Garrard’s agent calls Jaguars “sorry organization”


David Garrard isn’t likely to play for the Raiders or any other team this season because he needs surgery on his back.

His agent Al Irby isn’t happy about the fact.  And he’s blaming the Jaguars for the mess.

“At $500,000 per game, they knew he would be down 4-6 weeks. They didn’t want to pay that bill,” Irby wrote to Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union. “Now you know the difference between a first-class organization like Indy, and a sorry organization like the Jags. Indy gave their QB a contract even though he couldn’t play all season.

“David was told his back was fine. So he took them for their word.  Now he has to go to surgery, and Jacksonville is saying, ‘Not my problem.’ What a first class organization!”

Garrard says he went to the emergency room two Sundays ago because of pain in his leg.  An MRI soon thereafter revealed he needed surgery.

The Jaguars say they did nothing wrong.

“David went through the standard process that all players go through when released,” Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith said.

Ganguli does a great job breaking down the timeline.  We’re still a little confused by Irby’s actions.

He took a call from the Raiders on Sunday and sounded interested in doing something. Irby said on Monday it was “highly possible” Garrard would work out for the Raiders.  Hours later his client decided to undergo surgery.

We can’t imagine Garrard plays this year because he has a 4-6 week recovery. But he says his career isn’t over.

“I am definitely not retiring. I definitely want to be on a squad,” Garrard said.

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  1. why is he comparing David Garrard to Peyton Manning? The difference is that Peyton Manning is one of the best QB to ever play this game – David Garrard is nothing more than a backup. Shut up Irby, idiot.

  2. I don’t want him and I don’t want washed up Palmer either. I would rather sign Farve just for the fact that he knows how to hand the football off and throw it deep. Really do we even need another qb? We are giving Boller reps so that he is prepared this time and he just needs to throw once or twice a series anyway

  3. Double talking agent needed to do his due diligence if his client was experiencing medical problems upon his release. This guy is trying to press rewind. If the injury was there, you have a lawsuit. Plus, if you take care of surgery Week 1, then you are still ready to step in for the Raiders today…

  4. Even though Garrard is a free agent try the Dolphins again. They’ll give somebody a 2nd round pick and be more than happy to pay for Garrard’s back surgery.

  5. Since when does anyone pay attention to what an agent says? If the team says Garrard went through the same process, I’m apt to believe them.

    Hell, David could have fallen off a ladder fixing his roof over the last month and a half leading to this injury. Who knows?

    It is pretty bad business, though, for an agent to burn bridges in the industry…I hope no other Jaguars players have this guy.

  6. The Jags ARE a third-tier organization…….someone needs to buy them and move them so they can become a true NFL team…….JAX isn’t an NFL city so why expect a true NFL team!

  7. Just like he had to undergo “emergency finger surgery” last year after they were out of contention.

    How do you compare DG to Manning and Indy, I mean seriously?

  8. “Now you know the difference between a first-class organization like Indy, and a sorry organization like the Jags.”

    Garrard’s agent should know the difference between a first-class QB like Manning, and a sorry QB like Garrard.

  9. The only thing “sorry” about this entire article is the play of David Garrard since he signed that $60 million dollar contract. The Jaguars were smart together rid of him, also it was Garrard that said he was healthy and there was no excuse why he was playing poorly. I decent season set him up for life, now he cries foul because he was cut. It was amazing that he was healthy enough to sign with a team back in week 1 but now he said he has a herniated disk. Probably from loading up his moving van.

  10. I’d sue the hell out of the Jags if I were him. They knew he wasn’t right and let him go instead of paying him.

    Now, he has to have surgery.

    What a sorry organization indeed.

  11. I have always had respect for David Garrard up until now. This is agent BS and Garrard has control over this turd. It took 6 weeks to determine he had a serious back problem? Please…… Very easy to blame the team. Exit physicals are extremely comprehensive and the player has to sign and agree to the release. I’ve been there. Oh, my back hurts so I need to go back on the team I played for years ago? Agent BS!

    Memo to Garrard’s rep. Go sell some used cars Al Irby.

    Take the millions you stole from the Jags and their fans and take a hike.

  12. Something isn’t right here. It doesn’t explain why Garrard said this to ESPN in an article posted nine days ago:

    “People ask me about my back problems. My back is fine. In fact, once I got into camp (with the Jaguars), my back stopped bothering me”

  13. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, Irby. Garrard got paid plenty here in Jax with some return, but not enough for what he was given.
    Garrard is a classy man, but you are a knucklehead.

    It pays to be a winner…

  14. Irby obv didn’t have Garrard get a second opinion about his back before his release from the Jags.

    That was Irby’s job. He failed his client and now he’s trying to blame the Jags. This is on Irby.

