB depth… I would’ve been OK with letting Samuel go ONLY if we got a quality front 7 Veteran in return.

  19. Not sure if the Eagles save any money by taking Harrison’s salary over Brown’s, but if they do it better go straight into #10’s pocket.

  20. Good trade for the Lions IMO. Maybe Ronnie Brown will do nothing for them, but Harrison was already doing that. And since Ronnie Brown has at least as much potential as your average 7th-round draft pick, I say good trade Lions.

  21. Lets talk over rated. Wasn’t this Romo’s second game with no touchdowns and getting to red zone on every drive. T- Rex, Beck well the two of them together couldnt hold Vicks Jock Oh lets not forget waco flacco now there’s overated Oh wait I forgot ELI. GO EAGLES!!!

  22. Good trade for the lions. I was on board with the Harrison signing when it happened but he has not produced and does not hit the hole hard. I’m not sure Brown is any better, but if we can get anything out of him it’s a good trade for the lions.

  23. Good trade for both teams. Harrison isnt really that great and Brown hasnt either. both need a change. i think the trade is best for Brown who can take some carries away from Best, plus Best is injury prone.

  24. Being that the Lions are taking the Birds’ trash…..Any chance of Juan Castillo being included in the deal for a future power handshake, back slap and expletive?

  25. Ronnie brown is a good vet and will do all he can to help this young lions team win. He is an excellent pass catcher out of the back field and is also a good blocker. He also has never let his pride interfere with his play. He played second fidle in college to caddilac Williams and with Ricky Williams when he was a dolphin. He will be an asset to stafford, best, & megatron.

  26. snowpea84 says: Oct 18, 2011 4:12 PM

    Lolls. Now can we trade Matthews for Bradley, and Vick for Kolb? Then we’ll really be making some srides to correct the horrible moves that were made.


    So Bradley doesn’t start for Arizona and has a $30M contract, and Kolb is worthless but you want him back?

    Please don’t make any financial decisions until your concussion clears up.

  27. 6’0″, 230 lbs. I’d say that’s exactly what the Lions needed. A running back that can get them 3 yards on first down. It’s been 2nd and 10 all year for them. This is basically Mikell Leshoure’s replacement.

  28. Horrible move? Bit dramatic aren’t we?

    What has Jerome Harrison ever done? At least Brown has been a somewhat productive back during his career, and they’ve given up nothing for him.

    He’s had a whopping 13 touches so far, what did you expect?

    Good move by Detroit.

  29. “lionsfanatic84 says:
    Oct 18, 2011 4:23 PM
    and burleson, titus young, scheffler when he is back”


    Please. Didn’t they say this about Burleson when he was with Minny and Seattle? He blows. He’s had two pretty good years. He’s all talk, and rare production. Scheffler is nothing but a backup. Young is the only one of those three who has a future, but let’s not act as though he’s a 1. He’s a good 2 at best.

    That being said, Detroit obviously has a very bright future, and it will be brighter when LeShoure comes back next year and gives them a back who can run between the tackles a bit.

  30. From an Iggles perspective…

    We git rid of the guy that threw the ball…at the goaline…backwards…as a RB…on a running play…

    We got a guy in return that played fairly well for us in th past…AND a pick! Nice.

    The only thing that would have made it better?

    The Lions wouldn’t take Asante Samuels?

    Go Eagles.

  31. jakek2 says: Oct 18, 2011 5:03 PM

    Who would have thunk it to be more of a dream playing for the Lions than the Dream Team?

    Sucks that I could only give this a thumbs up 1 time!

  32. Jerome Harrison clearly is the physical DT & LB the Eagles needed to solve their issues. At least they didn’t make moves for a RB swap. Can you imagine?

  33. This definitely puts the Lions over Green Bay for the NFC North.

    After all nothing no one player is more of a game changer or difference maker than Ronnie Brown.

  34. wow did not see this coming yet it gives the lions a number 1 back and it gives Brown the starting i think christmas came early espically on a winning team still i think lions got a steal overall

  35. As an Eagles fan I’ll say this is a great trade for the Lions.

    Remember folks, Andy and co. aren’t always the best at personell decisions. It’s very likely that the reason Brown had little touches is due to a mistake by Reid in both personel and gameday playcalling.

    Give Brown 15 carries a game as McCoy’s relief, he’d get you yards. He really is a good back.

    It would not, at all, surprise me to see in about 3 games as Brown gets acclimated to a new system, that Brown is the guy every fantasy outlet is saying to pick up.

    If the Lions actually, you know, use him instead of put him in some stupid rotation like a lot of teams would do, he’ll produce. If the Lions actually use him, this could be an absolute steal. He’s just a guy you have to put in the game and let him play. He’ll warm up and start churning out yards and moving the sticks as long as you just leave him in there and let him play.

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