Raiders also considered a trade for Vince Young


When they lost quarterback Jason Campbell on Sunday, the Raiders started looking into veteran quarterbacks they could acquire. And Carson Palmer wasn’t the only one they considered.

The Raiders’ fallback plan if they hadn’t been able to trade for Palmer? Vince Young, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

It’s not clear whether the Raiders and Eagles ever had any actual trade talks for Young. It may just be that the Raiders talked internally about acquiring Young but never went far with it because the trade with the Bengals for Palmer worked out.

But it’s amusing to think about the idea of the man who gave the Eagles the “Dream Team” nickname being traded away from the team after throwing exactly one pass in an Eagles uniform — a pass that was intercepted.

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  1. Raiders fans have to be happy this didn’t go down…Young needs more time to prove himself. I saw his series in the Skins game and it was awful. I can see why Vick heeled so quickly…

  2. I vote MDS writes any/all articles related to the Eagles since 3G always throws in his incessant opinion in every one. MDS tells it like it is!

  3. I wonder if Palmer threatened to come back to the Bengals if he didn’t get traded? That would’ve been a mess I’m sure Mike Brown wouldn’t want i.e. Palmer sulking on the bench while collecting millions and distracting the whole team.

  4. Its good to see Palmer go to the Raiders. I’ll bet Al Davis chest bumped Satan when they heard the news

  5. I wonder if the Raiders also considered a trade for an orange traffic cone, which would be just as good as getting the Souther Cal Choker, Carson Palmer.

    P.S. Over/under until Carson sulks and quits like a baby when things get tough — four weeks.

  6. The Raiders still have a few hours to send their 5th and 6th rounders for Vince Young, don’t they? 🙂

  7. Palmer spent 9 years in hell with the Bungles, watching teammate after teammate get busted for everything under the sun.

    I don’t remember anybody calling Palmer a quitter then, everybody actually felt bad for the guys and said he deserved a fresh start.

    How things change when convenient.

  8. Good thing for them and the Raiders fans cause this guy actually sucks. Bringing Jamarcus back would be just as good of a move as bringing Vince in.

  9. Vince Young without giving up picks for a washed-up Palmer is a move that will have Al turning over in his grave for years. You guys better hope Campbell gets and stays healthy. Watching Palmer’s lack of production the last few years had nothing to do with the Bengals. Raiders would’ve been better off with McNabb.

  10. Purely from an external viewpoint – I hate the Eagles, Raiders and Bengals equally. Well, maybe I hate the Bengals less, but that is just because they suck.

    VY is going to win way more games in the next 5 years than Palmer.

    Raider nation – don’t be surprised if Palmer doesn’t finish the next 6 games as your qb, due to either injury and/or ineffectiveness, and don’t be surprised if he isn’t really retired by next training camp. DB’s have been sitting on all his routes for the past 3 years, and he has turned into an absolute interception machine – no mobility, very little arm strength, not much left except a bad attitude. Watch some Bengals-Ravens or Bengals-Steelers game highlights from the past few years if you want to see what you are in for.

    VY is a flat-out winner who had Fisher for a coach and Bud Adams for an owner – ‘nuf said.

  11. The Oakland fans should be grateful that the team was able to avoid settling for Vince Young.

    There’s a guy who has all the physical gifts and talents in the world but unfortunately, the one quarterback gift he doesn’t have he really needs is the one between his ears.

    Million dollar body, 10 cent head…

  12. You see, just this is evidence that something’s not right in Oakland. Not hopeless, though – at least they decided not to take VY.

  13. Never happened, what would it? You are trash.
    Who whould trade for Young? He was out of the league until Reid did the Vick thing again. You ae like an old lady at church making things up…..

  14. “VY is a flat-out winner” who produces 150 yards of offense a game. You could look it up. Handing off to Chris Johnson isn’t much of a skill.

  15. “VY is going to win way more games in the next 5 years than Palmer.

    VY is a flat-out winner who had Fisher for a coach and Bud Adams for an owner – ‘nuf said.”

    Yeah, and Vince Young was dumped by a team that needed a QB, only to have said team pick up an old arse Matt Hasselbeck. Vince Young isn’t a winner, he’s just had winning teams around him. If he has any wins the next 5, it will be as his winning arse warms the bench. He’s no more a starting QB in the NFL than Tebow, and at least the jury is out for some people on Tebow.

  16. “Young is a winner! Better than Palmer and cheaper. whoever gets him next year will be set.”

    Set for an early pick in the draft?
    Set for lots of play by the backup?
    Set for record fans failing to renew their season tkts?
    People throwing things at their tv sets?

    Palmer won’t have to be responsible for winning games, just making a few big throws here and there, and handing off to McFadden and Bush. He’s just glad to be out of that jail.

  17. I wonder how that conversation went?

    Andy Reid: Hi, Andy Reid here.

    Caller: Hey, Andy. Raiders front office calling. We really need a QB, and we’d like to offer you three #1 picks for Vince Young.

    AR: Who is this?

    Caller: I said it’s the Raiders. We must have a bad connection. Anyway, we were down to VY and Carson Palmer, and VY had a better 40 times at the combine, so we figured we’d go after him first.

    AR: Who is this really? That you, Holmgren?

    Caller: It’s the Raiders, Andy. We’re desperate, and we’re in a hurry. 3 #1s for Vince Young, take it or leave it.

    AR: You’re going to have to do better than that, Mike, if you expect me to fall for something so stupid. *click*

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