It’s trade deadline day, please try to stay awake

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During Monday Night Countdown on ESPN, Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter threw the show to a break with a tease that Schefty would be downloading all of the stuff he has compiled throughout the day about possible trades that could go down before Tuesday’s deadline of 4:00 p.m. ET.  And then, over the balance of the show, nothing was said about any other trades that could happen.

And that’s the most accurate thing they could have said.  Nothing is happening.  With Broncos receiver Brandon Lloyd traded to the Rams, Eddie Royal presumably is off the block (unless the Broncos are in full-blown “Suck for Luck” mode).  Though Cowboys running back Tashard Choice was indeed available (owner Jerry Jones confirmed that to NBC’s Alex Flanagan on Sunday), news of Felix Jones’ high ankle sprain likely has prompted the Cowpokes to choose to keep Choice.

Barring a Road-to-Damascus epiphany by Bengals owner Mike Brown, Carson Palmer will remain the property of the Bengals.  And it’s highly unlikely that the Raiders would respond favorably to the Broncos’ reported willingness to send Kyle Orton to Oakland.

Sure, a deal or two could happen today.  But the movement of any big-name players would be a major surprise.

Still, feel free to hit the F5 button all day, just in case something goes down.

27 responses to “It’s trade deadline day, please try to stay awake

  1. Wonder what Mike Brown is being offered by the Raiders?

    No doubt he will pass, so that he can take something less next year. Just like he did with Ochostinko.

    No wonder Bungles are breaking lowest attendance records this year.

  2. As a Dolphin fan, I’m hoping that another Brandon is moved today.

    Nice job of tip-toeing, untouched, out of bounds on a sure TD. What’s that? 3, or is it 4 lost TD’s this season, Brandon?


    ChipDouglasVoice -On

    What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger, right?

    ChipDouglasVoice – Off

  3. I would send M.I.A. steve smith formerlly of the giants to anybody for a ham sandwich! I still dont understand why in the hell the birds signed this dude… He has done absolutely nothing for us!

  4. woodg8 says:
    Oct 18, 2011 8:41 AM
    Dolphins are going to trade Orton to the Browns for Colt McCoy and a 5th

    you heard it here first


    I want to personally thank you for ruining my computer monitor. I spit all of my coffee all over it in laughter once I read your comment. Thanks a lot jerk.

    There are so many things wrong with your comment I don’t even know where to begin….

  5. The Minnesota Vikings would like to trade their franchise to the City of Los Angeles for the big donut outside of Randy’s Donuts!

  6. woodg8 says:
    Oct 18, 2011 8:41 AM
    Dolphins are going to trade Orton to the Browns for Colt McCoy and a 5th

    you heard it here first


    I would surely hope that I won’t only hear that here first, but will never hear such an unwashed football comment like that anywhere ever again.

  7. Want to thank Mike Brown’s ego for sinking my team’s season. Get to go with Kyle Boller now. Really? *kicks sand and pouts*

  8. Granted, the Colt McCoy trade idea was dumb… but I’m starting to think the computer industry is staying in business because of the mass amount of people spitting coffee when reading an article’s comments section

  9. in any raider trade both sides can not talk to the following
    Adam Schefter
    Mike Lombardi
    Chis Motrensen
    If any story gets leaked to one of these guys raiders will back out of ant further discussions.

    That is real people so whatever those liars tell you they have no idea what the raiders are doing

  10. This seems like a reasonable assessment of the situation.

    That being said we now turn to our respective local print media and radio personalities for 6 hours of fevered name dropping and speculation. Go!

  11. “prompted the Cowpokes to choose to keep Choice.”

    Nice. I don’t get bothered by fans calling Dallas that, it’s kind of funny. But when I see “impartial” media members use nicknames, it just serves to remind me that they aren’t professional, impartial, or to be taken seriously.

    Which is quite at odds with your “holier than thou” attitude that pops up from time to time, ala Mike Wise’s twitter fiasco last year.

    All that being said, I’m hoping the cowpokes trade felicia jones next year, and keep choice.

  12. I really think the Raiders will give the Bengals a First Round Pick in 2012 for Carson Palmer – I think it will happen.

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