  15. The Jags are a “sorry” organization because this guy can’t take 5% of Garrard’s undeserved 8 million.

    I hope the Jags never do business with Irby ever again. Ever. Being dissed by a slimy, career lawyer. Wow.

    Garrard was cut because he sucked and brought nothing but mediocrity out of this team.

    And to all you little parrots who haven’t yet developed the skills of critical thinking, i.e. dankinator, way to go. You just repeated every word Garrard’s agent said in your post, you mindless twit.

  16. @golonger,
    You are a third-tier individual. So, do everybody a favor. Shut your piehole. You are attracting flies.

    I got 5 herniated due to a major military service connected injury and only get $249.00 a month for it. Alot of people in their 30’s have herniated discs. Quit whining Irby, you ain’t getting no more money, girly man!

    The only easy day was yesterday…

  17. He turned the Dolphins down, then briefly he is interested in going to Oakland….Oooops, never mind he needs surgery. Oh, and it’s all the Jaguars fault…Timeline doesn’t make any sense…Why didn’t this come out at time of his release?? Would have been much more credible…as it stands, it’s a pretty weak argument Agent sir.

  18. Pay attention: Jacksonville is such a sorry organization that they continued to play him way past the time he was effective on the field?
    They drafted a rookie QB to replace him! Get a clue!
    If I was Garrard, who is classy, I would fire the agent immediately and apologize to all those who admired the way he handled himself.
    I will be surprised if he ever suits up again in a football uniform.
    Side note: Jacksonville is a wonderful NFL town.
    Do not criticize if you have never been here, like most of you have not been. When posting from your parent’s basement, consider planning to move out one day and support yourself.

  19. Comparing Peyton Manning to David Garrard?? Delusional, to say the least!
    Peyton Manning= Super Bowl winner, franchise quarterback, League MVP, a gazillion Pro Bowl selections. Worth waiting to see if his surgically repaired neck heals.

    David Garrard= had one good year and cashed in on it. He was an average quarterback after the big payday. More suited to be a back-up quarterback, yet his ego tells him that he’s a star.

    There’s something fishy about Garrard’s back injury: 1) while with the Jag’s, he insisted his back was fine and he was healthy 2) the Dolphins were interested in him-guess he didn’t feel like telling them his back wasn’t 100%
    3) When Dolphins didn’t pan out-he claimed he was waiting for the “right situation.” What would that be?? Fleecing a team, then going IR for his back?

    Good luck collecting on that injury settlement, David.

  20. horatio69 says:
    Oct 18, 2011 10:24 AM
    Just move this sorry team to Los Angeles already.
    Ding, Ding, Ding. The award of Mr. Originality of the Day goes to you my fine sir.


  21. Really strange circumstances. Garrard was basically on his way to work out with the Raiders but just suddenly discovers he needs back surgery? I’ve never heard of a serious back problem where you weren’t painfully aware that something was wrong.

  22. Sooooo David Garrard, you say that the Jacksonville Jaguars are a “sorry organization”…yet they didn’t hesitate to release you and turn the offense over to an unproven rookie…so what does that say about YOU?

  23. Couldn’t the headline have read “Agent trying to blame team for his incompetence”? Instead – Agent called Jaguars Sorry Organization….Just wondering…..

  24. absolutely agree, they are a joke of an organization. Jack del rio gets applauded by ownership for saving money. winning is an afterthought. Poor MJD.

  25. The Jag “fans” agree with that statement. It’s a sorry ogranization and the reason they need to cover that stadium with a tarp and still have black outs almost every week. They also have done this twice to their starting QBs.

  26. udtfrogmanvet – sorry, too bad you survived… must be alive only by definition as it is obvious your brain doesn’t function!!!!!!!

  27. Breaking News: David Garrard isn’t any good and the Jaguars were wise to move on. Also, agents are greedy bottom-feeders who work on commission: do the math.

  28. I used to have respect for Garrard. Not any more. Looks evident that he wanted the Dolphins to guarantee his contract so he could get paid and then stiff them with a back surgery he knew he would have. The Dolphins called him on it and he made some negative statements towards the Dolphins. Shady. I’m glad they didn’t get him. Now it comes out and his agent is trying to play games with the timeline. He’s fine so he should get the guarantees from the Dolphins–then, he’s been hurt and can’t play for the Raiders and the Jags organization sucks because they said he was fine when he wasn’t. His agent is shady and has likely impacted Garrard’s judgment.

  29. File a grievance AND a malpractice case against the team Doctor who is an independant contractor and NOT subject to the limitations of the CBA.
    Often times the “Doctor”, in treating a player, has the team’s interests at heart instead of the patient’s. If the Doctor’s opinion on Garrard, at the time of his release, was “not injured”( which obviously favors the team) when in fact the player had a serious medical condition while on the roster, he’s liable.

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